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T5 Transformers t-shirt bust: Shock snap


Interesting dramatisation

But is this perhaps just evidence that you are suffering withdrawal symptoms following the temporary loss of b3ta?

Microsoft denies Xbox 360 is Blu-ray bound

Paris Hilton

What a strange decision

Why would they choose not to replace the HD DVD with a Blue-ray version? It maketh not sense.

When the HD DVD add on drive was first released, while I was tempted, I decided to wait to see which was the Betamax.

Now that we know, I'm prepared to invest. But if MS doesn't jump in soon, all those like me that have been waiting will spend their money elsewhere.

Given that the best value Blue-ray drive is sat snugly inside the PS3, aren't MS taking a rather large gamble on the potential of downloads?

Personally I'm not very keen on the downloads idea. For one thing, I like having something tangible for my money (less likely to loose that a file in a random directory on a computer and, a more likely consequence of downloads with the Xbox, it doesn't keep me tied to a vendor for life just to be able to view the content a second time). Plus I worry that US and Japanese tech wizards will end up putting together some lovely approach to downloads that won't be applicable in the UK for some time due to the fact that BT is lagging so far behind with fibre broadband tech.

Ultimately, if MS don't announce a Blue-ray add on soon I will be dumping the 360 on eBay and buying a PS3. The clock's ticking Mr Greenberg, I don't want to keep buying low def DVD's for any longer.

The Phorm files


Can I have some of that data please?

If these companies are so sure that the data is being anonymised, perhaps we should put it to the test.

Suggest prior to setting the ball rolling with Phorm, they should run a competition, open to anyone, to see whether someone can piece together details from what they intend to send to Phorm and play pin the tail on the customer.

If it's completely safe then there'll be no problem. They could offer the equivalent of an entire years worth of profit from their deal with Phorm, safe in the knowledge that nobody will win the prize.

BBC Trust backs calls for Linux iPlayer


How many O/s do you support

I've already seen comments from people saying that their Spectrum/Amiga or otherwise should be supported. Can I also throw in my washing machine as I've not seen that o/s listed.

More seriously, while I don't know the ins and outs of how well Linux distros support DRM, perhaps the statement that the beeb should be making is that they aim to support all modern o/s with a regular user base on their web site of over x amount will be supported, where the DRM capabilities of that o/s allow.

I cannot see why anyone would be able to argue against this definition. Then it's just down to seeing if the beeb can AFFORD to support that many distros. If they can't then really, they shouldn't have bothered in the first place.


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