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South Wales cops crow about facial recognition arrests on social media


If they can not get ANPR working correctly, then how can they get facial recognition right? Don't forget the police are now lazy that they would rather let the computer work out who is who than use old fashioned detective work.

Comms-slurping public bodies in UK need crash course in copy 'n' paste


It is an impossibility to link IP addresses to individual devices. I take it no-one in authority has any idea of how NAT works, never mind how DHCP can dynamically assign IP addresses and therefore reuse the same IP address across several customers. It has been proven time and again in county courts that IP addresses alone cannot be used for verify a user/customer.

123-Reg customers outraged at automatic .UK domain registration


This actually is against UK law and comes under the "Unsolicited goods and services act". As far as the Act is concerned, unsolicited goods and/or services can be treated as unconditional gifts therefore 123-Reg may have quite a few court cases to fight in 2 years time when they ask their customers for payment.

India's Aadhaar national biometric ID scheme at risk after Supreme Court rules privacy is a right


Re: Is there any kind of valid comparison that has been done to other schemes?

Why give a shop assistance a way to view credit history, address and other personal date just by buying a TV? Do the citizens of Denmark not care about their own privacy and allow anyone whom has access to the system the ability to view such personal and intrusive information, information that, in the wrong hands could trash a person's reputation and land them in hot water?

NHS e-prescription service goes TITSUP: Problems since Monday


When it got introduced at my local GPs practice last year, they were inundated with calls from patients where their prescription had been sent to the wrong pharmacy. Mine had been sent to Boots in Birmingham (used to use that store but stopped using it a few years back), someone else's got sent to Oswestry even though they had not lived there for over 15 years. It was a utter mess.

Police radios will be KILLED soon – yet no one dares say 'Huawei'


Re: Options

Why would you want to get rid of Band II (the band that goes from 87.5MHz to 108MHz that has all of the UK's FM radio)? Don't you mean Band III which is 174MHz to 240MHz which incorporates DAB?