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Shocked Shatner shunted from Star Trek XI

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Lexx anyone ?

I see your Farscape and raise you a Lexx..

Big media gangs up on pirates, file sharers

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Free market dynamics

Free market dynamics will sort all of this out. Shouting about it will not bring change any closer.

The more things change - the more they stay the same. While RIAA and MPAA are winning cases and " adding value " ( in the eyes of the people that write them the checks ) .. they will continue to exist - for as long a people pirate content - people will keep writing them checks.

Convergence is down the road - but it may take us a few generations to figure out the middle ground.

The world continues to spin. Ho hum .. round # 5123212 .. people vs the evil empire despirately trying to contain knowledge and wealth .. I sure hope that handing out content on USB Keys is going to work out for them ;) .. why change your business model , when you can just change the media the crap comes on .. right?

User seeks $1.4m from IBM for shoddy server packing

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Proper pre-site inspection ..

I've been through a bunch of these(all succesful ;) - and no I don't work for IBM.

Usually pre-site inspection is done prior to delivery of most equipment that requires this kind of "special handling" (regardless of cost usually since humans tend to get killed and injured when things that weigh a few tons " fall over " ). Usually this is subcontracted to specialized "movers" ( droppers? ).

The assumption is that the fork lift operator knows how to "negotiate" certain obstacles. Human error remains a factor though - either through lack of planning or lack of skill in driving ones chosen method of feeding ones dependents or crack habid. I am not entirely sure what sort of packing would be required to avoid the fallibility of humans .. perhaps encasing the equipment in Kevlar?

ANYHOW .. usually the courier has ownership and risk (read: insured) while the equipment is in transit - which the customer ( IBM ) usually pays a grand sum for. I don't see how IBM can be held accountable for something their couriers did.

Nevermind the mind numbing problem of when the customer actually takes title. I am not sure how they can claim damages if they don't own the kit (unless they prenegotiated that in their delivery contract as penalties - which wouldn't make headlines ).

Someone is going to PAY ALOT OF MONEY to find out how good IBM's legal team are. A blind man with his arms chopped off and a gammy leg could get himself out of this one.

Fujitsu creates readable, writeable 'nanohole' hard drive

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about 280-560x more than current technology

Midway down the page ..


AllofMP3.com owner faces jail time

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Russia's contribution to the modern world .. Tetris .. and allofmp3.com.

What's interesting is that it took the Russians to show the world how to create a new distribution model for music (again). With or without DRM, legal or illegal - now they are shutting it down. Like Grokster, Napster, AudioGalaxy, Kazaa, mp3.com - the music industry continues to fart against thunder - I look forward to the next round .. this one was unexpected due to the Russian law loophole thing and it lasted MUCH longer than I thought it would.