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Pan Am Games: Link to our website without permission and we'll sue


I got threatened by a US company THIS weekend..for using a hashtag!

Ha! Here in Sydney at the weekend, tow Attack Dogs actively sought me out at an event, and threatened me for "stealing their hashtag". The security staff for the 5* hotel were standing there p!ssing themselves as these two bints got told "how about you call the cops and tell them we've stolen your hashtag luv?"

I don't think they were expecting that response.

I see a lot more of this happening with this #TO2015 bullsh!t - but only in the US. Elsewhere in the RealWorld™, noone gives a rats arse.

Watch and have a giggle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D06stcYwxMU

Uber apologises for Sydney siege surge pricing SNAFU


Uber? Meet Starbucks..

They had their chance, buggered it up and STILL pushed out some crappy social bleating message defending their algorithm before then, working out the whole country and world were pissed with them, and THEN offered up the fix.

I don't think so Uber: We got to peek under the kimono and saw a festering business model which is a race to the bottom - Lyft comes and offers cheaper trips? People will take them. Cabs cotton on and step up? People will take them.

Remember here in Australia, people love the underdog but when they see the product is inferior, then just like Starbucks - we leave you in droves. Starbucks no longer has a mass presence here in Australia.

And hopefully Uber, nor will you.


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