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At last: Ordnance Survey's map wizardry goes live

Sid Smith

I should add that there is no bliss as sublime as GPS on an OS map. At last you have the infinite detail of the OS but without spending half your walk orienteering instead of enjoying the countryside and your companions.

With BCN, I use the option to leave GPS switched on even when the phone (or tablet) is turned off: it uses less battery than you might imagine and means there's no waiting when you consult the map.

(MAPS.ME is the equivalent for town use. Worldwide, offline and only a one-off payment.)

Sid Smith

You get unlimited offline OS maps for a one-off payment (was about £8) from Back Country Navigator, Android only.


Have used BCN for years: overcomplicated and occasionally buggy, but it's fast and cheap compared to the OS equivalent -- which has higher res but is thus slower and you can only download pre-formed 'tiles' that might not accord with your plans for the day.

Will check this upgraded OS app, of course. I wonder if existing subscribers get any kind of deal.

Google TUGS Nexus 7-INCHER from its online store

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Re: happy with mine

Ditto. My (2013) machine is fine, including all the upgrades.

First look: Ordnance Survey lifts kimono on next-gen map app

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Have used the digitised OS app on Android devices. Very pretty and hi res, but the interface is poor and the map 'tiles' are expensive.

For some odd reason you can get OS maps via an American app called Back Country Navigator. There's a one-off payment of around £6 which gives you any slice of any OS map. The res is lower but very useable, and the interface is far better than OS's own.

For town maps I use Maps.Me. More detail than Google, and no fuss about downloading -- which is especially great for foreign trips.

'80s hacker turned journo, IT crime ace Steve Gold logs off

Sid Smith

A real shame

Sad news. A lovely, cheery bloke. Very fond memories of working together on Micronet - and of being put up (with my dog!) on his sofa.

Go well, Steve.