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US govt says it has cracked killer's iPhone, legs it from Apple fight


Tim Cook is looking like a cracked egghead because Apple phones are not secure. If FBI (Fumbling Bureau Of Incompetence) can crack the scrambled IPhone, overly-used "Boffins" will put Apple in the coffin.

Snowden 'more helpful than dangerous' says ex-Colin Powell aide


Snowden Is A Traithero

A traitor and a hero. Reward him and then punish him

Samsung appeals to Supreme Court to bring patent law into 21st century


Thanks U.S. courts for hitting one for the home team vs. Korea.

UN fight for internet control lined up in Brazil



Oliver Cromwell would do.


Re: Believe it or not

There are no little piggies at the U.N. They are all monstrously large swine.

NASA announcement of MAJOR MARS DISCOVERY imminent: WHAT can it be?


NASA "We have known for years there was water on Mars, but now we have discovered this mysterious molecule H2O. We are well on are way of proving life on other planets so send us tens or hundreds of billions of dollars to prove extra terrestrial life, and don't forget,we are into discovering more harmful things about that poison Carbon Dioxide."

VW: Just the tip of the pollution iceberg. Who's to blame? Hippies


World worshipers have trampled each other more than a trip to Mecca or Middle Easterners into Germany in order to gain the distinction of Best Protector Of The Planet by imposing more and more impossible edicts against "polluters," ie. breathing humans. Anyone who does not think that diabolical forces aren't at work in climate politics, just look at the factor fudging and sheer shrillness of the Climate Alarmists. The American EPA, President Obama and even the Pope are now involved in the charade. And they want deniers brought to world courts and even executed. Doesn't sound like very sound, sustainable science anymore does it?

In redneck heaven, internet outages are the American Way


Re: Poorly thought out attempt at Bitcoins?

Redneck is not considered verboten or negative because Brits use the term much more often than Yankees. Now Blackneck is quite insensitive and never used by libs.

Britain’s device-theft capital is now … lovely Leicestershire


Maybe this is part of the answer. I'm an American so this correlates to similar problems in our big (liberal) cities:

"White Britons are now a minority in Leicester, Luton and Slough and Birmingham is set to follow by end of decade

All three communities have a white British population of less than 50%, 2011 UK census shows, and Birmingham will be the same by 2020

Slough has the lowest proportion of white Britons in the UK outside London - 35 per cent

Immigration from Eastern Europe since 2004 a major cause, say academics" - Old headline from another daily UK paper.

Prof Hawking cracks riddle of black holes – which may be portals to other universes


"Professor Hawking THEORIZES. ." Riddle solved. Oh, you mean its just a theory and not a law of physics yet? What does it matter? Laws are interchangeable with Theories nowadays. Just ask the climate alarmists about their established science, they will tell you.

Ideal solar system for SECOND EARTH found – and it's just 186 light-years away


Scientists found a second earth just like they found out there would be no arctic polar ice by 2014. Its too easy to project into the future using computer models and distant photographs. This second earth they may have found - could it have similar life as we know it, just the right mixutre in atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen? Its temperature is perfect for human life? Why if atoms could appear out of a big bang and accidentally form through cosmic evolution a primordal soup which would again accidentally collide to form life through biologic evolution on earth, why couldn't it happen many times again?

American and U.S socialism will also work if its done just right, or maybe perfect government and people will just evolve into becoming perfect. Until then watch behind you for certain ethnic people to take your head off.

Adam Smith was right about that invisible hand, you know


The invisible hand also has a backside and that is exactly what neerdowell nations (marxist,socialist) are goind to see very soon. Practically speaking, Peter Schiff having seen Anmerica give its back hand to God is recommending that Americans invest elsewhere for obvious reasons.

Climate change alarmism is a religious belief – it's official


Re: I'm sorry (@James O' Shea

I=E/R is a Law. Evolution is a theory.


Curiously, "science" recommended to the RC Church in the 1950's to stock their seminaries with candidates who were pro homosexual.


Honest discussions are over. AGW True Believers offer no margin of error. Many would like deniers just to be tried and hung by the neck until dead. Such shrillness evokes desperation and error. More threatening than Marxists. More evil than Hitler. Dumber than Biden.


So, the RC learned its lesson not to sell indulgences but now it will sell carbon credits? We Yanks have heard stories how little Brits have been told how scarier global warming will be than, say for instance, hell. Maybe leftists will ditch the alarmism now that the Pope endorses it. Howls. The Pope is only representative of the RC and NOT God, thank God. This should only have been a Papal Bull because its all bull.

US mega-hack: White House orders govt IT to do what it should have done in the first place


Re: Well, THERE'S your PROBLEM....

Well, less money spent on security means more spent on fat union members.

So why the hell didn't quantitative easing produce HUGE inflation?


Yea, "Central Banks got it right," if by right you mean robbing grandma's savings interest so to offer lower than realistic interest rates to Goldmann. Robbing Grandma to pay Goldmann. Just wait, we've seen this before.

Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future


How Much Too Tesla?

Ok, I know Tesla got a bloated check from the bloated U.S Government and it was a fraction of what GM got, but how much, EXACTLY. Tesla defends getting 4.9 Billion as of late.

But Musk complains "None of the incentives are necessary. They are all helpful,” Musk countered, describing the various incentives as catalysts that speed up the rate of innovation, offered because voters “want a particular thing to happen, and want it to happen faster than it would otherwise occur.” From the RT.Com

Thank You Bloated Government

Boffins find Earth's earliest Homo in Ethiopian hilltop


Pardon me, but what dating technique is used. There is reason for an honest distrust of all scientists since we have found at how human they are (prone to error) especially exampled by their global warming stats. Scientists and lay alike are treating evolution (both cosmic and biologic) as a law when it is only a THEORY.

'Look into my eyes: You are feeling very worried about the climate ... so worried'


Woe to those who have scared the bojangles out of young kids with threats of imminent world wide catastrophes. The public may not be able to scrutinize every factor involved in climate predictions but niether do the academics who rely on obviously flawed computer models. GIGO. The public and laymen do sense that the clmate scientists can be steered by personal pride, prestige,academic acceptance and even money. Because of the climate scam scientists in every profession are now suspect as never before. Did I see a.college course that suggested that Shakespeare's writing was effected by increased dryness in his inkwell - caused by global warming? Just wait.