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Europe proposes tackling child abuse by killing privacy, strong encryption

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Re: How to kill the proposal...

I feel like maybe you missed ShadowSystems point.

Mars Ingenuity helicopter and Perseverance are talking again

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Re: Solar vs RTG...

Of course. I wasn't sure how much the RTG weighs. Probably far too much to be feasible with current tech and designs, but perhaps now they've shown stuff can fly on Mars, it might drive an effort to significantly reduce the mass. Efforts that would be useful for trundlebots as well. Less RTG mass = more science mass.

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Solar vs RTG...

Would it have made more sense to use RTG for Ingenuity's power as well? Heat and electricity. Is there more mass in the RTG system than equivalent power solar + batteries? Hell I'm sure NASA thought this all through, but as a layman I find the specific choices intriguing.

Asahi Linux project shows progress in graphics drivers on Apple's M1

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Re: As long as the coders are having fun..

Seems someone doesn't like the idea of having fun for the sake of it. Sad. Very, very sad.

Cryptocurrency laundromat Blender shredded by US Treasury in sanctions first

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Re: Crypto-mugs

Legalise weed and cocaine. Put them on the same footing as alcohol. Regulate and tax. Cut the bottom out of the illegal market and it will 99% disappear.

Free up the massively limited police resources we do still have from the vast waste of time that is prosecuting people for minor possension, so they could focus on more useful things.

Driving high is already illegal, so don't change that. Turning up at work high would be the same as turning up drunk, and put your job at risk. No change needed there.

The entire country won't suddenly start taking drugs just because they're legal. It's not like they're difficult to get as it is. Most people that will take them are those already taking them. We just won't be criminalising a huge chunk of the population.

Shareholders turn the screws on IBM and its gag orders

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Re: Agreed

How does US law sit with failing to respond to a subpoena? If that's illegal, existence of non-coorperation clauses in an NDA are surely also illegal, and therefore unenforceable.

Contract terms cannot compel illegal acts. At least not in civilised jurisdictions. I guess the problem is fighting armies of lawyers to prove such terms are unenforceable.

Off the grid, Day 10: Yandex's only datacenter outside of Russia still running on diesel

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Thumb Up

Even idiots are sometimes useful. But travelling that far would - the horror! - burn fuel, so they'd have an excuse to chicken out, and remain simply idiots.

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Aha! Seems you've actually found a valid use for those idiots! Well done. I didn't think it possible.

Apple's return-to-office plan savaged by staff

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Re: Where are the metrics?

Didn't really think about this, did you?

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Re: Horses for courses

Simples. It's called effective management.

Rate staff on the work they produce instead of where they are, or aren't, working. Output can be monitored without micromanaging. If the work consistently below par there are standard procedures to get them up to speed or get shot of them.

WFH hasn't changed any of this.

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Since when did salary enhancements come remotely close to covering commuting costs? Before tax, maybe. But as salary it's taxed to hell thus ceases to cover costs. At best it reduces the loss. Doesn't eliminate it.

Your software doesn't work when my PC is in 'O' mode

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Overdrive! Like Turbo only better.

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Also great as a heavy object dropped from great height. Unsuspectings targets victims are a bonus.

The Register gets up close and personal with ESA's JUICE spacecraft

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Re: Don't contaminate Ganymede either

Did wonder why they think Ganymede is worth taking a pumelling while Europa gets a pass. Didn't think of this. Thanks.

The Souls noob's guide to Elden Ring

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Re: Edit: And no, I don't want to be part of any "community"

A million upvotes for this. Too much focus on community over content kills games dead for me e.g. Fallout 76. Too much community, weak quests and plot lines. Among it's other failings. Getting killed by some random idiot who wants your stuff just isn't fun.

US Army to build largest 3D-printed structures in the Americas

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Re: Vertical reinforcement is the problem

Fibre-reinforced concrete is a thing. Steel or glass fibres, usually. Perhaps also carbon fibres. Not sure what effect steel fibres would have on the "print" head, but I'd imagine it has to be fairly resilient not to be damaged by the concreate aggregates.

Unsure how steel-fibre reinforced concrete performs compared to rebar-reinforced, but it could be a viable replacement in some cases.

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Re: Finally- a solution for the homeless

Gonna volunteer yourself for this "solution"...? Or is it another one other those "too many others except me" things?

I'm gonna say absolute bollocks to this idea. What is needed is to rethink cities for 21st century working, living, argiculture, transport and leisure, instead of continuing with legacy cityscapes that no longer function effectively.

First Light says it's hit nuclear fusion breakthrough with no fancy lasers, magnets

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Beta being electrons, I'm wondering if they could somehow be harvested for direct electrical energy conversion.

Channelling them in a controlled path away from the reaction area could be challenging.

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Hands up who can't tell an offhand humourous observation from a genuine weapons discussion.

French court pulls SpaceX's Starlink license

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Could have just stopped at backward and ignorant. Rampant patriotism doesn't seem involved. At least, not this time.

Safe to say Earth has a monopoly on backward and ignorant idiots. No particular region seems immune.

Microsoft brings Cloud PCs and local desktops together in Windows 365

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What am I missing?

This just seems like remote desktop replacing your local desktop, instead of running inside a window on your local desktop.

We can already have multiple RDP sessions open at the same time on the local desktop. How is this any new benefit?

Ah... wait... it's not a user benefit. It's an MS benefit. Get people used to have a cloud desktop as their main desktop rather than just an RDP window, as a prelude to killing off local desktop completely and running the whole shitshow as a subscription service.

Desktop as a service? No fucking thanks.

Amazon warehouse workers in New York unionize in historic win against web giant

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Re: Slowly see every other amazon warehouse across America unionize

From whose perspective are you asking?

This would only be a problem for Amazon. Not its workers. And it's only a problem if Amazon continues trying to make it a problem, instead of accepting US employment law and fixing the problems causing workers to unionise in the first place.

If Amazon didn't treat its workers like such utter shit, the vast majority of workers wouldn't feel the need to unionise. Simple as that.

If you fire someone, don't let them hang around a month to finish code

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Re: Comments are bugs, too

+1 for this. Only way it falls down is if legacy bug DB servers are culled. But then it doesn't matter if there's a URL or not, the details are still unrecoverable.

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Re: Until some bright spark decides the bug database is too large...

Or the bug database is upgraded following a corporate mandate, say moving from TFS to Azure DevOps.

Over our product's lifetime we've changed database 3 times. Even though the previous DB contents were migrated, all comments referencing old bug reports are now meaningless.

Tomorrow Water thinks we should colocate datacenters and sewage plants

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Re: Read the title as chocolate...

Glad I wasn't the only one.

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Re: low hanging fruit

Some low hanging fruit here would be to pause the charging of their electric vehicle whilst they shower. Or use the EV battery to run the heat pump. Or shower using water that has been used as a thermal store. Maybe a warmer house will help people spend less time under the hot shower, that they develop a lather then rinse routine.

Great. Let's all make our lives less convenient and relinquish choice of what we can do and when, because power companies and governments are too lazy and obsessed with shareholder value to fix the underlying problems, which are:

1) Woefully insufficient reliable baseload generating capacity for this wonderful green revolution, and...

2) A power distribution network that cannot handle required loads at national, regional or local levels, such that people cannot simply use the power they need, when they need to use it.

I can't speak for everyone, but personally I prefer a future that doesn't involve utility companies deciding when I can take a shower, charge my car, wash my clothes or cook my meals.

A cool $28m for datacenter immersion company GRC

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Re: Meh

District heating perhaps, but the heat seems too low-grade to be useful for generating electricity.

UK arm of Sungard Availability Services goes into administration

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Re: Ah the stupidity of greed at any cost

Damn. Misspelled 'tenants' as 'tennants'. Repeatedly and consistently.

20 lashes of the grammar stick for me.

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Ah the stupidity of greed at any cost

Option 1:

Landloard negotiates manageable rent with tennant. Tennant stays in business. Landlord gets rent. Tennant's customers continue to receive their service.

Obvious result: Tennant wins. Tennants customers win. Landlord loses a little bit.

Option 2:

Landlord refuses to renegotiate rent. Tennant goes under. Landlord gets no rent. Landlord will struggle to find new tennant willing to pay rent at old rate, so landlord will have to negotiate lower rent anyway. Site remains unoccupied while landlord struggles to find new tennant.

Obvious result: Tennant loses everything. Tennant's customers lose. Landlord loses a lot more.

Either way, landlord loses. How much is up to them, and they seem to have gone all out to maximise it. Idiots.

Tencent Cloud ends pursuit of 'revenue growth at all costs'

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Black Helicopters

China's government helped apply the brakes ... but management welcomed those changes

Of course management welcomed it - in public. Any other response pretty much guarantees some quality time at a comfy re-education centre, where one can enjoy reaffirming one's loyalty to the CCP and its glorious vision.

Hooking up to Starlink might be pricier than you thought

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Latency might not be as high as you think.

These are LEO satellites, so often the signal isn't crossing thousands of km of space. And if there's inter-satellite transmission, the speed of light through the atmosphere and vacuum of space, even in LEO which is a tad less vacuumy than higher orbits, is signficantly faster then through fibre optics.

Swings and roundabouts though. At some point sat-to-sat relaying will start to add more latency than fibre-exchange-fibre routes.

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Re: most sensible run has to cut across an unused part of someone's land

Sounds like it would have been more sensible and cheaper to go around his land, rather than waste 2 years in court trying to take a shortcut. But as I'm not privy to all the details, this may be a glib assessment.

Apple stops censoring terms it etches onto iPhones in Taiwan

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So keeping China happy may go some way to explaining at least some of Apple's policy behaviour here.

Pretty sure this comes under the heading "No shit, Sherlock".

How not to attract a WSL (or any) engineer

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Re: Of course it has a right answer...

Unless the goal is to see how potential candidate handles being asked embarassingly stupid questions, then, no, it doesn't have a "right" anwer.

Any answer would be entirely subjective, making it pretty much useless for evaluation. It's a stupid, pointless question that has no place in a job interview.

Samsung updates its most popular smartphone range

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Re: Dear Samsung.

I feel like replaceable batteries is more the point.

Of course that also makes them removable e.g. one is getting low and you want to swap in a spare.

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Re: attitude that I MUST have the latest and f**k the environment

Hyperbole much?

I don't see Sammy forcing anyone to buy their latest toys.

Products evolve. Buy them if you want, ignore them if you prefer.

Sell your old phone or bin it. Again, no one forces you into a particular choice. There are plenty of 2nd hand outfits that will buy your used phone, refurb it if necessary and put it back into circulation.

Should manufacturers recycle used phones? Absolutely.

Should more pressure be put on them to facilitate recycling? Again, yes.

Should they be blamed for consumers' poor environmental choices? No.

Biden issues Executive Order to tame digital currencies

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Re: The true value of crypto currencies emerge

Crypto can only avoid government regulation until governments decide to stop allowing that.

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Re: over a decade trying to get inflation up from its perilously low level

Why is it "perilously" low? Just what exactly is wrong with zero inflation?

Why must the same thing cost more each month, each year? "Just because" is not a valid reason.

Risk-based algorithm could improve cancer screenings

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Smart poop

It's a pity this stuff (and other excretion diagnostics) can't be built into a toilet to give real-time alerts to, ahem, users.

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Re: Preferably without an autopsy which can cause damage

Typo (i.e. you meant "biopsy"), or subtle understatement...?

Mobile-based ID wallets for government are coming

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Sounding nicely close to sex as a service, which should make for some fun product meetings.

UK.gov threatens to make adults give credit card details for access to Facebook or TikTok

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Re: Dead Cat

Tell me who is your favorite scapegoat and I'll tell you for who you vote.

...for whom you vote.

I enjoy a good grammar callout as much as the next man, but it's advisable to check your own.

Still, have an upvote for the sentiment.

UK to splash another £1.4bn on protecting non-existent 'national interests in space'

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Re: R.U.R?

No chance. SLS has already snaffled those for America's money pit pork barrel home-grown launcher.

Grab some tissues: Meta's share price tanks after Facebook emits latest figures

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SEC would like a word with you about insider trading...

It's more than 20 years since Steps topped the charts. It could be less than that for STEP's first fusion energy

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Re: Ludicrous

Plenty of private firms working on their own fusion concepts. Most are not tokamak-based, and many appear to be closer to commericalisation than any ITER follow-up. They may still fail in the long run, but they are far more focussed on producing commerically viable fusion power than ITER, STEPS etc.

Trouble is hardly any are British, so UK government will ignore them in favour of something home grown, which will go at least 50x over budget and be 30 years late.

LG promises to make home appliance software upgradeable to take on new tasks

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Whatever happened to knowing how long it's been set for and returning to the machine once time's up?

Plus my drier is in the garage, so it could ping away to its metal heart's content and we'd never hear it.

Fujitsu wants technology to shape a better future – its technology, of course

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new solutions for challenges such as reducing CO2 emissions and people's wellbeing

We're already damn good at reducing peoples wellbeing. Don't need Fugitsu or anyone elses' help for that.

[Yeah, yeah, I know that's not the spirit of the statement. But the interpretation is open to ambiguity. No one seems to critically evaluate their own work now. Mutter... in my day... mumble... mumble...]

UK government backs away from proposals to remove individuals' rights to challenge AI decision making

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Re: "to provide human review [of AI decisions] ... not be practicable or proportionate."

Use AI as an initial filter, but any "no" generated in cases with any legal or financial implications must be reviewed by a competent human. Not a bottom-of-the-ladder wage slave. Someone proven qualified to understand and evaluate all the issues at hand.

With personal liabilities for anyone giving a fraudulent, biased, or inexplainable "no" following the review. It's too easy to fuck someone's life up with no comeback for a bad decision.

US mergers doubled in 2021 so FTC and DoJ seek new guidelines to stop illegal ones

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Re: Keep it simple

You assume a slightly smaller corporation wants to acquire them. That's by no means a given.

And slightly smaller corporation may be eyeing other targets, and if close to your blanket ban threshold they would have to pick a target. In your solution, you artificially limit which small biz can win.

Without a threshold, slightly smaller corporation would be able to acquire all potential targets, which seems more beneficial to all the small biz involved.

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Re: Keep it simple

Blanket assumptions can never work, simply because it's the nuanced detail that is important when evaluating potential for market abuse. Your approach just seems arbitrary, too broad, and cannot account for details, so would be doomed to fail and simply create a whole other set of problems.

The issue is regulators don't have the necesary tools to determine where some digital businesses get their income and where the market touch points are, thus it's impossible to properly determine potential damage from a merger.

Blanket acquisition bans based on arbitrary value threshold don't help.


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