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Hyperconverger Nutanix gobbles Netsil


Re: Better research please

Stop the FUD ok? Have you even read their latest earnings report? 500+ Mio in the bank, positive cashflow and you say they have R&D issues. LOL.

You sound like a salty competitor.

As senior bosses eject and shares crash... is it time to pray for Nutanix?


Re: Hardly surprising...

So, one year later. Simplivity butchered by HPE, Nutanix stock price skyrocketing, offering their software on numerous platforms.

NetApp and Fujitsu NFLEX: More details emerge about European HCI tryst


Netapp does not offer HCI, how much they try to spin it that way. Its complete separation of storage an compute. So together with Fujitsu its nothing more than a glorified Flexpod.

The only serious play is the Nutanix solution on Fujitsu's servers, with the VSAN ready nodes a distant second.

NetApp is getting more desperate by the day.

NetApp HCI: More converged than hyperconverged?


Lipstick on a pig

Article is spot on. This is in no way HCI. It's like calling your cat "dog" and trying to convince customers it can bark.

Very desperate attempt by NetApp to protect a declining market.

SimpliVity customers spurned by HPE welcomed into loving arms of Nutanix


Re: aaaaaaand it looks like Nutanix stock is tanking today

Business as usual for every public company after their IPO lock up expires. Finally Nutanix staff got an opportunity to cash in some options on their hard work at a startup.

Now exactly what were you trying to say?


Re: Howard Ting, never missing an opportunity to be a @ss hat...

Thanks for digging up corpses. Anything more useful to add?

What's wrong with offering a trade in program? I know a former SVT customer or two I might get interested into starting up their failed projects again this way.

Better to have them jump on the Nutanix train then to stay on the HPE Failboat...

Irritable Cisco kicks Nutanix out of partner program


Re: Losing the dell OEM and now this

wow, what have you been smoking?

Nutanix goes cap in hand to Goldman Sachs for $75m loan


Re: Another bad move for Nutanix employees, but not the worst

What a load of bull. The interest is a negative when paid off, not the loan. So they only take on a 6.5 Mio loss. And that's peanuts compared to the IPO intake they will get.

Lots of haters around, thats for sure.


The FUD is strong with you

Disgruntled EMC rep that lost a lot of deals to Nutanix I suppose?

Dell has not sold a single vxRail to date, so stop the bullshit and your wish for a self fullfilling prophecy.

Nutanix: Yo, we heard you liked convergence, so we converged files in your hyper-converge kit


says the disgruntled NetApp apologist.

SimpliVity is Vimply Vedding no Valty tears over Visco's HyperFlex


Not entirely accurate

Blaming Cisco for having a full cluster outage when 2 nodes fail doesnt make sense. How about having 2 nodes fail in a Simplivity federation? Also down.

Then a 2 node Federation with Simplivity also has a 50 % storage overhead since everything is mirrored between 2 nodes. I could argue that this will never get better due to RAID overheads as well, but Springpath could leverage Erasure coding in the future and bring the RF overhead way down, just like Nutanix can.

Then the overhead. Nice that Simplivity only uses 4vcpu's (due to its special dedup card) how about memory overhead? Simplivity memory overhead is huge and memory is way more important to VM density than CPU is.

Sorry, but Springpath is very bad news to Simplivity.

VMware adds dedupe tool to VSAN penknife: You don't need no steenkin' array


Someone forgot to mention something...

Wanna turn on that dedupe functionality?

Please reformat your drives.

Hardly enterprise worthy.

Hyper-converged softie biz Atlantis axes staff


Re: Culture

What makes you so sure these comments are just from Nutanix people? Could be anybody in the storage/SDS space. Atlantis made a lot of enemies with their price drops, even VMware doesnt like them that much since they keep pushing XenServer support.

I think the culture of Atlantis is really messed up if that picture of the cat thing is true. If a CEO pulled that stunt on me, I'd be his eternal enemy and my sole mission in life would be to make him suffer.

Luckily I'm not in vendor land. Sounds like a fun place to be though.


Re: Love

I think neither Nutanix, nor any other SDS player is currently impressed by anything you guys do.

But hey, keep discounting! Customers love cheap shit!

I'm glad we didn't fall for that.


Wow, nice spin that CEO is trying to pull.

Dude, if everything was ok and business as usual, you wouldn't be firing 10% of your workforce. Period.

Not profitable after 10 years? Holy shit.

And then going into the price fights?

Prediction: you won't be making any profit in the future either. Time to let the city sink as it's supposed to.

VMware finds back door for US military mega-deal, but Nutanix, Citrix protest again


The reason the claims were dismissed was because the RFP was withdrawn when the complaints came in. So there was no case anymore.

You are making it look like the Citrix and Nutanix had a weak argument, but they had a very strong one.

SimpliVity saddles up the lawyers, sues rival Springpath



Someone actually tried to copy that crap? Lol, you deserve to be sued.

Nutanix digs itself into a hole ... and refuses to drop the shovel


Re: E-mail reply from Chuck Hollis of VMware

Dear Mr Pott,

Might it be so that because, in your own words, you are a nobody, that both Nutanix and VMware don't really want to spend valuable marketing $$'s on you performing tests that no sizeable crowd is ever going to read?

It's not like Ferrari sends it's latest model to me for a testdrive, don't they? They send it to Jeremy Clarkson instead.

This is just my polite way of saying that you maybe should tone it down a little?

I'm not saying Nutanix handled the SR thing in a good way, but neither do I like the sad attempts by VMware to try to make themselves the good guys, which they clearly aren't.

And as such I'm not basing my purchases on FUD from any website, or person but just test the stuff myself before any PO leaves my desk.

A testing time for storage – it's VMware from Nutanix, by a nose


The sad thing about this whole comparison is that Chuck Hollis thinks his crappy VSAN product offers the same value and features as Nutanix, who are lightyears ahead.

I smell a dinosaur just pooped it's pants in fear of the new wave...

SimpliVity claims fivefold sales boost, hugs Cisco tightly


Re: I smell bullshit...

Waiting for that update, Trevor...