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Apache OpenOffice: Not dead yet, you'll just have to wait until mid-May for mystery security fixes


Even that is problematic for them to do

It was brought up how bad the licensing chosen when transitioned from Oricle to Apache was announced, it was set up in a way they can not easily include LibreOffice's improvements but LibreOffice can include most anything from OpenOffice other than things like trademarks of OO. Granted one of the reasons for the split was there was a ton of third party improvements that had not been merged into the core code base and they did a lot of clean up too, so it was likely going to be a long time before OpenOffice would be in a position to be doing work that was not already done on LibreOffice even if it had gone well and attracted a much larger set of devs.

Headphone batteries flame out mid-flight, ignite new Li-Ion fears


Re: But a 14KW Power Wall...

Since the history of batteries is pretty much putting some of the most caustic substances in a small container probably not, even the ones that do not spontaneously catch fire usually could leak materials that should not be touched.

Larry Page snuffs out ‘too expensive’ Google Fiber project


Re: Actually an argument for a public utility to own the last mile

I somewhat suspect it would be easier and less problematic for large and medium cities/metros to have their own fiber utility than states, it likely is not even an option to have it be a federal agency.

How to quietly slurp sensitive data wirelessly from an air-gapped PC


It seems like places that have gone to the length of implementing an air gap for security would already be restricting having cell phones inside the gap. Since there was already the chance of people taking photos of sensitive items or documents, using the device as storage or sending data through the phone. This seems like just one more reason why phones inside the gap are a known weakness.

Pan Am Games: Link to our website without permission and we'll sue


No need for Canada to say sorry over this

"PS. Ashamed to be Canadian right about now."

The fault here rests on the Pan American Sports Organization, basically an organization formed by all the national olympic committees in North & South America. Host cities/countries rarely get much say in changing PASO rules and it is not uncommon to have to change laws to 'win' the bid to host.

'Backronym' crowdfunds itself into Oxford English Dictionary


Re: 'Meh'

The Simpsons were nowhere near the first usage of it, maybe it made it more nationally known but it was already well established on the west coast by the 1950s

Farewell then, Mr Elop: It wasn't actually your fault


Re: Hindsight

Actually not much has changed on Android profitability, Samsung was the only one that ever had a long run of respectable profitability with it. There was plenty of articles before and around the time of the memo showing how bad profitability for all the other Android venders were at the time, so it should have been well known by someone in the industry it was not an easy path to money, though it was also clear by that point that Android would be an easier sell to customers at the time due to the base user experience and app availability at the time, the only major change of opinion I can think of since then was more people thought MS might be able to catch up on market share in the mobile space with iOS & Android given their history and possibility to leverage corporate entrenchment in MS products.

Oi ICANN, you want the keys to the internet throne room? Open up to Freedom of Info law


Re: .com doesn't belong to the USA!

Technically it is still under some use administration, just they have tended to contract that out to be administered by Verisign for a long time, though it apparently still falls under US legal jurisdiction. Granted there are elements of the US goverment trying to extend legal reach to every other country regardless, but that is a whole other topic. Back to the point the curent lease is up in 2018 if they want to take that back over, which is unlikely.

NetApp name-changes SteelStore to AltaVault


AltaVista what a sad end to a once respectable search engine, granted more merciful to be put out of misery than turned into crapware like Ask.

The storage is alive? Flash lives longer than expected – report


"It seem that pretty much all of the drives are very good and last longer than their manufacturers state. It's a fairly unusual state of affairs – something in IT that does better than it states on the can"

Interesting take, from what I had heard the manufactures warranties were often set by the failure rate, so statistically they only have to cover the outliers which died early. Then after the date covered passes the majority will die in a common range, with another small percent carrying on far longer than expected. That they are still going over is probably due to the relatively (for manufactured goods) short time SSDs have been on the market, compounded by how often node shrinks come.

We need copyright reform so Belgians can watch cricket, says MEP


Their understanding of analogies is hardly the biggest obstical.

At that level of governance, I just expect their arguments are comming from the business interests that have be consistent contributors to them and/or their party, with the major differences coming from who is likely to benifit or lose from the proposed changes. Sure it is possible that is just their opinion but generally the more experience a politician seems to have with a subject, the less likely they are impartial, though it can be even more problematic is if it is their party's position.

The BBC wants to slap a TAX on EVERYONE in BLIGHTY


Apple of twenty years ago the market valueation meant little; they were nearing insolvency, there products lineup was a mess, their new major OS was extremely late, and there management was a bit of a quagmire.

HP reveals which execs have a chair once the splitting music stops


Thus completes their major executive shakeup every two to three years, which tend to have mixed to bad results and another round another two or three years s down the road.

Cubans defy government's home internet ban with secret home-made network


Re: No wonder Obama wants to thaw relations

It is not like there were not were no other options before now, cuba's economy has never really recovered from the loss of aid when the USSR collapsed.

Your anonymous code contributions probably aren't: boffins


Interesting since any time I look at code I wrote years ago I tend to find the parts of style I have shifted on are the most frustrating; // except for the few parts that for some reason went without comments, where it would now be useful to have them

Copycat drug souk Silk Road 2.0: Another man cuffed


Re: Lies, damned lies, and US government statements

I do not think they were trying to imply that was how much Silk Road made, it is pretty common for US police agencies to publicize numbers like this as a self serving statement, that whichever group made the bust is good at their job and at least needs to keep getting their funding at the current level if not higher.

NINETY new DOOM ASTEROIDS found in 2014


Re: <7.5million km, >110m ...

"Does that make the moon a hazardous object?"

The moon's orbit had already been assessed and it is gradually moving away from us at ~3.78 centimeters per year, this rate though will slow as it's orbit increases so it will have an even more stable orbit over time, baring a collision with another large object of course.

Fertiliser doom warning! Pesky humans set to wipe selves out AGAIN


"I don't see why he's accusing Farmers of over-using fertiliser. Presumably fertiliser isn't free, so why anybody would waste obscene quantities of it is beyond me."

They overuse because there is relatively little downside to them for putting more on, cost of the extra fertilizer is extremely cheap verses if they put too little on and the entire crop fails.

SpaceX drone hovership ROCKET LANDER BURN: Musk to try again


Re: not sure it'll be tried on the next launch

"Have SpaceX actually said they'll attempt a landing with the Deep"

He did say for an attempt next month, so it will be soon in any case, there is a comm satt launch then.

Though given this satellite was created before the Falcon 9 was designed there is the possibility that it was planned for a smaller rocket that SpaceX was able to underbid for the contract, since it was probably competing with ULA.

ROBOT-ON-DRAGON GRABHAND ACTION: SpaceX supply podule arrives at ISS


Someone must have forgotten to load Anton Shkaplerov's shirt.

SpaceX in ROCKET HOVERSHIP PRANG: 'Close – but no cigar,' says Musk


The curent engines have been stated to be capable of more than 20 full burns, though the tests between launches would at least cut it down to half that many launches. Though once recovery is in place there will be some math done on what will lead to the most economic operations.

NHS refused to pull 'unfit for purpose' Care.data leaflet


Re: Same old arrogance

You jest but with county of residence and birthdate is enough to uniquely identify most of the people in the country. Other data can be pulled from different sources once a person is identified.

SpaceX: CATS with FRIKKIN' LASERS to blast off to space station


The reason for returning to land is salt water is hell on the engines and other components, it would need expensive maintenance after every splashdown, possibly more expensive than just ramping up the production of new cores. They looked into parachutes first but determined it was not going to work for their needs.