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Dynabook Portégé X30L-G: So light, you might even forget about its terrible keyboard


At this price point, a backlit keyboard should be standard.

Intel’s first 10nm CPU is a twin-core i3 destined for a mid-range Lenovo


"Wake us up when things get more interesting than a 2.2GHz 4MB cache laptop chip, please".

Here you go, this I3 i3-8121U as an AMD RX540 imbedded in the same cpu package: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Core-i3-8121U-SoC-Benchmarks-and-Specs.303400.0.html

Microsoft rolls out first 'major update' to Windows 10


Re: Wonderful :\

You don't have to do the update while in class. First, you'll have to download over 3gB of data before being able to do it, and then you can postpone this update until class is over.

Microsoft offers to PAY YOU to trade in your old computer for a Windows 10 device


Re: For Sale

Win95 original was on 13 floppies, 26 for Win95b (osr 2.1).

Windows Mobile 10 nears point of no return


Re: Epic Fail

I'm testing Windows 10 mobile build 10549 on a Nokia Lumia 625 and on a Lumia 830 and there are no problem with html emails, at lest none that I could see.

Ubuntu phone on sale to world+dog ... but will it work on your network?


There are over 400,000 apps on windows phones, this is much better than the half-dozen available for Ubuntu.

Microsoft to spoofed Skype users: Change your account passwords NOW


Re: I've managed to successfully evade Google and Yahoo

Why not? Some give theirs to Facebook and Google, which I think are a lot more problem than Microsoft.


Why don't youi all configure you ms account to send a confirmation code via text message if your account is accessed via an unknown device?

Microsoft kills TWO Hacking Team vulns: NOT the worst in this Patch Tues either


Re: Tell me about it...

The guy is not a dev, he is a home user. I didn't want to say that he was grossly exagerating his computer's update time. I did the testt on a 2009 Toshiba Satellite with Pentium T4400 Full Officel installed, a 300GB 5400rpm drive and the update which started at 9:34 was rebooted to the desktop at 9:54. Even doing the update on a Dell Venue 8 pro with 2gB of ram and a slow emc drive took 20minutes including the download and reboot time to do the update. You can get a used 200 Euros or $ computer which will be able to do this update faster than his pos. computer.

I was not talking about updating computer in a work environment. Geez, why would I care about youir problem. You are a sysadmin and I'm a project leader, so we might have different types of problems to tackle.


Re: Tell me about it...

2 hours do the patch tuesday's updates? You should probably think about getting a better computer, even on my slowest ultrabook with an I5 4200u and 240GB ssd, it took less than 15 minutes including the reboot.

HTC execs: Oh dear, did we say we'd sell lots of smartphones? Our bad


My first 3 android phones were from htc and, I finally decided to move on. The phones were great, I did like htc sense and text reflow. What I didn't like is htc longterm software support, and if I was lucky enough to get a software upgrade, most of the time it rendered the phone almost useless.

I gave them enough chances, and, as far as I am concerned, this is game over for them.

German gets 4 years in clink for $14 MILLION global ATM fraud


He probably never will repay the 14 million $. His sentence should have been a minimum of 4 years or until he repays refund the noney, whichever is the longer.

What's black, sticky, and has just 8GB of storage?


Re: @Grifter, Wtf.

If you buy the windows version of this device, you are not rewarding Microsoft. Windows is free on these stick, same thing for windows tablets 9" and lower. Most probably, since linux users think that hardware should be sheaper should be sheaper for them, Intel decided to give them what they want.

I you really want the 32GB device and be done with it.

Google – you DO control your search results, thunders Canadian court


Re: Another bad law/ruling

I'm sorry, but Google has 3 offices in Canada: Mississauga and Toronto Ontario, and finally Montreal Quebec.

Microsoft says its latest, dodgy Windows 10 build is good for (almost) everyone


Re: Last week

The 130 iso that you downloaded last week is not the same as the one available today. The iso, available today, is the last week 130 + this week updates.

Vintage Ask toolbar is malware – and we'll kill Jeeves, says Microsoft


Re: Woop, woop

You can change the default ie11 search engine to Google search if you want. Nothing prevents you from doing this. So, I don't see what's the problem.

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1


Re: You Know Windows 10 Is Going To Be Good...

Iff Microsoft was forcing windows 10 down your throat, you wouldn't have a choice, but you do have one, don't you?


Why would you have to blow your win7 install. You can image your win7 install, try win10, and, if you don't like it, restore your win7 image.

Rip up your AMD obits: Gaming, VR, embedded chips to lift biz out of the red by 2016, allegedly


Re: AMD APUs with HSA look ground breaking

In your last paragraph, I would remove the "more expensive memory, cooling, power supplies and hence a larger case" because this is simply not true.

Windows 10: The Microsoft rule-o-three holds, THIS time it's looking DECENT


Re: Read the whole thing...

The increase in performance comes from directx 12 which has more direct access to the hardware, but better use of the cpu cores than previous directx versions.

TERROR in SPACE: ISS 'Nauts end panic by switching computer off and on again


Re: What did you expect?

No, they use Linux since 2013.


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