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MySpace erases 29,000 sex offenders


you'll change your tune when it's your daughter or son found in the perverts fridge

One must have been convicted of a sexual related crime in order to be on a sex offender registry. Sneezing on a child is not going to do it & that comment is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen on the internet.

Myspace has taken a valid action here which is just the same as saying no one under 14 can have an account. What about all those poor 12 year olds who can't participate in myspace. Boo hoo - they'll be scarred forever. Being able to log onto myspace is not some God given right that every citizen of the world deserves. It's a business that is choosing its clients wisely.

They have an obligation to do whatever they can to keep convicted sex offenders out. If you don't like what they did then just cancel your account. That will show them!