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The perils of pair programming

Edward Milne

think Matt doesnt quite grasp the concept.

Just spent a morning pair programming, been the most productive morning I've had in ages. My colleague had to explain to me what was going on with some of his code which in itself helped him. A side effect of this was that the code was simultaneously reviewed by us both.

Reading Matts article he uses the analogy of walking down a busy street and slower people merely getting in your way.

Well how did Matt get so quick in the first place? He'll probably say something like he was born a natrually gifted programmer. The reality is more like he did what the rest of us do and talk to like minded people, compare code, get advice and tinker, which lets face it, is a large part of pair programming. If all highly expert coders like Matt were not prepared to pair program, how could they ever expect the slower coders to get quicker?.

The only thing I can say to Matt is - carry on with your current outlook thats fine, but expect the slower pedestrians to continue getting in your way.


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