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Microsoft forks out $3m in back pay settlement to make Feds' hiring discrimination probe go away

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"Agreement puts a stop to the audit, but isn't an admission of wrongdoing"

Good one!

Apple 'proud to support Indian customers and their communities' – but maybe not so much for COVID-slammed retailers

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I would have thought an online store would be ideal during CV19?

Alibaba wants to get you off the PC upgrade treadmill and into its cloud

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How can they guarantee some kind of performance (latency)? They don't control the end user's network quality.

Is it based on a Raspberry Pi?

Woman dies after hospital is unable to treat her during crippling ransomware infection, cops launch probe

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Re: Analogous to “Because I saw you tie your shoe laces, I ran over that kid”.

Linux terminal?

WTF? Did you retire in 1991?

Video encoders using Huawei chips have backdoors and bad bugs – and Chinese giant says it's not to blame

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I can't hear the silence.

But I can hear someone who don't seem to understand what the articles says.

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"That would mean someone else provided the makers of these video encoder devices application software riddled with holes, and this code was shipped with the equipment. The products just all happen to use the the hi3520d chipset."

All software runs on something. Are we now implying that Intel or AMD is to blame for bad software running on their hardware?

If it was done intentionally by a massive manufacturer, it was extremely poorly done. I bet it wasn't.

0ops. 1,OOO-plus parking fine refunds ordered after drivers typed 'O' instead of '0'

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Re: good grief

"Why use letters at all? As far as I know, anyone else outside UK only uses letters as a prefix to identify a region."

In Sweden the format is "ABC 123".

I don't know if there's a system to it or not. But they remove obvious naughty words (in Swedish).

The reason for using letters is to get a much larger allocation space. The reason to mix letters and number is probably to make it easier to remember, or something to do with legacy stuff.

You used to be able to see from the reg no where the car was registered, but they dropped that when they introduced the "ABC 123" format.

The Honor MagicBook Pro looks nice, runs like a dream, and isn't too expensive either. What more could you want?

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No, it isint. If anything it would be "coff".

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Oh, it has TWO fans to listen too?

Is the screen IPS? Resolution?

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"The Honor MagicBook Pro retails at £849.99 in the UK"

Not expensive? Cough, cough...

Microsoft to charge $200 for 32 GPU cores, sliver of CPU clockspeed, 6GB RAM, 512GB SSD... and a Blu-Ray player

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Re: The point ?

Agree. At the very least RAM shouldn't have been touched.

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Re: will either of them do 4k/60fps?

"Then you probably see discreet frames when you go to the movies..."

Things aren't as simple as that. (Can't be bothered any longer to explain this.)

Mate, it's the '90s. You don't need to be reachable every minute of every hour. Your operating system can't cope

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Re: installing discipline in the senders of email, that is a wholly different matter...

"I have over 47,000 unread emails as I type this"

Glad to find out I'm not the worst! I topped out at about 20k unread a few years ago, before I deleted most of them (still unread).

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Re: Macros & Scripts


Or, perhaps I should say: Stupid colleagues.

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Multitasking, background tasks and multi threading worked just fine on single core CPUs like the 386.

So not a dream at all. Just for MS users it might have been a dream.

Putting the d'oh! in Adobe: 'Years of photos' permanently wiped from iPhones, iPads by bad Lightroom app update

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"Two-plus years of edits are just gone, lost, unrecoverable," sighed one user. "I do photography as a hobby so I never saw a need for backing up photos and I never paid for the subscription (which would include cloud storage) because I didn’t use any of the tools that came along with the subscription."

So this person never realised the phone could just break?

Sick of AI engines scraping your pics for facial recognition? Here's a way to Fawkes them right up

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I suspect this won't work for very long. If we can recognise someone, then the neural networks will be able to as well.

Companies toiling away the most on LibreOffice code complain ecosystem is 'beyond utterly broken'

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Re: It's quite clear where the money is:

"What makes you think that Libre's "support" would be better than Microsoft's?"

Having the actual source code sure as heck makes possible some interesting debugging, and fixing!

Cambridge student rebuilds Polish Enigma-code-breaking box that paved the way for Turing ... and Victory!

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Re: Loyalty

It's called looking out for our own interests. Don't get all confused and think it's altruism.

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Very nice!

Although I can't say that the demo told me anything, other than that lamps may or may not light up, and flicking switches may alter what lights up.

Sueball locked, loaded and pointed at LinkedIn over iOS privacy naughtiness

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Re: iif clipboard read allowed without user OK

"I thought a big selling point of the Apple walled garden was that it is locked dowm & apps are prevented from doing naughty stuff without user OK?"

It is, and I can see Apple closing this loophole permanently, very soon.

It seems like initiating the paste functionality will have to move completely out of any app's responsibility in the future.

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I told LinkedIn to stop fecking nagging me. But it just won't stop.

UK smacks Huawei with banhammer: Buying firm's 5G gear illegal from year's end, mobile networks ordered to rip out all next-gen kit by 2027

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Reading loudmouth politicians spouting off about Huawei is annoying when you know these politicians have absolutely zero technology knowledge. I mean, Dido Harding is a tech goddess to these morons.

Linus Torvalds banishes masters, slaves and blacklists from the Linux kernel, starting now

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"I must admit the 'master / slave' terminology was a bit odd and makes me wonder who on earth first came up with that for computer use."

The technological terminology, based on easy to understand concepts, was around long before computers were around.

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Re: Proudly ignorant

But "slave" is descriptive. Being forced to be a slave is offensive.

By the way, the world hasn't "gone mad" on this issue. It's just a bit silly and misguided.

What's really mad are stupid things like Trump, Brexit, etc.

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For master/slave may I suggest "arsehole boss"/"suppressed worker"?

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But, but.. Blacklists and being blackballed and blackboards etc have nothing to do with race, surely?

And slaves come in all forms. I even felt like one at times.

TomTom bill bomb: Why am I being charged for infotainment? I sold my car last year, rages Reg reader

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Re: Why not use Google maps?

Last time I used Google Maps for driving it was very "beta". Used data over the air all the time, and took me on some extremely weird routes. It even kept saying that it was experimental (just a couple of years ago).

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I have Sygic on my phone, which is an Android (now ancient LG G3).

I've had Sygic since it had another name (which I can't even recall now), and initially purchased it for use on an iPhone 4.

When I switched to an Android phone (cheaper, larger screen) Sygic gave me a way to swap to the Android version for free, giving up the iPhone version (it may possibly still work on the iPhone). Pretty good customer service! It's been on a string of 3 or 4 Android phones so far.

They tried to up-sell me to live traffic, but I don't really need that. I have all of Europe, with unlimited updates. Bought very cheaply during some offer.

TomTom might be sleeker, but I'm quite happy with the economics of Sygic on a mobile phone. I'm in no way associated with Sygic (or whatever the company actually is called).

No more installing Microsoft's Chromium-centered Edge by hand: Windows 10 will do it for you automatically

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Re: Same old tactics

It's like Google. YouTube frequently forgets that I never, ever want any auto playing videos. (What kind of person actually wants to be fed random videos 4 seconds after watching something, anyway?)

Barmy ban on businesses, Brits based in Blighty bearing or buying .eu domains is back: Cut-off date is Jan 1, 2021

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"The main beneficiary of the .eu registry business? The European Union itself."

Money isn't everything. A difficult concept for UK, I know.

The whole concept of making sheadloads of money from internet domain names is wrong from the very start. Basically the registrars themselves are massive cyber-squatters that have take over something that isn't theirs in the first place.

Microsoft's carefully crafted Surfaces are having trouble with its carefully crafted Windows 10 May 2020 Update

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"This is why you need to search for streamlined recent ISOs of Win7 (which MS never did) and the most certain way to find them is in the dark alleys of the net (just use your own legal serial number)."

MS has forced people to do this kind of thing, which is like saying "take your chances with whatever you can find out there -we don't care what infections you might get".

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Re: Windows Insider Bork bork bork

Halfway through XP's life, MS ruined the update process. Presumably any decent programmers from the NT days had left by then.

Repair store faces hefty legal bill after losing David and Goliath fight with Apple over replacement iPhone screens

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We sometimes joke about Norwegians, and this doesn't help them.

Snapping at Canonical's Snap: Linux Mint team says no to Ubuntu store 'backdoor'

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Call me cynical, but is Snap possibly a resource hog as well?

'Beyond stupid': Linus Torvalds trashes 5.8 Linux kernel patch over opt-in Intel CPU bug mitigation

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Was any swearing sensored, or is Linus moderating himself now?

Talk about a control plane... US Air Force says upcoming B-21 stealth bomber will use Kubernetes

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Bombers for defence? That's unusual.

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Can't be long now until fully autonomous weapons running Deep Reinforced Learning decide that humans are mostly a waste of time.

Surprise! That £339 world's first 'anti-5G' protection device is just a £5 USB drive with a nice sticker on it

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Re: Jail time

I think the purchase price is that penalty.

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You can also get some sticker "dot" that saves you from 5G and presumably Corona at the same time. Very reasonably priced at around £20 for one.

Software bug in Bombardier airliner made planes turn the wrong way

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Re: Just a reminder

"and we can still find (small) bugs"

Not sure I'd categorise going 180 degrees in the other direction as a small bug.

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No, not a good thing. Imagine you thinking everyone is half the actual distance to you on the road, for example. Planning becomes rather difficult.

Boeing brings back the 737 Max but also lays off thousands

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"workplace safety" is the main concern, for sure. Not customer safety.

Personally I think both Airbus and Boeing should have pilot overridable anti-stall systems. (And in Boeing's case, non-automatic massive trim adjustment.)

The novelty of actually flying an aircraft not relying on faulty AOT sensors and other sh*t...

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You think Boeing senior execs are capable of judging safety?

Not much sign of that so far.

Microsoft brings WinUI to desktop apps: It's a landmark for Windows development, but it has taken far too long

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Is it just me that feels that the wheel is being reinvented, yet again?

Record-breaking Aussie boffins send 44.2 terabits a second screaming down 75km of fiber from single chip

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Re: Disgusted

"If every residential property in the UK had 50Mb/s (which on average it probably does) that's over 140Tb/s."

By a factor of about 10, I reckon. Unless my brain failed me, which it admittedly frequently does.

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No fibre to the home in UK, in the vast majority of places. Investment in infrastructure is not a big thing in the UK. We have Tories in charge here.

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The last bit to the home is copper. Old copper from decades ago.

It's already been pushed to 70Mbit or so, which is amazing when you think about it.

But having 800 carriers in an optical cable won't alter anything on the copper end.

Man responsible for least popular iteration of Windows UI uses iPad Pro as a desktop*

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Re: Expensive to be a fanboi in general

You can be a Microsoft fan?

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"Sadly, issues such as the update process hanging for extended period during installation persist. But heck, this is preview code after all."

As in "preview since the 1980s"?


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