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Israel taps teens to become 'interceptors' in cyberwarfare

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Re: "It was not immediately clear, however...

"The sooner the oil runs out the better - so the USA looses interest in supporting this horrible terrorist state."

Nope. The sooner leaders of people the world over are dragged into the street and laughed at the better. Only then will throwaway "nuke 'em" remarks cease to enter the mind of the led.

'Over half' of Android devices have unpatched holes

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Only half?

ALL operating have unpatched holes. Always.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine restored

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Re: RE: the King Features Beatles cartoons

Correction: no laugh track. I feel dirty for checking...

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RE: the King Features Beatles cartoons

There's loads of examples on YouTube although you'd be better off forgetting that anybody told you about it. Terrible accents, dire laughter track and godawful everything else.

Ofcom: The Office of Screwing Over Murdoch?

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"Screwing Over Murdoch?"

If he gets a life sentence, that'll be screwing the bloke over.

Ten years would be justice but it's not going to happen.

Screwed over? Hardly.

Google shows off Project Glass augmented reality specs

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Early adopters...

...you can always see 'em coming.

Molesworth and the New Latin

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Thumb Up


Grinned the whole way through that.

Pirate Bay dropping torrents after magnetic attraction

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It came to this...

...and it won't change anything.

And the biggest laugh is that they rely on expensive lawyers to save themselves money. lolwut?

Goodnight muzac industry. Goodnight.


Apple patent stashes passwords in chargers

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I wouldn't put it past 'em to sell it as a good 'un though. A lot of their bad ideas are interesting to watch...

Ubuntu Linux shop reveals 'TV for human beings'

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Sounds like a CD32 moment.

(excuse the limited appeal of that statement)

In the meantime, here's some vaporware from our sponsors.

Official: File-sharing is a religion... in Sweden

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That awkward moment when you realised you just complained about distractions from your user experience on a site for the tech-literate?

World's stealthiest rootkit pushes DNS hijacking trojan

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Makes perfect sense though...

...often the best way to familiarise yourself with such tools is to run them on one's own machine first.

Jobs was 'working on future product day before he died'

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We'll just have to wait and see what product Apple decide to associate his name with...

iPhone 4S pre-orders obliterate sales records

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lol and/or wut?


That is all.

Spanish police cuff three Anonymous hack suspects

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No Tor Heroes (anymore)

Tor exit nodes tend to be rejected by Anon IRC servers. Keeps the CP out y'see. A VPN would be great, but the majority of Anons have to rely on NickServ and HostServ and a gamble as to the trustworthiness of the ops.

Hackers pwn PBS in revenge for WikiLeaks doco

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Re: F**king anarchists, my arse!

It's almost as if you're confusing mob rule with anarchism...

That's what happens when you rely on the media for implied definitions rather than checking the political philosophy section of your local library.

'Upgraded' Apple iMacs lock out hard drive replacement

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I see what you did there

Oh yes I do


Fukushima reactor core battle continues

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Not often..

..you get stuff wrong Lester.

Don't feel too bad about this one.

Much Respect!

Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

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In short..

..Just because the trees are growing upside down near Chernobyl, it doesn't mean the sky is falling down.

Stop worrying. Nukukar is great.

Japanese earthquake sparks nuclear emergency

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Is that what you want?

Microsoft sends IE9 'do-not-track' tech to W3C

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no title

"The open-source outfit is taking a bottoms-up approach "

I'll drink to that!

Hubble squints at most distant galaxy

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@Chris Miller

...or to put it another way: that part of the universe 13.2 billion light years away is now 13.2 billion years older, and somewhere in that galaxy might be a small planet with an orbiting telescope squinting an eye in this direction.

Fanboi king hails Apple 'love affair with open web'

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>"Whatever else you think of Gruber, he is NOT responsible for policy at Apple,"

He is however "on message". Apple need to just GTFO and be done with it. Their fanbois are welcome to THAT garden.

Aussies demand Poms cough up first 'Australia' map

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"Sheesh, just because you hang onto the Ashes"

Ah. Now we're getting there...

Vegas vid-poker hackjackpot bonanza duo face charges

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no title

"It's not my fault that their programming allowed a player to win at will,"


The casinos need to be tapping on the shoulder of the manufacturer here.

HTML5 web video flashes past Flash

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Ask Mr Jobs. He thought he had the answer to this one...

XP? Thanks for the memories

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Can't wait!

All those improvements. Sounds good. Where do I update this pile of cra... Oh!


Microsoft sings Happy Birthday to Windows 7

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Bless XP

It was Vista that made me turn to Linux. The only reason this is posted via Vista is 'cos I booted me least favourite OS for a chuckle (and poker).

/me is waiting ages for a decent game of Hi/Lo Omaha atm.

Google eyes search result preview window

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The rise of the..

,,, robots,txt?

Google pulls trigger on 'Instant' search engine

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Dear Google

I'm done with ya.

Default search engine changed - check!

Bookmark removed - check!

Goodbye and have fun.

Drummers: Looking for a throbbing BumChum?

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Google tests 'streaming' search engine

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True to form...

Nice one Google. I had a feeling there would be further "improvements" after the fine job you made of your image search.

ISS cooling pump refuses to come quietly

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The vital organs containing ammonia and heat exchangers and pipework and moving parts probably work best outside?

Apple iPhone app patent claim 'doesn't feel right'

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Stand and deliver!

"I just have to say, it doesn't feel right." is the gentlemanly way of saying "they're obviously robbing bastards, but can I face the court costs?".

Dell blames staff for malware infection

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"How can a virus infect a motherboard?"


Steve Jobs denies Judas Phone antenna problems

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Jobs Horns


You're supposed to buy the iPhone5 in twelve months time. Your bumper will outlive this year's fashion statement.

Dell cuddles Canonical for big Ubuntu fluffer love

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Dell sell Linux PCs?!!

Yes. Yes they do. Stop it!!!

Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?

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Upvoted because the Man Utd. analogy is a pretty damned good one :-)

(Man U. fans who live outside a 40 mile radius of Old Trafford need not apply...)

Microsoft's past - the future to Android's iPhone victory

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Nice article

Let the other players argue over their share, Android users are becoming a silent uptake/majority because *ahem* it just works :-)

Mucky private chat could be illegal soon

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Your donkey must've really pissed your neighbour off, but I suppose all is not lost if he's still willing to settle down and start a family with you.


Code-execution bug found in Apple Safari

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"The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team" BooYaaahhh!

They really love this shit those yanks, don't they?

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 shuns open video

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It's not what they say...

...it's what they DON'T say.

Yet more proof that Apple and Microsoft are scared of something...

Mandybill: All the Commons drama

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To those downvoters...

Those who have just downvoted Andrew's post are really missing the point here. The "three strikes" thing IS GONE! The bill does away with any need for three strikes and is far wider reaching.

Opera alerts EU to hidden Windows browser-ballot

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No, not that rare at all!

But that's an OS argument. I won't derail this thread any further.

Smokey Joe

Y'know MS is still obfuscating when...

...all they had to do was make the first boot of IE give the same infirmation and options as the ballot screen.

Click click click. Job's a 'tater.

Getting drunk the night before has no effect on exam results

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It's not methedrone, whatever the hell that is. Unless the author knows better and would like to point us in the right direction...

Google Buzz bug exposes user geo location

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Google's geolocation abilities, now built into their apps to show just how cool they are, are being exploited nefariously?

Well I never!

iPhone vulnerable to remote attack on SSL

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...and for every clued up Apple Fanboi* there's hundreds** of "it just works" dumbf***s who'd fall for this if it hit them***.

*Most of them.

**Probably thousands, to be honest.

***Which is unlikely, unfortunately >:-}

Yes! It's the iPad jacket!

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The slashd... RegEffect?

Microsoft takes hard line on Win 7 hardware

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@ Mark Legosz

Have a good think about what you just suggested...

Windows user by any chance?