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'Don't Google Google, Googling Google is wrong', says Google


Re: Since...

"And now, just for fun, we can perhaps proceed to the question of whether it is grammatically correct to begin a sentence with a conjunction. And before the flames begin, just let me go grab my Fowler, Chicago and Garner so I can quote page numbers :-)."

Shalln't we not all burn them in Hell, as the joy would be great only if.


I'll google unix all I want.

The reason Google doesn't want us googling (common noun) is obvious, and just like unix, I am fine with destroying their trademark.

Google makes it official: Chrome will freeze Flash ads on sight from Sept 1


Re: Dissappointed...

I'll stick with keeping Flash totally disabled until I choose to turn it on, so I'm not going to know the answer.

KABOOM! Billionaire fingers dud valve in ROCKET WIBBLE PRANG BLAST


This guy is a winner, even if he has too much money. Let's finally get back to taking risks again.

BOFFINS: Oxygen-free, methane-based ALIENS may EXIST on icy SATURN moon Titan



Seems to me they'd live there, and we'd be the aliens.

Google mouthpieces: 'Right to be Forgotten' should not apply on google.com


What about my right to know?

First off, I am in the U.S., and a U.S. citizen, and I think the U.S. censors me far too much. But the overreach of the EU here infuriates me. There's no way their citizens have any right to be forgotten as far as I am concerned.

Google gets my data, I get search and email and that. Help help, I'm being REPRESSED!


Re: Yes, but....

The email belongs to the recipient, not the sender -- and I want to be able to search on the email I receive.


Re: Not so fast

I certainly knew what I was getting into with Google, and agreed to the bargain -- but I've never agreed with all the other tracking going on, most of it with no benefit to me. As far as I'm concerned, everyone except Google (And Amazon) is stealing my data.


Faustian bargain

I figure I sold my soul to the devil (Google). Everyone else is stealing my data from me. (I deleted my Facebook account over a year ago.)


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