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Bipolar transistors made from organic materials for the first time

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Re: Totally of subject

Oh Matron! A wang joke. How unpredictable. Apparently you are the only one.

UK govt considers invoking national security in Arm IPO saga

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Re: considering the threat of national security laws to force the issue

I'm sure most of us would agree, but whom to replace them with? Let's face it, none of the options much improvement.

I suppose kicking the current morons to the kerb would be a good start, though. At least give benefit of the doubt to whatever replacement gets in.

NASA tricks Artemis launch computer by masking data showing a leak

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Re: That's ok...

Mutters something about the permanence of temporary fixes...

Toyota wants 'closed loop' EV batteries in its future cars

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How smug of you. It's good for you that you:

a) Can afford to have solar PV installed, and...

b) Have appropriate roof construction (assuming it's installed on your roof) to make solar PV viable, and...

c) You can afford an EV car, and...

d) Have somewhere to safely charge you EV car from your solar PV installation, and...

e) Have driving needs that mean an EV car isn't an impractical hinderance.

Lacking any one of those makes it a non-starter. And the majority lack at least one of those. Sometimes all.

Liftoff at last for South Korean space program

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Re: Space Launch System

Wasn't sure whether to upvote for truth, or downvote because the truth is depressing.

Ah hell with it. Upvote it is.

Spain, Austria not convinced location data is personal information

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Re: Hm, I'd say..

Why the downvote? This is a perfectly reasonable request for any sane data retention policy. There is simply no valid reason to hold onto everyone's location data forever.

The tiniest chance that it might tie someone to a crime say 20 years after that crime was committed, is not a valid reason.

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Re: someone else could have used the phone

It's a ridiculously flimsy technicality. And it doesn't make the data any less personal, and therefore the phone's owner is entitled to that data on request.

Whether or not the owner loaned the phone to someone else is of zero concern to the telco. They're simply using it as an excuse to avoid compliance, and should be hammered hard for that.

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Re: Hm, I'd say..

More like: someone else could have used that axe, therefore it alone can't prove that I'm the murderer. The axe itself is still the murder weapon.

As a side note, my internal grammar nazi appreciates the correct use of could've rather than the grotesque abomination that is could of, so thank you :)

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Re: shared office phone and the company wants to track the employee it is currently loaned to?

Null condition. If the phone is owned by the company, it is free to install its own tracking software to locate it at any time.

I find the "someone else might be using it" arguement tenous at best. Possibly true in some narrow band of cases, but it is still no reason to prevent the owner being granted all location data held by the telco.

Cookie consent crumbles under fresh UK data law proposals

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Re: In the torrie uk




It's really not that hard.

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Re: Weaponising privacy.

You voluntarily click "Agree" on all cookie popups? Thought people here knew better.

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Re: The UK

You're always a ray of sunshine, aren't you.

Show us another - any other - nation that, in the majority of its population, is any different or has any real ability to make any difference whatsoever. Any nation that is not prone to political self-indulgence. Any nation whose populace is immediately able to challenge, affect and indeed override any decision made by their government.

And no, protest don't usually make a difference. Governments that allow them by and large acknowledge then ignore them.

Interpol anti-fraud operation busts call centers behind business email scams

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Re: no computer criminals get sentenced hard enough to discourage them or others

I always find this a logical fallacy. Sentence severity usually doesn't deter criminals because they believe they'll never be caught. Especially if they're in a different country than their victims.

The really smart criminals are smart enough to have more gullible and/or stupid people front their operations and take the fall. The dumb ones don't realise exactly how dumb they are. And there are a lot more dumb ones than smart ones.

Consultant plays Metaverse MythBuster. Here's why they're wrong

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Re: heat pumps and electric cars ... some people still don't believe in them

I think you'll find it's the practicalities and/or cost that many people struggle with. Also that these things put ever increasing strain on power generation and grids that will rapidly become inadequte without massive infrastructure investment.

Like most things, one size does not fit all.

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Re: you could see how it might look in your actual room or on your own person

Some sites and/or apps already provide such a service. No Metaverse bollocks needed.

DARPA wants to refuel drones in flight – wirelessly

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Re: The should have asked Nikola Tesla

He apparently knew how to wirelessly transmit electrical charge over long distances. Apparently. Any details he had died with him.

I fear you may have missed the subtle point about specifically using (frikkin') lasers.

Sony responds to inflation with $3,700 gold-plated 'Walkman'

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Re: The second worst type of phile.

Yes indeed. Damn those hydrophiles. Damn them to hell.

Google engineer suspended for violating confidentiality policies over 'sentient' AI

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Re: Shouldn't humor eventually creep in to the AIs comments?

Humour doesn't seem great as a discriminator. Many intelligent people lack any sense of humour. As do many unintelligent people. Both are still arguably sentient by our definition of sentience.

Concerns that £360m data platform for NHS England is being set up to fail

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Re: Data grab


TSMC and China: Mutually assured destruction now measured in nanometers, not megatons

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Re: PFJL...

Fuuuuuuuck off! We're the JPF!

AI to help study first images from James Webb Space Telescope

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Paris Hilton

Re: AI? Oh boy...

Well it's not seeing a happy child, therefore it must be seeing a distressed child. Quick! Report JWST to TPTB immediately!!!1!11!!!One!1!

Meteoroid hits main mirror on James Webb Space Telescope

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Re: Shields Up!

What kind of shielding material would you recommend to protect the mirror segments that is:

a) Strong enough to mitigate impacts without transferring damage to the rest of the 'scope, and...

b) Transparent to IR wavelengths, so the shield protecting the mirror doesn't make the telescope useless, and...

c) As others have pointed out, light enough to be able to get the damn thing off the ground.


VMware customers fear Broadcom acquisition will stall innovation, increase cost

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Re: "You will have to wait for us to delivery..."

Show my a software company on Earth that delivers when its customers say, and not when the company believes it is ready to ship.

That way lies cost cuttings, short cuts and atrocious quality control.

No I am not including contractors and service companies in this - their job is to deliver when the customer says. I'm talking about regular software companies making their own stuiff to sell on the open market.

Sure, some may rush releases to meet some arbitrary release cadence, but even then they still believe it is ready for release. Even if it objectively isn't ready, those companies still release on their own terms.

Why chasing the AI dragon may force big tech to take sustainability seriously

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Re: People have been talking about thorium for 30 years...

Google is your friend. Well... your abusive friend, but still...



The first link is about a prototype being built in - surprise - China.

The second link is an MOU with one of the many companies working in the area of MSRs.

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Re: "Where are my nuclear-powered datacenters?"

Germay saw a massive upsurge in burning of nasty brown coal for power generation - pretty much the worst coal there is - just to keep the lights on when they made the ridiculously short-sighted decision to shut down their perfectly functional nuclear power stations, after Fukishima.

Power stations that were in exactly zero danger of being knocked out by a tsunami.

They weren't buring all that coal before, so how do you think they were able to burn it for power after the nukes were culled?

Taser maker offers electric-shock drones to stop school shootings

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Thumb Up

Ah thank you. I'm sure we all appreciate your measured and thorough, detailed response.

New York to get first right-to-repair law for electronics

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Re: Electric cars don't need servicing

So you're saying EVs don't have brakes, suspension, steering, hydraulics, coolant, aircon, tyres, perishable rubber components, bearings, things that need annual lubrication?

Pretty sure there are still plenty of things to service. Sure there's no engine, no exhaust, sometimes no gearbox. But now there's loads more sensitive electronics and electrically driven pumps. Plenty still to go wrong.

Agree with your other points.

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Re: Do you also want to return

That really isn't what's being advocated here. Try to lay off the hyperbole.

IBM ordered to pay $1.6b to BMC

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Re: Pot Kettle?

What AT&T wanted was irrelevant; IBMs contract with BMC forbade the migration. IBM ignored that, apparently wilfully. Now they have a $1.6 beeeeellion fine because of that wilful ignorance.

AT&T don't exactly have a great reputation either. Maybe AT&T didn't want to pay termination fees to BMC. Maybe IBM didn't tell AT&T. Maybe IBM thought they could get away with it. None of that matters.

US Supreme Court puts Texas social media law on hold

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Ummm... what?

You seem to not know what you're talking about.

Pretty sure your example would qualify as racism. Which you seem to be advocating is sometimes ok ("...a certain skin colour..."), while some is not ("...change that skin colour..."). Neither is case is ok, and both cases should be equally moderated. It's not any better to leave one up, than leave both up.

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Re: I wonder what would happen if...

Away with you! You, and your rational, well thought out concers. AWAY!!

[ Won't somebody think of the Conservative children ----> ]

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Re: preclearance for unconstituional state laws?

< RepublicanSarc >

Are you tired of big government telling Pi what to do?

Had enough of being forced to deal with the extra complexity of infinite decimal places?

Sick of democrats, Antifa, radical feminists and the liberal media trying to take away your bullets and guns by making it harder to calculate the circumference of a circle?

Vote YES on prop 314! End liberal interference in Pi's rights to its own Christian, God-fearing conservative business.

Show your patriotism!!! VOTE NOW!!11!1!!!One1!

< /RepublicanSarc >

Declassified and released: More secret files on US govt's emergency doomsday powers

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Re: invited by the Central Electoral Commission of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

You are incredibly naive. And cherry-picking your data.

Crimea wasn't leased to Russia. Only the ablity to base some of Russia's Black Sea Fleet there.

The supposedly free and voluntary referendum was apparently boycotted by most Ukraine-leaning residents, so of course if only the Russia-leaning residents vote you're going to get 90% of the vote in favour of indendpence. But as a proprotion of actual residents, it will have been very much less.

UK opens national security probe into 2021 sale of local wafer fab to Chinese company

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Re: return the country to the 1930s

Dammit. Feudal. Not fedual. Missed the edit window by a wide margin. So much for my proof reading skills.

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Re: return the country to the 1930s

Nah. Not fedual enough. Try 1730s.

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Re: These same politicians would sell the whole country for a few dollars.

Chances are they would, but that's just any sociopathic politician or corporate executive anywhere in the world.

Flogging off strategically useful, never mind important, business assets to any other country is usually a dumb idea, whether that other country is Holland, China, USA or anywhere else. Doesn't mean Murica is pulling any strings here.

Mitsubishi Electric again admits to widespread quality control cheating

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Re: Mitsubishi Electric

Wonderful! Let me be the first to thank you for a cuttingly incisive, witty and well thought-out comment. This forum, nay, the world, desperately needs more people like you.

Foxconn factory fiasco could leave Wisconsinites on the hook for $300m

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Foxconn went back on an agreement and treated hired workers like shit, huh? Well who'da thunk it.

Vehicle owner data exposed in GM credential-stuffing attack

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Re: Although passwords are poorly managed...

To labour an already well-laboured point... biometrics are at best a user name, and even that's questionable since you can change your user name but it's much, much harder to change your face and/or fingerprints.

They are not authentication, and should never be used so.

US-APAC trade deal leaves out Taiwan, military defense not ruled out

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Re: Taiwan has had years to prepare and is under no illusions

Yep Taiwan has way more air defences than Ukraine, well dug into the mountains and will be much harder to neutralise. China hasn't fought an air war in over 70 years.

Sea defences will be able to eliminate any hostile approaching navies from any direction.

Combine this with air and sea being the only possible approach routes, and a population as strongly opposed to Chinese rule as most Ukranians are to Russian rule, and any military action against Taiwan would likely make Russia's utter pointless slaughter and abyssmal failure in Ukraine seem easy and successful in comparison.

Economic pressure, blockades and so on are far more likely than China attempting to put boots on the ground. China is patient. They will happily wait until they think the time is right before making any significant moves. Meanwhile they'll try to undermine Taiwanese belief in their own freedom, try to undermine Taiwan's government and economy.

Amazon puts 'creepy' AI cameras in UK delivery vans

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Re: Isn't there a law ....

Surely ultimate responsibility lands on whomever is setting the number of packages each driver needs to deliver. And if that is automated, whomever is responsible for configuring the parameters of that automation. Obviously I don't mean the grunt setting the parameters, I mean their management.

There's senior management somewhere in that process, otherwise no one at Amazon knows what their systems are actually doing.

China-linked Twisted Panda caught spying on Russian defense R&D

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Unlimited relationship

Hey Putin, how's your unlimited relationship with China working out? Feeling like Xi's bitch yet?

Corporate investments are a massive hidden source of carbon emissions

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Re: No sane country can afford to stop investing in oil and gas

Exactly this. Until the world is ready to move away from fossil fuels, and by ready I mean has the necessary electricity generation with reliable baseload and not backed by the very things you're trying to eliminate, domestic and commericial heating, industrial capabilities, charging and/or hydrogen infrastructure, supply chains, agriculture, logistics and a million other related and interdependent things all sorted out, the main effect is a massive net increase in hardship for millions, if not billions of people.

It's a noble goal, but we a long, long way from having the necessary in place. Hell we don't even have the bare minimum in place. Rushing headlong into an aribtrary net-zero target without a clue how to actually get there is lunacy. Unless the goal is massive civil unrest as your population finds life progressively harder, colder and more expensive.

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Re: "Companies not responding to our pressure!" - ocean fertilization

It's essentially ocean fertilisation using iron. Causes massive increase in phytoplankton which apparently draws a huge amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. In turn this leads to an increase on zooplankton and the fish stocks that feed on them.

An "iron seeding event" of Alaska massively increase Salmon stocks there the following year:


Volcanic erruptions have also been posited to affect ocean iron and therefore plankton levels and the creatures that feed on that plankton:


It's a super-cheap way of reducing atmospheric CO2, improving global fish stocks, increasing our abiliity to feed ourselves, and it doesn't mean crippling our economies, forcing poor people out of their cars, or insisting everyone scrap their perfectly functional central heating systems for something that costs 30-grand-plus.

Life can pretty much go on as before and the vast majority of people will be a lot happier for it.

Which is why it will never be allowed to happen at scale. Too many vested interests in scaring the crap out of people about uncontrollable CO2 levels unless we all go back to living in caves.

Logitech Pop: Stylish, portable, but far from the best typing experience

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Re: Oh god, why did you do that to me?

Look at it this way - it could always be worse. They could have gone louder, instead of mostly sticking with vaguely pastel shades. Well... except the steamrollered bumble bee.

Pentester pops open Tesla Model 3 using low-cost Bluetooth module

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Re: Smartfobs, relay attacks and latency being the 'defence'??

Ah "comfort opening" and "comfort closing". You can disable them but you need a Tech 2 or whatever they use now to get into the body control module and switch them off

Vauxhall could, indeed should do it for you if you want to pay them the "diagnostic" charge to plug the computer in for a few minutes and fiddle with the settings.

There are plenty of non-Vauxhall garages who can perform this if you don't want to pay Vauxhall's excessive diagnostic tax.

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Re: defeated by simply cutting the latency of the relay process.

I feel like a lot of people who steal cars (and other things) are usually too stupid to research whether they'd still be able to use it after they've knicked it. Criminal masterminds they are not.

Besides they tend to either crash it, burn it (or both), or thrash it straight to the nearest chop shop where it's shredded for parts and valuable metals. None of those situations needs the thief to know or care about pairing new keys.

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Re: escalators at the gym

Apparently disabled people like to use gyms too. Something about trying to lead as normal a life as possible, and not being stymied, stigmatised and excluded by other peoples' lack of imagination.

Pentagon opens up about its database of 400 smudges that may or may not be UFOs

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It's not hard to imagine a possible scenario...

We like to visit zoos and safari parks that can be several hours drive away. We go on holidays to get up close and personal with the wildlife on other continents.

If a hypothetical alien race could travel between star systems in a few hours or few days, what's the difference?

For us, a trillion miles is a hell of a long way. For a hypothetical alien race that has mastered FTL travel, it's nothing (not stating that TFL is possible; we don't know enough about physics and universe to completely rule it out, so for discussion's sake here let's simply assume it is possible and we just don't know how).

Europe proposes tackling child abuse by killing privacy, strong encryption

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Please stop giving them more ideas.


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