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Behold the Internet of Turf: IoT sucks waste energy from living plants to speak to satellites


Surely the trick with making things biodegradable is to design them so the are re-usable - and not worry about them biodegrading.

If the PCB's are designed to be repairable, reusable, convertible etc then that must be the way forward - and surely these things don't need to be THAT small that size is a major factor is designing and implementing the PCB.

Oi, Queenslander who downloaded 26.8TB in June alone – we see you


Maybe he is on some preview program for Apple or Google - and they were just testing the new Terms and Conditions PDF download option.

Oh snap: AWS has only gone and brought out its own Backup


Re: Am I missing something?

Snapshots are optional. You can take them manually ( e.g. before doing some work ) - and you can also setup them to run automatically like this:


However that does not "clean them up" after e.g. 30 days - so if you took daily snapshots you end up with hundreds.

So you would end up doing things like this:


So one thing this backup service does do is smooth over a lot of the cracks - make it easy to configure/setup and verify ( in the sense of checking it has been done ).

At the end of the day one of the biggest differences between Cloud Providers and any sort of hosting previously is that AWS is targeting everyone. From simple updated twice a year static sites on S3 - to tiny wordpres installs - to large websites - to huge enterprise grade setups that could be using various things.

As a result not all services they offer are for meant or suitable for everyone - I would think this falls into this category.

Standardised easy to setup cheap backups that can be done correctly by semi-technical users ( or new to AWS techs - or just busy techs in small companies ) is a very welcome addition.

For example i've worked with a small-ish company previously where money was limited, so backup solutions and time invested were not approved. In that case the CTO ( who obviously had root access, his company, his aws account etc ) decided to "clean up" the AWS account - and deleted the Aurora Cluster running 30 or so sites AND declined the option to take a final snapshot ( which in AWS you have to purposefully NOT do ). So the cluster was gone, all previous snapshots and point in time recovery, and no final snapshot.

This kind of quick ready to go backup service for that company would of been perfect to have as an alternative running to protect against that insanity.

'Boutique' ISPs: Snub the Big 4 AND get great service


Not run stuff "from home" for years....

Do many people still run stuff from home? Servers of any kind.....

I have not done that for years - just run everything in which ever cloud service fits best.

Google Apps, AWS etc.

Used to run my own personal services from home - but over the years found them far more hassle than it was worth. Power cuts, setting static IP's up,

Now at the point where my even my working desktop is clouded and I just work from that where-ever and on what ever device I happen to be on!!

10 years ago used to spend lots of time sorting out home network and ISP - but now just go with what ever - total time spent now is much more efficient.


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