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What will the factory of the future look like? Let's start with Intel, Red Hat, and 5G

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Re: done using some software

More flexibly? Certainly.

More efficiently? Perhaps not. Dedicated hardware is usually faster and less power-hungry than running a software solution (e.g. look at software-defined radios compared to specialised radio hardware).

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It depends how accessible the sensor is once the machine is built.

Adding the sensor at the beginning minimises system downtime should it be needed in the future, since (in principle) said system doesn't need to be taken offline for ages while that sensor is retrofittted to everything that needs it. Just down long enough for the software patch and testing, then carry on.

But yeah, if you know you'll never need that sensor, just leave it out from day one.

Whenever automakers get their hands on chip supplies, the more expensive vehicles are first in line – NXP

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Re: Get it later for a discount???

You sure it's not a fault? After all, Renault are internationally renowned for having flawlessly robust and ever-reliable electricals.

Samsung releases pair of jeans that can't do anything except cover your legs and hold a Galaxy Z Flip 3

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Hang on there! The article mentions nothing about the ability to store bollocks. I'm therefore assuming the male model in the image is kind of like Action Man in that regard.

Google lab proposes solar-powered moisture farming to provide water for billions

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Re: Cloud Fishing!

Fine in foggy and low-cloud locations. More arid environments seem less workable for this approach.

But hey, pick the best solution for the local conditions. Doesn't have to be a mutually exclusive this-one-or-that-one-everywhere thing.

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Re: geoengineering

It's hardly geoengineering. The amount of water even a vast number of these devices could remove from the atmosphere is tiny compared to the total amount of water vapour therein, even locally, and most of it will be returned to the environment in less than a day. I fear you're comparing apples to oranges.

Agreed that some well-intentioned human endeavours can have drastic negative side effect, but this doesn't seem like one of them.

Real-time crowdsourced fact checking not really that effective, study says

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What about fact checks that confirm your viewpoint?

Seems like the people who complain most about "censorship" are the ones whose "facts" invariably turn out incorrect when challenged.

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Re: Does the word...

Mmmm... steak.... I'll have mine rare, with a rich peppercorn sauce, please.

ServiceNow's king of understatement quietly goes about his business of changing the world, one workflow at a time

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What am I missing?

Not seeing a lot of buzzwords to fill the bingo card with.

Am seeing nonsense bollocks like this gem:

"500 million net new applications will be developed in the next two-plus years, and that will be developed for companies by companies in their own technology departments and there's not enough engineers to do that in the world."

Meaningless, contradictory, vague word salad? Surely. Buzzword bingo? Not so much.

First, stunning whistleblower leaks. Now a shareholder lawsuit lands on Zuckerberg's desk

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Re: their only problem is that the stock value has dropped

Well, their legal action does have to based on something that might actually be illegal.

A huge proporption of investors don't give a shit about the ethics of their stock growth, or even about being mislead while it grows, but mislead them and the stock falls... they will call in the SEC.

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Re: Censoring ... is a direct violation of liberty and the constitution

Censoring by unnamed, unknown and unanswerable employees is a direct violation of liberty and the constitution

Assuming you mean the US Constitution, no it isn't, as that only prohibits government censorship, not private enterprise.

Businesses are legally free to censor as much or as little as they like.

UK science suffers as lawmakers continue to dither over Brexit negotiations

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In this context, it does seem reasonable. Although, given the scope of what's at stake, perhaps it's sensible for both sides to back off and agree to a more obviously neutral party (if there is such a thing - dig deep enough and there's nearly always at least one vested interest pulling strings).

I suspect there's also an element of distrust, or at least pretend distrust, of the EUCJ on behalf of the UK gov. Gotta play to the home crowd, as in Tory Eurosceptics. Plus it makes for a decent tabloid front page, rather than another splash of our gov and its mates' bungling COVID incompetence.

It's also perhaps nothing more than a negotiation tactic, something the UK can back down over in exchange for an EU concession.

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But does UK actually want that (I could easily believe they do, but haven't heard that), or do they just want it not the be EUCJ?

The former is no more reasonable than EU insisting on EUCJ, and should be ridiculed. The latter seems completely reasonable.

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It would be nice. At the same time, is it normal for an arbiter of a dispute between two parties to be closely, intimately tied to one of those parties?

It'd be like us insisting the arbiter must be the UK Supreme Court.

Let's ignoring the Brexit baggage for a moment - in any agreement, asking for independent arbitration is not unreasonable.

Protonmail celebrates Swiss court victory exempting it from telco data retention laws

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scan under-13s' faces in real time to determine their true age

So much wrong that statement it's hard to know where to begin.

Of course, there's absolutely no one in the world that looks younger or older than their true age. You might be able to land in a +/- 5 year ballpark, but that's a massive error range.

Never mind this is explicitly gathering images of young children. Have to wonder what's going through the minds of people who think this is a good idea.

And of course, everyone has a high quality webcam and decent ambient lighting while they're online. Not like there's an enormous user spectrum from no camera to ultra HD, and no one ever browses in the dark.

And also of course, the training sets used will be sufficiently diverse and wide ranging, with no implicit, explicit or accidental biases, because we all know that all facial recog so far has never suffered problems due to poor data sets. No. Wait... always, not never.

I bet they can identify criminals too, based on the shape of their foreheads.

DDoSers take weekend off only to resume campaign against UK's Voipfone on Monday

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Re: against a DDoS

This is because criminals never rip off someone else's resources, have a nice easily identifiable billing address, and always pay their bills, right?

Google deliberately throttled ad load times to promote AMP, claims new court document

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If it quacks like a duck...

Seems a lot like an illegal cabal to me.

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Re: Wait...

Depends if "ads load slower" causes noticeable browsing slow-down for end victims.

UK schools slap a hold on facial scanning of children amid fierce criticism

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Re: having to agree with whatever nonsense the school comes up with

People need to tell schools exactly where to get off with some of their more ridiculous ideas, instead of going along with it and thinking school is some all-powerful entity that can never be challenged, that we must all do exactly as they dictate, no matter how ludicrous and/or invasive.

Schools exist to provide an education. Not to be proxy parents. Not to be a proxy police force. Not to nose into everyone's business outside school. Not enough of the former happening, far too much of latter three.

Jeff Bezos wants to build a business park in space

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Re: not certain US can claim tax juridiction over extraterrestrial assets

But you know they will anyway.

Asia's 'superapps' bundle ride-share, food delivery, even financial services – and they're beating big tech

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You say "Superapp"...

Sounds more like a monopoly spanning multiple sectors, combined with a privacy nightmare.

YouTubers fell for shady 'sponsors' who seized, then sold, accounts

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Re: WTF YouTube

YT doesn't actually care. Income is income, whether from ads on legit channels or hijacked channels.

Google will only really sit up and take notice when enough people jump ship because of these problems. It'd have to be enough users to seriously dent YT revenue, so short of a huge awareness campaign and mass exodus, it seems likely things will stay the same.

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Most of the malware was readily available on Github

Why is Github allowing this? I appreciate it's probably whack-a-mole, but are they even trying to not host this stuff?

China to allow overseas investment in VPNs but Beijing keeps control of the generally discouraged tech

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Nice idea, but while so many Western businesses are heavily reliant on Chinese manufacturing it's unlikely to work. China has the West by the balls and they know it.

Dervisify supply chains first, to move all manufacturing reliance away from China, then do it.

Uncle Sam to clip wings of Pegasus-like spyware – sorry, 'intrusion software' – with proposed export controls

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ensure that US companies are not fueling authoritarian practices

Better not sell to the UK then. I only wish I were joking. All our recent governments seem hell bent on becoming more and more authoritarian, while claiming to support freedom and democracy. Just as a "democratic republic of..." dictatorship tends to.

IBM Systems sales sag as revenue growth slows to a crawl – but at least tape did OK

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Eternal growth

Forgetting for a moment how bad IBM has become, I've never understood this expectation of, this demand for, eternal growth. A company that's covering its costs and making profit is perfectly viable, but if it doesn't grow year on year, forever, no matter how mature that company is, the stock price suffers.

At some point the market becomes saturated and growth naturally drops off. As long as running costs are covered and there's enough profit for regular dividends, what's the damn problem?

Vultures wanting ever more from their investment. They end up plunging their own share values just because a perfectly sustainable business hasn't delivered the continual growth Wall Street (and others) demand.

China to crush secondary market providing forbidden gaming accounts to kids

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Re: Modus operandi

All well and good, except gaming addiction is a genuine problem, one that is deliberately used and exacerbated by game studios to sell more product. Especially the freemium games with their online purchases for season passes, loot boxes and all that other worthless crap.

[Edited for typos]

Darmstadt, we have a problem – ESA reveals its INTEGRAL space telescope was three hours from likely death

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Re: Pleonasm

Ahhh... El Reg commentards - always educational in sometimes unexpected ways. Today I learnt a new word, thank you.

Windows 11 Paint: Oh look – rounded corners. And it is prettier... but slightly worse

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Easier and far, far cheaper to keep putting more lipstick on the pig.

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Re: getting more difficult to get certificates for shim bootloaders to allow other OSs to boot

Smells a lot like antitrust again. Almost as though MS learnt nothing from the browser antitrust prosecutions.

Facebook may soon reveal new name – we're sure Reg readers will be more creative than Zuck's marketroids

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Re: Too much?

No. If anything, it doesn't go far enough to really describe the damage Facebook causes.

Client-side content scanning is an unworkable, insecure disaster for democracy

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Citation desperately needed

Was with you on the first two sentences.

Then you went off at a bizarre homophobic tangent. If you have evidence of such allegations please reference them, or better yet send them to the FBI.

Ireland signs up for plan to make Big Tech pay 15 per cent tax everywhere

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Re: €750,000,000

jollyboyspecial wasn't specifically talking about tax, but about other things the EU does regulate, such as the moritorium on state subsidies.

How not to train your Dragon: What happens when you teach an AI game sex-abuse stories then blame players

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Fan fiction often has strong tendencies to be written by people with a sexual desire to interact with characters of the original fiction, or to take the story in a darker direction than the original authors intended.

Hardly surpising outcomes when used as AI training sets.

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Re: given a lot more thought to the code and not so much to the content

Book smart, but not street smart.

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Re: maturity

Zeroth problem: Being aware that problem 1 could happen, and therefore needs to be guarded against.

Facebook far too consumed by greed to make itself less harmful to society, whistleblower tells Congress

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Re: "greasing the wheels" is a necessary evil in most human societies

High time that changed. "Greasing the wheels" almost always involves money, influence, favours or some kind of benefit changing hands. Bribery by another name is still bribery. Make it illegal in all forms.

Never gonna happen, though. The people we need to make the change are the ones benefiting from the status quo.

Euro Parliament backs ban on cops using blanket facial-recognition surveillance

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Re: ... when they master the technology

They'll carry on whether they've mastered the technology or not.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the BBC stage a very British coup to rescue our data from Facebook and friends

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Re: Shagging with Prince Andrew

You are Epstein's ghost, and I claim my five pounds.

[But, seriously, that's just twisted]

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I'm sure, if people answered honestly the question "Am I quite racist", there would be some correlation of that with Brexit voting.

Which sounds a lot like a preformed assumption, a stereotype if you will, reinforced by your own judgements about how people voted and without any hard evidence to back that up. Anecdotal doesn't count.

The very point Trigonoceps was making.

Pretend starship captain to take trip in real space capsule

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Re: As for how Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic might top Captain Kirk going to space, …

Come on, Piccard or Janeway are the obvious choices.

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Re: Klingons

Only if they're off the starboard bow. Being round and mostly vertical in flight, does the BO capsule even have "port" and "starboard"? Kirk might be ok.

One-character bug gives away $90m in COMP tokens – recipients can keep 10% or consider themselves doxxed

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Re: Rigorous testing and auditing! What is the world coming to?

Don't worry. It'll never catch on.

Firewalls? Pfft – it's no match for my mighty spares-bin PC

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Employer should've provided adequate budget to do the job, instead of leaving it to the IT manager to bring in all their own equipment. There's only one group to blame here, and it not IT.

Virgin Galactic cleared to fly again after a spell on Federal Aviation Administration's naughty step

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Re: "Neither is currently capable of achieving orbit"

The backlog of pre-ordered wants a word with you, suggesting many rich people are willing to pay vast sums for exactly that.

US school districts blame Amazon for nationwide bus driver shortage

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Re: blamed for how little petrol you can get these days

I know this was a joke, but if you mean all the idiots queuing for fuel when they don't need it, just because some other idiots are also doing it, well, they really are the cause of how little petrol there's been in the fuel stations this week. 100% correct to blame them for it.

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Re: Bus drivers... (FTFY)

Not sure why you got downvoted. UK gov response to shortage of truckers is pitiful. As usual, they were warned months ago this would become a problem, and just watched gormlessly as it happened. Now they're making token gestures that won't solve a damn thing, just to be seen to be doing something.

Getting drivers from the EU won't happen; the EU has an even worse trucker shortage than we do. Why go through all the hassle and uncertainty for three months of crap wage here in the UK, when EU countries are crying out for those same drivers.

Army should have been prep'd for domestic haulage as soon as the lastest fuel non-shortage "crisis" occured. Indeed, way before this, given the lack of drivers has been causing problems for a long time now.

Samsung is planning to reverse-engineer the human brain on to a chip

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Re: Emergent properties

Did you reverse engineer Trump's operating system?

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Re: What's that...

Sounds like an outcome of BOFH 2.0 - The Upgradening

Navigating without GPS is one thing – so let's jam it and see what happens to our warship

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Re: I guess I'm too much of a navigation geek...

Yout built-in nav system (dead reckoning) got screwed up by unexpected signals, but gradually recalibrated. Ain't evolution wonderful?

Except perhaps in Tennessee (though I understand this bastion of progressiveness since lifted the outright ban, instead favouring to inject doubt into the scientific process whenever they feel like it).


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