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DNA database includes nipper and nonagenarian

Guy Heatley

Re: An independent DNA database authority

I agree very few things are inevitable.

2 points:

1) DNA is undeniably a powerful tool for crime detection, proving innocence as well as guilt.

2) Like most biometric data (e.g. fingerprints) DNA can be easily collected - it isn't secret data.

If some organisation was determined and well-funded enough they could obtain a sample of your DNA, and therefore a profile.

I personally think that a database of DNA information on convicted criminals would be a good thing, provided access to the information was strictly controlled and the "raw" DNA profile was always kept secret.

Whether this government is capable of implementing a sensible and fair scheme, seems unlikely, with the clowns we see in charge...

Guy Heatley

An independent DNA database authority

I see some sort of DNA database as inevitable, but I think the following rules should be applied:

1) The database is held by an independent authority, NOT the police. The police must make formal requests for DNA matching services, like they have to do with phone taps. All requests are publicly logged. Who request is from, who request is concerning, and why.

2) Innocent people's DNA is not stored. (This is law already via the Euro human rights act)

3) Only enough data to *uniquely identify* a suspect is released in some kind of standardised coded format: You can glean a lot more information from DNA than just a unique identifier - predisposition medical conditions, ancestry info etc. There is no reason for law enforcement authorities to be privy to this information.

4) Other safeguards I haven't yet though of ...

Digital Britain: A tax, a quango and ISP snooping

Guy Heatley

@British EFF

To say that the ORG are "a completely useless nice but dim Freetard fan club so everyone except the BBC ignores them" is just plain wrong.


This is just "you're too small to make a difference so don't even bother trying" - a fatal assumption to make by either party, for or against, a particular cause.

Arguably, the ORG currently don't have the same clout as the EFF, but if the type of people who read these comments contribute their support, clout can be powered up.

UK.gov 'to create anti-net piracy agency'

Guy Heatley

Be proactive and fight for your rights.

If you dislike the hair-brained IT policies of the governmental goons, why not do something positive by joining (and contributing your dosh to) an organisation like the Open Rights Group:

"The Open Rights Group exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age."


Bavaria sanctions police spyware

Guy Heatley

Truly moronic

What about when:-

a) Policeman X decides to use it to spy on Mrs X, Mrs X's suspected lover etc

b) The communication protocol is cracked by the Russian mafia.

c) The software is reverse engineered by "terrorists" and installed on Police PC's by blackmailing the cop in point (a).

Good idea lads.

Europe drafts law to disconnect suspected filesharers

Guy Heatley

National Anthem

Maybe Sarky and his demented mates should have a read of the lyrics to their own national anthem, La Marseillaise:


Virgin Media in talks to trial three strikes regime against P2P

Guy Heatley
Thumb Down

Infringment of human rights - absolutely.

I can't believe that people are prepared to stand by whilst an organisation that protects the revenue of a small number of commercial companies, insists that all our private data is inspected for their benefit!

Imagine if all your mail was interfered with and inspected by the postal service at the behest of a commercial third party!

Why is this this even considered for a fraction of a second, to be acceptable in a so-called free and democratic country?!

Government piles filesharing pressure on UK ISPs

Guy Heatley
IT Angle

Dawn of the Idiot...

I can't wait to see how this will work in practice - its going to be a hilarious failure. If you were ever in any doubt that politicians know nothing about IT, this should finally convince you. What's more they seem on a mission to prove their own stupidity.

Why don't they just try to pass laws against a branch of mathematics, or a law of physics? "We have decided that objects moving towards the centre of the Earth at 9.8 m/s2 are illegal, this will help to stop accidents and prevent terrorism etc..."

Dawn of the Idiot...

A parents' guide to the HMRC data giveaway

Guy Heatley
Paris Hilton

March of data recovery personnel

I liked the news footage of the blue boiler-suited "data recovery" operatives marching purposefully into the HMRC headquarters...

What the hell were these guys going to be doing, exactly? Looking behind wardrobes and lifting up cushions on chairs? Shuffling the fridge out?

"Nope, no digital media here, Boss"

(Hope they gave the floor a quick mop whilst they had the fridge out)

You couldn't make it up, could you...

Animal rights activist hit with RIPA key decrypt demand

Guy Heatley
Dead Vulture

Arbeit macht frei

Forgot the animal rights angle - these are just details of this individual case.

The point is that the police can "find" (i.e. deliberately put) an encrypted file on any UK citizen's PC, demand the key, and when they can't cough it up, put them in jail for 2 years.

Its what the government have always dreamed of: A legitimate way of banging up absolutely anyone they don't happen to like.

And if you have just been angered by the implications of this, they don't like YOU.

Becks shows Scientology some rispek

Guy Heatley

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

Praise Bob! Praise His sweet name!

You must all be saved even if it kills you.

Accept the paradox of Bob:

The Church of the Subgenius is the one true religion as its the only one that admits that its COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT, and is therefore THE ONLY ONE THAT ISN'T!

(Praise Bob)

Cops crash invite-only BitTorrent network

Guy Heatley

@Mike Banks

Surely this is just like complaining that the invention of the internal combustion engine is putting all the horse-shoe manufacturers out of business!

It is the business model that is wrong: The media corps are trying to continue to trade using a business model that grew up in the 20thC, before ones and zeros. This business model *doesn't apply any more*, and trying to force it to apply will (in my opinion) ultimately prove futile.

While they still have the money and power they will:- pay off politicians to pass idiotic laws, - try to inflict draconian punishments on the handful of people they catch to scare others, - come up with obviously unworkable DRM schemes etc etc.

This is protectionism of their market, and of course they will try anything to prolong the gravy train. What do you expect? They are not easily going to accept the fact that they are no longer needed

Manhunt 2 banned by UK censor - again

Guy Heatley

Sounds like a weekend in most large Iraqi cities

"unremitting bleakness and callousness of tone in an overall game context which constantly encourages visceral killing with exceptionally little alleviation or distancing"

Which computer games were the organisers of medieval pitched battles playing, back in the 15th C?

Firefox-Google marriage on shaky ground?

Guy Heatley

Lets have more ads

Lets have more ads! Why would anyone in their right mind want to block them? They're absolutely fooking brilliant!

Its the rest of the content that spoils my enjoyment of the internet

Free software campaigners stonewalled at BBC

Guy Heatley

Untapped reserve of sarcasm discovered

Linux users! Pah! They're all commies and terrorists anyhow. And they don't wash or get their hair cut. What right have they got to watch the TV programmes they've contributed towards?

And anyway its been scientifically proved by Stephen Hawking that only 7 people worldwide actually use Linux on their home PC. Thats less than the number of people who used a Sinclair ZX81 to browse the ebay site and buy a squirrel, last year.

Linux doesn't even exist anyway. Its just an excuse for nerbs to whisper in darkened corners about their terrorist activies.

etc, etc

American sent to the slammer for faking Windows certificates

Guy Heatley

M$ = Monopolistic criminals

M$ have been convicted of criminal monopolistic trading practice is virtually every trading zone on Earth.

Who went to prison for these crimes?

Music industry rebuffed across Europe on file-sharing identifications

Guy Heatley

Entertainment vs science

No sane person that considers themselves any part of the science of computing will approve of the US entertainment industry trying to tell them what they can and can't do with a particular sequence of 1's and 0's.

BBC iPlayer launches, but with limited viewer reach

Guy Heatley

Give me the choice not to contribute anything to M$ owned BBC

If the BBC intend to apply M$ controlled DRM to content and not provide libre software viewers for my OS of choice, thats great, go for it.

I say encrypt all of their content and give me the choice not to contribute to any of it. i.e Abolish the licence fee. They are providing no "public service" to me.

Guy Heatley

Ashley Highfield: BBC director of new media and technology

Lets not forget who his best buddy is....


UK gov rejects Cliff Richard's copyright extension

Guy Heatley

Their generation

Maybe this is the reason R.D. was hoping he died before he got old?

I can't imagine Cliff or Roger struggling to pay their gas bill this winter. Stuff 'em.

Record companies answer to their shareholders, not "new talent" or the artists who wrote the songs whose copyright they own. Stuff them and all.


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