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US insurers use drone photos to deny home insurance policies


I cannot imagin the UK having a 10 year limit on roofs.

Do they build houses so badly and roofs so poorly in America that they only last for 10 years?

I have lived in my current house for 35 years (the house was build probably 50 or 60 years ago) and i see no reason for replacing my roof.

I cannot speak for the new houses being built in the UK, although My friend, in their new house was told that they could not do a loft extension due to the lack of robust construction.

Nevada sues to deny kids access to Meta's Messenger encryption


Re: Doing the best you can

Not sure how you would verify someone age.

Any ID can be faked, (good or bad) and the same goes for photo's.

The ONLY way I can see it working (somehow) would be o have the government to validate the person.

In the UK we do not have ID cards, and any attempt to enforce them would fail. I would burn any ID card given to me.

I do have a valid passport and drivers licence. But not everyone HAS a drivers licence and not everyone has a passport.

I remember my son having problems opening a bank account years ago because the bank wanted a drivers licence and/or a passport and a utility bill with their name on it (He was living at home so he HAD NONE).


To try and compare UK knife crime with American Gun Crime is so stupid, I presume you were joshing.

On Average the UK, which has a population about 70 million has about 70 gun deaths each year (Give or take)

If you compare the rate per 100,000 people between the UK and America you will find that America has so many gun deaths nobody has any time to count them any more.

A gun has ONLY one (Primary) Purpose, that is to kill. Shooting where you are not trying to kill anyone or anything appears to be rare, based on the number of recorded deaths.

Why Americans have this fanatical LOVE for all things gun related, I do not know. Oh yes, it's your god awful 2nd Amendment, Might have been relevant in the beginning but Hands up anyone that thinks its a good idea to have millions of people carrying around loaded firearms when they can barley hold the gun strait and have bugger all training on when NOT to use a gun. Even you cops seemed to have almost NO training on the proper use (and avoidance) for guns. Most of them seem to feel it justified to automatically pull out their guns and start shooting. I gather that in America most cops have a few weeks or months of training. In the UK it is 2 years, and that is WITHOUT any firearm training. To be able to use firearms in the UK means the police have to have much more extensive training

Moving to Windows 11 is so easy! You just need to buy a PC that supports it!


Re: I wouldn't worry about it

As a non-business user (I am a retired IT dev) I see very little use for "AI" for the average person.

Anyway, AI is a misuse fo what Microsoft etc atr trying to offer.

Closure of Windows 10 upgrade path still catching users by surprise


Re: Please accept this wooden horse

As a "lay" user what use would I have for Co-pilot or 0365. I use Outlook 2007 and LibreOffice.


Re: That means no re-installs?

Why, oh Why should 1 have to create or use a Microsoft Account? I have never found any use for it.

Not even the ghost of obsolescence can coerce users onto Windows 11



I willl NEVER change to using a subscription version of any OS or ant other software.....

Threads versus Twitter: Shouldn't we be happy the wheels are falling off antisocial social media?


I do not use social media, I have no twitter account (well i did sign up to get support on some software 10 yrs ago) and i stopped using facebook 5 years ago.

To be honest, I just fail to see their usefulness. I just check the main news sites (BBC, CNN etc)

I am not interested in Cat videos!

Brit broadband subscribers caught between crappy connections and price hikes


Regular increases

I am not happy wit the way mobile and other communication services now increase prices anually using a bogus formula. R.P.I plus x percent%.

Microsoft rethinks death sentence for Windows Mail and Calendar apps


I am using outlook 2007 at home for many years, it does all that i need. Most of it i admit i do not use. I just want to be able to have connections to multiple e-mail hosts and to hold all my e-mails locally.

I have no interest in "cloudy" versions of most apps. Most web versions of applications have been dummed down so much I really do not like using them. Moving to the Web always seems to end up removing so much functionality for the original non web app that it seems designed for a baby. All the hard work done to write a useful application has been flushed down the drain when moving to the Web..

UK smart meter rollout years late and less than two thirds complete


I have never figures out how smart meters help customers (Retail) save a single penny?

Any ideas folks?

FYI: TikTok tracking pixels can be found all over the web – just like Meta, Google


How about an option to BAN All TikTok, Amazon, google ect tracking

General Motors charges mandatory $1,500 fee for three years of optional car features


Re: Other car manufacturers are available.

I have never understand the "American" way of treating service staff.

1. ALL staff should be paid AT LEAST Minimum wage.

2. Staff cannot be charged for other things (Cloths etc) to get back some of this money.

3. In my eyes Tips are NOT Mandatory they are discretionary and only should be paid if the CUSTOMER wants to.

I live in the UK and tipping is becoming more common. But as far as i am concerned, It is something I Choose to do. No way would i tip unless I WANT to and i think the staff serve it.

The staff should be paid a proper living wage by their employer. I have visited America once and I liked it but would i live there? No thanks,

A healthcare system designed for the wealthy, a system where it is common for people to become bancrupt trying to pay for medical bills. Guns so common that having hundreds of people every week killed by them is thought of as common (and good).

UK signs deal to share police biometric database with US border guards


And I have to say that most of it seems designed to bugger up the country. Why should different states have different election laws. You could end up with some states banning non whites from voting whilst other states think it is ok.

And although this is said in jest the fact is that some states are getting close to that. (whatever they profress to say)


Securing the boarders from illegal weapons! You jest surly? They sell so many guns "legally" in America any coming though th boarders are just a rounding error.

Big Tech silent on data privacy in post-Roe America


Re: The right to tell you what to do

As a UK citizen, the idea that each state has incompatible laws is just STUPID. Not so easy to move house if your state brings in some law that you do not like.

Why would you think it is OK for each state to have election laws that are so different that it appears to be more like a foreign country


Re: Swiss-Cheese Reassurances by Clue Co-CEOs

The only solution is to purge all data immediately so it cannot be used.


Re: Canada

I get the feeling that some extreme people want to ban the "pill" and other forms of contraception as well as ANY abortion. Just look at what happened in Ireland in 2012 and how poorly thought out legislation works.


Re: Canada

I have never seen ANYTHING from the so called "right Wing" about offering to pay ALL of the medial and child car costs for a mother (up to the age of 21). If you want to ban abortions FOOT THE DAMMED BILL or shut up.

Engineer sues Amazon for not covering work-from-home internet, electricity bills


Re: The law is the law, hurrah hurrah

The issue is that some employers are now arguing to pay less money unless they work in the office.

Salesforce staff back an end to its relationship with NRA


Re: How do we protect our 2nd amendment & our kids at the same time?

why stop at six year olds, start them younger, as soon as they can hold a gun.


Re: Anti semitic ????

That also means America, based on the number of arms held.


pledge to double our commitment to making schools secure.

I.e. do double of NOTHING. America is a violent country, one of the most violent in the world and too many people in America think that more guns are the answer.

I know, why not give guns to people as they enter supermarkets and children as then enter school. No age checks, no health checks, no background checks. Just give everyone Automatic firearms with large magazine and armour piercing bullets. After all, what can go wrong? "It's not guns that kill, just people".

And this is one of the reasons that i might never visit America again, too many of you appear to be gun wackoos.

Linus Torvalds debuts 'boring old plain' Linux kernel 5.18


Re: boring old plain 5.18

Many mainframes (in the old days) used to be like that. A lost of kit was installed but not enabled. an engineer would come in and turn it on, once you have paid!

A bit like a lot of software (windows)

Start your engines: Windows 11 ready for broad deployment


Nothing about windows 11 makes it remotely interesting to me.

The fact the Microsoft keep trying to shove a "microsoft" account down my throat just makes it 10 times worse.

Microsoft are just "playing their violin whilst Rome burns" and amount of "innovation" in new versions of windows could be written on the back of a postage stamp. With continual re-writes of the UI for no other reason that "Because we can" tells me all I need to know.

Twitter buyout: Larry Ellison bursts into Elon's office, slaps $1b down on the desk


Re: "be less strict in content moderation"

Is "The 2020 US presidential election has so many irregularities that it warrants a full investigation to identify any fraud!" a lie!? Can you or anyone "prove" that the election was 100% fair and secure? (Saying "there was no evidence" is not proof!)


Negative proof of election fraud means just what it says. There was no major election fraud found (except by some Republicans) A negative does not prove a positive.Otherwise, you are saying. I cannot prove he is lying but I have not exhausted all the possible forms of torture on this person. therefore, he MUST be lying!

America seems to be filled with lots of people with poor intelect and poor reasoning.

It's time to delete that hunter2 password from your Microsoft account, says IT giant


Thank goodness I never went down the route of creating and using a Microsoft Account. The less information I give them the better,

Reg reader rages over Virgin Media's email password policy


Re: Something's not right here

What i find unacceptable is that many password managers store your passwords on their systems. This allows you to use multiple systems with a single password manager but then increases the risk of compromise because the passwords are NOT in your control, you have no idea who can access the password data remotely and you have to blindly accept their assurances about how secure they are storing (and transmitting) the password data..

For me a password manager should ONLY store passwords locally and encrypted.


Re: ...

That is why I have always used outlook (for office) e-mails are stored locally and are backed up daily

Epson payments snafu leaves subscribers unable to print


Re: Is that theft?

But the other issue with many manufactures is where the cartridge goes "out of date"

Prototype app outperforms and outlasts outsourced production version


Re: So

The trick is whenever possible talk to the actual users about the requirements rather than the managers

Govt suggests Brits should hand passports to social media companies


Re: 'F' that for a game of 'where's my directorship'?

As i basically do NOT use social media It will not affect me. What annoys me is EVERY site wanting me to login to access, this is getting me p***sed off.

Having to remember possible multiple tens or even hundreds of user id and passwords is just mad...

FYI: Support ends for older Visual Studio versions in April


Re: Visual Studio? Pah

And what are you supposed to do when you are writing a multi year project (> 3 years) ????

Having to upgrade continuously to new versions of visual studio plus also other tools it soon becomes a real pain to co-ordinate and keep up to date.

Expecially when you are developing for an external customer (s)

UK science stuck in 'holding pattern' on EU funding by Brexit, says minister


Re: Brexit got done

I though the poblem was that the EU no longer wants UK farm produce. And the cost to the UK farmers have gone up to export.

Phishing kits' use of man-in-the-middle reverse proxies is growing, warns Proofpoint


Kill them all

European watchdog: All data collected about users via ad-consent popup system must be deleted


Re: Agree 100%

If it were down to me there would be the option (and defaulted) that says. DO NOT TRACK. Do not hold ANY information about me. I am sick and tired of eBay constantly e-mailing me because i looked at something on their site.

China builds 'free trade data port' inclusive of submarine cable landing station


Re: What does that even mean?

Satellite data will always be a problem for repressive regimes

Another Massive Display as AMD hails 'outstanding' 2021, teases Genoa and Bergamo chips



Lets hope they transfer all the IP and technology and plant for Xilinx outside of China. much less easy for China to acquire their ip illegally if it is no IN China

Brocade wrongly sacked award-winning salesman who depended on company insurance for cancer treatment


Here, here. Have just retired (at 62) and I am glad I am off that treadmill.

One house back in the office (after working over a year from home) and I had decided that I have had enough.

My wife and I both sent our notices in that month. I was 62 1/2 and my wife 61.

Now every day is a "Saturday".


Re: A timely reminder

Unfortunately, it does not matter how much money is spent on Public (or private) health. It will never be enough. I hate to say it but that means that some treatments will either be not available or very expensive.

I am just glad I am NOT American, a more broken healthcare system you are unlikely to find.

Where you get private hospitals shipping patients by taxi to public hospitals and dumping them outside (In hospital garments) to save themselves money.

Obviously in Private hospitals, patients are just a cashpoint for the hospitals. Be sure to have your credit card handy when you go through the door!

BOFH: On Wednesdays, we wear gloves


Re: Etymology help?

Used one one at Dehaviland College Borhamwood in 1980 doing my computer operator course.

It was an NCRCentury 201

Has a card reader as well as 5gb swappable hard drive as well as the Wonderfull barrel printer.

we had to use a paper tape to define the "top of Form"

How to get banned from social media without posting a thing


Social Media?

I love your column,

Social media......

I do have a twitter account, had to set it up about 6 or 7 years ago to get support for some software. Never used it since, do not know what user/password i logged in with.

I use WhatsApp to talk to my sons, nothing else. i.e. i have used it about a dozen times in all.

I do have a facebook account, again no idea of the user or password, have not used it in at least 5 years, cannot see the point.

Shut off 3G by 2033? How about 2023, asks Vodafone UK


Re: Phase out 3g

How many people 1) do not have a 4g Capable phone or b) have little 4g Coverage.

Not everyone changes there phones every 2 years ya know!

Privacy is for paedophiles, UK government seems to be saying while spending £500k demonising online chat encryption


Re: Protecting children. We want to know everthing about you.

And who would believe that at 18 all the records would actually be deleted?

First they came for Notepad. Now they're coming for Task Manager


So, less and less reason for me to ever switch to windows 11

Less than PEACH-y: UK's plant export IT system only works with Internet Explorer


Re: A Firefox user writes...

I Use Firefox!

Test this new Linux kernel – but don’t forget Christmas or that you have a family, says Linus Torvalds


almost all phones are linux plus most tablets and kindles so you probably have more than you think!

The monitor boom may have ended, says IDC


Re: Blue Christmas

i have been running dual 24" monitors at home for years so no change for me.

Sweden asks EU to ban Bitcoin mining because while hydroelectric power is cheap, they need it for other stuff


Re: Not Happening

Total tosh. Who would use (except Criminals) crypto currencies. When their value can oscillate to a ridiculous extent on a second by second basis. So risky, so worthless, and it uses so much power. And what is the point?


Giant Japanese corporations to launch bank-backed digital currency


Aside from criminals and the tinfoil brigade I do not see a compelling reason for using crypto currencies. They all seem very fragile, the value of any "coin" seems to move around so much how can you know what you are paying.

Eventually they all have to resolve to a normal currency, just more complication.