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NASA's Artemis mission finally launches after faulty Ethernet switch delayed countdown


Re: Flawed

Er no. SLS and Starship are not the same. Starship is being used to land the astronauts on the moon, while SLS is being used to get them there. Plus SLS costs $4B per flight and can only fly every two years at the most (more like 3/4).

Telegram criticizes Apple for 'intentionally crippling' web app features on iOS


Re: That's Apple for ya

Chromium is not owned by Google. It’s open source and free for anyone to use. You may be confusing it with the Chrome browser which it’s a google app.

Plans for Entity Framework Core 6.0 revealed as Microsoft admits it is unlikely to match Dapper for performance


Re: SQL's JOIN syntax is no harder to learn and more precise to use

Not always possible to have all the logic in the code. Sometimes a good SP can handle the complex joins needed in a complicated query way better than any coder can do at the code level.

We have some very complex queries that could be done in the client but the performance compared to an optimized SP just plain sucked.

One place where SP's suck in their own right is versioning, or a lack thereof. Would be a nice feature to have.

React team observes that running everything on the client can be costly, aims to fix it with Server Components


Re: Server side = not in user control?

Er no.

GDPR and other priv regs don't care where the data sits, just who has control of it and what do they do with it.

Client side or server side is the same.

SpaceX beats an engine failure to loft another 60 Starlink satellites


Re: "Shows value of having 9 engines"

Always one twat that can't do the maths. This was the 5th flight so what part of re-use don't you understand?

TalkTalk kept my email account active for 8 years after I left – now it's spamming my mates


Re: You brought up an interesting point

Should file a complaint with the ICO under GDPR. Company can only keep data for as long as necessary - Account was cancelled 8 years and no reason to keep email going. Clear violation.

'Cuddly' German chat app slacking on hashing given a good whacking under GDPR: €20k fine


Re: You brought up an interesting point

h=crypto.md5(password) ???

Md5? Surely you're not still using this for hashing passwords?

No Windows 10, no Office 2019, says Microsoft


Re: As soon as Windows 7 support finishes

.".use this from the console as root to get rid of your wine version:

dpkg --purge $(dpkg -l | awk '/^ii\s+wine/ {print $2}')"

This is why the average user (ie 95% of people on this planet) will never use Linux.

Info Commish offers privacy addicts a 12-step GDPR programme


Re: Nice link

@LeahroyNake so long as you are not doing anything fancy with your data, GDPR is more than manageable by a small business. You do need to make website changes and you do need to educate your staff on what's ok and what's not. Start with the record keeping as that will tell you where the gaps are.

Azure fell over for 7 hours in Europe because someone accidentally set off the fire extinguishers


So we were one of the sites impacted. Yes this is a screw up by MS BUT it was also our screwup. We didn't have the traffic manager enabled and if we did, our service would probably have switched over to another geo.

Lessons learnt on both sides.

We'll drag Microsoft in front of Supremes over Irish email spat – DoJ


Re: They already have a legal route

--- This really is a case of "goodnight US cloud in Europe" if MS lose.

Er no it's not. MS have already put in place data centres in Germany that is run by a non-MS company on contacts to MS. You can and MS can move/host any data there. We already use it.

Google tries to lure .NET devs with PowerShell cloud bait


Re: Jury is out?

re Jury is out?

While I applaud what you have done getting Azure running in-house, I do have to ask Why? The idea of going public cloud was to move the burden of IT depts, updates and so on, out of the business. Why would we want to take it all back in again? I get your point (maybe) on costs but have you included your cost, other staff, lighting, heating and so on?

Seems like we're going back to the good old days of NT server boxes sitting in racks all lovingly managed by a group of bearded techies (I was one once) who talk in a language nobody else understands.

If a business is in IT hosting I can understand it but a plumbing supply company or a supermarket should stick to it's core business and stay out of the IT game.

PC shipments slump in Q3, thanks to free Windows 10


The opposite view

Ok going to duck when I say this but I'm a Windows 10 "fan".

We provide cloud apps to small business and always get asked to look at laptops and wifi (just because we're IT people). We've updated many laptops from Win 7 to Windows 10 and it's been very well received and have had little or no issues. Windows 8 was a mess and users hated it but 10 is an easier step up from a die hard Win 7 user.

I do see a divide though - It may well be that in the not so distant future, home users won't use PC's (windows or Apple) at all. All most of them need is a tablet because for a lot of them, the most typing they do is entering a url or the odd 2 line email.

For business users I do see Windows 10 as a huge improvement over 8 and (ducking again), a worthy successor to windows 7.

there. I said it.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Vulture's claws: we find looks AND brains


People seem to assume that all customers want an SD card and a removable battery - if you do you are in the small minority (Apple has been very successful in selling boatloads of phones with no sd card and a fixed battery).

If you still want an S6 with these features then check out the soon to be on shelves S6 Active with waterproofing, sd card etc.

Elon Musk: Wanna see a multimillion-dollar rocket EXPLODE? WATCH THIS


Well the barge is being used for testing only at the moment. Once the (FAA) are happy with their accuracy they will land back at the cape.

Where the barge comes in long term is for their next rocket - the Falcon Heavy. This has additional cores (think 3 Falcon 9's strapped together) which they want to return, but having them all come back to the cape would need too much fuel ( and therefore less payload can be lifted) so they will recover these to the barge. They are also thinking of refueling the stage after it lands on the barge and then lifting off again and back to the cape (just a mere hop away).

Cool stuff if they can make it work.