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US Senate to probe Goo-Hoo!

Thaddeus Aid

@Daniel B

Do you actually take MS live search seriously? I use google to search microsoft.com.

National Grid computers locked-down in outage cock-up

Thaddeus Aid

you pay millions to set up the network

and minimum wage for the admin staff and this is what you get.

hire some qualified admins...

Microsoft offers $300m for web-washing ad campaign

Thaddeus Aid
Gates Horns

Use the huge windows installed base to get

Windows Live - More Porn for Windows Users!

Hacker defaces temples to OS X

Thaddeus Aid

No it is BASIC

Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

Pentagon: Chinese military hacked us

Thaddeus Aid

PLA... PLO... ELO!

Yes the US government has been attacked by the Electric Lights Orchestra! Burn your old records in retaliation.

Manhunt 2 tweaked to beat US sales ban

Thaddeus Aid

Take2 needed it

I am all for artistic expression but Take2 needed to have their wrists slapped.

Rentokil to set Q Branch on UK's rats

Thaddeus Aid

Our first line of defense

Should we take our cue from Blofeld and get white cats to combat this rodent menace

Wii wins console war, market watcher claims

Thaddeus Aid

Of the three current generation...

The only one I had any excitement about was the Wii. The PS3 is pure bloat-ware. I have considered a 360 but just can't get up the enthusiasm for it.

NSA surveillance and the dream police

Thaddeus Aid

Scared to go home

I'm a US ex-pat and my wife wants to return to the states but I am getting even more scared of my governement.

Warner Bros to remake Enter the Dragon

Thaddeus Aid

first Escape from New York

now Enter the Dragon

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Pentagon chief: no more oil for blood, man

Thaddeus Aid

Shigeru Miyamoto was right...

...Super Mario is the way of the future.

Soon the Airforce can eat mushrooms to power-up!

Can Osama keep Bush afloat?

Thaddeus Aid

Keep it up

These series of editorials are great, please keep them up and I applaud El Reg for having the guts to publish these articles.

US wants trucks mounted with frikkin' laser beams

Thaddeus Aid

Will be goof for...

...when the invading lizards get here to take us over.


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