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NASA building network cables that can survive supersonic flight - could this finally deliver unbreakable RJ45 latching tabs?

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Re: Do Fisher-Price do consuting?

Yeah, but under the brand names Serco and Capita.

Adiós Arecibo Observatory: America's largest radio telescope faces explosive end after over 50 years of service

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Re: 60 years old? -- Time to build a new one

Can't we just detonate the Square Mile and build our World Beating (TM) radio dish in the resulting crater...?

Sure, it might upset a few trading banks. But from where I sit, it's a plan with no drawbacks.

Police warn of bad Apples that fell off the back of a truck after highway robbery

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Re: main benefactor should be the consumer in terms of obtaining genuine Apple spares

What? Stolen goods is somehow a net-positive to the consumer, and so receiving/handling stolen goods shouldn't be a crime, as long as those goods are Apple parts?

Nobody likes planned obsolesence and vendor lock-in, but tacitly encouraging shipment hijacking is really not the way to solve those issues.

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No but they can be hardware locked.

Billionaire's Pagani Pa-gone-i after teen son takes hypercar out for a drive, trashes it

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Careful you aren't crushed under the weight of that chip on your shoulder.

Linux Foundation, IBM, Cisco and others back ‘Inclusive Naming Initiative’ to change nasty tech terms

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Re: So let me get this straight[0] ...

Why should it be necessary to use synonyms in place of common terms, just because those terms happen to be perhaps, though often not at all, tangentially related to something you've chosen to be irked by?

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Re: So I have this system where a view has an "owner"

Is anybody offended?

In today's idiocracy, it's guaranteed this will offend someone. And it will be someone who has no business deciding what your technical requirements should be.

Should I change my design?

Absolutely not. Last thing we should do is pander to these morons.

Yes, I know the OP was sarcasm.

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Re: About bloody time

Or, you know, just don't be proactively offended by things that have no inherent offensive meaning.

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Re: What about that special Friday?

Please stop giving them even more ideas.

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Re: What about that special Friday?

Which is exactly the point that will be deliberately missed when the woke inclusivity snowflakes turn their ire toward it.

[ Icon... because, well, White House history ------> ]

Apple rummages through pockets, hands out $113m in change to US states to make iPhone slowdown row go away

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Re: iPhone slow down versus battery life

Have you actually read any of the many, many articles about this particular update?

Yes, sometimes there are cockups leading to subsequent update fixes. This was not one of those. It was a deliberate and targeted attempt to get users of older models to upgrade, by artificially limiting performance under the guise of protecting battery life.

Test and Trace chief Dido Harding prompted to self-isolate by NHS COVID-19 app

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Re: oh dear...

Frankly I'm surprised she actually installed it. Expected the more typical case of one rule for them, another for us.

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Dildo is currently only fucking up one thing. Bojo is a far stronger contender for that particular crown.

Heavy-duty case closed: Peli tried to steal peli.co.uk from rightful owner, says Nominet

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Re: Domainer

I prefer "parasitic bastard".

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Reading comprehension fail

.co.uk != .uk

Yeah nobody wants the .uk Nominet is trying to seruptitiously foist onto all and sundry, but that's not the same as this.

Google tells court: Our rivals gave US govt confidential dirt on us to fuel antitrust case. Now we want to see it

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Re: Google is as Google does

And that's happening here, according to the article which says Google's outside counsel will have access. DOJ is trying to limit the in-house lawyers' access, and rightly so as that could indeed directly provide Google some very useful info about their competitors.

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Re: IANAL....

Outside counsel can still see those details, though. It's just Google's own legal beagles that are prohibited. Outside counsel can then advise Google and their in-house lawyers, without revealing specifics. Not very efficient, but it seems about the only way to trust the defence with sensitive data forming the prosecution's case. Assuming one trusts the outside counsels to behave.

UK, Canada could rethink the whole 'ban Huawei' thing post-Trump, whispers Huawei

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Without us, you'll 'widen the north-south digital divide'

This presupposes the current UK government actually gives a toss about the north-south digital divide.

Halt don't catch fire: Amazon recalls hundreds of thousands of Ring doorbells over exploding battery fears

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Don't drop it on your foot

There'd have to be another warning manual about the dangers of the first warning manual.

Warning: warning manual is heavy and may cause personal injury or injury to another if dropping on any part of the body.

Warning: warning manual may ignite if exposed to naked flames or incandescent heat sources.

Warning: do not ingest part or all of the warning manual.

Etc. etc. ad nauseum.

The risk is that manual grows so large it needs another manual to warn about the dangers of the warning manual's warning manual. Infinite recursion.

And now my head hurts. Shouldn't have dropped that 15th tier warning manual warning manual on it, I suppose.

FYI: Alibaba Cloud says it has robot sysadmins that swap faulty disks in four minutes

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Re: Gosh ...

Seems probable; hundreds of drives per cabinet vs. one robot per cabinet.

Police chopper chasing a crim near an airport? Ideal time to use my laser pointer, says Texas idiot now behind bars

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The 51-month jail term ... should serve as a warning to others

But it never does, because the sort of people that would do this in the first place are too stupid to see the problem. They think they won't get caught (I'm on the ground, they're in the air - I'll be long gone!) and/or don't even know the legislation exists, and/or don't care anyway. Hence the incident rate continues to rise despite the increases in sentencing, expansion of punishments.

Soyuz later! SpaceX gets NASA green light to lob astronauts to the International Space Station full time

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Re: world's third richest being

Third richest? Musk doesn't even make the top ten. Way down at number 30:

Forbes 2020 billionaires

So because a rich guy owns a space company, he shouldn't allow that company to accept any NASA money? That's about the dumbest angle ever.

Hyundai announces its own OS for Nvidia-powered smart-ish cars

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Re: " relevant services"

Personally don't mind a HUD, but navigating a touchscreen to find the fan and heater controls is, from personal experience, a royal pain in the arse. Can't do it by touch or muscle memory, have to physically look away from the road and at the screen. There should be a legal mandate requiring such controls to be physical.

I get that it's easier and more cost effective for manufacturers, to stick all these things in a touch screen. But that shouldn't come at the cost of basic safety of operation.

Curse of Arecibo strikes again: Now another cable breaks, smashes into America's largest radio telescope

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Re: Indicators

Sadly they are, however, the only indicators that matter to political donors.

Test tube babies: Virgin Hyperloop pops pair of staffers in a pod, shoots them along 500m vacuum tunnel

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Re: Junctions.

Roundabouts and traffic lights, as any fule kno.

Seriously though, there won't be "junctions" in any traditional sense. More like very long, gradual rail sidings.

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Re: A curious thing...

Because the tunnel isn't a perfect vacuum. That would take far too much energy to maintain, while vastly increasing the costs and engineering challenges. Still some air in there. Not enough to breathe, no way, but still enough to get in the way. Aerodynamics still applies.

Biden projected to be the next US President, Microsoft joins rest of world in telling Trump: It looks like... you're fired

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Re: Yay! Party time!

They should follow up all leads.

Elon Musk's ancient April Fools' gag about 'Tesla Tequila' made real in lightning-shaped bottle

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Congrats on managing to invoke Godwin's Law from the most unlikely of topics.

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Re: Coming Soon

Does bring a whole new meaning to a Musky aroma.

San Francisco approves 'CEO tax', hopes to extract up to $140m a year from corps with wide exec-staff salary gap

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Re: does this include things such as bonuses and perks

The article covered at least some of this...

The fine-print for the changes ensures wages, stock options, bonuses, and tax refunds are all considered part of the CEO's total compensation.

In the UK perks may be considered as taxable income, depending on what they are and if they meet certain thresholds. Don't know if there's an equivalent in the US.

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Re: The Law of Unintended consequences applies

Oops oh yeah, thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking as mean, not median, which is clearly wrong. Never mind, then.

I still expect the gains to SF from this to approach zero as companies find ingenious workarounds.

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Re: The Law of Unintended consequences applies

Also it seems like "median salary of their company" should be excluding other exectives and senior management, otherwise the biz just needs to increase exec and senior management pay across the board, just enough to raise the median above the threshold, and the CEO can keep their fat paycheque without paying this tax.

This will do nothing to help raise pay for minions actually doing the grunt work, and it won't bring much if any extra revenue to SF's coffers. Expect somewhere around zero once the affected companies have figured out their workarounds.

Let's... drawer a veil over why this laser printer would decide to stop working randomly

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Re: Never under estimate the ability of a user to out stupid you

Facepalm indeed.

Sounds like the Executive Assistant needed almost as much "looking after" as the CEO.

Never ceases to amaze how someone so obviously unable to figure out really simple problems can end up in such powerful positions. Nepotism? Blowing the CEO (with her gloves on, natch)?

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Re: I'll raise you

Absolutely nowhere "nearly" at all.

Suspended sentence for bank IT worker who broke into his boss's webcam because he didn't get a payrise

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Social distancing meant all the benches had to go.

The one with the permanent markers in the pocket, please. ---->

Heck yeah, we should have access to our own cars' repair data: Voters in US state approve a landmark right-to-repair ballot measure

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Re: How about cars manufactured before 2022?

Came here to say the same thing.

Effectively this ballot measure is neutered before it even comes into force, and is useless for 99.99% of cars on the road in Massachusetts.

C+ : well intentioned, should try harder.

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Re: Cars collect some interesting data...

Plus it prevents distributing your shopping across the passenger footwell if you have to brake hard.

Black Lives Matter protester ID'd from Twitter photo via facial-recog system secretly used by US law enforcement

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Aww, did someone recently get a humour bypass?

The car you buy in 2025 will include a terabyte of storage. Robo-taxis might need 11TB

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consumers will be price-sensitive and only want to pay for a terabyte...

consumers will be price-sensitive and only want to pay for a terabyte, while commercial operators will be happier to pay for higher-resolution cameras that require more storage

Bullshit. For something as safety critical as level 4 and level 5 automation, manufacturers should be using the same sensor quality regardless of the purchaser.

If lower res does the job and is good enough for private individuals, the commercial operators paying for higher res are being ripped off.

If higher res is the safest choice, then selling vehicles with lower res sensors, such that safety is being deliberated downgraded to save a few quid, should be tantamount to a criminal act.

I'll give you my passwords if you investigate police corruption, accused missile systems leaker told cops

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Re: I believe this thread should be deleted

Surely you should immediately contact the Attorney General about this egregious violation, lest you become complicit yourself by failing to report the crime. I'll help you get started:


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Re: can a straight man be treated as a victim of a homophobic assault?

Intention of the attacker is what's important here.

If he was attacked on the presumption that he's gay, that's a homophobic assault. Whether or not he's actually gay is irrelevant.

AI me to the Moon... Carbon footprint for 'training GPT-3' same as driving to our natural satellite and back

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Re: Tragedy of the commons


190000kWh is a staggering amount of energy...

It really isn't. Over a year i.e. the period by which emissions and energy consumption tend to be measured, that's 520Wh per day i.e. really not much at all. While I agree that GPT-3 may be of limited benefit, that doesn't detract from my original point.

...that doesn't produce anything tangible.

If all scientific endeavour had to produce something tangible to be worth doing, we'd still be living in caves. GPT-3 and other such projects are attempting to advance the start of the art in AI. Personally I still think there's a long, long way to go before AI fulfills the "I" part, but that's irrelevant.

I've read an estimate that data centres account for 3% of global emissions - the same as air travel

And you acuse me of tragedy of the commons. You're conflating two entirely different energy uses, taking what's a currently a non-essential ecological demon (air travel) and comparing it with an essential underpinning of our daily lives. Apples to oranges.

Yes, data centres may well account for 3% of global emissions (citation please), there are a lot of them, and most of our modern life is supported by those things. Probably you wouldn't be able to interact with el Reg were it not for data centres.

Whether / how much our lives are improved by data centres, and our data-centric existence in general, is a different philosophical debate.

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Sounds big until 126 homes in Denmark per year is shown as equivalent. At which point it becomes clear the energy used is a piffling rounding error when compared to overall world, or even city, consumption. Well, well... something with a lot of computers running full tilt consumes a significant amount of energy. Who knew?

My question therefore is "In the grand scheme of things, so what?".

The eggheads who produced this guesstimate are based at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark using seemingly big numbers in an effort to grab headlines, and stoke outrage among the hard-of-thinking.

Apple on the hook for another $503m in decade-long VirnetX patent rip-off legal marathon

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Re: Multichoice

But what did the (d) option ever do to you, to not make the team?

Can we stop megacorps from using and abusing our data? That ship has sailed, ex-NSA lawyer argues in new book

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Re: Not so much a chosen few, more a dedicated core of enthusiastic researchers?

Coherent statements from AMFM yet again. 2020 is truly the year of wierdness.

Another eBay exec pleads guilty after couple stalked, harassed for daring to criticize the internet tat bazaar

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Re: Corporate derangement syndrome

Sadly not all that surprising really. Sociopathy tends to be a personality trait of those who are, or aspire to be, corporate execs or upper management.

NSA: We've learned our lesson after foreign spies used one of our crypto backdoors – but we can't say how exactly

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Re: same ac same bullshit posts, boring!

Says another AC, without a hint of irony.

Trump's official campaign website vandalized by hackers who 'had enough of the President's fake news'

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Re: Like a Three-Card Monte game

Surely Make America Friday Again!

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Re: many of her actions have been mostly based on political calculations

And when has any politician ever done differently?

Software engineer leaked UK missile system secrets and refused to hand cops his passwords, Old Bailey told

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Re: Fool

How exactly does one through a book? They're usually relatively solid. Solid enough you can't easily pass through one, at least.


Hammer and machette?

One of these? [ See icon ----------------> ]

I guess not so much "through" as obliterate, along with everything in a 5 mile radius.