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Brit film board proposed as overlord of online pr0nz age checks

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Back to the subject at hand -

In his book Beaver Street, Robert Rosen provides rare documentation of ascam involving High Society magazine, in which users were asked to verify their age via credit card information to access an ostensibly free tour and then auto-billed $60 a month.

Not that business practices ranging from disingenuous to fraudulent are unique to pornography.


A good read.

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IT Angle

@FuzzyWuzzys - I'm going to assume here that you are an 18 year old girl. If not, please ignore my comment, and apologies to you, good sir!


...I said nothing because my mistress told me, "Touch that keyboard bitch and I'll have you over my knee!"


I like it how she works it.

Btw, Pandora brings up some very pertinent and important points about how this will affect people using 'audio' porn. It seems to be included, but no one knows what it is, technically. This is a major drawback for blind people. If I may virtue signal for a moment, I used to 'look after' a big fat Oirish ogre of a blind bastard once. Great chap. Told him about my experience about trying to help a blind person off the tube who told me "I can help myself thankyou very much I don't need you".

He said: "Oi fokkin' hate fokkin' bloind conts like dat I doo, to be sure". Ok, he didn't say the 'to be sure' bit. That was an exaggeration. "If somm wan orfers me a fokkin' hand I gladly accept, I do, to be sure". I might have over-gilded the lily with this one. Mind you, this was a bloke that pulled out BOTH of his glass eyes and plonked them in a pint glass (half full) at his local pub when someone accused him of faking his blindness. You never can tell. The barmaid puked.

Long story short. Do you not think he deserves a bit of audio porn as well? HTF does he set up all the extra shenanigans (not a smart reference to his ethnicity I promise) on his computer, when he has to get in wankers like me just to get it to work in the first place. I can't imagine him saying: "So Oi'm tryin' to arcsess dis here smot soite, bot dey keep askin' me for a fokkin' password to moi credit card, so dey do".

Can't see it happening really.

Pandora makes an excellent point about how no one really knows how these laws will be applied. She's asked, but not received any feedback. She also brings up the general point that if these new laws are applied to audio, will they be applied to text as well. She goes in to depth and explains it much better than me. Still, I've not heard anyone bring up that argument elsewhere.

Also see: http://mylesjackman.com/index.php/my-blog/106-the-following-content-is-not-acceptable

for what is and isn't allowed. It's a mockery of everything that is common sense. It's an affront to logic. It's an invite to the Lords of Karma. We shall see how this unfolds...

Meanwhile, back in the office.


...I said nothing because my mistress told me, "Touch that keyboard bitch and I'll have you over my knee!"


FuzzyWuzzys had just about had enough of this stuck up cunt bossing her around like she owned her, all because she directed a paycheck to her once a month.

So FW decided to turn the tables on her. She'd seen the way the horny old slut had been eyeing up her pert, erect nipples, which FW made sure were particularly pert and erect any time she got called in to the "cunt's" office.

FW touched the keyboard. Then touched it again. In fact, she just kept jack-hammering F5 like a mad woman. She did everything but stick out her tongue. This was a direct disobeying of an order, and she knew it wouldn't go unpunished. But would the office bitch have the balls to back up her bullshit, and put Miss FW over her stocking clad knee? If so, FW would submit. If not... Miss FW would know she was hers. And that bitch would be going over her knee, for some swift and strict punishment.

They both looked at each other for a few seconds. Neither breaking their gaze, but neither submitting either. The office bitch looked all shocked and 'how very dare you', but Miss FW just looked at her right back as if to say: "What the fuck you gonna do about it, bitch?".

It was a tense standoff, and now I'm probably banned from El Reg for life, and on some other kind of register as well, I wouldn't be surprised...

If not, tune in next week to see what happened. Advertising space available. Age Verification provided...



[Dedicated to the memory of Miss B, the finest Moderatrix, the entire internet has ever known]

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Big Brother

Re: It could have been so easy..

@swampdog - that's a good point.

An earlier commentard was saying (I paraphrase) 'why do the kids feel the need to do this, how can we educate them, provide them alternatives?'.

Young kids (talking slightly pre-teen and early teen) like a lot of very socially acceptable things. They like fashion, they like music, they like make-up if they are girls, they like motor-bikes if they are boys. Yeah, I'm gender stereotyping. Sue me. The boys wear blue and the girls all wear pink. :-)

Nothing inherently wrong in any of this. These are fantastic, honest to goodness outlets.

Ok, so music has been usurped by those that want to push soft porn. We can solve that. It doesn't need to be that way. Fashion is harder as clothes are meant to make you feel good/secure/sexy - not necessarily in that order. Sometimes all at once. Make-up for a kid can just be advice on how to hide spots or it can be full-on 'make me look like my favourite slutty pop-star'.

Obviously it's not good for young girls to want to look slutty at the age of 13, I won't get in to the argument about boys at that age. We need to change the culture. And the truth is, sites like Youtube promote all kinds of stuff.

Disclaimer: I've done a fair bit of research in to the make-up scene on youtube. It would be peado heaven if you were inclined that way. I've been subbed to and friends with 13 year old girls that show how to either do the aforementioned concealer type make-up, or the going out type of make up. Usually their dad/mum finds out and the channel gets made private. No loss to me. They were small channels, but you did get the odd pervert. I white knighted as much as I could, keeping them in check, but ultimately it was the responsibility of the parents. Research. And now I'm providing my findings.

I got in to it via ASMR actually if the truth be told, and I have several long standing high sub youtube celebs that can vouch for me. Then I got in to the fashion thing. Now we have had the recent under-age paedo scandal. Yeah right. Like we weren't actively warning you 6-7 years ago about this. Where were the parents? 11 years old and doing make-up toots on how to look like Christina Aguilera? And that stuff goes on more than ever today. This is where perverts hang out and get their kicks, not necessarily the dark web. But 'ad-revenue'.

The wild west is almost over with all this stuff, but then again, a new wild west is starting. As more people connect, children getting sexualised at younger ages by big corporations. It's hypocrisy at its finest. I have 'mens rea' in my defense for anything I've watched. But what do google or youtube have in theirs, after actively promoting this? They push it then they want to police it. It's like a psychodrama.

The more they crush it the more it will grow. Stop buying your kids fucking iPads for fuck's sake.

There should be a domain exclusively for kids. No adults. A safe space if you like (god I hate that term). Anyway, how do we police it? Age verification? Ah ah. Gotcha.


We have seriously failed our kids in providing any kind of framework for them to have a sandbox of their own. And the thing that rustles my jim-jams the most, is how we use them as a lightning rod for the great lightning strike of 'muh children - won't you think of them'. Worse than hypocrisy. It is disingenuous and sinister.

In my time of doing a little research on the matter, it has not just sickened me a little to see how the big organisations like the FBI and CIA and WTF actually perpetrate this crap by letting it go unpunished just for new marks, new hits, new budgets, new kicks probably.

This world is a cesspool. No one cares about the kids. They are just bait.

But wouldn't it be loverly for them to just have their own little world to play among each other, in innocence. If they had that, the government would have to shit on it as an excuse to police the adults, in the name of, just to keep them under control.

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Thumb Up

The UK leads the field in censorship. And perversion.

If it wasn't very naughty, Matron, then I just wouldn't get turned on!

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Paradise Lost!

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Re: This may, perversely, encourage more porn

@Nigel Whitfield.

So the government get to say what is porn and what is not. Noice.

I'm in a similar situation to you with your leather thing, setting up a fetish site with no nudity and no porn. It's fashion based. More patent leather and snakeskin kind of stuff but for rich women.

This is why I've spent all day reading all this BS. It's game over really. The last 3-6 months of research and business planning I have done is down the pan. It wasn't supposed to be porn. Perhaps slightly 'erotic' for those that like that kind of thing, but also with cross-fertilization with bona fide fashion sites and new designers, established retail outlets.

Bummer. So to speak.

Actually, I'm not in a similar situation to you at all. I've got out while the going was good. You, good sir, will most likely have the rug pulled out from right under you very soon. All that hard work down the pan. I wish you well and hope you can salvage something from the mess.

I just feel a total idiot for not picking up on this sooner. Doh. I wonder how many others are about to get caught out as well.

A Ghost

Tom, this is your wife, I was wondering where you were. Come home NOW!

"You've been a very naughty boy", it that helps you cum home any quicker.

I'm waiting!

And it's bin night!

P.S. please bring a Chinese.

No, not girl, food!

Bad bad boy!

A Ghost

Re: Suitable alternatives

See Samantha Fox - she was 16.


3. Raising the legal age

Previously, printing images of women aged 16 or 17 on Page 3 was deemed acceptable. In 1983, Sam Fox was the youngest at only 16 when she first featured topless in the paper with the headline 'Sam, 16, Quits A-Levels for Ooh-Levels'.

However, the passing of the Sexual Offences Act in 2003 resulted in the minimum age for women posing on Page 3 being raised to 18. This now means that all former images featuring women under 18 are now potentially illegal.



A Ghost

This isn't about the 'kids' - it's about control.

Excellent link to that most erudite young lady Pandora you gave el Reg.

Couple of beers, bit of a cock-up on the grammer (sic) front, Reggie. Super! Great!

This is a pre-cursor to the great firewall of Blighty. Of course we can circumvent, but it will mark us all the same. The great unwashed? Let's just say I'm looking forward to seeing my 'dirty bitch' of a Doctor's p()rn viewing habits. She looks like a right goer, she does! Ahem...

Yes, Super! Great!

I didn't get where I am today Reggie by respecting people's privacy!

No CJ.

I just took people's basic human right to privacy and data-raped them to hell and back again!

Yes CJ.



For anyone with more than a passing interest in this, you want to go to Pandora's site and read everything she has written, plus all the people she has linked to like the famous (I hadn't heard of him before, admittedly) Obscenity Laws Lawyer.

This whole shebang makes a mockery of the entire justice system. Totally out of whack with itself. I can see trouble ahead. Never mind the LAMP stack, think of the WANK stack! Or rather the entire justice system stack that will bring this to bear from snooping and finding people, people being outed, deciding who to prosecute to make test cases to set precedents, and then the not so slow drip drip dribble of the true crushing of people's rights and the real reason for all this malarkey. Yup, control!

Not to mention the blackmail. The families ripped apart by the fact that big butch Daddy likes twinks on a Saturday afternoon while Wifey goes to knitting classes. Actually, Wifey is wardriving to hijack people's open WiFi so she can download LezDom porn. She's got a bigger collection than he does. It all comes out when shit meets fan. And I'm not talking about...

That Brenda 4 doors up from you that works in the bins department? She never liked you. You never even knew. You never even knew she was called Brenda. You probably didn't even know she had the fully legal power to access your entire browsing history all in the name of her job. And you wonder why people have stopped talking to you down the pub? Wonder no more. People laughing as you pass them in the street? They know your dirty little secret. In fact, Brenda knows a man who can, and even gleaned a few photos of you in that loli dress, sucking that lolipop so suggestively. And you, a big oil rig worker as well. Tut tut. It's all out now. Think of the kids. Think of your kids. When Brenda's kids tell them, and all the other kids. Men commit suicide for reasons far less than this somewhat plausible scenario.

But the police will be above the law. Remember that mounted police woman who accused someone who snubbed her at a local stables of sexually molesting her 14 year old boy? Yeah, the same one that made threatening phone calls to her family. That's the one, the one that got to resign before getting done entering false malicious information in to the PNC. She gets to keep her pension. She doesn't get prosecuted. Oh well, look on the bright side, in a year or two, knowing her name, where she lives, we will be able to find out her porn viewing habits. Maybe 'she' likes under-age boys ah? Or god forbid, getting a bit too friendly with the horses? Gonna be a lorra lorra fun. The police are not only corrupt, they are above the law when they are found to be corrupt. Justice is not done, and justice is not seen to be being done.

This is not about the children, this is about strict censorship by other means. In fact, it is worse than that. It is blackmail material on the majority of the entire UK population who surf porn. We are already data-raped and privacy-raped to an obscene extent here on this prison island. This is just the next wave that puts the seal on it. A jack boot, forever...

The big 'take' I got from Pandora's excellent write-up was that the UK is actually going to make it illegal for the common stuff we get on the front page of the 'big 5' (most owned by mindgeek) to be illegal. And that they MUST stop distributing it or else face international prosecution. Or whatever you call it when a little island like Britain tries to bully a big continent like America. Good luck with that.

Some of the stuff that is illegal, is common sense. No one needs animal shit. No one needs shit shit. Etc. Common sense and I stand by that wholeheartedly. But to be put in prison for watching someone wear a fucking gas mask is a bridge too far. That's all outlawed now. You do hard time for that.

They are going to go after every one in contact with xhamster pornhub xvideos etc. etc. as business associates and do their best to enforce international law to stop them trading with them. According to this new fancy, those that still show stuff that can not be classified as 18 or R18 by the BRITISH BOARD OF FILM CENSORS (Sorry, CUNTS) will be deemed illegal and if it can be viewed in the UK, Age Verification or no AV, they must take it down. Again, good luck with that. Won't happen of course.

But what will happen is they will block their pipes (oooh no... matron, thrice and thrice nay...), or rather chop it off at the ISP level. Thrice I say: Good luck with that!

But this is the endgame, ooh, 5-10 years down the line. The masses will have fallen in to place. Yes master, I look your boot very much mistress. Yes I've been a naughty boy/girl. I know I must be punished master. I want to be punished. Please punish me. Ooopss. Just had an alcoholic blackout and thought I was on F-List for a moment, mistress...

And all the ones left using proxy, vpn, wtf, will be marked out as subversives and 'people of interest'. They might have made the haystack bigger, but with these measures, they will make the needles easier to find also.

I called it about 5 years ago on this very website. VPN will be banned for anyone that is not a registered business.

The government are fucking shitting themselves. These measures are not only unenforceable and unworkable, they are bat-shit crazy, criminally insane. Unintended consequences. I'm going to be checking the chans and pastebin for my dirty doctor's dirty secrets. Has she been playing away from home? What's her kink eh? Bet she's got one. And with a dump of her email addy along with all the other info, I can rip her accounts - all of them - private chat, phone messages, picture and image backup off her iPhone. Oh yes.

I for one can't wait for our new Totalitarian Fuckwit Overlords to bring this about.

Fat fucking city.

I don't hack/crack btw, but I know a man who can. And he doesn't charge very much at all. Worth every penny to see what my dirty bitch of a doctor is up to behind closed doors. Up until now, I never really had a chance. With this new fiasco, it's just a matter of time. Patience, my precious, you will be mine, you will be pwned, yes, yes...

[If it's not totally clear by now with me acting the goat, I wouldn't actually do that to my lovely doctor. But just imagine some sick deranged fuck of a stalker in my little role play]

Reggie thinks of Theresa May and gets a serious flashback to a large Hippopotamus.

OOh look, my connection got reset and part of my post deleted. That like, never, happens, when I'm posting subversive content.

Whatevs. Go here and check out what Pandora has to say:


Chuck her a couple of quid as well if you can. She's a very intelligent lady. I don't even necessarily agree with everything she does. But who cares what I think? She's putting her time and effort in and doing a damn good job. It's probably going to be her main job in a few months time as she might have to close her entire business down if this all goes ahead, which it will.

Asian hornets are HERE... those honey bee murdering BASTARDS

A Ghost

I saw one of the fuckers, or one of its ilk, about 8 years ago, just hovering in a field, menacingly. The barb was half as long as its body. Bright Yellow and Black it was. Hovering. Menacingly.

Don't matter how dumb you are - you know you don't want to get stung by one of them!

I've seen a few of them over the years, but then again, I've lived a long time. Pretty rare they are.

Beautiful though, in their way. And just as valid a life form as any here on Earth.

TRUMP: ICANN'T EVEN! America won't hand over internet control to Russia on my watch

A Ghost

All hail the new Golden Don!

Trump is going to be the next President of the United States, no matter what you think.

He always was. It was set in stone a few months back.

And the shock will be massive to you, because you just didn't see it coming, listening to all the leftard bullshit.

Trump represents a new age - a turning point. He represents the little man, the average man, the real man. The men that are prepared to fight and to go to war, unlike posers and leftards that can only post comments on a forum and call it activism.

This is why Trump will win:

His supporters are more numerous than your particular pet. They are better looking. They are smarter. They are better traveled and more worldly wise. They are richer and more independent. They are not weak and are self-reliant.

They subscribe to family values, seeing cultural marxism and little georgie sorrows's foundations for what they are: A direct attack on the nuclear family with the bullshit promotion of lgbtaqasfu rights.

Well, this is where it gets interesting, and this happens to also coincide with the point y'all have not being paying attention about: blacks, the poor, the gays, the queers, all luuuuurve Trumpy baby, and they will vote for him. And they will vote for him in greater numbers than fucking broken crooked hillary - a fucking warmonger and cunt of the highest order.

America will be made great again. And Trump is the man to do it.

And America will keep all its guns, and it will keep their inalienable rights and amendments, because they see how we have been so sorely fucked here in Europe, with grown men turned into fucking pussies that don't have the bollocks to even post a fucking comment on a Register article.

They won't let that happen. You will NOT take the guns off the Americans. You will have to pry them out of their cold dead hands. Because, just to reiterate, they do not want to end up as the fucking totalitarian hell-hole that is the uk, france, germany, where fucking words are illegal, where fucking thought is illegal, where asking a fucking question is illegal.

You see, fellow Europeans, this is the difference between us and them. They are not fucking pussies like the rest of you. They are prepared to give their lives. You won't even post a comment of a forum

So, mock all you like, name call and 'can't even' as much as you like, like the little bitches you are.

Donald Trump - The Golden Don - The Donald - is going to be the next President of the United States of America. The greatest fucking country on Earth. The only free country left on Earth. And you will cry, you will be posting little snarks about it in the Guardian in a years time. Can't even. That's right. You fucking can't even.

This was set in stone a few months back by the way. It was a foregone conclusion. I advise you all to jump on the Trump Train: DON'T BE A CHUMP - SUPPORT THE TRUMP!

It just goes to show, what a false sense of security you have all been led into. Oh, and btw, Jeremy Corbyn has a much chance of being the next Prime Minister of England, as Shrillary Crooked Clinton has of being the next President.

There's a change a-coming.

There's something going on here Mrs. Jones, but you don't know what it is, do you?

Clinton is going down. The dynasty is over. The Bush's are going down - another dynasty over with. And you don't even see that as a good thing, the simpleton fuckwits y'all are. Brainwashed, truly brainwashed.

The IT field and the nerds have lost all respect from the common man. You have no will to power. You can not fight - you are impotent. You don't even have the fucking bollocks to post a fucking message on a forum when May and her Tory Stasi spy on you and data rape you to hell and back. Scared of the Police probably. Laughing stock. That is what you are.

America leads the way in freedom. It is the greatest country in this world, and not one other country will fuck with them. And now they have a new truly Glorious Leader - his name is: Donald Trump.

All hail the Golden Don!

This is the dawning of a new age.

The beautiful, the black, the clever, the brave, the queer, the cool - this is our time now. You had yours, you fucked it up. Now it's time to put things right. There can only be one man to lead us in that job.

The Donald.

Dr. T.

The Golden Don.

Pretty soon, it is going to start hitting home to you, just how much you leftards have been lied to, and you will be angry. Most of you will displace that anger by turning on your own, turning on yourselves even. But enough of you will come around and join our side: The Right Side. There can be no other.

History is on our side, my friends.

All hail Pepe. The frog that refused to be boiled.

Top Kek.

Yes, things have been 'interesting', but they are about to get 'exciting'.

And you don't know what the difference is, do you? Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones...

Well you are about to find out. I really can't wait to see the look of shock on your faces. After you have been warned and warned and warned, after you had the internet at your disposal but chose to live in an echo chamber.

We are the beautiful, the brave, the black, the bisexuals, the best of men and women.

What a time to be alive.

Lethal 4-hour-erection-causing spiders spill out of bunch of ASDA bananas

A Ghost
Black Helicopters

Arachnids, Sar! Farsands of 'em!

I have a whole family of False Widows in my home. Thousands of them. I assume.

They parachute down at night and land on my head. I catch them sometimes. They live under my bed mostly. I regularly find them crawling over me as I go to sleep.

I would imagine I've been bitten quite a few times by now, and I must be immune to the venom. I saw a program on a bloke that used to keep snakes and would up the dosage of the actual venom he milked, day by day or week by week, making him immune and his whole immune system stronger.

I also live with a lot of mould, not having cleaned for years. There is bacteria everywhere. Rotting food.

I do make sure I wash up every day though and have clean work surfaces so I don't get food contaminated - I'm a stickler for food hygiene in that sense. My fridge has several types of mould in it, having said that.

I've had a few very severe stabbing pains, that I assume come from bites from the baby False Widows. The bigger ones are the size of a 50p coin almost, and yes, have the death skull on them. I've studied them quite a bit, and it seems there are actually two variations of them here in the south of england.

I'd like to save them all and not kill any of them when I have a clear up soon. But alas that will not be practical - sorry little fellas.

When I say I have thousands of them, I mean literally thousands of them. They really don't bite you at all and are actually very friendly, for a spider, just wanting to live, and to have babies, and replicate. Bit like us really.

The death head skulls are fascinating under the magnifying glass. But you can tell that this is a spider you don't mess with. There's a mutual respect. I'm going to regret getting rid of them. I always put them under a glass and put them outside (which usually means death anyway). When you disturb them, they are all over the place and the chances of getting bitten are much higher. So I have started 'exterminating' (murdering) the little buggers, albeit with a heavy heart.

I don't recall ever consciously being bitten by one Steatoda nobilis - but I must have been, at one point at least. If not several times.

I used to have almost fist sized house spiders that everyone gets this time of year when the wet sets in, but funnily enough, I've not seen any for a couple of years now. Seen them off, I suppose.

Yes, it will be a shame to see them go, when I clean up, after about five years of dust, mould, detritus, cruft and whatnot. I think five years is long enough for anyone to have a nervous breakdown, and with no end in site, no help on the horizon, it's time to POST by pulling oneself up by the proverbials.

Oooh, titter ye not - sounds painful! Nooo...

Maybe not as painful as getting bitten by a false widow though. I'm almost tempted to pick one up in my hand. And maybe I will, when I find the last one, just keep it as a pet - if I find I am immune, I wouldn't mind having them in the house - they certainly keep quiet company.

EU ends anonymity and rules open Wi-Fi hotspots need passwords

A Ghost

Yes, their are!

A Ghost

Re: ISP != "Internet Service Provider"?

Internet Sensoring Pricks?

It's late. I've run out of glue.

It's fucking murder finding a carpet laying shop around here in the middle of the night.

And I live in Axminster!

Never mind the horror! It's the fucking irony I can't deal with.

[plausible deniability, your honour - I was out of my mind at the time, suffering severe Thixofix withdrawal]

A Ghost
Black Helicopters

Re: Does anyone who cares ...

Of course, the tech savvy know to use VPN when in public wifi land such as at airports. I'm not even tech savvy and I know that.

I upvoted you, even though it seems you did not read and digest my earlier rant/post.

It's all about the MIME - Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment complex.

None can exist without the other now. Lady Gaga and Adele are as complicit in the killing of innocent children, as Thorn EMI (great label-Harvest-Harvest Moon-Dark Side of the Moon - Well an eclipse actually, but I digress). Whoah, the synchronicity...

There was an eclipse of the Harvest Moon tonight, and Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side of the Moon on the EMI imprint - sub-label 'Harvest'. Why do I bother?


It's all about demoralisation of a population via psychological operations. There are books written on it. It's not made up. It's real. And Adele, and Lady Fucking Gaga are the enemy!

Not even joking or being ironic.

It's not about copyright theft, it's about control.

Have you noticed all the big torrent sites getting shut down? The ones left, riddled with malware. They are putting the internet genie back in the bottle (a la the John Walker essay).

It's all about restoring the Consumer/Producer paradigm (or vice versa) like back when the BBC could rattle off any old shit and cause micro-revolutions in populations via divide/conquer.

Read the essay by John Walker - The Digital Imprimatur - it is on Fourmilab.ch - and any hacker worth his salt, or even worth his weight (swidt?) will already know it.

They are putting the internet genie back in the bottle. The whole MIME paradigm (Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment complex) is just a smoke screen, within a smoke screen within muh kiddie-fiddlers, via muh copyright infringers, via, muh terrorists.

They are the fucking terrorists! And to say that is treason!

Pretty sure most of you could have figured all this out for yourselves, if you could only face The Horror!

Cognitive dissonance is a bitch alright. One that will come back to bite you on the arse, when Adele and Lady Fucking Gaga are herding you into the cattle train on the one-way railway, to go for a little 'clean-up' for being the dirty dissenter you are.

Hell, I'll probably be manning the fucking ticket turn-style if the powers that be have a sense of humour about it all. If not, I'll be fighting for air like the rest of you beaten fuckers....

We really didn't love our freedoms enough. Did we?

Film at 11, but fuck all on.

Night night.

A Ghost

Re: Don't blame Pirates.

Thanks for the support. Means a lot.

Like Colonel Kurtz - I go too far sometimes, I'd be the first to admit it!

The horror...


A Ghost

Re: Don't blame Pirates.

All too true. It's game over for the internet. Totalitarianism is here. It's only cognitive dissonance that is stopping people from seeing it. The horrible truth, is, well, too horrible. It will be illegal to not have an internet connection in a little while. It will be illegal to use a VPN for personal use in a few years time (if that). You know how it goes.

The internet has turned into a fucking fascist nightmare. It's wild west time allright, but not for the common man, for the law makers and law breakers, the spies, the top five companies that run the net (google et al). They just don't give a flying fuck. In bed with the politicians who are pissing themselves with fear over the threat the internet provides to their authority. They are putting the internet genie back into the bottle. Game over. It's already lost.

They do it bit by bit, like the proverbial frog boiling. Already services are stopping working on Tor, bit by bit, like the proverbial frog, boiling. Tor is already compromised. But most websites just block it when they detect an exit node (or wtf), even then, the crippling you get by blocking javascript et al makes it essentially useless.

There is no anonymity, there is no privacy. Game over.

Totalitarianism is here, today. Already I see most of you too afraid to comment on articles in this very esteemed organ. I get it. You don't want to get your name on the list. You're afraid. I do understand.

I know that quite a few of you care about this, but you don't say anything about it, due to fear. The fascists have already won. Call them totalitarians, fascists, or whatever - same thing. Authoritarianism gone mad. They are already stepping on your faces, and you just say: Do it to Julia, do it to Julia!

I'm going to stop making political comments as well. I don't see why I should martyr myself for other's freedom, when they won't stand up and be counted. You didn't love your freedom enough. Now it's been taken away from you. Game over.

Voland's Right Hand wrote:


So, let's step back for a minute. There are two ways to look at this.

1. The anonymity of the Internet is an essential freedom.

2. The Internet natural development route is over time to stop being anonymous and the identity of each and every user and device to be known.

Realistically, we are already very close to 2 anyway.


You are very right, in fact more right than you realise. Did I mention the war has been lost? Game over.

We aren't 'very close' at all. It's finished, there is nothing left to discuss. It both amazes and sickens me at the same time when we get these articles in el Reg, and they only get a dozen weak and lame comments. Time after time, because you are scared. That means they have already won. They have put the fear of god into you. They have divided and conquered you.

And it will be you, good little techie boys and girls you are, that implement the future stamping on the face of humanity, coz let's face it, you've done fuck all so far. But I understand, you are afraid. There are laws against thinking the wrong way. Words are being banned. You may realise (and I know you do) that when you ban words, you ban thought. You of all people know that. You can be put in jail for offending someone. They have crushed your freedoms bit by bit, and you can't face up to the sheer blatant inhumanity of what they are doing. I understand. You're afraid. Game over.

There's an essay that is over ten years old now, by John Walker of Autodesk fame (not to mention fourmilab.ch) - in fact it's sub-titled "How big brother and big media can put the Internet genie back in the bottle."


It's a long essay, and not really totally understandable by non-techies. Most of you here will have no problem with it, at least getting the gist of it anyway.

Read it and weep. It's 13 years old now. Everything he predicted has come to pass (just about). Unique identifiers on chips, licenses needed like a driving license, draconial laws to punish dissenters. It's fucking soviet russia and the stazi all rolled in to one, but on steroids. I'm a pseudo intellectual and not well read, but even I know what time it is and what's up. The genie is not coming back out of the bottle now.

Game over. You just didn't love your freedom enough.

And all done in the name of 'hate speech', paedophiles etc. Pure bollox, and you know it is. They have the power to close the paedos down if they want, but they allow them to exist, because it pushes their agenda forward. They don't care about little kids getting fucked up the arse, because it's just collateral damage to them. It's YOU they fear, it's YOU they are attacking. And it is YOU that are conveniently turning a blind eye, because, well, the horror...

They are ramping it up - the whole shebang. Because they have to act fast while you are beaten down, because you are. They know they can get away with it, because you let them. Because you are afraid. I understand. I'm only posting this, because I want to die. I am ready to take my own life at any moment. The end can't come quick enough for me. But don't worry all the security services reading this, I won't martyr myself. I'm going to shut up and be a good little boy, with all the rest of them, there will be no further dissent from me. I'm no rabble rouser. You probably even appreciate the psychological impact it will have on the weak and the silent. You've put them in their place, they are afraid, and pretty soon it's going to be time to start slapping them around a bit. And you'll get away with it - it might even be fun!

Paedophiles my arsehole, it's the general population that must be stopped. And this is how they do it - this is how they put the internet genie back in the bottle. Read that 13 year old essay by John Walker. It will make your blood run cold.

What we are dealing with here, is not the MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL complex. It is the MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL/MEDIA/ENTERTAINMENT complex. Or MIME for short.

This is what all this is about. The media are as complicit in all of this as the paedophiles. At least the paedos are honest about what they do. And as for the entertainment (music) industry, well, you didn't realise something was up, when music died over ten years ago? Crushed. Only for cookie-cutter inanities like fucking Adele, being used as tools of the establisment to demoralise the population via mediocrity, useful idiots they are.

Anyway, never mind all that, those cunts on mumsnet have a lot to answer for. But eh, muh kiddie-fiddlers.

Hopefully I've not offended anyone. Though I feel seriously fucking offended every minute of every day, just being alive and breathing in the air on this seriously fucked up planet. And I know I'm not the only one.

Have a good day.

Great British Block-Off: GCHQ floats plan to share its DNS filters

A Ghost

Re: I look forward

I wouldn't look too far forward to it. There's a law against that, with increasing severity of penalties the more impotent they are to protect against it.

The way I see it (and I'm no network guru) the greater powers have it all stitched up - hook line and sinker.

Sure, they now have more data to sift, sure it's not meant to prevent paedophilia, sure it's not meant to protect against terrorist attacks. It's meant to stamp the Digital Imprimatur on things.


Forget about encryption (I'm no crypto guru either), there's a back door/tap for that.

Forget about it all.

The truth is, we have already been harvested. TOR for one - the biggest honeypot in the world. Remember Silk Road? They let it run, harvesting the punters, and then skimming all the profits - 4 million bit coins was it? Ta very much!

Talking of TOR, set up by Naval Intelligence. Yeah, conspiracy theory. Remember Silk Road?

They are not going to tell you there is a back door in it. Remember when people were called paranoid for claiming there was a key in windows for the NSA? Paranoid, yeah, paranoid as Andy Grove - only the paranoid survive right? Andy's done alright for himself hasn't he? CPUs that can change state with the computer turned off, all via Ethernet. Bloody hell, now that is what I call paranoia.

And that is just what we know about, what they are telling us.

One thing is for sure, software and the whole shenanigans involved with it has reached such a state of complexity, that even those that work on high-end stuff don't know wtf is going on. Remember Ken Thompson and the compiler thing? People are still asking if it is still a threat. Try explaining that to Doris at no.46 who just uses Facefuck to sell time in her 'properly equipped dungeon'.

And talking of honey pots, and talking of the NSA - fuck it - we're still being harvested - as we have been for the last 10 years or more - let me tell you this, something very interesting I came across the other day:

I started using Opera Developer edition to check out the VPN built in to it. Some people said it wasn't a proper VPN, and I can dig that, but it was handy for testing and interesting to play with.

I did an Alexa type check on a website I was curious about, just to see what traffic was like lately, and lo and behold, even though I was supposedly using an IP address from the Netherlands, the bloody server was in the fucking NSA data center in Utah! Ditto for the American IP that was an option in it as well.

Ok, it was actually less than a hundred miles up the road in a small unassuming building, that obviously had a server farm (and was a known quantity) - so there you go for plausible deniability. It wasn't in Holland though.

I went a bit mad with the IP tracing, and the whole whois shebang. Honeypot!

Shortly after, my internet started cutting out, and the Opera Developer edition stopped working altogether - it's fucked totally now. Just for me. Great idea - provide a free 'VPN' and have the servers in Utah in the NSA fucking data center - genius - you have to hand it to them. Not that they couldn't have got the information anyway, by other means, but that was bold. Must have been a reason for it.

I don't know much about it, and maybe I made a mistake, but what are the odds of that? Doesn't that seem fishy to you? You think you have a Netherlands IP, but the server is a few miles down the road from the NSA HQ? Ditto the American IP.

Maybe an innocent explanation. I only discovered it by chance, but still.

All the same, if you made a comment on the Guardian newspaper and had it deleted by a radical feminist, your name has been harvested. I wonder what they plan to do with all this information?

There can't be enough jack-booted nazis to carry out door to door exterminations can there?

I wasn't paranoid before, but I am now. That means, I can't really be paranoid, because paranoid people always deny they are paranoid. So maybe I'm not that paranoid after all.

No wonder most people don't want to face up to the shit that's going down at the moment. And the tech savvy especially. Now, I imagine you could get really paranoid if you knew what you were doing (thankfully I don't).

A Ghost

It's called M.I.M.E - the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment complex.

They're all in it together.

See Tom and Hugh playing big time Arms dealers, living the life. And they want you to pay for this shit?

Fuck off.

A Ghost

Re: Don't be daft. They want you to use Tor.


I would never use TOR in a million years to do something nefarious. Not that I do anything particularly nefarious, but there you go.

I use it to have a little anonymity in relation to the website I am visiting, knowing all the time I'm wide open to the greater powers. But the website on the other end? Not so much.

BBC detector vans are back to spy on your home Wi-Fi – if you can believe it

A Ghost

Re: So, now you need to pay even though you only use it to watch pornhub?

Probably willfully obtuse, but I'll bite.

You do NOT need a TV license if you have the BBC blocked at your Router. That means it is physically impossible to pick up the transmissions, because they do NOT occur.

I'm breaking NO laws at all.

The BBC have been given mandate to illegally hack into my computer, and there is not much I can do about that. They might report me for all the child porn I download, or all the bomb-making materials I disseminate to Jihadis, but, they can not so far do me for watching the BBC when it is physically impossible for me to receive it.

They can not however do me for the TV I have in my living room. I am just about to pick one up in fact for watching VHS videos - my mum is chucking it out and I have a video of me and mates on VHS that I want to watch. They can do fuck all. That is the law.

I'm not pissed off about anything to do with being stopped from being a freeloader, because I am not. I don't use the BBC services at all, apart from news and catch up, and like I said, that stops the end of month. Even the wonderful sky at night. I won't torrent it or circumvent it because I am taking the moral high ground. Oh, and the legal high ground too.

Those that wish to break the law, I have no opinion on. I know what I am doing is totally legal and also moral. I couldn't give a shit about the 'you won't believe what happened next' bullshit the bbc news has started to peddle. That and deceptive headlines that outright lie. I have proof. I have facts. Screenshots.

They can eat shit and die as far as I am concerned.

You may not believe me, but I am being monitored under RIPA. I get a hard hard knock on my door in the next few days. In fact, the last time I posted anything as subversive as this, the fucking goons came around the very next fucking morning.

And you paid for it! Mugs.

I will go to prison before I pay a penny to the BBC.

I am not breaking the law. I have proof I am not breaking the law.

So fuck off cunts.

Fucking totalitarian child rapers and child raping protectors. You're fucking done. And when I get my cameras and microphones set up, I'm really going to rip you a new one if you try to knock my door off the hinges again. Cunts. They nearly took it off last time. I thought they were beating it with a battering ram.

This is why I'm fucked off, not coz I'm too tight to pay a piddling few pennies for a service that on the whole is probably worth it. I honestly would have paid the license fee just for Sky at Night alone. But no, you had to be cunts about it.

Oh and now that they will be sending around the TV detector vans, I suppose I had better stop downloading all that child torture porn and the bomb-making stuff too. JOKE.

Yes, it's a fucking joke, coz they already monitor me in real time via RIPA.

What self-respecting kiddy fiddler or terrorist would admit to that on a public forum eh?

Won't stop them carting me away and torturing me for a bit eh? Because that is what all this is about innit? They couldn't give a fuck about the TV license. They want you all to be good girls and boys and do the fuck as you are told.

I expect them to make an example of me sooner rather than later, now that I am so obviously on their radar. And those of you that pay for a BBC license are funding my fucking persecution, so drink deep from that one as well.

What a time to be alive. Worried I'm going to be dragged out of bed and be tortured by goons for having the temerity not to pay for a service that I don't use. Let's see how long it takes the cunts to knock on my door this time shall we? I'll be reporting back, if I'm still around...

Oh, and rest in peace, Patrick Moore, like Jimmy Savile had engraved on his tomb stone: IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED.

A Ghost

The year the BBC died

No problemo with all of this, for me personally any way. I'm prepared to go to prison before I pay for a TV license.

But besides that, no need for prison yet, and I'll tell you why.

First, I will be blocking the BBC on the Router at Domain level, even the news websites because they sneakily put those LIVE things up sometimes without due warning and I might click on it pissed one night coming back from the pub. That means that I will not physically be able to watch even if I wanted to. I will also make amendments to my hosts file.

Second, I will disable wireless on my Router. I don't use it anyway, but I do need to find a way to switch it off so it is most definitely NOT TRANSMITTING. I need to research this, and it may involve buying another Router as I have not been able to find a quick and easy way to disable it yet. But I will.

Third, I don't answer the door to strangers. Ever. The harder you knock, the harder I laugh. Knock it all day fellas if you like. No open sesame for you goons. I could record and video the conversation and I am in the process of setting that up, as I'm sick of their fucking harassment, but for now, your name's not down your not coming in.

When I do get this set up with video and audio recording, I will remove their implied right of access and inform them that should they harass me again, I will be charging a fee of 200 GBP an hour in my future dealings with them, which will include a letter to my local police station informing them of the said harassment. I will also be sending letters to my MP, again at the rate of 200 GBP per hour, informing them of same. There will be letters to newspapers and there will be posts on websites and blogs like this, also informing people of the harassment I am suffering. I think we are looking at about a tidy Grand there. And of course, it will have been put in writing to them, recorded delivery so they know what they are dealing with. The law is on my side.

So, with no wifi to sniff and the BBC blocked at the Router, there is fuck all they can do but threaten me and invade my privacy.

It doesn't matter that they have been given dispensation. The fact is we are still in the EU and as I understand it, it is illegal under EU law currently to do this. If it is illegal to probe your computer for ad-blockers, it most certainly is illegal to sniff your traffic. That is if it is workable, which of course, it is not. Possibly from a technical viewpoint, but not from a pragmatic viewpoint.

This is the 21st Century equivalent of those ads that said: "WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!." Remember them?

It's a proven well known fact that the detector vans were total bullshit. Yes, the technology did exist in theory but it was limited in usefulness, expensive and only really rolled out for true military and anti-terrorist purposes. So I have been told. I may be wrong, so pinch of salt. The detector vans never had one person prosecuted, they were scaremongering, that is all I know for a fact according to FOI requests.

But fuck all that. The fact that they have the brass balls to just come out and say 'we are going to spy on you' is enough to get my back up. Fuck you BBC and Capita cunts. You won't be missed.

It will be with heavy heart when I set all this up on a clean and new system image (with everything blocked) for proof of dates should I need them. I will watch the Sky at Night for one last time, and even though dear dear Patrick Moore is no longer with us, it's a top quality program. I will listen to that evocative music one last time. It will remind me of when I was a child, staying up later than I should have, in black and white, to learn about science and cosmology. God bless them all.

And one last 'fuck you cunts' to the BBC. Just who the fuck do you think you are to treat innocent people like shit in this way? I will go to prison before they get a penny out of me. That's a promise. If they lob it in with internet tax, I will disconnect from the net. Yes, I'll be one of the few, but we do exist.

Fucking chumps and goons... What a time to be alive. To see the encroaching totalitarian state take shape before our very eyes. This is not about the BBC, it's about population control.

Oh, did I mention Fuck YOU BBC and Crapita? No, ok, one last time, just to make sure you got it:



Ad blockers responsible for rise in upfront TV ad sales, claims report

A Ghost

The more the money men smell blood in the water

the more they will try to subvert the whole system.

Talking of surreptitious ad-placement...

We'll get to that in a bit.

Something I have noticed recently - say the last week or two since I've properly posted - is that sites like the Daily Mail are now hard coding videos into their main page. This gets the whole fan whirring again like billy-o! It slows down loading, you know, all the benefits from having 4 fucking videos playing constantly on a single page. Nice work Einstein.

They get away with this because people have fast computers, but for those of us that don't, it's bloody rude.

Also, the Independent, has started nagging with every page 'WE SEE YOU ARE USING AN AD-BLOCKER'. That's right. What the fuck is it to you? Want me to go elsewhere for my comic reading?

It's actually illegal to probe my system for plugins. Against the law. Yet you think it is acceptable.

Because it is very easy to go elsewhere or not visit a site. There is not one single news site in the world today giving impartial news. The whole fucking lot is disgraceful propaganda. And they want me to pay to be lied to?

Another thing that is notable in the current deconstruction of the media is the fact that they have actually stopped writing articles. That is right. They have given up. They now link to or show rather, fucking twatter posts by no-marks. Not a coherent paragraph to even precis what it is they are trying to convey.

And they want me to pay? To allow my machine to be ad-raped by them on top? Fat chance bozos.

But yeah, talking of dirty tricks and ad-placement (as we earlier were). I've noticed a massive, disruptive even, tangent that all of the major Audio sites have taken lately. I'm talking the only ones that matter, the big ballers in the game.

They are absolutely riddled with posts about 'How do I get this Calvin Harris sound he used in "I'm gonna mug you off, bitch" - the one that sounds like a pair of spoons?'. Then they post in another section of the site, under a different troll name, all with less than 5 posts that registered last week, and they ask 'Do you think Calvin Harris is an untalented twat, or the great white hope of rock'n'roll music?'.

Of course, they get a response. It's pretty obvious that Calvin Harris, and I do mean Calvin Harris specifically has got his PR people to do false advertising via trolling on the site. The site owners know this as well, but for some reason don't seem too bothered. Times must be hard for clicks eh lads.

The quality of these sites has gone down so much that long term posters are leaving in droves, leaving only the most severe of autists that do not have a life to argue among themselves like a bunch of m****s. And oh the shit-storm that ensues if you try to point out that this is false advertising.

I'm not sure if Calvin Harris personally sanctioned this, it is probably one of his 50-60K PR people who had a bright spark one night. It does not reflect well on him seeing as he is the most successful DJ in the UK at the moment, and he is effectively fucking destroying what was a really valuable resource.

It's not just Calvin Harris and his people breaking the rules though. All kinds of low-life no-marks are at it and it is tolerated.

In short, Forums are dying a death. The good people who contribute want nothing more to do with the total bullshit that is going on there, and are voting with their feet, allowing the cancer to spread further. I've lost all respect for places that I spent years of my life at, giving, making a difference. Now I'm gone. I'm not missed. And that says it all.

So it's not just people trying to sell a product, it is people trying to sell a person or a lifestyle or a 'concept'. The forum policemen there are very careful about when they stick their head above the parapet, they will condescendingly correct someone for getting a fact wrong (in good faith even) but they will not risk upsetting the sites owners by pointing out a likely troll. I'm talking 80/20 percent likelihood it is a troll. Bums on seats, darlings.

Bums on seats m'boys.

At the end of the day, there aren't enough people fighting. And I'm getting tired of being one of the few people to point this shit out.


Carry on, you'll get away with it.

And they will, because they will get away with it.

And you will accept it.

And they will have won.

The only thing that shocks me more about what these bastards are doing is the fact that so few people find it unacceptable. So they will get what they deserve.

I'm stopping making music, I'm giving up computers and I'm disconnecting off the net.

I want no part in humanity any further if this is what it is.

You just didn't love your freedoms enough!

Spotify, YouTube pay musicians with ever-shrinking buttons

A Ghost

For the moment

Listen to this as a possible reference point:

Talk Talk - Laughing Stock


It is the final work in series of masterful works, each a piece of genius in its own right.

Mark Hollis had the right idea. Look up his interviews on youtube. He did everything he wanted to do.

His record company raped him and made his mind up.

He don't make any money from touring coz he dropped out of the game. I hope his record company still give him some royalties (pretty sure they do).

Very few people reach this level of musical self-actualisation. He marries all his work with this final album. I would die happy, easy and fulfilled to have reached this point.

But I will die alone, without more than a dozen people hearing my work. Good job it's not just about me.

The people that make music do it coz they have to. Very rarely does money or recognition come in to it with the big boys.

If you haven't heard Laughing Stock before, listen to it now. It's on youtube for free. Buy the album if you can and put a few pennies in the jar. Mark don't care. He has a family. Kids he takes to school. He has more than the respect of his peers. He has their respect for his music. And he has their greater respect for telling the man to fuck off.

I can't compete with this level of talent. But I know something special when I hear it.

This is what I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MnpgEAG3bM

And I know a man of suitable morals when I see one. Not a hero. Just someone with the right idea. Shame so many have stars in their eyes.

It's a new day. If you want new music, you are going to have to help us. So far, you are just all leaving us out to dry, with big words. We will be gone soon.

Anyway, tomorrow. Maybe.

A Ghost

How about just making art for arts sakes?

Er, that is what I just wrote a 2000 word essay on, gratis, for you, for you to read. And you obviously did not read it, or at least, did not digest it.

No worries.

Quite a few good points here, and tomorrow I shall revisit and tackle them all one by one, even yours too Alexgs138.

Making art for art's sake? That is what all us great artists do.

It's not that people won't pay for it. They will. They will pay an arm and a leg and get the tattoo. They just don't get to hear it. And this is the crux of the problem, with google and youtube effectively taking over distribution and dissemination.

I resorted to hyperbole in my post, but there was seed a of truth in there.

Maybe tomorrow?

A Ghost
Thumb Up

Re: This is where the party ends

As an artist, if you don't like the fact that people are going to listen to your work without paying, your redress is limited to plain, old-fashioned withdrawal of labour. Except even that isn't going to work, if people can live without the work you do.

Face it, the party is over. It was fun, for a lot of people, for awhile; but this is where it ends. With a whimper, not a bang.

Indeed, the party is over.

I have withdrawn my labour. I had some kind of fantasy about giving it all away for free, and I worked toward that to an extent, setting up a great website etc. etc.

But it's not worth it. I'm paying for the hosting and putting all the work in. It's just stupid. So I stopped.

There is also the fact that people just aren't interested in music anymore. Most people don't like music. I know I don't, even though I make it. Coupled with the fact, that the few people that do listen to music, don't like to listen to 'good' music, they like 'shit' music.

I do realise how that last paragraph sounds, but I'll just leave it there for those that can understand. Maybe you need to really be deep in to the music to get that, without a further explanation being required.

I know of other musical geniuses as well that have withdrawn their labour. There really is no distribution mechanism for artists to get paid - they get gouged everytime. It's a stitch-up, and all you can do is start drinking heavily, turn to drugs, give up hope, accept defeat and abandon the literally decades of gruelling hard work that molded you into that musical genius. It's what I do!

There is also another factor at play for the high-end musical geniuses like me. There is no scene any more. It's not possible to play a festival now without being privacy-raped. I will not have cameras pointing at me during a gig. And that's just the fucking parasitical BBC. What about the 'audience'? Bunch of mug-punters. If someone started filming me on their phone while I was performing, I would down tools.

In short, this modern world is not for me. I'll leave it to the gullible kids and the cynical old codgers exploiting them. It's actually reached a point, where anyone, anyone at all 'making music' now is not taken seriously. I can't think of one act off the top of my head that is active today that I have respect for.

One simply just does not go into the music biz any more. If you do, you're a prat. End of. It's over. Leave it to the clowns. It's clown world now, all the way to the top and to the bottom.

I have respect for certain niche artists who have made a nice little set up for themselves and because they have a decent income stream and families to feed and mortgages to pay, they soldier on in the face of it. But even they know it is over now. Still, if it pays for that new 20,000 quid mixing desk, more power to ya! A lot of these though will be making money by playing live and selling their souls. There is not an artist in this world that like being taken for a performing clown for someone's fucking bucket list and having cameras flashing at him while he is singing songs about the most intimate of details. Sure, narcissists will love it, and there are a lot of narcissists in the game. But we aren't all attention seeking idiots. You know, some of us are shy and introverted and sensitive.

There is also the myth that artists make money by playing live. Some do, some don't. Most don't. You need to be very big to do this. A small band can't make a decent wage by playing live, it is just not possible. You are gouged at every level from the venue to the booking agent etc. etc. - bit like google/youtube is gouging its exploited.

It's doubly ironic for me, because I worked my whole life to reach the point of artistic brilliance that I have been aiming for my whole life. I did this in the past year or two only, and now, just as I achieved it, the whole game has not just been turned on its head, but totally killed off.

Yes, game over!

But by all means, if you are a wannabee musician/producer reading this, then waste your life/money/time on trying to convince the world that your particular brand of 'music' (that everyone has heard a million times or more) is just what the world needs, if you could only get that 'big break'. I know, you could use the internet, youtube say! No one else has thought of that have they? And of course, your particular brand of crap is better than their brand of crap, so you have that going for you. Why don't you go and do a degree in becoming a 'pop star' - lots of that about too for the 'needy'.

The truth of the matter is, your music is shit, and no one cares. It's all been done before, and even people who have invented new forms of music (such as myself) have no market, because people don't want new forms of music, they want a simulacra of what went before in the 6789'0's. It is just not authentic otherwise, and if it isn't authentic, then it doesn't count. Because it's all about being seen to have the experience, not to have the experience itself, hence all the cameras at gigs. Ask Kate Bush how she feels about that.

But at least I'm not bitter.

I still make music. I am an artisan. I write the songs. I play the instruments. Make the arrangements. I produce it. I engineer it. And then I edit it. And finally I master it. And I do all that to a 'good enough' level, i.e. it sounds fucking amazing, sonically, it makes you happy and warm, it makes you cry and it touches deeper emotions that you never even knew you had, or knew you had, but just had locked away until I opened the floodgates for you. No one can take that away from me, and it is my deepest pleasure and joy in this life, and the one thing I can count on in a world without friends or family, without any money to go anywhere - it's a counterpoint to a life so miserable, that I don't want to live anymore. It's probably the only thing that has stopped me from committing my long-planned suicide.

And on that cheery note...

I haven't given up (on life or music), and even though it is most definitely game over now, I am looking at new distribution and dissemination mechanisms. I can assure you, that this will in no way take into consideration any current 'music' platform at all. Youtube, Google, iTunes, Apple et al. are the enemy - they will not be dealt with in this new world I have planned. Sure, the stuff will end up getting ripped and put on youtube later one, but I'll worry about that if and when it ever happens.

I won't win of course, but at least I am going down fighting. Unlike all the other pathetic weak-willed wannabees sucking satan's corporate cock. Are you in a band? In the 'current year'? Shame on you. You are part of the problem.


This is an extremely interesting time. I feel as if we are the verge of something big. There has been a vacuum in the music industry for the last 20 years, but yes, it's ending more with a whimper than a bang.

I'm actually quite excited by it all, these interesting musical times we live in. And of course, when it finally happens, everyone will say 'oh I saw that coming', 'it had to happen eventually', and my favourite: 'why didn't I bloody think of that?'.

5 years, 2,300 data breaches. What'll police do with our Internet Connection Records?

A Ghost

Ho hum.

Forget YouTube – meet ChewTube: Strangers watching millennials eat

A Ghost

You need to check out this gentleman:



Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware goes FULL SCREEN in final push

A Ghost

Re: Flirting with Linux Mint @Vic

the /home directory trick is a great one when you get the hang of it.

It's so deceptively simple.

I still haven't truly grokked it yet.

But I will.

A Ghost

Re: Flirting with Linux Mint @Matthew Taylor

So heinous are windows 10's upgrade shenanigans, that I actually went to Linux Mint's website, First thing I saw was that there are 3 different versions of it, and that was enough to repel me - I'd be bound to pick the wrong one. But if *I* (an utter lazy arse) was annoyed enough with windows to start looking around, the writing's surely on the wall.

I'll bite.

You can't really go wrong with linux mint. It's always going to be a crap shoot till you get something that a: you like, and b: works on your system.

You can make it simple or very elaborate.

Basically, if you have to use windows, use windows (I do), but if you don't, and you just want general computer stuff...

When you go to Linux, the first thing you learn, is that it is just a Kernel. That's why you need to download different versions sometimes for different processors. Sometimes to access more RAM with x64 stuff.

The desktop environments like KDE or LXDE or XFCE, or the common variants of Mint - Mate, Cinnamon, et al. - this is what gives you your 'look and feel'. That is why people got so pissed off before about Gnome going mad, in what was it? 2.3?

Just find something that works with your hardware.

First thing with Linux, when you get it going, make sure it works well with your hardware. First sign of shit, close their ass down like in a Tarantino interview!

You will know if your graphics hardware isn't working. Hardly anyone gets the audio card working past a point of basic functionality. But you can do some very advanced and impressive stuff with audio now if you are dedicated and take the time. Six months and you could build an absolute killer linux rig for making music, from composing it in a DAW to editing it in an Editor! :-)

Hey hey, my my,

Rock and roll can never die!

But probably you just want to surf the net. Maybe edit the odd Microsoft Word document? Go on! Don't be shy! It's not illegal. If it was, they'd have shut their 'asses' down already!

It's a beautiful time to be alive.

Enforced civil war on the desk top. The linux argument will have to keep for later. If there will be any nerds left by that point. Maybe it will just be the geeks...

Once you're gone, you can never come back

My my, hey hey

A Ghost

Re: It's fine

Oh and CPU usage, yah, I have to kill off wuauserv service in the task manager 5 times a day to stop it fucking around and using 25% of total CPU time, raising the temp of my laptop and making the fan go full blow.

Oh sheer fucking poetry, brother.

That's what it's like!

You're like a word-warrior-god.

We should get tattoos to commemorate the time we 'served' together.

Hey hey, My my

WinXP, can never die!

A Ghost

Re: @DainB

That's very easy for you to say though, isn't it?

A Ghost

Re: @d3vy

You've been right about EVERYTHING in the last ten years?

No, I didn't say that.

I said:

I've only been right about everything in the last 10 years or so.

Subtle difference.

One is an exaggerated claim, the other, more under-stated.

A Ghost

Re: I know where you can cram it


He's not sirius.

I am.

A Ghost

Re: I know where you can cram it

@Charles 9

I didn't even know what 'dev/null' meant, until I took a job at the post office!

But if you want to get really abstract, let's talk Java Automatic Garbage Collection.

Actually, let's not.

All the best.

A Ghost

This is what the message box wanted to say:

"Sorry to rape you, but learn your fucking place you fucking peasant!"

Now we have your attention, and you know just who is the fucking daddy around here, let's get a few facts straight.

Your computer that you bought, does not fucking belong to you. It fucking belongs to us, got that, cunt?

All your data, your children's nudes, your wife's nudes, your appeal for medical negligence, now belong to us, you got that too, cunt?

That's about it. You should be getting the picture by now. Sure, you think you are some kind of outlier freedom fighter, but you're not, got that, cunt?

Nobody cares. We tell them what we are doing to them, and they say: "Oh go on then, you saucy bugger". That is what you are dealing with, cunt!

We've gathered so much shit about your porn browsing, which is technically illegal, in the UK at least, even though you can access it. We have the little discrepancy for that little insurance claim you made, you lying thieving twat! We know that you are trying to game the system so that your rubbish gets collected before half your town gets cholera. And worst of all, you collect old Action Man figures, you sad lonely old fuck.

We give all of this information to the security services via a tap. That's a given. But you know that complaint about the bad service you got at your housing association? Did you know why the little old ladies are laughing at you, cunt? It's because we opened up our data on you to local councils, and those 70 year old beauties now know that you like to cover yourself in strawberry jam while your wife beats you and call you 'Michelle' all the while dressed up as a gorilla. They also get a chuckle from the fact that your wife likes to role-play as well. 'Mercy mercy uncle Percy' - well, they liked it so much, they started using it themselves!

All your data are belong to us, cunt!

You thought you bought an operating system?

Think again, cunt.

Can I make this message any more clearer, cunt?


And so it begins...

As I and many others predicted. It only gets a lot nastier from here.


There is going to be some really really nasty shit pulled in the next days.

Microsoft have not disappointed so far. Personally, I think there has been some kind of governmental coup that we have not heard about and this is just pure data-gathering before the yellow stars and blue scarves come out. But don't listen to me, I've only been right about everything in the last 10 years or so.

A Ghost

Re: Disability legislation otherwise known as

Out of the blue and into the black.



My my, hey hey

Microsoft is here to stay

It's better to burn out

Than to fade away

My my, hey hey.

Out of the blue

and into the black

They give you this,

but you pay for that

And once it's gone,

it can never come back

Unless you're one of the lucky ones

That can roll it back

The king is gone

but he's not forgotten

This is the story

of a Billy Rotten

It's better to burn out

than it is to rust

The king is gone

but he's not forgotten.

Hey hey, my my

Microsoft can never die

There's more to the picture

Than meets the eye.

Hey hey, my my.


Here's to you Bill! And all that you spawned, Monkey Boy and all, and all the pale imitators ever since.

You sure did leave your mark on humanity.

You had a chance very few men have.

Yes, you were in the right place at the right time.

Yes, you took advantage of that, as any good business man would.

But your legacy is about so much more, isn't it Billy Rotten?

Hey hey, My My.. indeed.

Michael Gove says Britain needs to create its own DARPA

A Ghost

If there's something strange

in your neighbourhood.

Who ya gonna call?

No means no: Windows 10 nagware's red X will stop update – Microsoft

A Ghost

I had fun writing it

But even more fun reading it.

Not going for any jobs at Microsoft any time soon.

A Ghost

Meanwhile, in other news


"Customer satisfaction is at an all time high," Mr Mehdi told me.

"We've had over 135 billion hours of usage since the launch."

And that's just the stupid fuckers who keep pressing the big red X thing in the corner thinking it will cancel the install, the mugs. Real world usage is through the roof. Literally. The amount of people that have chucked their laptops skyward in protest is phenomenal. It's almost as if they are so annoyed that they don't care about wrecking a perfectly good machine in anger.

It's almost like we have driven them in to some kind of nervous breakdown, where destroying their own property, that they will have to later replace (and not forgetting annoying their neighbours [who likes getting a 5lb object chucked repeatedly at their floor by the people downstairs?]) because they can't control their actions anymore as they are too emotionally incensed, is their only last course of action.

Basically, they are just going off the fucking rails. I would say this is a good day for Microsoft. If we can drive them to real life live suicide via Skype, I would say my job here at Redmond is done. Said Dr. Swhediforyourheadi.

I have completed the work that amateurs like monkey boy Ballmer only ever dreamed about. Developer, developers, developers, my little pink and brown arsehole! It's all about the updates, the updates, the updates!

Top that motherfuckers!

"I have personally had several personal hand-written letters from parents giving birth to their new children, and do you know what they ask me? I will tell you. They ask me if they can name their new-born not just after me - Mr. Mehdi - but can I actually call my son 'Microsoft' and my daughter 'Microsoftelle' - yes they do - they really bloody do, it's true I tell you. Of course, I personally answer each and everyone of these individuals, all 56,00000 of them, and tell them 'By all means, go forth and multiply with the name of the good lord, by his works ye shall know him, and by his name will be your protection'. Honestly. I really do. Yep."

I really don't see how things could be going any better at all for the folks at Redmond. Can you?

They've cornered the search market with Bing. They've cornered the phone market with the er, winphone thingie. They've cornered the advertising and social media market with Google, no wait, that actually was Google, oh well. Can't have everything I suppose, but data-raping all our customer's machines is a start!

But god damn it, they have absolutely cornered the OPERATING SYSTEM market, with Win X. Yes they have. And the best part is, most of the mugs don't realise that they will have to start paying for it soon, or else they lose their work. Wait until you see their little faces when the photo they took of their little 4 yr old ends up on a kiddie porn website and THEY get the blame! My aching sides. Can you imagine trying to 'sell' that one to the neigbours? No, me, neither.

One day soon, the magnificence of Microsoft will be truly known. A few more weeks and a few more days, and I get to wear my T-Shirt: "I fucking told you so, ya mugs".

This party hasn't even started to get warmed up yet...

The revolution may not be televised, but if it's on the internet, I'll be watching it, on Linux!


Meanwhile, reality sets in for the two most dangerous patients at the secure medical facility in the underground bunker at Redmond. A slow-trudging nurse, resigned to her fate, but good at her job, does the thing she does 3 times a day, 5 times a week, 48 weeks of the year - she reaches into her little stash-cart and deposits the little blue eggs into the little plastic cups that she gives to her patients. "MOTHER!", they cry out, but sadly, it is not Mother, it is nurse Microsoft, and her little helper. "Bill, would ya like to help me out here mister and administer this here extra-dosage to this very disruptive individual?" Bill's eyes light up. "Oh yes, excellent!" he says as he rubs his hands with glee. "I want Melissa to experience this too".

Mr. MehdiHeadiReadyFreddy takes his medicine like a man. He smiles, it's almost as if he enjoys it. "Don't worry, my child, I've scheduled you in for a visit from big Steve next week", he says, not menacingly at all, as he soothingly pats back the hair on his brow. Dr. MehdiReadySteadyFreddy dribbles, but smiles. He knows what this means.

"You really need to do better with those press releases, don't you?"

"Gurgle. Splat. Globules."


This was the insane hell that had become Microsoft by the beginning of the 21st Century.

It had quite obviously stopped being about OPERATING SYSTEMS by this point.

[yours, an anonymous insider]


"Yes, my child."

"Customer satisfaction is at an all time high."

"Yes it is my child, shush now, it's alright, customer satisfaction, all time high, yes my child, yes, yes, customer, satisfaction, all, time, high, shoosh, shhhhhooooooshhh now."

A Ghost

Re: Only one way to say NO!

I admire your general sentiment, but please don't be so passive-aggressive.

The whole 'you had it coming' attitude helps no one.

I suppose I had it coming too for sticking so long with windows, eh?

Trouble is, I have software that will only run on a microsoft os. You might have heard of that little eventuality if you worked in the tech field somewhere. I don't, personally, but I do use windows only software. It really is not unheard of. You display your ignorance. There are also many cases of industrial and whatnot uses of the software tied to hardware, and they also do not have a choice.

Wishing ill on these people in some kind of software justice warrior stance, will not gain you many friends around here.

The only reason anyone at all is still running windows is because they have to, around here at least. So stop it with the ranting to the converted, please.

I run linux too. It's great when it's good. Very often it does not work. You need to get your head down and dig in for a few days. I spent a whole working week getting pulse audio to work for amarok in kubuntu. But quite often, problems are above your ability, and should you dare post on some of the linux forums, you will be ripped apart whilst still alive. Ho hum. NO point in saying your rtfm, or anything. You're a noob. You are dead meat. Not all linux forums are like this, just most of them. :-) Still love linux.

I posted the other day on another forum about being confused about the options for the brexit debate. I got a 'people like you - you deserve what is coming to you' couple of posts in response. The internet is not for debate anymore it would seem. It is for impotent people to take out their excess energy on those that do not think like them, and even when they are asked for their genuine opinion, the opportunity to just go rabid on someone, is too much to resist.

It's the end of days, it would seem, and just when we were all starting to get going as well.

Oh, dear.

Taking delight in others misfortune, because they did not lobby in your favour, is a sign of a weak minded individual. I knew the fate that would befall my crack-addicted friend, but did I rejoice in him having to make his mother sell her and his home to pay a crack debt, so that they were both not murdered?

I'll leave that as a rhetorical question for now.


As far as the average home user is concerned, anyway, which is what, 90 percent of the market? No idea. Please educate me. If you want to make music, you have a choice, PC or Mac? Pretty much mostly PC for most people. Some stuff runs in linux, but you can't get hardware to work in it so efficiently, yet.

There is a reason why most (in fact all) audio developers keep out of arguments like this. Microsoft is not their friend, but they are married to them and it's too late for a divorce. Are they deserving of the fate that is about to befall some of them?

But yes, I do agree with your general sentiment. Would that is were so simple.

25,000 malware-riddled CCTV cameras form network-crashing botnet

A Ghost

At least have the courage of your convictions @Dadmin

and tell us how you really feel.

'I urge everyone to fight back' – woman wins $10k from Microsoft over Windows 10 misery

A Ghost

The word is getting out


The audio world is very quick to accept, blindly, new versions of windows, which is for reasons too involved to get in to here.

Safe to say though, that these system-tweakers, these buyers-of-software, these buyers-of-hardware, these seers of visions, these painters, these pipers (sorry, I'll stop now), are finally starting to grok it all.

They've been warned. Like Basil Fawlty's Mini. But the bastards would not listen. Now they ARE sorry. Well, some of them anyway.

There's been a lot of fuss lately about the big corporate companies such as Native Instruments putting in tracking telemetry in their software and making it opt-in. Fuckers. Most say, please whip me harder Mr.NI, whilst ignoring the small protests of the minority, who are actually a silent majority. Slow to anger we are.

Shill after shill after shill. The whole fucking audio community is riddled with them. But people are sticking their heads above the parapet. It's slow, but it's a movement.

I've done a lot of research in this area. And I can say for a fact, if no one says anything, no one says anything, coz it's all about the feels. But when someone does make a bit of a twat of himself and threaten to start using crack software, they all come out of the woodwork.

This fight we have is more important than our little bits of software. This is about the freedom we don't have anymore, and will never have again, unless we take it back.

It's going to get dirty. You will lose friends. You won't be able to opt out.

This can't go on much longer. I'm prepared to put my life on hold, my career too, whilst I can. I don't have dependents, so I can fight.

Audio is a small niche. I know. But it's a bellwether. If people are starting to wake up in that very comatose and insulated world, then maybe there is some kind of hope.

The devs have their hands tied. They are not allowed to dissent. We have to argue for them. Their livelihoods are on the line. I respect that. Why should they fight for freedom? I'd rather they just keep working on the next great new DSP algorithm. Freedom fighters they are not.

Microsoft has worked it all out. How to fuck everyone with the least resistance. Shut the devs up. Shut the end users up. They have worked their way all the way down the chain.

Now comes the reckoning.

A Ghost

While the party invites stop

Microsoft is just another phoney fungus when it come down to it. It wants to get invited to the party, but it's not really a fungi.


That crud on my escape key, however, really is a biological threat!

Visiting America? US border agents want your Twitter, Facebook URLs

A Ghost

Re: Good idea

You are quite right of course.

That is the paradox.

A Ghost
Black Helicopters

This is not about security

It is about population control. Compliance of the masses.

I was publicly humiliated over ten years ago, just going to Berlin. They made me take my belt off and my trousers fell down. It's happened to quite a few people. Pretty funny. Waddling like a penguin, trying to juggle my laptops through the machines, with a North Face Rucksack full of blank CDs (I left the kiddie porn in the house, I'm no mug!).

There was one bloke behind me that did not like the fact the customs were taking so long to check out my computer equipment, so he got a bit annoyed with me and jumped in front, after verbally abusing me. That guy still doesn't know how close he came to a serious fucking beating. I have impulse control though, unlike him, and he lived to fight another day, until he did it to someone, who is not so in control of their adrenaline surges.

You see, he wanted to attack them, but he could not, so he attacked me (in a not so passive-aggressive manner). To attack them meant full on defeat for him, where as I was a soft target. Maybe I would kick back, maybe I wouldn't - he wagered I wouldn't - and he was right, but for the wrong reasons. One of those bullies that gets his own way, until one day he doesn't, like that bloke who murdered his beautiful little daughter recently and got life.

Traveling should not be full of these hormonal rushes and surges. It's hard enough anyway. Jet Lag (that's just after the train delays from Paddington that put you into a different time zone). Lost your passport. Etc. etc.

I found that getting drunk and a bit lairy actually helped, as no one really wants you to kick off, it's just extra work for them, and no terrorist is gonna be so stupid as to get larupped before boarding a plane. I wouldn't recommend this line of 'attack' now though.

No fucking way would I go to the States. Funny, because I would actually like to go and live there and start a new life for myself. Teaching kids computers, musical instruments. Oh and I have a vocational outlook as well where I have pledged the rest of my life to look after the sick and the dying.

But treating me like a cunt, does not endear me to you ol' land of the free home of the brave.

I don't hate you. I pity you. And it's not because of your freedoms. It's because you have no fucking freedom at all anymore. Trump will win and then the shit will really hit the fan. I hope. All legal and above board.

I'm a Trump supporter by the way. But maybe not for the reasons you imagine. :-)

Bring it on. Indeed.

Babylon's burning, Babylon's burning.

A Ghost

Re: I dont have ANY of the above mentioned

I still wont visit the place again though; they pointed machine guns at my 7 y/o because a drawing pin stuck in his shoe set off the metal detector.

Calm down! What you don't realise, Mr. Over-Reactioner, is that your 7 y/o has actually been a 'very real and credible security threat' for the last 3 years. It all started with that 'myLittleiPhone' you bought him, and the canny little bastard hacked into the Pentagon servers by mistake whilst trying to gain extra credits for Candy Crush. He's good, but not that good! Yet.

And I dont mean swung in his direction, I mean pointed AT him until the offending pin was removed.

You obviously are not someone who is familiar with the sheer awesomeness of these good officers in question, are you? Do you not realise these good men are trained to within an inch of their life, to do stuff like that in their sleep, blindfolded, with muffs on, whilst smokebombs flash and thunder cracks? Pah, you big sissy. They KNEW what they were doing (in more ways than one). The fact that you have not been trained to SWAT level 11, only shows what a piss-ant-cotton-pants you are. Real men, doing real jobs. You would do best to wind your neck in and not be a drama queen about it. I sincerely hope the offending pin in question was decommissioned in a safe and responsible manner. And your errant son learned the error of his ways.

They also tried to claim the pitch repairer on my mothers keychain was a dangerous weapon (she is a keen golfer).

To be fair, she's also a Black-Belt in Karate. And she can use that keychain the way a Samurai wields a petrol powered chainsaw, i.e, not very effectively, but would YOU want to be on the receiving end of it? Anyway, if she's anything like my mother, the old budge needs to be put on some kind of list, just for her own safety, if no one else's (she's a fucking menace [my mum anyway]). Good job she didn't have any of them there 'nail-clippers' (you know like the ones Jean Claude van Damn the Man used in Try-Hard-3). They'd have locked her up and threw away the key! (personal memo to self: must book holidays for mum to the land of the free, home of the brave, and don't forget to pack her 'suitcase' - wink-wink -<cough> garden shears </cough>)

After taking SIX HOURS to clear customs, and being treated as if we were all terrorists, I wouldnt go back if they paid me to go.

Don't worry, next time, they won't be paying you to go back - you'll be going back whether you like it or not. You're on the list now, like it or not. Next stop Poland and some extra-curricular rendition for you and your family. Cause quite obviously, they don't give a shit about scaring little kids as well as adults, do they? I'm sure they'd be happy to 'shake you all up' a bit more. It's where all the smart jobs are these days, you mug!

</extreme sarcasm, not wishing to make light of your horrendous experience, but angry enough to attempt some late night satire>

A Ghost

Re: Good idea

I'd love to go to America. But not so much AmeriKKKa.

What a beautiful country. With some of the brightest and most beautiful people you could ever wish to meet. Good, honest, decent folk.

Then there are those who run the government, who have effectively destroyed it beyond recognition. And they aren't finished yet.

They won't be happy until the Statue of Liberty is in pieces on the beach and the common man, on his knees, cries out 'Take your hands off me you damned, dirty ape!'.

A Ghost

They are just testing reactions and like to see you sweat. Same way they like you to cry for 'Mammy' just before they cut another of your toes off.

This is the country that employs doctors to keep torture victims alive for longer remember? Legally too. Not that the word 'legal' really means anything anymore.

A Ghost

Re: I guess it's good then that I'm a citizen and not a visitor....

Why are the lunatics in charge of running the asylum?

Very good question. I shall try to give a very good answer:

Because these fuckers are criminally insane psychopaths, not just your common or garden disorganised looper/moon howler.

I grew up being taught torture was wrong, and these bastards legitimized it and watered it down for the masses.



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