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DuckDuckGo says Hell, Hell, No to those Microsoft trackers after web revolt


Re: Terminology

Possibly also because 'harvest' conveys the meaning of 'mass collection', i.e the handles could easily be retrieved in bulk rather than individually.

Solana, Phantom blame Slope after millions in crypto-coins stolen from 8,000 wallets


Never keep your wallet online

After so many of these robberies, people still keep their crypto on online wallets?

As anyone knows, the only way to make sure no one can access your coins is to keep them on your hard drive, protected by 3 layers of encryption, and buried deep in a landfill in Newport

SpaceX demonstrates that it too can shower the Earth with debris


Re: Raising the odds?


Post-quantum crypto cracked in an hour with one core of an ancient Xeon


Re: I use my own encryption system

"everything is in the digits of pi somewhere"

This hasn't been proven.

Charter told to pay $7.3b in damages after cable installer murders grandmother


Re: Whatever happened to the "Corrections" button?

I can see a 'Corrections' link (not a button) after the article, although in a tiny font, as well as a 'Send corrections' link at the top of the comments page.

Chinese booster rocket tumbles back to Earth: 'Non-zero' chance of hitting populated area


Re: What, no nukes?

"You don't solve town planning problems by dropping bombs all over the place."

David Brent

British intelligence recycles old argument for thwarting strong encryption: Think of the children!


Re: Quite apart from online...

Other alternative is 'The Voter' I think it was called by Isaac Asimov.

It was called "Franchise".

Makers of ad blockers and browser privacy extensions fear the end is near


Re: Question for knowledgeable people here

Does it work for Youtube ads? In Firefox they are dealt with by Ublock+NoScript, but I still get them on my TV via the Roku YT channel.

Govt suggests Brits should hand passports to social media companies


Re: Another suggestion.......

The golden rule of encryption is: "Don't roll out your own crypto".

What came first? The chicken, the egg, or the bodge to make everything work?


Re: Out in the sticks

Same here, I remember the good ole times of watching them chase each other in the communal garden at $HOME[-1], while bottle-feeding little froggy at 2am...

Aircraft can't land safely due to interference with upcoming 5G C-band broadband service


Re: Die Hard 2

If they're like everyone else, they've seen it and quickly forgotten it.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... a coding puzzle and it's a doozy


So Xmay Day Bank holiday and Boxing Day bank holiday are both 'first working day after Christmas'? No wonder the BBC got it all mixed up.


If you click on the days (currently only 1 and 2 are available), you'll get a description of the challenge. Then you'll need to login to access the actual puzzle data and submit your answer.

A tiny typo in an automated email to thousands of customers turns out to be a big problem for legal


Re: Regards

It's integrated in my signature, so at least I don't have to worry about that. On second thoughts, let me have a quick look...

Thousands of Firefox users accidentally commit login cookies on GitHub


Re: expiration

From the article:

"One mitigating factor at least is that sessions and associated cookies tend to expire relatively quickly."

Learning app Duolingo sets its sights on the language of numbers



I used to not really care about the ads in Duolingo, until it started serving me *the* *same* *bloody* *30s video* *after* *each* *single* *lesson*. Then I set AdGuard as the DNS on my phone...

Crypto-coin startup said its bot could generate huge profits from your Bitcoin. It was a scam, says SEC


Let's see if I get this right

They took 325000 BTC from their clients, now worth $16bn (the BTC, not the clients).

They agreed to return $24 mil.

Err, what happened to the remaining $15,976,000,000??

'No peeing towards Russia' sign appears on country's Arctic border with Norway


Re: Thankin' you


Facebook says dump of 533m accounts is old news. But my date of birth, name, etc haven't changed in years, Zuck


Re: Time for the usual security advice

For these questions I generate random 20-char strings in Keepass. Can't wait to tell an operator that my first pet was called "PisZhAFEQfstPDwyoQaN".


Re: None of their business

I use my dad's MMDD with my own YYYY.

Ticker tape and a binary message: Bank of England's new Alan Turing £50 must be the nerdiest banknote ever


"have you got anything smaller"

That's what she said!

Yes, yes, I'm leaving...

NASA sends nuclear tank 293 million miles to Mars, misses landing spot by just five metres. Now watch its video


Re: Dare mighty things

And the outer circle of the parachute codes for the GPS coordinates of the JPL.

Australian government fights Facebook news ban by threatening 0.01% of Zuck's ad revenue


Re: The problem is

Never heard of it. Are they on Facebook?

This scumbag stole and traded victims' nude pics and vids after guessing their passwords, security answers


Re: It isn't a excuse, but

The article isn't that specific. The uni portal gave access to "email, a cloud storage account, college billing and financial aid information, coursework, grades, and other personal information". The attacker used that information to gain access to other social media accounts, which is probably where he found the pics and vids, rather than on the uni cloud storage.


Re: "Security" questions....

If you already use a password manager, it's straightforward to add random or bogus answers to these security questions as additional notes. From a quick look, I was born in 10 different places and my mother had 5 maiden names.

If I pedal faster and feed it spinach, my robot barman might pull more pints


Re: "Innovations" catalogue

You get the junk mail even if you have the STOP PUB sticker anyway.

The GIMP turns 25 and promises to carry on being the FOSS not-Photoshop


Re: Even that is optional

This isn't mentioned in the main article, probably to avoid controversies in a celebratory article, but in the Keep Reading section.

Did I or did I not ask you to double-check that the socket was on? Now I've driven 15 miles, what have we found?


Re: Failing switches?

My toaster is an old model that doesn't have a switch. Plug it in, it starts heating. It's much more convenient for me to turn it on with the socket switch than plug it in and out every time I need a slice of toast.

TalkTalk marches OneTel users into a brave new email world


Re: Begging for Trouble

I still use email addresses I got from my first ISP 20 years ago, 9 years after leaving them.

Family wrongly accused of uploading pedo material to Facebook – after US-EU date confusion in IP address log


Re: International Standards Organization

When emailing my US colleagues I always write dates out with the month by name

Same for me, except when the numerical format is unambiguous (DD>12), in which case I use DD/MM/YYYY just to confuse them.

Q: How does hydrogen turn into a metal? A: Hang on a second, I need to train my AI supercomputer first


Re: Since we can't build a planet

I was as surprised as you to be the first one to post it. Before reading the full article, I even thought the subheadline itself was a reference.


Re: Since we can't build a planet

Well, there's already this planet built by the Magratheans in the ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha sector, to conduct a very complex scientific experiment...

Wrap it before you tap it? No, say Linux developers: 'GPL condom' for Nvidia driver is laughed out of the kernel


Re: free sandwich

And the middle seat is unoccupied. You don't get more legroom but you get more armroom.

Community Fibre to splash £400m on FTTP connections as it races to cover a million London properties by 2023


Re: Is it really worth it?

That's an idea, we should have a regulatory body for this, some kind of Office with people working on Communications. We could call it OffiCo.


Re: Competition?

Hyperoptic have an entry level product at £22. Over the years they have upgraded it from 20/1 to 30/1 to 50/5 at no cost to existing and new customers.


Re: Competition?

"Which lists the many sins of BT"

Let's see: greed, sloth, envy, pride?

UK govt finds £200,000 under sofa to kick off research into improving mobile connectivity on nation's crap railways


Re: Well, people need some reason to get on the trains in the UK!

Haven't been on a train for months, but I have a feeling the punctuality must be pretty good these days with no one to carry.

Did you see that ludicrous display last night? Bork pays a visit to London's Silicon Roundabout


Re: Bring back The IT Crowd

Good morning, that's a nice tnetennba!

Don'tcha just LOVE meetings? Microsoft does, too, so here are some new Teams features, you lucky, lucky people


Double Key Encryption

One key is under the control of the customer while the other is retained by Microsoft. Both are needed to view data

Why would you entrust MS with one of the keys? If you don't want anyone else to access your data, isn't it simpler to encrypt *only* with your own key?

51 years after humans first set foot on the Moon, a deepfaked Nixon mourns how Armstrong and Aldrin never made it home


Re: of all of the possible choices...they made this one

I'm saying he's still president and Dr Manhattan won the Vietnam war.

Mine's the one with a Rorschach mask in the pocket.


Re: of all of the possible choices...they made this one

That speech is considered as one of the greatest speeches *never* given. Bringing it to life can be seen as an homage by the MIT to the author. It also has the advantage that everyone should know it's a fake, so it will spare us some conspiracy theories.

Ob xkcd

UK space firms forced to adjust their models of how the universe works as they lose out on Copernicus contracts


Re: Not part of the EU? Not likely to get parts of EU projects.

This is a local project for local people. There's nothing for you here!

PC printer problems and enraged execs: When the answer to 'Hand over that floppy disk' is 'No'


My guess: the author was quoting the reader Tom ("I was called..."). Tom probably used an original expression for location/premises that people wouldn't be familiar with, and the author chose to replace it with the word "premises", putting square braces around it as per the convention when altering a statement. A case of fat fingers replaced the closing square bracket with a curly one.

Winter is coming, and with it the UK's COVID-19 contact-tracing app – though health minister says it's not a priority


Re: GoT cha

The Apple-Google model is decentralized, so it will always be more secure than the initial plan.

Also, I suspect that the only "government" element of this app will be the gov.uk logo for the icon.

Psst. Hey kid, you want $50 in AWS credit? Great, you just need to fill out this form and sit through these web lectures


Difficult choice for tomorrow

Let's see, watching videos for a day to earn $50 in AWS credits, or spending a day out of lockdown at the London Zoo with the kids?

If my phone had a decent battery maybe I could have done both!

'One rule for me, another for them' is all well and good until it sinks the entire company's ability to receive emails


Re: detach attachments

I did miss that feature when I switched from Notes to Outlook some years ago, but it's now present in the recent versions of Outlook (Office 365 in particular).

Barmy ban on businesses, Brits based in Blighty bearing or buying .eu domains is back: Cut-off date is Jan 1, 2021


Re: The EU was not keeping you from doing more.

Do you mean Britain has absolutely no say in EU trade deal negotiations?

No, that's not what I meant. Of course Britain was a big player in EU trade negotiations, something the Brexiters conveniently ignore.


Re: The EU was not keeping you from doing more.

Er, actually it was: no EU member is allowed to sign trade deals with non-member countries.

The Australian British Chamber of Commerce doesn't say otherwise.


Re: We dont need .eu !!! :)

Speaking of red lines, this just in:

Government ready to open British markets to chlorinated chicken for US trade deal

Have I Been Pwned breach report email pwned entire firm's helldesk ticket system


Now, tell us, Troy

How long had you been waiting for this to happen?

Obligatory xkcd: you know which one...



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