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Treehuggers lose legal fight to solar-powered neighbour

Matthew Mell

solar panels

the question still seems to be missed of how much energy it takes to produce the solar panels and whether they will ever make this energy back even with hacking down the trees.

would it not just make more sense to grow more vegetation on his roof?

Oz organ recipient changes blood group

Matthew Mell

@ Steve

the research in to oxygen solution therapy is still being further researched. its being investegated for its use in cancer treatments

Frenchman spit-roasts 550kg camel

Matthew Mell

@ Lee

could be interesting to try lion and unicorn don't you think

Lily Allen 'in talks' to become Doctor Who's assistant

Matthew Mell

Cant be worse than...

Lily Allen can do a worse job than Catherine Tate's likely to do

Cat senses impending death

Matthew Mell

Wht belive its random

Certain diseases and conditions are detectable by scent and other changes to biochemistry.

Whats to say the cat isnt just picking up on these