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Deadly 737 Max jets no longer a Boeing concern – for now: Production suspended after biz runs out of parking space

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Airlines losing money waiting for new planes

Nothing to the money they'll lose when passengers refuse to fly on any 737 MAX 8, or whatever they get rebranded as.

Someone get Greenpeace on the line. Boffins clock carbon 'pollution' cloud 30,000 light-years wide choking galaxies

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Carbon "pollution"

No. It isn't. The carbon is clearly where it's meant to be (since it's, well, there). It's just being spread through the universe by natural processes which we, in this case, don't yet understand.

I feel that using clickbait headline-grabbing terms like "carbon pollution" cheapens an otherwise interesting study.

Amazon Germany faces Christmas strikes from elf stackers, packers and dispatchers

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Re: The Fists of the furious from Finland

Yeah the article's image makes zero sense compared to its content. Lazy, el Reg.

$13m+ Swiss Army Knife of blenders biz collapses to fury of 20,000 unfulfilled punters

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Re: Oregon probe agrreement

That doesn't mean there was anything illegal either. Could have been some contractual obligation whtat was misunderstood or not noticed which had particular weight in Oregon state law. Which agains doesn't necessarily imply they'd done something illegal. It can equally mean they were about to but not delivering on their contract obligations.

Capita lights One Revenues and Benefits bug bonfire: ALL reports older than 12 months to be ignored

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I'm sure Crapita will have the contract locked down tight to indemnify them against any and all ineptitude / incompetence / calculation errors. If there's one thing management likes to cover it's their own collective arse.

Also remember, the end customer is not the poor benefits claimant who get's fucked over, it's the local authority, who usually give even less of a shit about benefits claimants than Crapita. Trust me, almost no one in local authority will care about this because they aren't the one's getting shafted when something goes wrong. Maybe the odd person with some actual integrity, but they'll be shouting at deaf ears.

Londoner admits illegally accessing National Lottery accounts

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Camelot ... reportedly spent £200,000 investigating the attacks

This kind of thing bugs me. Like it's the hacker's fault they were forced to spend that money to investigate something that - in this day and age - really shouldn't happen in the first place.

I've zero sympathy for large organisations cheaping out on security. Had they invested in better defences to begin with, there's a good chance this couldn't have happened. They're responsible for having adequate security.

Probably would have cost less than 200k to implement too. Either the figure's inflated for effect, or that's a lot of expensive specialist hours. I'm inclined to believe the former, unless they're paying the IT intern 200k to eaxmaine the logs for unauthorised access.

LightAnchors array: LEDs in routers, power strips, and more, can sneakily ship data to this smartphone app

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Re: Why on earth

Or that you've got the glue gun out to use it. Being right in front of your face doesn't seem effective for some people.

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Re: How fucking bright is this LED you can see it from your place of work????

The clue is in "your home". Wanna try again?

Here's what the people that have ability to think do. Turn it off when you have finished using it.

Shit happens, people get distracted. Even the ones that can think. Not sure whether to congratulate or pity you if nothing, absolutely nothing, has ever distracted you.

I too detest the current trend of insisting everything be "smart", but you really seem to enjoy overreacting.

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Re: Your paranoid.

Your paranoid what...?


Almost as bad as the oft-repeated there / their / they're clusterfucks. But not quite.

OK. We're off. Water ice found just below the surface of Mars. Good enough for us. Let's go. Impulse power, Mr Sulu

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Re: "Arcadia Planitia [..] has [..] a thicker atmosphere"

Seems like the pressure difference is more likely to be an academic distinction than something actually useful e.g. parachutes. Still, every little helps I guess.

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Re: Minty

Wow you must the only person who can't get mint to grow. Usually stopping the fucker spreading is the problem.

To much quicklime and old carpets...?

[ The BOFH in me wants to know ---------> ]

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Re: Would a shovel...

Tactical or strategic? Asking for a fiend. Sorry... friend...

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Re: "Spacecrafts" ?

Would certainly help. And mitigate the meteorite problem too, at least the smaller ones. Might even raise temperatures a bit by trapping more solar radiation.

Revealed: NHS England bosses meet with tech and pharmaceutical giants to discuss price list of millions of Brits' medical data

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Re: a class-action lawyer could tear them a new arsehole

I have a few rusty circular saw blades I'd be happy to donate to this cause.

Space Force is go, go, go! Because we have a child as President of the United States

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Re: finish the job on the Norks

Sounds like a euphamism for more puppet-sex.

You cannae break the laws of physics, cap'n... Boffins call BS on 'impossible' black hole, fear readings were botched

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Gotta wonder why the downvote...? Religous zeal, or just missed the upvote button...?

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

What may have gone wrong. Correctness is just questioned at this point, not confirmed/denied.

Pedant out.

Tesla has a smashing weekend: Model 3 on Autopilot whacks cop cars, Elon's Cybertruck demolishes part of LA

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Re: How come it only happens to Tesla?

Perhaps something to do with other manufacturers not marketing it as "Autopilot" but as an "Assist" e.g. Volvo's "Pilot Assist". Creates a different impression of function and useability right from the outset.

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Re: I Can't Stop Myself

You would need to cite evidence that anyone who buys a Tesla believes that it is 'fully self driving' regardless and you can leave it to drive itself.

Pretty sure that's not what was said.

Clearly some Tesla owners believe it is 'fully self driving', otherwise they'd have been paying attention instead of heedlessly ploughing headlong into whatever they happened to hit (trailer, cop car, whatever).

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Re: I Can't Stop Myself

Cruise control doesn't claim to be anything other than cruise control i.e. it maintain the speed it's been set to. It's not deliberately misleading.

ABS doesn't claim to do anything other than reduce brake lock-up. It's not deliberately misleading.

Autopilot has the ingrained meaning of doing the piloting automatically, even if that's not what it does in a Tesla. That is deliberately misleading, and as such Tesla should be banned from calling it's advanced cruise control an "Autopilot".

The twat in the RV activating cruise control and making a cuppa is solely the responsibility of that twat. Nothing to do with cruise control, purely another moronic driver.

People are stupid, and they do stupid things. Deliberately misleading people by naming a feature as something it's not only gives stupid people more opportunity to be stupid.

This guy took his attention completely off the road and was dealing with his dog. If he did that in any car, he'd crash. Yet, because it's a Tesla on Autopilot, it's suddenly the car at fault rather than the nut behind the wheel?

It's a mix of both. Tesla for calling it Autopilot when it's not, the driver for believing it.

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Re: I Can't Stop Myself

Doesn't have to the driving the car autonomously to be useful...

The system could:

1) Still collect real-world driving data without actually doing the driving;

2) Compare what it would do with what a meatbag driver does in the same situation;

3) Note where there are differences between system- and human-derived outcome;

4) Use the continual analyses to gradually work toward a genuinely capable autonomouse driving system.

But that's not disruptive, doesn't bring in the punters. "Autopilot" and overblown claims of autonomous abilities bring in the punters.

Internet jerk with million-plus fans starts 14-year stretch for bizarre dot-com armed robbery

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Re: Fearing he would be killed, Deyo pushed the gun away from his head

Guess at that point Deyo felt he had nothing to lose, so what the hell it's worth a shot. And it paid off. Yeah it could easily have gone the other way, but maybe he wanted to go out fighting instead of just waiting to be murdered.

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Re: I feel sorry for the defence lawyer...

Defence lawyer serves a few purposes, regardless of the defendant's guilt/culpability:

1) Present the defendant's version of events;

2) Advise the defendant of their rights under law;

3) Inform the court of any mitigating circumstances, such as self-defence, duress, mental illness/instability;

4) Cross-examine any witnesses;

5) Keep the prosecution in check regarding points of law, questionable evidence, inadmissable testimonies etc.

6) Try to secure a sentence which is balanced within the law, rather than excessive punishment.

Probably several other points I've missed but you get the idea.

So even if the defendant did it and it's plainly obvious he/she did it, they're still entitled to a defence lawyer.

Homeland Security backs off on scanning US citizens, Amazon ups AI ante, and more

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Seeing != recording

Elon Musk gets thumbs up from jury for use of 'pedo guy' in cave diver defamation lawsuit

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Re: wtf is an "aesthetician"??

She runs a nail bar? Sounds sufficently different from "Beautician" that the less educated might be impressed and not immediately think of her as vacuous and narcisistic?

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Re: Sigh

Doesn't make the jury right, just makes the judge wrong for thusly instructing the jury. Had Musk simply left it as a singular insult thrown in the heat of the moment, the decision would arguably be correct. But no, Musk then went out of his way to try to prove his original assertion. That's when it stops being an insult and becomes a libelous accusation.

BOFH: I'd like introduce you to a groovy little web log I call 'That's Boss'

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Re: Most people have nothing interesting to say on a regular basis.

This is the best, you know everyone is happy about it, everyone I spoke to is happy about it, this really is a great law, great law. It's going really well I think, and I think everyone is really happy about it. Really. Drain the swamp, Make Relational Laws Great Again!

If there's somethin' stored in a secure enclave, who ya gonna call? Membuster!

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Re: Doesn't seem like this attack would work on a phone

Seems like the only way it could work is to swap the target's phone with one that's already been 'customised'. Which presents its own set of problems (matching the condition (markings, dirt, smears etc.), cloning the contents, cloning the sim etc.) all in short enough order the target wouldn't have time to notice. And you'd do it not to gain access to what's currently on the phone necessarily (since you've already cloned its content), but future content or secure operations.

So Holywood level of spying, makes for a reasonable plot line, but not real-life.

Huawei with your rural subsidies ban: Chinese comms bogeyman fires sueball at US regulator

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Re: Get your head on!

Your Huawei assertions would be a lot more believable if someone, anyone, could present some credible proof to back up these allegations. Never seems to appear though, just more paranoid blather and FUD.

Feds slap $5m bounty on 'Evil Corp' Russian duo accused of running ZeuS, Dridex banking trojans

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Hmm what's the saying? Oh yeah, wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which fills up first.

I mean it's great they managed to trace these suspects but the odds of getting them out of Russia are zero.

How to fool infosec wonks into pinning a cyber attack on China, Russia, Iran, whomever

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I think that goes without saying for a false-flag attack.

Onestream slammed for 'slamming' vulnerable and elderly folk: That's £35k to Ofcom, please

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Re: pathetic

Indeed, there should be jail time for this, not a miniscule fine which they'll probably claim inability to pay, fold the business and restart their BS under a different name.

Just in case you were expecting 10Gbps, Wi-Fi 6 hits 700Mbps in real-world download tests

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Although, lugging the enornous battery for wireless VR needing this kind of bandwith to work for more than a few seconds is kinda less desirable.

And while wireless AR might be desirable, I'm pretty sure you don't want to be wandering around in a fully VR environment, wireless or otherwise.

Never break the (supply) chain: Intel pitches 'full lifecycle' chip-tracking programme to partners

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Big Brother

No mention of Blockchain...?

Shocked, shocked I tell you! An actual potentially legitimate use for some sort of Blockchain implementation, yet it's not mentioned once. What's the world coming to!?!

Bandwidth weirdness at TalkTalk has customers fuming at being denied on-demand I'm A Celeb

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Re: So Virgin shit off their internet...

Your spellchecker / autocomplete preferences are showing.

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

One Twitter user, presumably with 4G

Presumably this is a sweepingly broad statement and is in no way true.

Since the FCC won't act, Congress finally moves on robocalls by passing half-decent TRACED Act

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Re: Author is clueless

Quite possibly, though I doubt they really care as long as they bill someone.

Our records show the call originated from your number, so we're charging you for it. Prove it didn't come from your number.

Qualcomm to appeal against another antitrust whopper: This time it's $873m courtesy of South Korea

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In 2015 it paid almost a billion dollars to end a similar anti-trust probe in China

Such "settlements" should never be allowed.

Antitrust probes should always go to trial, otherwise it's just a thinly veiled bribe to make the allegations go away and does nothing to protect consumers or promote competitive behaviour.

Newly born Firefox 71 emerges from its den – with its own VPN and some privacy tricks

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Patting itself on the back for blocking more than one trillion web tracking requests

Which Mozilla can only know by tracking its users...

At least Firefox let's users disable telemetry (so long as it disables all, not just some).

EU wouldn't! Uncle Sam brandishes 'up to 100%' tariffs over France's Digital Services Tax

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Re: Wrong argument

Bollocks. You're telling us Amazon don't know exactly how much income is generated in each country, what the costs are, and therefore what the remaining profit is? Of course they do.

No international business could operate effectively without knowing income and costs in all operating countries.

They may pretend that's too hard to figure out, but for a business with their resources it just isn't.

Europol wipes out 30,000+ piracy sites, three suspects cuffed to walk the legal plank

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Re: 30,506 domains. They also arrested three people

That's not how the internet works. Why would every site require a unique person or persons behind it? You don't think it's far more likely a few people are setting up multiple sites to maximise sales and minimise takedown chances...?

BBC tells Conservative Party to remove edited Facebook ad featuring its reporters

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Re: No it's not. The Earth is a sphere.

Sure, it can be approximated to a sphere.

At the same time, over short distances (a few hundred metres) relative height change due to curvature is so small it could be considered locally flat within a small tolerance.

Of course the Earth isn't flat. Except where it is. Tolerance is a funny thing.


Cloudy biz Datrix locks down phishing attack in 15 mins after fat thumb triggers email badness

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Re: Domain names are case insensitive?

Nothing to do with case sensitivity. The lowercase L can be easily misread as an i. The fake domain name was intended to look, at a cursory glance, like the legit domain name.

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

after fat thumb triggers email badness

For some reason I misread that as email baldness, which was a bit confusing.

UK political parties fall over themselves to win tech contractor vote by pledging to review IR35

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Re: Childish?

And your point is...?

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Re: There are an estimated 4.6 million contractors in the UK.

Fair point, though I respectfully submit your sample size is a tiny proportion of 4.6 million (if that number is accurate), so is hardly representative.

In Rust We Trust: Stob gets behind the latest language craze

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Re: Do...While

Depends where you want/need your loop termination check, which depends on what you're trying to do in the loop. Do you need to check before the loop iterates its content, or after?

Do you need:

to do something only if a clause permits it (while loop i.e. before), or...

to do something and then check the outcome (do-while loop i.e. after), ?

Do something only if it's permitted:

while( clause == true )


clause = DoSomething();


Do something and loop on the outcome:



clause = DoSomething();


while( clause == true )

Either form can usually satisfy both requirements with a little excess biolerplate, which makes it a matter of personal preference or enforced coding standards, and how much boilerplate you need to make it happen.

Googlers fired after tracking colleagues working on US border cop projects. Now, if they had monetized that stalking...

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Re: That only applies to the plebs


Not by the little people at Google on Google's own people.

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Re: I find the argument bizarre

Really? So any behaviour not explicitly proscribed in law is acceptable to you regardless of how amoral, creepy and antisocial that is, as long as it hasn't been explicitly disallowed by corporate policy?

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Re: I find the argument bizarre

Yes indeed.

It's a bizzare stretch to interpret “speak up if you see something that you think isn’t right” as "provided ample justification for tracking and scrutinizing their colleagues.". Though I suspect working for a company with blatant ehtical disregard and a wanton desire to track everyone and everything will bring out the same traits in certain individuals.


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