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No spin zone: Samsung recalls 3M EXPLODING washing machines


Nallaikkumaran, you are The Donald and I claim my $5

ADpocalypse NOW: Three raises the stakes


When I was a kid

My sister got a kitten, she put a collar with a bell on it, the cat wasn't happy but soon got used to the collar. It soon aquired an enameled badge (the car co had the same name) and an extra bell.

When the cat was 4 or 5, if you removed the collar the cat would attack you and grab its collar back, carrying it round in its mouth. Replacing the collar would be rewarded with loud purrs.

The cat had become institutionalised.

We had another cat, a collar wouldn't last a day.

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Re: Amazing - RTFA

This is about Ad-Blocking at the network end so that I don't use my data allowance downloading unwanted ads.

Well played Three, someone there obviously reads The Register comments.

BT must also read ElReg for coming up with a plan to block spam by pressing a button in-call, they should implement the suggestion of blocking and auto-reporting phishing/scam calls as well.

IBM open sources its blockchain code – the non-crazy part of Bitcoin


BlockChain has FA to do with money

It is a cryptographically signed digital ledger.

It provides full traceability of transactions between participants.

So when I've got an AOG because partno. xxx failed OOS everybody knows exactly which planes all the other partno.xxx are fitted, when, where and by whom.

The BlockChain can be used for currency but that is just a demonstrator app.

Ordnance Survey unfolds handy Mars map


Re: #wtf: Royal ORDNANCE survey of Mars ???!!!!

That new logo reminds me of the ink blot t-shirts referenced in the porn filter comments, I'm amazed they managed to slip it through.

What do we do about a problem like Uber? Tom Slee speaks his brains


Re: Uber etc. - same old - not my bag

Michael Wojcik, I entirely agree with you.

I don't/wouldn't use any of this stuff but I know loads of people who do/would.

They are quite prepared to pay good money for this kind of thing if it is done properly, they outnumber us by a million to one.

It's like the IoT, any sensible person wouldn't touch it with a bargepole but plenty of others are more than willing.

They are going to have it whether we like it or not, so surely we should at least give them the best that can be done.

John Brown (no body)

'The "problem" seems to be that pretty much every business is run purely to maximise profit and there's no "feel good factor" where a business is at least partly there to make the world a better place.'

If you want to maximise profit you have to satisfy your customers' demand, if you become lax then somebody else will do it and steal your lunch. (IBM don't make PCs any more)

All businesses make the world a better place, they raise customer expectations to above the level they can satisfy at which point another business steps up to the plate.


Re: Uber etc. - same old - Google Everywhere

Single monthly payment gets you the fastest available unlimited internet connection anywhere in the world (3 to 5 years)

Single monthly payment gets you the cheapest available unlimited energy anywhere in the world (bit longer)

Single monthly payment gets you free next day delivery of an unlimited set of products to anywhere in the world from an unlimited set of suppliers (amazon is close)

5bn people @ $20/month (nice)


Uber etc. - same old

Uber/AirBnB etc brought a common user interface no matter what city I fly into and that's it.

'Hey Cortana, I need to be at the Pigs Head to meet Mike at 20:00 and I need to pick up Julie on the way.'

Cortana: broadcasting request, sending your customer rating, auction closes in 90 secs

Cortana: receiving quotes - cheapest (@$x) is CrapTax...rubbish rating...you've never used them.

Most expensive (@$x+4) is Lilys Limos...top rating...out of your league.

Most likely for you (@$+1) is Mickeys or Al's...both rated good...which one ?


Cortana - booking Mickys...confirmed. Texting Julie, ETA Julie 19:51 texting Mike, eta Mike 20:00...ordering drinks @ Pigs Head, You - Pint Stella, Julie - Pint Guiness, Mike - Pint Bitter. Table 14.

I don't just want another taxi controller (no matter how seemingly efficient) I want you to bid for my business.

And it isn't just taxis and beds, it's clothes and food and phones and gas and everything.

I publish a demand and based on my credentials, suppliers submit bids.

I thought that this was the Uber business model that was the brave new world, turns out it wasn't.

The next Cuban gristle crisis: US Navy warship powered by beef fat


Re: Using the wrong fat here

The Paper Street Soap Company already has the market on street fat. (but nobody talks about that)


Beef fat

I read it as 'covered in beef fat' which might have been some new kind of cloaking device (although the flock of birds following might be a tell)

They could cover it in pork fat scraped from the barrel, might be useful in certain theatres (less stealth is better)

Google UK coughs up £130m back taxes. Is it enough?


Re: The Tumbler SJW jibe is silly - Magic Money Tree


WTF is a magic money tree ?

If there is a logical explanation of this phenomenom then what does it have to do with semiticism pro/anti ?


Re: The Tumbler SJW jibe is silly

'The Tumbler SJW jibe is silly' may very well be true but a Sovereign Currency issuer doesn't need tax revenues to pay its bills.

It spends money into existence at will.

It then destroys this money through taxation.

Money not taxed out of existence is inflationary.

Government controls its contribution to inflation by increasing/decreasing both spending and taxation.

The Deficit is the net increase/decrease in the Governments inflation contribution.

Private banks also create and destroy money (via lending and repayment), any credit not destroyed is also inflationary.

Central Banks control this contribution to inflation via interest rates on lending/repayment.

The UK Government target for inflation of 2% is higher than current inflation.

The Central Bank has responded to this by cutting interest rates to stimulate lending, had they not done so inflation would be well negative.

The only other control is the Deficit which George is trying to reduce, this is deflationary and is directly opposed to what the Central Bank is doing.

(if the Gov. taxes more than it spends there is a scramble to collect the tax tokens before the taxman exercises his penalties so you will sell your goods cheaper than the next guy to ensure you have some of the scarce supply)

Criminal records checks 'unlawful' and 'arbitrary' rules High Court


Full Disclosure Welcomed

There is an opportunity for an enterprising individual to only employ 'the unemployable' (those disadvantaged by previous youthful hijinks).

These people will be more likely to be industrious and loyal than any other employee who could easily move to another employer.

(a bit like Freelance Programmers for crims)

How to save Wikipedia: Start paying editors ... or write for machines


Not a monopoly

but lacking competition.

Just had a quick look at Encyclopedia Brittanica online, it is terrible.

Pears Cyclopaedia doesn't have an online version (despite having a paper based hypertext format).

If Penguin published the Pears online with sensible adverts (including ones for their other books) then I would use it in preference to the Wiki.

UK govt: No, really, we're not banning cryptography


South Wales

Do they have the internet in the Rhondda ?

Let's get GDS to build a public blockchain, UK.gov's top boffin says



doesn't sound good (although 'unpermissioning' might be better (as long as it is part of the log))

zebm, good luck although I'm not convinced GDI should be lead on this, perhaps you can convince them to fund 20 universities to create a scalable open blockchain based patient treatment log.

Anyone seen my DVD? Ohio loses disc holding 50,000 citizens' records


If you put the disk back then the loss will never be discovered and the credit agency won't get paid to monitor another sack full of 'willing' user information.

(data that may/will be shared with associated companies to sell you more stuff)

UK digital minister asks for input on strategy, lauds 'sharing economy' biz success


Re: So the British government wants to help digital businesses???

Yes but they have just splurged 450m pounds and counting on this folly (£7 each), now they have to cover up the fact that match funding on AIM means that T1 investors can cash out at Gov expense and because of Angel funding tax breaks, not one minister will pay tax this year.

Government - not for you but paid for by you


Re: Sharing is caring

Mr/Ms Anonymous,

do you undermine your workers rights ?

Do you pay them less than a fair days pay for a fair days work ?

Would you if you could get away with it ?

I mean every dollar you pay them is one less in your pocket.


do you undermine your employers rights ?

Do you actively produce less work than you are paid for

Would you if you could get away with it ?

I mean every dollar you're not paid is one more in his/her pocket.


This is the eternal conumdrum, Capital v Labour


This is false, the real battle is (Capital + Labour) v Finance

Only Capital + Labour = Profit

Finance in a fiat system is parasitical.

(The top of Financial institutions is overepresented by psycopathic personalities)

You can compete (and win) against this neoliberal (Psychopathic) shit you know.

Set some (ethical) goals, create a (n ethical) structure, get some sociopaths to implement and control this structure for you, reward the socios with social inclusion.

Actively penalise any psychos you find in your business.

Watch out, er, 'oven cleaners': ICO plans nuisance call crackdown in 2016


Somebody else's problem

The ICO are not interested in fixing this problem because on the one hand they are not accountable to the sufferers and on the other they are pressured by vested interests towards inaction.

If I receive what I consider to be a nuisance call (spam) and I press 5 (and hold) during the call then that number should be blocked by my service provider from now on (the SP is free to route it to an ELIZA machine if they want)

If I receive what I consider to be a criminal call (phishing/scam) and I press 6 (and hold) during the call then the number is blocked as above but the details (and call recording) are passed to the relevant authorities for investigation.

It's not rocket science, it's simple programming.

First one to implement it gets my business.

Intel completes epic $16.7bn Altera swallow, fills self with vitamin IoT


Intel CPU with FPGA onboard


FPGA with Intel CPU onboard


Arm CPU with FPGA onboard


Other combinations are available

FPGA with Arm CPU onboard


Press Backspace 28 times to own unlucky Grub-by Linux boxes


Re: Almost possible to use grub password

If you negotiate the minefield in the drive

And beat the dogs and cheat the cold electronic eyes

And if you make it past the shotguns in the hall,

Dial the combination, open the priesthole

And if Grubs in, It'll tell you what's behind the wall.

Car parking mobile apps are vulnerable to hacking, say infosec folk


Re: It may be possible for an attacker to create a fake GSM base station

'So they can do what? Pay my parking for me?'

Well yes except they needn't pay the full fee, only enough of it to make you walk away from the meter, they keep the rest.

They could forward the receipt (for the underpaid amount) safe in the knowledge that nobody reads these things.

Later, when you get a parking ticket for overstaying the receipt will back the parking company up.

(the tinfoil hatted might suggest that parking company insiders are the MITM)

BOFH: Taking a spin in a decommissioned racer? On your own grill cam be it


Re: Ferris Bueller! - it's shoulder bags

Bags don't have shoulders only long straps that go on the shoulders, short straps that are held in the hands or no straps that are clutched.

If you are referring to the person carrying the bag as an object then 'its shoulders' is correct although there are many who would suggest that a person is a special type of object in which case 'his/her shoulders' would be the preferred correct attribution.

More interesting is your subconcious gender stereotyping.

Work on world's largest star-gazing 'scope stopped after religious protests


How many telescopes do they need ?

There are already a dozen or more telescopes on top of that hill, why don't they just knock down an old one and rebuild it with the new one ?

To prove their environmental credentials, once the new scope is built the astronomers should cut steps to the top and remove the roadway.

Who says only artists should suffer for their work, walk you techy geeks, the exercise will do you good (some coca leaves and lime juice might help with the thin air climb).

Nest defends web CCTV Cam amid unstoppable 24/7 surveillance fears


Anybody read the Ts & Cs

It's a Nest device.

When you tell it to shutdown it turns off the LED and cuts the network connection but the video stream is still active.

When you turn off the heating the sensors still measure temperature.

When you turn off the burglar alarm it still monitors the movement sensors.

The Fire/Smoke alarms are 'always on' but only trigger on 'event'

When one device triggers (either time based or event based) the network connection is re-established, all devices in the (local) Nest awaken and empty their buffers to the cloud.

The triggered device will process the 'event' and other devices resume their pre-event status.

People who buy into this Nest/Hive/Swarm/Murmuration stuff are quite happy with the tradeoff same as FB users.

Nobody forces them to give up their data, they do so willingly.

What the world needs now is Pi, sweet $5 Raspberry Pi Zero


Re: DOH - @DropBear

I've had that with Element14/Farnell.

Add something else (a £300 dev board) to your order first, add a Zero, get to checkout and remove the dev board, the order for the Zero should go straight through.

Watch the postage though, I've bundled with other stuff in the past to make the postage free (again you have to fanny around but persistence pays off, it;s like they don't want my money)

Many UK ecommerce sites allow ‘password’ for logins – report


Re: Account Fetish hurts online retailers - Re: Bricks and mortar...

'and will ask if they think you'll give it.'

Lots will ask (clubcard,nectar,match+more etc.) but they don't make it a condition of sale, if they did then they would get fake data the first (and last) time I shopped with them.

The increasing frequency of data breaches means the backlash against arbitrary data retension will happen on an increasing scale.

If you can prove the data you hold is secure then you have nothing to worry about.

The only secure way to hold the data is not to collect it in the first place.

You do not need individually identifiable data to be able to see that 30% of people who buy 2 tins or more of beans also buy 4 pack or larger bog rolls in the same basket.

The only reason you need to identify an individual shopper is so that you can target that particular shopper with dynamic pricing (ie. C1/B gets charged more than A/D, status pricing rather than surge pricing).


Account Fetish hurts online retailers

I hate sites that make me create an account before they will allow me to grace them with my money.

Brick and mortar outlets don't do it, mostly they don't care who I am or what my inside leg measurement is, they just want to make a sale.

I rarely buy from the same online store more than once, I don't want or need a relationship with my onetime supplier of chicken wire.

Every place I enter all my details is another vector for ID theft, it wouldn't be so bad if they only kept the details (offline) for the duration of the sale (ie credit card transaction details), but no, they want to keep all my details handily accessible so that they can spam me and provide rich pickings for hackers.

I would buy (repeatedly) from suppliers who state they don't keep any ID information online and only store offline legally required information.

GPS, you've gone too far this time


Re: It isn't that...it's something else !

'The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.'

You have to remember that we live on a giant ball, the shortest distance on the surface of a sphere is a great circle.

The sober one will walk a straight line which is a longer distance, the drunk will stagger with a bias towards the downhill, the drunk on average walks closer to the great circle and so covers less distance (as long as you don't count the backwards lurches)

Roundworm infection increases female fertility


Farmers World

Interestingly, having more children keeps husbands faithful http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1549598/How-to-keep-a-husband-faithful.html

Presumably keeping the father present makes the family unit wealthier and better fed.

We humans like to think we are kings of the hill but we are all slaves to chemistry and might be being manipulated just like farm animals (kept healthy/docile with drugs)


Microsoft shelves 'suicidal' Android-on-Windows plan



Of pissing about trying to get Android on Windows they should port a version of Windows that will run on any Android phone (preferably with the look and feel of XP)

Royal Mail mulls drones for rural deliveries


classic misdirection

She's talking about future rural drone delivery, what she isn't talking about is the plans to only deliver on rural routes for only 3 days per week instead of 6 like the townies get.

It will then be a small step to variable pricing and the abandonment of the Universal Service.

DDoS, botnet, and fiber cut fail to stop Twitchers crowd-installing Linux


Next Challenge

Put a remote control in a Shelby Mustang and get everyone to drive it from NY to San Fransisco.

Volvo eyes kangaroo detection tech


Oversized Rabbits

If you hit a roo and it survives, what's it gonna do ?

In the UK we have badgers, whilst not as big as a roo (15kg ave) they are built like a brick a privvy.

Mate of mine hit one with his Subaru Impreza (he was going quite fast), the front of his car was totalled, looked like he had hit a furry telegraph pole.

On investigating the badger lying in the road it turned out it wasn't dead, just a little stunned and very angry, my mate had to beat a hasty retreat and sit in the ruined car until he was sure it had gone.

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year


Pointy Stick

If you support a number of Win<10 users can you not set the address to look for updates to a particular local machine and post only acceptable updates to that machine ?

If that was possible the users could be set to 'always update' and you would know that they would only be installing approved updates.

It might be that the address for updates is hard coded into windows, I have no idea as I use linux (#smugface)

'Profoundly stupid' Dubliner's hoax call lost Intel 6,000 hours of production


@ Mage - Re: Phoning it in

A 'Terrorist' is named as such by the State.

The objects of 'Terrorism' are to show the State as ineffectual in preventing such attacks to the General Public or to provoke an overreaction by the State in a security clampdown that alienates the General Public.

The first allows the State to be overthrown by the ballot box, the second by popular uprising. In both cases the 'Terrorist' organisation hopes to gain power in order to right wrongs that cannot be resolved in a more peaceful manner (in their view).

The General Public are not the target (although some collateral damage is inevitable), the 'Terrorists' need the General Public to overthrow the State for them as they cannot do it alone.

The crazies of ISIL are not 'Terrorists', they have no interest in overthrowing the State for political reasons, the Caliphate idea has been tacked on to try to give legitimacy to what is no more than a rapacious gang of thugs running riot, the murder/genocide of large swathes of population is to remove witnesses to their very unIslamic behaviour of rape and pillage.

The people carrying out these acts have been whipped into an orgy of destruction by others with their own agenda, it is The Screwfly Solution and it is emptying that part of the world.

Joining the illuminati? Just how bright can a smart bulb really be?


Re: If it saves one life it will be worth it

I'm not in favour of always on sound and video nanny state smoke alarms but the purveyors of IOT devices are desperately looking for solutions to sell, if you can get your product mandated (like SRS) then you have a licence to print money.

T.May would be more than mildly moist if she thought she could get away with imposing this.

The last line is a paraphrase of two of Roger Waters lyrics.


Careless talk...

'Responding to a smoke alarm would also be useful, too...'

Take this thought through to the logical conclusion.

All smoke alarms must ring the emergency services when they are activated (just like all mobiles must be able to ring them even when locked).

Sure there will be the occaional false alarm (like when I'm rustling up some bacony goodness at 2AM) but if it saves just one life it will be worth it.

Smoke alarms are already mandatory in rented accommodation, it won't be long before a (childs) life is saved and calls for them to be fitted into private households follow.

To slow the number of false alarms, mandatory cameras will be next so that emergencies can be verified before despatching a fire engine, may as well turn the microphones on as well (to locate potential victims out of camera shot).

Treats, tricks, carrots and sticks. Imagine what it could be earning.

We can't all live by taking in each others' washing


Now then Tim

You should not lower yourself to the commentard level, entering this abyss, madness and bad faith lays

Good that you go out at the top, like I said above one encore would be nice (two would over egg).

It has been interesting to see your point of view mature over time (you probably don't see this yet) but it has been more interesting reading some of the well put points of the comentariat in response.

You will be sadly missed by the hardcore but we got over the loss of the moderatorix (which frankly was a much bigger loss)

A bigger brighter future awaits you, go forth and..do stuff.

Best Regards


@ X7

You obviously haven't been paying attention, as you attempt to brainwash someone to your viewpoint (the goal) you must review your techniques (the means).

Because you question the ways, it encourages questions of the hows.

Reviewing the hows leads to questioning of the whys.

Brainwashing works both ways.

What most people see as Capitalism is in fact Corporatism

What most people see as Socialism is in fact Statism

Both isms abhor any kind of free market of ideas because it is only through the free promotion and destruction of those ideas can any truthfulness emerge.

Why do you want to supress the truth, do you have something to hide ?


So long and thanks...

It's been educational.

An encore (just the one) on the 8th would be nice, perhaps the new editorial team could see fit.

Hackers pop grease monkeys' laptops to disable Audi airbags


Re: Seriously?

Microcontroller board (<$10) hanging behind the dashboard and a couple of LEDs from an old PC.

Wire the power to the ignition and replace the dash bulbs for airbags/ALB with the LEDS (pack them with tape to make them fit).

When the ignition is turned on the Uc boots, lights the LEDs for a few seconds and then goes into sleep mode.

Make sure the timings for the lights are different to reflect the POST of airbag/ALB.

(obviously I'm not suggesting that anybody should do this or that I might have witnessed it in the past, it is probably highly illegal)

Windows 10 out, users happy, PCs upgraded, my work here is done – says Microsoft OS chief


Win v Android

Perhaps MS should create a free version of Windows that works on Android Phones/Tablets, preferably based on XP.

Android sucks really, it is like Graphical DOS with TSRs. Each app is fullscreen, why can't they be windowed so I can see the contents of one app whilst working on a different one.

Why can't I have a task bar and a start menu ?

Won't someone think of the children.

So just what is the third Great Invention of all time?


Re: Limited Liability

this was true in the past but with todays technology I know where you work so I won't be placing bets with Coral or buying anything from Pharmacy2U (don't worry Andy, it's not personal, it's business)


What was .v. What will be

Rather than RDBMS which only gives us 'What Happened' information on historical data, I would suggest that the spreadsheet is a greater invention as it allows us to ask 'What If' type questions.

Both are good inventions because they generate 'Why' questions.


Sad to say

But I think it is social media.

All revolutionary development has its downside (in this case FB/Twatter/Tindr etc.) but the upside is the dissemination of information outside of the silos it has historically existed in.

Social media allows anybody to ask questions on any subject and in any field, a tiny subset of these questions will be good hard ones.

Good questions are always in demand, they are the driver of definative answer supply, without which progress stalls.

Self-driving vehicles might be autonomous but insurance pay-outs probably won't be


ADV's are the future

and I can't wait.

ADV's will be a godsend, if you tailgate one it won't get shirty, it will slow down.

If you start to overtake* it won't take that as a personal affront, it will maintain course and direction, possibly easing off the gas slightly to allow the overtaking vehicle to safely complete its manouvre.

It won't randomly brake or drive in the gutter (drivers that do this make me nervous)

ADV's will drive to the Highway Code.

Will I have an ADV ? Absolutely not, I love driving and given clear conditions I drive faster, brake later and corner tighter than most but I'm happy to pootle along behind someone who is content doing 40 in a 60 zone as long as they are doing it predictably/smoothly and are considerate to other road users.

*assuming a safe place to do so, if you try to overtake one in a dangerous/reckless manner then I would hope it would take avoiding action whilst reporting you (it has the video evidence)

World's oldest person scoffs daily ration of bacon


Re: As I often say

No, it's because it was/is difficult to tell the difference between short pink pig and long white pig once it was/is reduced to cutlets.

Dry those eyes, ad blockers are unlikely to kill the internet


More Importantly

Did anyone win the DVLA Seat