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BOAR-ZILLA stalks Fukushima's dead zone

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One pig = 8 rumps, sign me up

Next to come Centipede pig

Get a GRIP! Robolution ain't happening until TOUCH is cracked

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Joke's on us, as sure as hell their human/corporate overlords aren't going to pay much tax themselves

HPE gobbles Nimble Storage for $1.2bn

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Their six nines 99.9999% availability will indeed complement the 3PAR nine sixes 66.6666666% availability

Scammers hired hundreds of 'staff' to defraud TalkTalk customers

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Re: ???

"install a computer virus via a trojan, someone please explain this one?"

Just a speculation if that was the case here but popular method is something in the line of:

Scammer: Sir/Madame we detected that your computer is infected by viruses and as you are a valued customer we offer you free technical assistance in removing them.

TalkTalk punter: How can i trust you are from TalkTalk

Scammer: Here is your account number and private details that you only shares with TalkTalk (gives leaked details from the TalkTalk hack)

TalkTalk punter: Ok i trust you are from TT, now what?

Scammer: Please go to https://TalkTalkSupport.org/support download and install the remote assistance software that i need in order to get access to your PC and clean the viruses

TalkTalk punter: Ok, I'm installing the tool but my anti-virus warns me it might be a Trojan

Scammer: Not to worry kind sir, this is normal, just ignore the warning, I'm from TalkTalk, you trust me, no?

Scammer proceeds to gain access to the punter PC and instead of cleaning imaginary viruses actually infects it.

3Par brought down Australian Tax Office with >REDACTED<

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Re: Seriously?

If the damaged cable was the passive in an active/passive setup and a failover was triggered for whatever reason (like primary/active controller node failing or being rebooted for firmware upgrade or simply failing etc.)

It's a loooong shot and would expose poor redundancy in the first place but not impossible.

My $$ is on firmware bug(s) though - same thing that brought down KCL's 3PAR

YouTube TV will be huge. Apple must respond

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I think that in this case Apple heavy handedness screwed them over, not the lack of trying to get into the game. If the rumors were correct the Apple TV service was largely derailed by content providers refusing to sign up to the deal, because of the massive % Apple wanted to keep for themselves.

Guess in this case Google decided to lowball them and offer the service at cost/with low margin, relying on the ad revenue to cover for it.

That being said i highly doubt Apple will be able to respond in any meaningful way to this step by Google

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Re: Fairly wild speculation

Like this one: "YouTube may want to write an App for Apple devices, but then it would have to give away 30 per cent of its revenue to Apple."

app makers might have to give up % of their in-app sales to apple, but I doubt it counts subscription costs.

Somehow i don't believe Spotify, Netflix, Amazon prime/music etc. are giving up 30% of their sub to Apple, just because they have iOS app...

Boeing seeks patent for mobile device case with built-in fire extinguisher

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Because they will become stationary. They might need to bring one outside of the cabin to loot at schematic and/or wiring on something like stuck landing gear or what not.

And it's not like the plane is not full of li-ion batteries of all the passenger gear

Ex-employees sued for £15m over data slurpage ordered to pay up just £2

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Re: Were the real lawyers on holiday ?

>So how are private parking companies laying expensive tickets on cars for overstaying and such??

They are doing so out of court, most people are ignorant and pay. Others challenge them in court and the parking enforcers usually back down immediately.

Australian Tax Office's HPE SAN failed twice in slightly different ways

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> Silly us: it turns out that when the ATO wrote “commissioned” and then announced it had restored services, it had actually started work on the new SAN and left the old one in place.

Silly you, for thinking that migration of TBs of data from a mission critical old storage array that has just been patched up with "spit and duct tape" to new kit can happen in 2-3 months...

Oracle 'systematically stiffed its salesforce' claims new sueball

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Re: "'get as much $$$ by any means and spend as little $$$$ by any means"

>I hate to tell you but that's pretty much SOP for all businesses.

Not quite, while maximizing income and minimizing expense is SOP for all business, the "by any means" part is definitely not

Hold the phone! Crap customer service cost telcos £2.9 BEEEELLION in 2016

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But they are all the same shit, but little different. Might as well go for the cheapest

GRAPHENE: £120m down, UK.gov finds it's still a long way from commercial potential

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Well duh

I doubt that much of the £120m went to something other than office/lab space cost and admin. No wonder there wasn't much of a progress.

2009 IBM: Teleworking will save the WORLD! 2017 IBM: Get back to the office or else

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Re: Okay then...

>So this move will be directly correlated with a lower job satisfaction, higher absenteeism and turnover costs...

But ultimately a (seemingly) higher bottom line as it will lead to certain proton of the staff quitting, lowering the payroll cost, earning the execs nice bonuses in the process.

Unlucky WD Ultrastar drives are knackered, need replacing ASAP

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Re: Leaking Helium?

Not quite HGST = Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

WD bought them a while ago, but they still use the brand

GitLab.com melts down after wrong directory deleted, backups fail

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Re: So I'm having....

That's why you make multiple work streams, working on alternative solutions in parallel

After promising Donald Trump jobs will come home, IBM swings axe

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Don't worry, they will be bringing these jobs (along with the Indians who are currently doing them) back to the US in due course.

HPE says 3PAR problem that broke Australia was a one-off. Probably

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One off?

I guess the 3PAR array that failed so spectacularly in a similar way at KCL 2 months ago was also a one off...

If you bought a dildo in Denver, the government must legally be told

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Re: Why not just dollar value?

"Truly - best laws money can buy."

Pfft Yankee amateurs, I present thee the UK tax code and it's record holding 17'000+ pages (and counting)


Trend Micro AV nukes innocent Sharepoint code, admins despair

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Re: Where there is smoke, there is fire

Not possible because of HBO trademark infringement...

WDC loads its belt-fed drive cannon, blasts out disks 'n' cards galore

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Re: Helium?

As others have explained it's used because Helium is much less dense than air. But they missed one of the advantages, which is not heat, but turbulence. At high speeds and fractions of a mm between plates the turbulence is a major factor preventing higher density.

King's College London staggers from outage, replaces infrastructure services head

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Re: Jesus saves, but also does incremental off-site backups

There was working backup set, the problem is TTR for 250TB of data is a tad longer than even a half baked DR...

Three to appear in court over TalkTalk hack

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Re: Three to appear in court over TalkTalk hack

"working" as intended by the author...

Virgin Media users report ongoing problems delivering legit emails. Again

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Some users using Broadband provider e-mail addresses i could somehow understand.

Businesses using broadband provider e-mail addresses in 2016 (soon to be 2017) is ridiculous

Samsung flings $8bn at buyout of connected car biz Harman

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According to Wikipedia (not the best of sources for this) They are making 0.7bn profit on the 7bn turnover which is a healthy 10%

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Why would anything happen to it? Samsung is happy to manufacture large portion (in some cases the majority) of the microchips going into every Apple product.

Recruitment giant PageGroup hacked, Capgemini dev server blamed for info leak

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And that Ladies and Gents is why "normal" people desensitise DBs before refreshing UAT/DEV environments. Especially when sending them to 3rd parties. Double so when the 3rd party is Crapita/Crapgemini etc.

What went wrong at Tesco Bank?

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Re: With cloud computing, hackers have so many more points of entry

You (nor me) don't know what is running on the co-lo kit and how it's secured to make an informed statement whether this is smart or not. there is plenty of insensitive data and applications in a bank that are perfectly suited for co-lo/cloud.

Silicon Valley's oligarchs got a punch in the head – and that's actually good thing

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Re: Question?

This is the inevitable result of FPTP, colorfull explanation here:


Trump's taxing problem: The end of 'affordable' iPhones

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There was an interview with one of the Apple execs, I think it was with Tim Cook while he was still COO where he explained why it's virtually impossible to manufacture the iphone in US regardless of the cost implications.

Basically it boils down to lack of low skilled labour, not high skilled labour. As in the past couple of decades the "Western" culture is driving the youth towards higher and higher education and white collar jobs, while slowly moving production to the "Developing" countries for various reasons like cost and environmental impacts. He came up with some numbers in 10'000s of people needed for the assembly plants alone.

Another factor is the supply chain, where in China/Taiwan the factory that produces the semiconductor components is just "down the road" from the ones producing 90% of the other components like the metal/glass body and the tiny screws.

Another factor is the total "out of touch" of the American sub-contractors/suppliers, that in the case of the Ipnone 4 "revolutionary" glass body quoted 6+ months to come up with a prototype. Their Chinese/Taiwanese counterparts took days to come up with a viable prototype.

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Re: What the hell Register??

I know that this is IT/Techie website, but IT is not the only industry out there that is being outsourced...

My guess is the author is talking about non-IT skill sets, like mechanical and low level low paid engineering tasks that are deemed to be beneath someone living in a first world country in the past couple of decades.

I'm not familiar with the US Education system but i doubt there are many places that teach how to maintain a loom or sewing or metal working

Speaking in Tech: Fancy a 30 hour work week? Ask Amazon

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"Amazon experimenting with 30 hour work weeks"

"The teams’ members will receive the same benefits as full-time employees, and 75% of a 40-hour workers’ pay."

and no doubt expected to do the exact same amount of work as the 40-hour workers...

Is VMware starting to mean 'legacy'? Down and out in Las Vegas

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Re: More hype than reality ... in operations

I'm not saying that the future of containers is guaranteed, but given the fact that the majority of the cloud load is from web services, the ability to just dump containerised applications on top of he hypervisor without having to muck about with VMs/Servers and guest OSes is definitely something to look for in the future.

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Re: Anyone else notice Win 10 has no Virtual PC?

It has Hyper-V, same as Win 8/8.1

Virtual PC is legacy type 2 hypervisor

Ripper! Boffins find malware thought behind $347k Thai ATM raids

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"across Asia and Japan." A bit redundant, last time I checked Japan was in Asia

A quarter of banks' data breaches are down to lost phones and laptops

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Once that happens, they'll stop in a very short period.

So never...

Nuclear fallout shelter becomes cloud storage bunker

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Re: “Our storage algorithm allows us to regenerate any corrupted or lost data.”

Irrelevant, as this is cold storage offering and hardly anyone is looking for intersite redundancy of that

Former RN flagship HMS Illustrious to be sold for scrap – report

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Flat Conversion

£2.1mil is a bargain. Moor it in Canary Wharf and convert it to flats = profit

Ford announces plans for mass production of self-driving cars by 2021

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Re: Insurance premiums

Your logic is false. If the driver less cars prove much safer record their premiums will be lower than the meatbag models indeed. But that doesn't mean the meatbag premiums will get more expensive than meatbag premiums now, only than driverless cars in the future.

Not to mention that it will take years if not decades to correctly establish driverless cars safety records to match a driver with say 20 years of experience and 5+ years of NC bonus, So I wouldn't hold my breath for this to be the selling point of driverless cars

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Insurance premiums

"but once the insurance premium of a normal car skyrockets above what you can afford (it won't take long) that will be that."

Why would the insurance premium skyrocket? There is no monopoly, the premium is largely based on the risk and free market. For the premiums to skyrocket the risk has to skyrocket, If introducing self driving cars on the roads increases the risk of collision, noone will do it in the first place. Nor the prices of cars will skyrocket, so the risk stays roughly the same, hence the insurance premiums.

Super-slow RAID rebuilds: Gone in a flash?

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Epic Math fail

"72TB disk we get (7,200/80) = 900 seconds (a quarter of an hour, 15 minutes)."

Assuming its 72GB not TB it's still 72'000/80 = 9000s = 150min

Even without math by hearth you should know that coping 72GB takes more than 15min

Xen hypervisor to gain non-disruptive patching in June

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Little practical use for this. If you are after high availability, you are most likely to evacuate all VMs before patching the host in any case.

Trouble at t'spinning rust mill: Disk drive production is about to head south

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Re: I'm puzzled

Dedup is more of a buzzword in a sales pitch than actually useful feature. It doesn't work well on dynamic data and most of the static data is backups and archives which are already compressed

SimpliSafe home alarms transmit PIN unlock codes in the clear – ideal for lurking burglars

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Re: Who not jam the lot?

Not sure how the wireless ones work but i'm fairly sure the wired operate a kind of hearth beat, meaning that when you cut the cord it's equal to triggering the sensor. The jammers are used to block the outgoing call to the security company.

Toshiba rolls out PC-busting monster: 1 terabyte TLC flash SSD

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Confusing title

Is this an ad or a sarcasm? What is the PC Busting part?

Performance - unimpressive

Size - nothing new, 1TB SSDs has been around for a while

Price - not even mentioned

Manufacturing process - TLC, is nothing revolutionary and it's not even 3D NAND, 15nm or lower is already in use by competitiors

All in all an average looking SSD, what's with all the fuss

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Re: Why SATA?

Because most BIOSes and OSes don't play ball with NVMe, until that changes we are stuck with the SATA limitations

Permies sitting pretty as fifth of contractors see rates cut

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It's where the management decides they don't need to pay the computer people in operations, when they already have computer people in Development, that know computers right....

I get the idea of SysOps and Devs working closely together.

I don't get the idea of the same person writing code, managing hypervisors, storage, network, AD you name it. Yes there are a limited number of people out there who are capable of doing all this on a professional level, but certainly not to amount that is in demand according to the job ads. So everyone ends up with subpar Developers and subpar Sys admins for 20% higher price, go figure...

US software biz fined $28 million for bribing Chinese buyers with free vacations, gifts

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Volvo offloads IT biz to HCL, then outsources own IT to.... HCL

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I don't get it

Carefully outsourcing parts of your IT to Indian outfits is somewhat OK there are some decent ones out there.

But I have yet to encounter a big Indian outsourcer capable of handling enterprise size business without making a complete mess of it.

Who keeps voting for this, are the shareholders mad, stupid or both?

Shopping for PCs? This is what you'll be offered in 2016

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"On a laptop, I really don't care about performance per watt."

Unfortunately for AMD, most people actually do care about performance per watt on a laptop as it's tied to the battery life. And where 2h battery wife might be acceptable to some, nowadays people tend to expect full working day of 8+ hours on battery charge for office load.