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'Occult' text from Buffy The Vampire Slayer ep actually just story about new bus lane in Dublin

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Re: Bound to happen

Something like that actually popped up in one of the comics (think it was one of the Season 11 issues of Angel and Faith). Some Irish demons Angel was fighting made fun of him for not being Irish due to his (lack of) accent. It was rather funny...

Terry Pratchett's unfinished works flattened by steamroller

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Re: > If anyone wants to do an academic study of his work

I seem to recall a story (one of Asimov's I think) that involved a scientist bringing Shakespeare forward in time and letting him join an English Literature class so that he could see what people thought about his works so many centuries later. He wound up asking to be sent back to his own time because he was so demoralised and depressed after seeing the sorts of things that people got from his works as well as having flunked the course about himself... Story was told from the viewpoint of the scientist telling off his Lit professor friend for failing Shakespeare, and said Lit professor vaguely recalling a funny speaking individual from his class...

How Ford has slammed the door on Silicon Valley's autonomous vehicles drive

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Re: Waze running out of pateince with Android Auto

Google have owned Waze for a while now, so I doubt there're going to be any significant communication issues. They paid a pretty decent chunk of change to get them too...

NASA swerves serious cash cuts – but Earth climate probes, asteroid snatcher face axe

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@Mark 85 - This needs to be said more often. The climate has been, and always will be changing. The only real question is what sort of impact (if any) we have on it. In addition to studying the cause, we should also be looking at how to mitigate the effects of changing climate on humanity. The earth as a whole will continue along it's merry way regardless, whether we're along for the ride (as well as what condition we'd be in) remains a mystery.

Disney aims for Netflix. If the deal was made, it would shoot itself in the foot

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Re: Market saturation

Re: When is BBC TV going to stream to the world all their channels live...

Same reason a lot of stuff doesn't get done: Licensing of Rights. It's fairly straightforward for them to get basic production rights for broadcast within the UK. It gets really messy trying to spread beyond. Plus, there's the ever popular operating charter. It's part of why they have BBC Worldwide...

The curious case of a wearables cynic and his enduring fat bastardry

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Re: Car head unit remotes


My first car also came with a remote that had a few key features that should have been on the unit (like the bloody mute button). Wish I'd thought to velcro it. I usually left it in the area next to the cigarette lighter.

EFF declares anti-piracy DMCA unconstitutional in new legal showdown

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A copyright article that wasn't penned by Andrew Orlowski... Think I'm gonna go lay down for a bit now.

A bad day for DBAs: MIT boffins are replacing you with a mere spreadsheet

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How about YART - "Yet Another Reporting Tool"?

Computerised stock management? Nah, let’s use walkie-talkies

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Re: Missing the point...

Payless Shoe store (don't know if they exist on the right side of the pond) is sort of like this. They have 1 or 2 of every style/colour of shoe/sandal/slipper they sell organised into sections by size. You just go to the section for your size and (hopefully) get one you like. If you find one you like but the size isn't quite right, you can usually just look to the next or previous section. No muss, no fuss (assuming you find something you like that fits). Quality's been a bit hit or miss in recent years though...

Hey, YouTube: Pay your 'workers' properly and get with the times

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@Anne Other - Surely you mean content creators?

Nope. He/she had it right the first time. If they're lucky content creators are the copyright holders. More often than not someone else holds the copyright and the actual creators are at the mercy of the copyright holder(s).

Extreme photo-bombing: Bad ImageMagick bug puts countless websites at risk of hijacking

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Instead of asking a stranger to take a picture of you (and whomever else) in front of whichever attraction (or personage) using your camera, you do it yourself. The problem is that people have taken it to extremes and do it inappropriately, causing damage to surroundings, obstructing others and posing as a general safety hazard.

The case for ethical ad-blocking

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Re: @ tannin - The "value" of advertising

The main difference between online advertising and advertising in traditional media is metrics. With online advertising you can know exactly how often an ad has been "displayed" and how many have responded (click through on the link). Advertising in traditional media is more vague in that you can't say how many people have actually seen and/or paid attention to it, let alone been convinced to do whatever the ad was for...

Cartoon brings proper tech-talk to telly

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Re: Not bad

Yeah... That was Castle. Cringed my way through that whole sequence...

New study into lack of women in Tech: It's not the men's fault

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Re: How about construction then?

I've found that people are quick to think that there's one, and only one, cause of a problem/issue instead of the possibility that multiple factors play a part. I'm sure that lack of appeal is a major factor, but so too is lack of encouragement/support during the formative/developmental stages. Math can be very hard for some people, ridiculously easy for others, and somewhere in between for the rest of us. Depending on where you fall in ability the kind of support, or lack thereof, can be a major contributor. Of course some individuals will manage to persevere in their goal(s) in spite of any obstacles, but how many of them are there and how many just give up, or never even try, and do something else? True equality comes not from having some near perfect 50/50 split, but from ensuring equality of access so that those who would, could pursue those goals...

Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back?

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Re: Two on the list are the worst.. one, maybe not.

Has Boll actually made anything that qualifies as a movie?

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Re: I reckon that I have something...

Nukie - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107715/

Oh God, the flashbacks are starting up again...