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Got a 4King big TV? Ready to stream lots of awesome video? Yeah, about that…


Re: Just got a 4K....

Also got a 65" 4K Sony X85B in the Boxing Day sales at a very good price. I've been intending to get a 4K camera 'then' the TV but the price was too good and I don't think 4K TVs with H265 capable tuners (which I'd prefer) are ready yet.

I've been collecting 4K footage from Youtube, but noticed a lot of 1080p broadcast content is now shot in 4K. The X85B upscaler really works on this content, providing there's not more than moderate movement in the frame, otherwise it's the usual mush at the broadcast bandwidth. It's not full 4K but very comparable with 3K, much like when 1080p footage was first broadcast over SD TV. Definitely now worth getting for viewing this 4K over 2K broadcast content.

I wouldn't advise less than 65" unless you want to sit close all the time to see the difference. Remember 65" 4K is equivalent to 4x32" 2K TVs so you need to be sitting at the same distance as you would a 32" 2K TV to see the same amount of detail.


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