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Watchdog 'enables Tesla Autopilot' with string, some weight, a seat belt ... and no actual human at the wheel

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Re: Only one good thing about all this

Oh, I don't know about that. Point them at the right canyon and they'll be self-flying for a while.

At least until this happens ----->

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Re: “Standard Autopilot would require lane lines to turn on, which this street did not have,”

Requirement for lane lines shows Tesla's "autopilot" is still a very long way from full self drive. Perhaps that will improve in the next version, but it won't eliminate gaming the driver presence sensors. Clearly they have the wrong people testing those aspects.

Origami... in spaaaaace: Inflatable folded objects discovery brings new meaning to blowing up buildings

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Re: "Igloo" style tents with springy poles that hold them in shape

This is bimodal rigidity without the need to insert / remove poles, springy or otherwise.

Sucks to be you, any aliens living anywhere near Proxima Centauri's record-smashing solar flare

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Nowhere near enough lens flare for JJ.

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Re: amoebas don't have tentacles, they have pseudopods.

will just give itself any damn sort of appendage it wants to have. :-)

Will said appendages be... noodley...?

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Re: That said...

...a hot rock stripped of all atmosphere and water won't be a place you'd enjoy going on holiday.

I dunno. Sounds like a dry day in Benidorm.

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Re: Proxima Centauri is a glimpse of our own future

Perfect. You fire up the antimatter reactors, I'll open the hyperspace window. It's on the back wall next to the conservatory.

Then we can Junior-Birdman the hell out of this system.

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Re: huge barge

Given the momentum exchange needed to change the planet's orbit, wouldn't an ocean barge instantly submerge itself when the rocket fired? Uncontained water isn't so great for pushing against.

How much bouancy would such a barge need to remain afloat, and would the displacement caused raise sea levels enough to be a noticeable problem?

Intensely focussed sunlight, focussing 2.3% of the Earth's incoming solar energy onto the planet causing an ablative reaction and exothermic material expulsion seems to be the original suggestion. Just stay out of the beam. Or anywhere near it. Unless of course you like being vaporised before you realise there's a problem.

Adobe shareholders sign off on exec raises, with CEO Shantanu Narayen winning a plush $7m pay rise

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Re: Earned?

How dare you suggest this man isn't worth this excess as compensation for his grand strategy and supreme vision!

Clearly he personally does all the work, planning, development, testing, marketing, maintenance, IT, cloud infrastructure design and management, HR, and everything else that makes a mega-corp tick, all of which has led to this year's $5B+ profit, so he clearly deserves this fat payout.

It's got absolutely nothing to do with forcing all your customers to a subscription model because there's no realistic competion, and/or the cost to migrate is too great for many customers to bear, then sitting back and doing fuck all of value while the cash rolls in.

Why should the ants scurrying beneath his feet see any of that phat wad. They're just worthless minions, a huge cost sink, and sooner they can be replaced with the cheapest possible labour regardless of output quality, the better.

</sarc> (in case it wasn't immediatly obvious)

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Re: executives happy to take home an average of nine times average pay of employees

The decent employees were probably paid better, too. Then outsourcing started a race to the bottom for salaries. Which all helps the company bottom line, so the C suite and shareholders don't give a damn.

Ah, you know what? Keep your crappy space station, we're gonna try to make our own, Russia tells world

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Re: in fact, forget the space station!

...and the blackjack!

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Re: bigger balls

The Moon happens to be the closest big ball which isn't the big ball we're already on.

If we want to get our balls (and lack thereof) off this big ball and onto other big balls, the Moon is by far the most convenient place to start learning how to do that.

There's always a degree of political and/or academic willy waving in projects like this, but that doesn't undermine the fact that most of underlying project is actually damned useful.

UK.gov wants mobile makers to declare death dates for their new devices from launch

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Re: Mobile Intergalactic Liberation Front!

But, where do all the calculators go?

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Re: the problem the manufacturers have is that if a product flops or fails to sell well

The problem the manufacturers have is that if a product flops or fails to sell well enough, they would be legally obliged to support it for some considerable length of time at their cost.

I don't see this as a problem.

If, rather than just throwing a bunch of shit at the wall and hoping some of it sticks, this forces manufacturers to actually think about their products, how they will support them long term, and take the time to make them worthwhile purchases, IMO that can only be a good thing.

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Re: Force open source instead

* the full specs and open source any firmware/software and underlying services

This is a minefield, as much of the underlying hardware and software, services etc. are proprietary and still in use, even if a product itself is EOL.

* a working non-smart use-mode

This should absolutely be a minimum, legally enforced obligation for anything "smart". Revert-to-dumb mode should be an option right out of the box, and none of the core functionality of the product should be lost in doing so e.g. a fridge still functions as a fridge, a TV still functions as a TV etc.

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Re: Force open source instead

On your first point, it's not really the government stealing anything. If the product is obsolete and unsupported, it's possible the code is too.

That's a naive viewpoint, though, and deliberately glosses over an obvious flaw in such a plan.

Parts of the code may be obsolete, but larger chunks are probably still very much in use. If the code is proprietary, any attempts to legislate such an approach would get fierce pushback from manufacturers in all industries, and raise serious questions about deepening government interference beyond their elected remit.

A product being obsolete doesn't mean the IP behind it is obsolete.

I do feel that governments threatening to legislate open sourcing the code for obsolete products could entice / coerce manufacturers into making longer-supported, longer-lived products, and that's better for everyone.

Prices might go up though, but manufacturers would need to be careful to not price themselves out of the market.

Your second point is valid. Open sourcing something wouldn't be any use to 99.999% of users.

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Re: "Stops being supported" doesn't mean "stops working".

That's not what's being suggested. Simply there's a danger that unsupported devices could become progressively less secure as new exploits are found for unpatched versions.

Sure the devices will still work, but that really isn't the point. Open-sourcing the code for unsupported products would allow developer communities the option to continue supporting a product after the manufacturer has dropped it.

The flip side is open-sourcing the code increases the chance of finding new exploits, and substituting legitimate binaries with malware disguised as an open-source update. So it's a double-edged sword.

Harassers and bullies succeed in tech because silence is encouraged

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Re: Rednecks incoming.....

I find it quite remarkable that you've somehow managed to draw a link between a suggestion that workers should expect better protection from harrassment by colleagues without being contractually silenced, and a decent into Sharia Law.

iPhone XR caught fire after getting trapped in airline passenger's seat

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Re: How else...?

Nope, it got here because our world beating government left the borders wide open and listed India as a "green" country despite burgeoning infection rates.

Microsoft realises constant meetings stress people out, adds Office 365 settings to cut them short or start them late

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And this is a problem because...?

Far-right internet haven Parler to be allowed back onto Apple's App Store with added content moderation

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Re: Far Right Parler - Far Left Twitter , does this insantity ever stop

Sadly, I think you already know the answer to this.

"Common sense" wasn't so much "lost", as never there to begin with. Social media prevalence just gives the incontrovertibly stupid amongst us easier access to a greater range of echo chambers.

'There was no one driving that vehicle': Texas cops suspect Autopilot involved after two men killed in Tesla crash

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Re: "more of a super-cruise-control"

There's a middle ground, you know. It doesn't have to be at the extremes of "carry on blindly" or "come to an immediate screeching halt, causing a pile-up behind".

If it can't pull over and stop in a safe, controlled manner when (or if) it detects problems outside its design scope, it has absolutely no business calling itself autopilot or anything else that implies autonomous driving.

If the design scope doesn't include checking a driver as actually at the wheel while autopilot is engaged, that's a huge oversight at best, and needs to be corrected before any more Teslas with autopilot are licensed to be on public roads, and all existing Teslas lacking this ability should get a mandatory recall.

Home office setup with built-in boiling water tap for tea and coffee without getting up is a monument to deskcess

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I see your boiling water tap, and raise you the many, many options available for one-cup fast boil kettles. Never boil more than you need, and boils in around 10-20 seconds. All for a damn sight less money and fuss than a Quooker.

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Re: in the office you had to walk a bit to get to the loo

I'm mildly concerned that your WFH arrangements maybe don't involve getting up to go to the loo.

Perchance you have a remotely summoned roboloo? Trundles in when you call it, trundles away when done.

Hmm. I may have found a gap in the market. It's mine! You all saw it first here. No dibsies.

[Icon: hoping for no shit, Sherlock]

Seeing a robot dog tagging along with NYPD officers after an arrest stuns New Yorkers

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Re: Does your dowg bite?

Upvoted, though ISTR it was more like "derg" than "dowg"...

Blue Origin sends Mannequin Skywalker aloft again, testing out comfier capsule for future space tourists

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Re: I can't help but think of an amusement park...

Possibly cheaper than entry to an amusement park, though. Especially by the time you've paid the parking and bought the queue-jumper option for a family of 4.

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Re: Impressive, but...

(b) where is earth-shattering kaboom?

Clearly they forgot (neglected?) to load the Eludium Q36 Explosive Space Modulator.

Satellites, space debris may have already brightened night skies 10% globally – and it's going to get worse

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Re: Streetlights lighting the ground

Well that's the thing about light... even when the streetlights point downward, light is reflected from all surfaces to a varying degree, in arbitrary directions. A lot of that reflection goes up, still create light pollution.

The only way to prevent that is to not use street lighting, which seems unlikely to happen.

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Starlink Visors

Perhaps a dumb question, but why not just paint Starlink satellites matt black? Seems easier cheaper than devising, making and integrating a visor into each one.

I admit to being poorly informed on this. Would they get too hot?

Yes I know black paint can still be reflective, but there are some carbon-based blends with extremely low reflectivity.

Beijing's new privacy rules ban apps collecting unnecessary data, require free service without data slurps

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Almost certainly so, but in this instance they seem to be doing something useful.

App makers the world over have monumentally proven they cannot be trusted to limit their own slurp to just what is strictly necessary to provide their service.

China seems to have cajones to actually do something about it. Of course they won't abide by their own rules, but what government does?

Western governments are balls deep in their lobbyist pockets, so don't dare take such action.

What happens when back-flipping futuristic robot technology meets capitalism? Yeah, it’s warehouse work

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Somehow I don't see this cutting costs much. The robot manufacturer may well figure the robot is at least as valuable as the human (or humans) it replaces, and factor that into the sale or rental price.

Robot manufacturers want their cut of this bright new future, and their customers won't want the associated costs of maintaining the fleet themselves.

Expect service contracts, not pure sales. Capitalism, baby!

Sadly, the catastrophic impact with Apophis asteroid isn't going to happen in 2068

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Re: Bananas should be avoided because ...

29 Acacia Road, where Eric, an ordinary schoolboy, leads an amazing double life. For when Eric eats a banana, a remarkable transformation occurs...


Tesla broke US labor law with anti-union efforts – watchdog

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Re: Not everyone has off-street parking

And of those that do, not everyone has the electrical connections necessary (or even an available slot in their consumer unit) to support a 50kWh+ vehicle charging point.

And what about homes with more than one car? Or is that not allowed in our rosey new future?

The best most homes can do right now is a 13A trickle charger, if your car supports it, which is fine for overnight charging but pitifully useless if you need to be going anywhere in the next 12+ hours.

Don't even get me started on the lack of grid infrastructure to supply the necessary power to charge huge numbers of EVs. And no, "smart grid" is not a solution. It's a lazy workaround tossed about by utilities to avoid making the necessary power generation and infrastructure upgrades.

Microsoft 365 tries again at filtering swearing, bad behavior: Classifiers for seven languages offered

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Try harder...

Controls Limiting Insulting Text On Respectable Institutional Systems

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Puritanical insanity and intolerance run amok

Perhaps time to break out the Dickensian insults.

Whoops. That'll probably trip the filters.

Why oh why does MS continue to pander to this ridiculous minority that wants to tell everyone else how to live their lives?

‘Radiation upset’ confused computers, caused false alarm on International Space Station

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Re: Has somone been taking...

Hopefully that's all they've taken. Mind you, illicit storage for either option gets... messy.

Yes, there's nothing quite like braving the M4 into London on the eve of a bank holiday just to eject a non-bootable floppy

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

Such selfless public service in the face of adversity, deserves 1 or more of these --->

UK prime minister Boris Johnson reluctant to reveal his involvement in the OneWeb deal

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It pretty much wouldn't matter who is PM, they'd still do plenty things to complain about. It's just that Boris gives us so much pure gold material to work with.

NASA sets the date for first helicopter flight on another planet – and the craft will carry a piece of history

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Re: Flightpath

[Logic error: rover must deposit drone within drone exclusion zone.]

[Logic error: drone must launch from airfield within drone exclusion zone.]

[Metaphysical dichotomy detected.]

[Shutting down.]

Hopefully this won't happen. Nor this ------------>

Whatever 'normal' is, global CEOs don't expect to see it return before 2022 and are ploughing funds into security

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Re: The world has gone mad

Yeah, because no one under 80 died from COVID, right? And all those 30-somethings, 20-somethings, children who died from it... they are fake news, didn't happen, right?.

Wrong. It's twats like you spreading misinformation about the severity, infectiousness and mortality of this "minor" disease that enable it to continue spreading.

The "blip" as you call it has only been restricted to around 2.6 million worldwide because of the global extreme measures taken.

As a percentage of the 7 billion people on the planet, that is tiny, almost insignificant. But that's statistics.

As an absolute number, which is the reality, it's an awful tragedy, one which I certainly hope never to see again in my lifetime, nor my kids' lifetimes.

Yes, lockdowns and restrictions are a burden, and we all want them gone as soon as is safe, but without these the death rates would have been way higher.

People with your attitude are not part of the solution. You're part of the problem.

Thousands of taxpayers' personal details potentially exposed online through councils' debt-chasing texts

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Re: Muppet.

"We take security and all matters of data protection extremely seriously but thought we'd get away with it since we don't give a toss about security of debtor details. Now we've been found out and someone has complained, we're seriously taking it seriously. Seriously. Look how serious we're being!"

Apple's Steve Jobs: Visionary, dreamweaver... and the kind of fellow who might tell a porky or two on his job application

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Re: $175k?

You just noticed this now?

Grotesque soundbyte alert: UK government opens wallet to help rural areas get 'gigafit'

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Openreach... including in rural and hard-to-reach areas

Today's announcement was welcomed by industry, with Openreach CEO Clive Selly commenting: "We're already building Full Fibre broadband to 20 million homes and businesses under our own steam – including in rural and hard-to-reach areas – and we welcome this as a vital next step to connect the toughest parts of the UK.

Do you think they picked one home and business from a rural area and a hard-to-reach area, so Clive can say that with a straight face?

Watch it go: World's smallest self-folding origami bird that reminds us we were promised nanobots at some point

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Re: Now that's more like it...

Oh do fuck off with your anti-Mars-exploration bollocks.

Have humanity's efforts to understand Mars negatively affected you personally in any way? Or are you just one of those inward-facing idiots who thinks anything beyond the realms of LEO and GEO isn't worth the bother, and feel the need to force your opions down everyone's throat at any and every opportunity?

FFS at least keep it to topics vaguely related to Mars. Which this is not.

Missile systems software dev leaker has sentence almost doubled after UK.gov says 4½ years was too soft

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Re: autism

Sheesh. The "autism" label always seems to be thrown about with things like this.

Chances are he's just a run-of-the-mill sociopath with no thought or concern to the consequences (possible and real) of his actions, with a deluded sense of self importance and a deep seated resentment complex. So the cops didn't take his complaint as seriously as he wanted. Hardly a reason to reveal (or boast about having revealed) Top Secret information.

Could be his actions are the result of non-autistict mental health issues, could be he's just a twat. Sure, he might be autistic but as that's not been mentioned in the defence it seems very unlikely.

Either way, can we (society in general) please stop suggesting everyone remotely involved in tech who does something illegal is autistic. There are usually far more simple and likely reasons.

Encrypted phones biz Sky Global shuts up shop after CEO indictment, police raids on users in Europe

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Re: "paint encrypted mobile phone services as something used exclusively by criminals"

I can imagine a raft of high-profile celebrities, corporate executives and the ludicrously wealthy who might all find encyrpted comms useful.

Just providing encryption doesn't make it a criminal business, no matter how much the cops would like it to be.

Use by criminals doesn't make the business a criminal conspiritor, no matter how much the cops would like it to.

No, the cops want to shut this guy down because the service he provides can get in their way, and so they're throwing a bunch a charges at him to see if anything sticks, and to scare other potential providers away from offering a similar service.

If there's actual proof Sky Global knowingly and deliberately markets to criminals, then there's a case to answer. But since crim's are unlikely to announce themselves as such, it's unlikely such evidence exists.

This case feels a lot like going after BMW because criminals sometimes drive a Beemer.

Listen to The Sound of Perseverance: Not the death metal album, but NASA's Mars rover on the move

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The six wheels beneath Perseverance have been re-engineered

Given the chances of getting stuck in very fine dust traps, it seems some kind of walking function would have been a useful add-on. Articulated control of each leg to give it some ambulatory abilities.

Wouldn't have to walk very far, nor very fast. Just enough to shuffle back along its path to find solid(er) ground to roll across.

Anyone know if that was considered?

Apple accused of unfairly banishing Watch keyboard app for the visually impaired from its software souk

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Re: Apple aren't one for banishing people only to pick them up later at a discount

Evidence please.

It makes sense to any potential acquirer to pay the minimum for their acquisition. If that means enabling or forcing the target to fail, thus lowering its value and increasing deperation to sell, I see no reason beyond ethics why Apple (or anyone else of sufficient corporate size) wouldn't try. Since when has any giant corporation been encumbered by ethics at board level?

Where did the water go on Mars? Maybe it's right under our noses: Up to 99% may still be in planet's crust

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Re: Simple test

For added probability, fire up the barbeque.

Sharp’s smartphone camera lens biz Kantatsu blurred its finances, invented deals worth $84m

Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

pressured to achieve financial targets

More like pressured to make the finances look "good" before the pending flotation.

It's a safe bet that pressure came from board-level, but probably all verbal so no paper trail.

Expect some minions to take the bullet for whichever execs and directors thought bullshitting your finances to the tune of $84M was a good idea.


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