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Heresy: Hare programming language an alternative to C


I am a user o a programm. So this is all Greek to my. I don't speak or write Greek either. So you people keep programmi games for money and I will keep playing for free.

Life is Great so thank God your alive

Facebook sues scraper who sold 178 million phone numbers and user IDs


ow where do I sign up to sue facebook for allowing my data to be stolen due to their incomitance and to get a cut of the money facebook gets from this thief that stole my data from facebook? I am the victim here and I and others should be the ones getting billions from both of them as we own the data stolen.

European Commission airs out new IoT device security draft law – interested parties have a week to weigh in


Here's the best law to pass for those who send out viruses and hack into any ones system. First time offense, The death penalty when they are caught. NO DEALS. Forfeiture of all assets OR Put them on public display, in a diaper with plastic pants and do not allow any diaper changes, ever. Ket them die in their own human waste.

Woman sues McDonald's for $14 after cheeseburger ad did exactly what it's designed to


Frivolous lawsuits like this one should not even be allowed to be filed. She chose of her own free will to eat a McDonalds hamburger. McDonalds is Not responsible for her bad judgement or choices in life. The verdict is in favor for the defendant and the plaintive must pay all court cost and attorney fee's for the defendant plus a $ 10,000.00 fine for filing a frivolous lawsuit against the defendant to be paid to the defendant. Next case.

REvil ransomware gang's websites vanish soon after Kaseya fiasco, Uncle Sam threatens retaliation

Thumb Up

Hunt these people down. Put them in lockable woolen long johns and house them in tents in death valley USA. Make them use and change their own diapers as toilets. Feed them the new prisoner food that can sustain life but tastes like shit. all liquids must be taken by a baby bottle, if caught not sucking through the nipple of the bottle it's off to a public spanking of 25 wacks on the ass in front of the other prisoners.

This punishment is befitting the crime and is not cruel and unusual. They act like spoiled children and babies in outside life with their hacking, then we in society can treat them like babies in prison.

... Aaaand that's a fifth Brit Army Watchkeeper drone to crash in Wales


Why not to have bean counters in charge

Drone program: Way over budget, dumb decisions (turning off anti crash programs) while flying during thunderstorms. Hiring poor quality engineers to keep the budget down instead of quality engineers, Lack of communication, and too many decision makers where only one is needed and that person should be an engineer. NOT a politician. NOT a bean counter! And NOT a CEO or President or Vice president who doesn't know squat about engineering or design. Step away from the bully on attitude which is the British way of mucking through things.

Shock: Google advises UK peers against more legislation


Just one rule needed for advertisers on the net. If it has a virus in it, the company advertising their product gets a 1 billion dollar (U.S.) Fine for each violation in each country that virus shows up in and is awarded to the disaster relief fund that can only be spent on disaster relief by that country when a disaster occurs in their country.

Ofcom gives six operators green light to bid for spectrum


Another bad deal for all customers. The corporations get richer and the customers get screwed. When mergers and buyouts like this happen. Customers should all receive $1,000.00 or the free option to leave the (if any) contract they are under with no penalties.

'Repeal hate crime laws for free speech' petition passes 14k signatures


Free speech

Zieg Heil, Welcome to the new roman empire. where you can lose your freedom or be beaten or killed for exercising any kind of freedom of speech. Faggots are faggots, dykes are dykes, terrorists are terrorists and two people of the same sex getting married is WRONG. I don't care if you don't like what my opinion of what you do hurts your feelings. I have the God given right to say what I believe about what I believe to be insane behavior. You cannot force your twisted way upon any God loving person or expect that God loving person to accept what the have been taught is WRONG. God made man and woman. woman to support man, keep him company, and to procreate with Propagating the human race and replacing those that have ceased to live. Gays, lesbians, and those same sex couples do nothing to propagate our human species. They may adopt a normal couples child, but what values will they teach that child? How to not propagate the human species or become a heterosexual couple and propagate the human race as a species.

Those that are not heterosexual are mentally ill. They are not normal. They will never be normal unless they are treated and can see that man and woman are meant to be a couple and no other combination is a sane choice.

Losing your freedom of speech to tell the truth is the first step toward the loss of all your freedoms and only leads to a life lived under the yoke of tyranny by yet another power hungry insane leader who has risen to power on the backs of his people and must by greed alone have more. To see and point out these people, you have only to look in your back yard. North Korea, Russia, The United States of America, Syria , Afghanistan, Yemen, And many other countries with civil wars and attacks on their neighbors and against other countries around the world.

Supremes asked to mull legality of Silicon Valley privacy 'slush funds'


Only the greedy win

I Think that the awards by the court should come out of the pockets of the CEO and Board members of the company the class action lawsuit was filed against and won by the people that had to take that company to court to make them follow the laws be a responsible and honest business. The lawyers of the defending company when it loses should only be allowed to collect it's fee's from the company. The lawyer fee's for the class action participants should also be assed to the company that lost so all the money awarded goes to the victims that had to take a dishonest company to courts to get justice.

Donald, YOU'RE FIRED: Rogue Twitter worker quits, deletes President Trump's account


Twitter and peace

I am glad someone deleted the presidents twitter account. Our president has a white house spokesperson to inform the media and public what is going on with his administration. Twitter is for inviting me and my family to the white house for dinner. and not to trash other people for saying what they believe. The American people were smart enough to see through the bullshit the democrats were spreading to say no to their candidate. We are smart enough to see the bullshit the news media and public officials are spreading around today.

Hi Facebook, Google, we think we might tax your ads instead – lots of love, Europe x


If they tax the adds they lose the service. If they tax the people for using the internet, we the people stop using the internet. Yes the idiotic greedy take all the money away from everyone but themselves will send this world back to the stone age.

How about a tax of 50% of politicians wages every time they open their mouths with a stupid idea or try to make another bad law?

Star Trek: Discovery delayed


Re: Do the job right

Poor gay guy. maybe he can crap into a couple of coconuts and enjoy quality time with his coconuts.


Come out in January 2017, Now delayed until may of 2017. Hmmm Today is September 13, 2017 and I haven't seen hide nor hair of Star Trek. So no more fooling around. When does The new Star Trek really come out? Does gone where no Trek has gone before mean they got lost out there and can't find their way back to CBS?

OR are those dates supposed to be in 2018?

Such a small story with no real correct information.

How can they make Star Trek shows and not even have the brains to allow patrons to not be able to record the series with commercials if the patron missed that episode due to more important things they have to do.

Actually TV should now have the capabilities to allow a viewer to just pick what they want to see at any time of the day or night. HBO does it, Showtime does it, and Cinemax does it. So why don't the*$&@#% at CBS, FOX, NBC, and other stations have it. We can't all have time to watch the news when it comes on. So we are left without important information until the next time they show the news. I want to watch F Troop when I want too. Even if it's at 3 am when I can't sleep.

Regular programming sucks. too much crap on TV for a person that works night or afternoon shift. They are shoppers too. they should be able to see what's on sale and even watch the same shows as a person who works dayshift. Come on CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX. get your heads out of your AS--- and start making entertainment available to watch what we want to watch when we want to watch the good shows on TV..

Surprising nobody, lawyers line up to sue the crap out of Equifax


Equifax Lawsuits.

It's a nice thought and I want to sign up to sue Equifax. But I know from past experience that the government will not penalize Equifax with a penalty large enough to give everyone hurt by Equifax any kind of real money. Only the lawyers will get money and in huge chunks and we the injured will get a free credit report or a few cents each. I want the CEO, and president, and the Equifax board of directors fire and imprisoned for life as that is how long my credit information will be out there for anyone to use. What Equifax has done is paramount to setting off a nuclear bomb in every household they had credit information for.

When one size doesn't fit all in cloud security


One size fits all?

One size never fits all. especially in cloths. computers, and just about everything else. Corporate really do live in their own world and only recognize an average size. This includes the automotive companies too. Seats are designed using a dummy called Oscar which is the size of a normal human being. Needless to say tall and large people just don't fit and drive in the majestic seating and ride they claim you would if you buy their vehicle.

The Cloud is not safe and never will be as hackers have learned to fly, enter, and leave the cloud without leaving a trace. As a home computer user I just want to see all hackers Hung by their heels, upside down so when I feel like messing with someone. I can go whip that crap out of a hacker with a fresh willow branch as they are the one's that actually deserve to be whipped.

I'll leave now before I really get started on this subject and do a 50 billion word opinion.

Bitcoin Foundation wants US Department of Justice investigated


Re: Dear Charles 9

They are operating under the authority of the United branches of Wall Street. Real currency is backed by the government that issued that currency based on GDP of that country. Although a few still use the gold standard


Bit Coin

whether it is a Euro, Draka, Dollar or Bitcoin. It is used as money paying for goods or services.

All the laws concerning money is applicable to Bitcoin as Bitcoin is being used in place of or as money.

Bitcoin is sold as money to use instead of the plethora of currencies out there. Therefore it is just like trading Canadian dollars for American dollars. Both can be used to purchase Bit coins and then used for purchases. This makes the justice department correct in treating Bitcoin as legal currency around the world. Otherwise Bitcoin would be made illegal by every country and could be subject to counter fitting and printing a nonexistent currency. Bitcoin owners should just be thankful Bitcoin is accepted as being a form of legal tender.

FTC wants AT&T to kick in $4bn to help balance US budget. Why? Some dodgy ads or something


How do I get in on this law suit. Direct TV did what the suit here says and I had to pay for leaving Direct TV for another honest supplier.

I want to sue for 5 million as Direct TV exceeded the limitations of my medications, causing damage to myself, and severe mental stress on my family, as well as financial; damage due to my being on a fixed !00% disability From The VA for service connected disability.

Luxembourg passes first EU space mining law. One can possess the Spice


Once again the EU prove it's lack of intelligence and greed.

1.) The EU does not own the asteroids, nor does it own any of the other planets

2.) The United States of America was the first to step on the moon, but did not claim it for ourselves but instead making it a giant step for all of MANKIND.

3.) The EU members are insane And their idiotic way will carry war from this planet into space on to other planets. Is this really what the people of earth want ourselves to be known for If we do make contact with any other lifeform out there? Not me says I.

To the EU I say. Stand up. Sitting on your brain not only squishes it, but also deprives your brain of the oxygen it needs to think in a logical manor.

President Trump-themed escort services may soon open in China


Bad Momacita's

Woman that are escorts to men are no different than the wives, girlfriends and other assorted woman that a man asks to be their escort to a function. Having a beautiful woman on his arm is a very big source of pride for a man. Being an escort does not mean sex is involved and the writer of this article should get their mind out of the gutter and learn the difference. Going to a massage parlor does not mean your going there for sex either. That is illegal here in the USA. You get a massage by someone who knows how to take the tension out of a persons muscles. Again take the mind out of the gutter.

I just can't figure out why some people figure that if a man is out with a beautiful woman younger than himself and it is not know if it is his niece, daughter or wife, they immediately jump to the conclusion it's a hooker and not an escort. Maybe the problem remains in the eyes and warped brain of the beholder and not with the couple.

Australia's Department of Social Services pushing ahead with data-matching plans


Not the Peoples Fault

Reported or not, The people all know mistakes are mad. Humans always make mistakes. What we are tired of is that mistakes are made and then we citizens are fed Bullsh t with yet another cover up. If a government department makes a mistake, then admit the mistake and learn by it. Other politicians also need to stop calling for resignations every time a mistake is made. We The people hired the people working in the government and we the people are the only ones that should be calling for someone to resign for failure to do the job for which they are hired to do.

Grumpy Trump trumped, now he's got the hump: Muslim ban beaten back by appeals court


Failure of our courts

If our judges fail to uphold the constitutional laws our representatives have enacted in our names. Then they should be removed from the bench and never be allowed to serve in public office again.

" Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

This is the law whether those that refuse to work and oppose The President of the United States of America. Protesting in America is a right of the people. Sedition is not.

Judges saying no unrepairable damage has been done by the immigrants and illegal aliens should have their heads pulled out of their asses so they can .look around and see the permanent damage done to woman that have been raped, men and woman that have been beaten and killed by Individuals let into our country from the nations included in the ban. This veteran did not fight in service of this country to let a bunch of morons allow people that have sworn to kill Americans and take over this country into our country. Too many of our young citizens have been brainwashed by their tactics to fight against our own country. Too many mosques have been found containing weapons for was within them. Too many Muslim leaders (already in this country) have stood up and spoken (which is their right) and encourage those of the Muslim faith to do everything they can to take over and destroy the American way of life and our country. Irreparable damage has already been done to The USA.

Once again I have to stand up and fight against the enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC that are attacking our nation from within. Every patriotic American citizen and veteran should be doing the same.

UK defence secretary: Russian hacks are destabilising Western democracy


Stopping hackers

Add an ever changing program to all U.S. Government computers that generates a new password daily. Supply all government computer workers with a flash drive that they have to turn in at the end of every day and can only pick up and use from security each morning. (No flash drive can be removed from the buildings as they have a signal that will sound an alarm if the are taken through the exits. The flash drives will be updated on a closed system every night with the new updated password which the users will never know or have access to on that flash drive. Master password will be stored with the president of the United States of America or the vice president if the president leaves the country on a visit to another country. Master password will allow override to enter government computer system in case of lost or stolen flash drive. new password issued that night will make flash drive useless and the entire system can be shut down if a flash drive is unaccounted for, losing only the rest of that day of access to all government computers. Password issued by the computer each day is unbreakable by anyone in the day the computer generated it.

Broadband internet in New York is so garbage, the state's suing Charter


It's not just in New York. My charter supplied internet here in Michigan has been getting worse every year. Yet Charter keeps asking for more money. Increases in speed have not been upgraded in years. If you want faster speeds you have to pay through the nose for it and they only give us faster download with that price, never upload. Their lines keep going down and when their internet and my phone go down as I have both with CI get in touch with Charter via my wife's mobile phone and Charter always tell me they have not heard from anyone else that their network is down. So it must be my equipment. After explaining to Charters rude and unbelieving support person for ten minutes they finally tell me that now they are receiving calls from other Charter customers and now they will start the process of fixing the problem. I hate being told my call telling them their system is down is not valid and they have to have more people calling in before they will take my word that the system actually is down. If there were another cable company in my area, I would switch in a heartbeat.

Japan's terrifying techno-toilets will be made foreigner friendly, vow makers


I understood the directions perfectly

How nice not to have to use toilet paper. Great for the handicapped persons like me. But they had better use a fire hose if they are going to use water to clean my crap up of my behind. It has to be blasted off. Other than that I think it is a better toilet than they build here in America and I will replace my toilets when they come out and all the bugs are worked out. I wonder if they are going to call the American version the ass blaster 2000?

Well, that sucks: China's Tencent so sorry after vid emerges of faux blowjob office game


Re: Times change

I have no regrets. they were funny then and are still funny now. Just because a bunch of cry babies get up and make a big scene about their great great great grandparents or their heritage is not my problem. I have done nothing to them. they tell the same jokes among themselves. and I refuse to stop using a word that I was taught had a totally different meaning than the one they perceive it as and call themselves at the drop of a hat and yet still use a derogative word for other races.

My relatives, who are black, tell me more black jokes that any white person ever have. My polish and Blonde sister in law tells my plenty of blonde and polish jokes. And all of them tell French Canadian jokes to which I laugh as they are funny because they are so stupid that you know it can't be true. The people of this world need to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously. They are the ones that are sucking all the fun out of life and taking the rest of us down into their pit of despair


we are adults.

So what if it insinuates blow job. These are men and woman of an adult age that made a choice to participate in the games. As long as they were not threatened to do so or else it is all fine. The Moron who took the video and then posted that video is the one in the wrong and should be punished. He/she did not have a signed release by the people he/she took the video of before going public with it. Neither those people that plated the game or the company have anything to be ashamed of or to apologize for. Those that were offended could have just walked away and not looked. They too had a free choice.

PARTY: To enjoy oneself, without inhibitions, with plenty of drink, good music, fun games, in a private location for those that wish to attend of their own free will.

CES 2017 roundup: The good, the bad, and the frankly bonkers


Convenient Breast Pump

Wow, I love the breast pump Idea. It's convenient, Easily made sterile, and can be passed around from woman to woman to gather extra milk for us guys that love breast milk. Now if only the woman wouldn't be so stingy with their breast milk.

White House report cautiously optimistic about job-killing AI


Rude and inconsiderate

I have seen the new machines that replace human workers at a McDonalds in a casino already. I consider this to be rude and tells me the company doesn't care about me the customer, but only about my money. I went elsewhere to eat. Not only was this rude but they didn't even have lower prices for the money they say they saved by using machines instead of humans.

Companies that care not for their fellow man, intentionally refusing to pay a human being a living wage but instead would replace that human with a machine they say works 24/7 without complaint or sick days will soon find out that other human being are just as vicious as they are. Machines will cost a lot of money to repair when it makes a mistake a nd the person takes it out on the machine instead of having the mistake immediately taken care of by a human being. Also money is not the only thing a person can slip into the slot where the money goes. Humans will work through a power outage. machines will not. There are those of us out here that can and will hack their new fail safe machines and take their money or just shut them down. OR we can really make their machine sick, from giving it a mild cold to a deadly machine killing disease. It's called a virus. A very nasty little bug that makes both humans and machines sick and/or die. Wow, I figured this all out before my first cup of coffee and without a Harvard degree like some executives in companies like McDonalds like to thinks makes them better than us so called common folks that merely buy their food.

My advice to the executives at these kind of companies and corporations is, pay your employee's a good living wage. You get less theft, happier employees that work harder and are loyal to your company so you have less turn over and do not have to waste time and money constantly training new employee's. It' High time the corporations and businesses in America stop the greed and join the human race again.

Is your Windows 10, 8 PC falling off the 'net? Microsoft doesn't care


Let's all sue as this seems to be the only thing major corporations seem to understand these days.

The sharks of AI will attack expensive and scarce workers faster than they eat drivers


AI VS Human Factor

Ai's may be able to give you all the correct answers to your inquiry. But, They will never be able to determine what is the best for the patient as a good doctor can. They will never be able to hold the hand of a traumatized client and help them through a disastrous situation like a human can. An AI cannot be programmed to learn or show human compassion. It can only supply answers that have been programmed into it. An AI would find it impossible to design a vehicle that would be comfortable for 90% of the human beings that would use the vehicle.

No, An AI loses on every front when it verses a human being except providing information and only if a human being thought to provide the information in the first place.

Mankind will never be idiotic enough to give AI's free will if they are ever able to reach true consciousness.

UK.gov has 18,000 IT contractors on its books due to dearth of skills


Problem withunskilled workers?

The British Government should learn about this wonderful program created bac during world war two. It's called OJT (On the Job Training) and it will produce some of the most skilled workers in a very short time. I used this program at GM and had higher skilled designers in four years than those that cane out of college and had to be untrained of what a college professor who taught skills from (20) years ago when he was a designer and retrain them for two years to update then to current design practices along with computer training to the design software currently being used by GM at the time. Eight hours a day of training OJT makes a better skilled worker mush faster than a two hour class twice a week does in a college. Every employer thinks a college degree is needed just to start a job. They are so wrong. College degree's can take care of how to write, do math, know more history, speak another language, learn some chemistry, ect... but it is not necessary to start working a job under a good supervisor that actually helps and answers questions instead of yelling at employees and sitting around drinking coffee and bull shooting with other supervisors. Too many supervisors haven't a clue on what the word supervisor means. Oh and there are many American companies that could use this advice too.

China gets mad at Donald Trump, threatens to ruin Apple


Grow up China

The world leaders have grown so dependent on the USA that the least little change for the good of our country throws them into a tantrum. We have hired Donald Trump to do what is right for America for a change. Not take care of and give U.S dollars away so often that we have put ourselves and our children deep in debt. The world thinks they have suffered because they have wars and refugee's and always expect the United States of America to bail their asses out with troops or money and goods. Well someone has to give all that money for those goods and to give away to those in the world that have Begun to feel that they are ENTITLED to everything the USA can be begged or demanded out of.

The American people have put their foot down. We want more of our money to raise our own children and give them what we didn't have when we grew up. we want food on the table, jobs to work and decent homes to live in, and good schools with great teachers to educate our children. It's time American comes first. Too many people and countries have cut in line forcing themselves to the front of the line at the cost of our standard of living. It's is partially our fault as we let those we hired in Washington continue to listen to the bleeding heart stories and give the American standard of living and our jobs away to the world. Letting in people that are a constant drain on our society using programs they are not entitled to as they are not American citizens. It's not their fault that there are not enough jobs for both Americans and them. Hell there are not enough jobs for just the American workers alone. We want these illegal immigrants to go home and fight for their rights, build their own countries economy so they have jobs and a decent society. Kick the bad leaders out of office in their country and stop bitching about our leaders that we just hired to fix our economy so we can enjoy life once again where mothers can stay at home and do the most important job in the world. Raise our children to be kind, loving trustworthy decent adults. Once you illegal immigrants have built up your own countries economy and stop fighting among each other over power, then come back and visit us. We will welcome you with open arms and make sure you enjoy your visit before you go back home.

Isis, you want your own nation. Then pick a chunk of land and set up a government and stop all the murdering of innocents. Make laws for your country. The world may not like you , but at least you will not have to kill or die for no other reason than a flawed interpretation of the Koran.

Trade with us fairly if you want too. But otherwise, The American dollar stops at our borders. NO MOR HANDOUTS until the United states of America is out of debt and our economy is strong enough to support our own people. That is the orders we have given to President Elect Donald J. Trump.

Microsoft ends OEM sales of Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1


What Is Linux

Would someone please tell me what Linux is? Can I play my Windows Games on it? Do they even make games for it if it is an O/S system? I don't know anything about Linux as I spend all my time making money on the stock market or playing game.


So my question is, I have 4 copies of windows 7 professional. Now can I resell them to someone that wants them as I have moved on to windows 10 on all four of my computers. Next, How come we can't sue windows when someone breaks their security and we get hacked and can't use our computers. Doesn't the lemon law apply? Or at least fraud for saying they sold you a secure O/S system?

Read the damning dossier on the security stupidity that let China ransack OPM's systems


Yup It's the same old government way of doing things. Extend the contracts, increase the pay so it costs more tax dollars, and you can't fire the rejects that can't do the job.

Hire and give our hackers a good paying job as they are better than what you are going to find out of some college where the professor is teaching skills from the last generation. Put the person ( a Hacker) whom they respect the most as the best in he top position, and listen to what he says. DO NOT put some pompous AHOLE in charge. Set up your teams with the best equipment money can buy. That's the way to efficiently spend our tax dollars.


Same Old Government Ways.

Yup It's the same old government way of doing things. Extend the contracts, increase the pay so it costs more tax dollars, and you can't fire the rejects that can't do the job.

Hire and give our hackers a good paying job as they are better than what you are going to find out of some college where the professor is teaching skills from the last generation. Put the person ( a Hacker) whom they respect the most as the best in the top position, and listen to what he says. DO NOT put some pompous AHOLE in charge. Set up your teams with the best equipment money can buy. That's the way to efficiently spend our tax dollars.

What next for the F-35 after Turkey's threats to turn its back on NATO?


Security First

Turkey has hinted they might leave NATO. That is enough to pull all contracts and sale of F-35's from Turkey for ever. Or at the minimum put only 1/4 of the capabilities on the F-35's sold to Turkey so if they quit NATO, Russia does not get to reverse engineer our F-35's and know all of it's capabilities. No other country in NATO or not should get an F-35 with more than 80% of the full capabilities of the F-35. Only the United States of America gets a 100% F-35. All other countries must make their own additions to upgrade their own F-35's the buy with their own best technology. Training F-35's used to train our allies should only have the 80% capabilities exactly the same as we sell to them for their pilots to train on when we here in the USA train their pilots. That is all.

Intel literally decimates workforce: 12,000 will be axed, CFO shifts to sales


Re: Loyalty?

My suggestion is to layoff a few overpaid non-essential executives and use the savings to keep the workers and R&D for newer and better chips using the new tech discovered for building better quad structure blocks for processing on chips.. Can't quite remember the details as my meds are fracking with me right now. But I think most of you out there know what I am talking about.


This is a very bad decision for intel to make. although the demand for Intel pre-made computers are down as no one wants just what is offered today. The market for Intel processors is up. The reason is that most people are now computer literate and either have their computer built to their specifications or buy the parts and build their own computers or just keep updating the computer they have as it is needed for what they use their computer for.

If the average person could build their own laptop they would be doing that too or updating their laptops on their own. The smarter the public get, the less we want what someone else's idea is of the perfect computer is for us. I want a laptop. But i want a hundred core processor, with a video card with a hundred terra- byte of video memory and a hard drive with 100,00 terra-bytes of storage and 10,000 terra-bytes on DDR? memory. Intel should work on that. 1,200 people should be a good start abd intel will still show a profit as I have to update my hardware again.

India challenges US visa price hike at World Trade Organisation


If it were left up to me, I would charge $50,000 for an H-1B Visa. You want to make goods in America, then hire American workers. Either that or export your goods to America and pay the import taxes on your goods. No more loop holes to evade American taxes and hire cheap labor.

Microsoft herds biz users to Windows 10 by denying support for Win 7 and 8 on new CPUs


ISIS has read about this and Microsoft has been added to their special infidel list. I lokk forward to the video's

General Motors turns key on bug bounty program


Back in the day

Back in my days as a design engineering supervisor. GM used CGS, (corporate Graphics System 3D) which was pretty much an enclosed system for designers to use. All Vendors also used this system.EDS took care of the CGS system. Then it all went to hell when GM bought EDS tried to run it and failed. Then changed systems and went to Uni-graphics 2D.

The problem with hacking and viruses come with the Engineers and their office computers that are not used for design, which engineers put games, and are very non-vigilant about who's looking when they type in their passwords. Add to that fact that some engineers take home some work and do that work on their personal computers which have already been hacked. They make a disk and bring it back to work with the hackers set of instructions for accessing all new computers it finds it's way into.

Corporations need to start using finger prints of their employee's to access their computers. If an employee leaves, then finger print is immediately removed from the system. new employee, add to system. coupled with auto virus and malware scan on every file brought in to the system should eliminate pretty much most of the security breaches. Hackers are stopped as they do not have a valid finger print to access the system.

Gaming souk Steam spews credit card, personal info in Xmas Day security meltdown


I enjoyed not having to keep putting in disks to play my games by having them on Steam.BUT, Maybe it's time to go back to the old ways if steam isn't even going to let it's customers know when they are in danger from something Steam employees did. This is not a EULA matter, It is a case of sloppy security and can cost customers billions of dollars. I know if my credit is compromised, My attorney's will have a field day with Steam.

Badware in the firmware all over the place


Solution to hackers

Good solution for hackers. When hackers are caught, do not put them in jail, just execute them as spies that are participating in espionage. They went were they weren't supposed to go, added viruses to disrupt systems. That is espionage.

Biggest problem with virtual reality: It can be a little too real for people


Side effects only happen to people with weak minds.

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back


Has anyone started a class action lawsuit against Microsoft illegally downloading software onto private computers without the expressed permission of the user?

I for one have CHOSEN NOT to upgrade my computer past Windows 7 XP. I will Not upgrade to an O/S that charges me for everything I already have with the O/S I have. Windows 10 is NOT FREE. Microsoft will nickle and dime users to death giving the users no choice as to what they want by downloading anything Micosoft decides to download and charge you for.

I will not open my bank account to any corporation in that manner. Also if Gaming companies quit writing games for Windows 7, then they just lose hundreds of thousands of customers who will not update anymore. Suffering the loss of billions od Dollars of revenue.

Enough is enough

Windows XP's market share grows AGAIN!


XP was and still is the best 32 bit O/S that windows created. and if for not having to get 64 bit tech for gaming, I too would have stayed with XP instead of jumping to Windows 7.

Amazing, cool, wow: Humans naturally use POSITIVE words, and that is GOOD


Lets get this straight. Here in Michigan there are two kinds of people. Those that live above the bridge in the upper part of Michigan called Yuppers (you pers). And those of us that live under the bridge in lower Michigan called Trolls. So this load mouthed, ignorant brain dead person should at least try to engage his brain before flapping his jaws, and show a little respect for his fellow Americans.