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Cruises on ex-Soviet space warships offered


Aircraft guns, not Anti

Read the Bloody article. it says aircraftgun, not anti aircraft gun. so a 20mm gattling gun or the like. not some FLAK88 from ww2.

if that doesnt send a normal smaller, fighter flying then, no a larger spacecraft wont go anyplace either.

Government defeats Tories in 'McKinnon' extradition vote



i dont know why our gov across the pond hasn't aproved the treaty...

surely there are plenty of miscreants over here we would be more than happy to unload for doing dumb stuff back to you.

i think it could only be a win-win situation. then again, its beyond me why we want our taxes to pay for trials and jail terms for foreign troublemakers.

Verizon and Alltel join hands


didnt we just break this bullshit up?

do we need another bell on our hands?

Potty-mouthed hackers steal comcast.net keys, go for a spin


they did a bit more than that.

i called to change some of my account settings and things, and the people i talked to said their account lookup system was having issues and wouldnt be back up for a bit, when i called again about 4 hours later it was still down, then this story breaks.....

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour


More cost effective method.

We use a gas cutting torch. not only does a quick swipe warp everything, a slightly lower swipe melts it into a smoking pile of lost data. Plasma cutters work well too.

Your personal data just got permanently cached at the US border



its called a hidden volume.

if they cant see it they cant open it, plus i would like them to waste the effort of finding said volume, breaking three different 256-bit encryption keys, only to find nothing but family vacation pictures and my resume. really good use of government resources eh?

Nigerian duped gullible NASA employee

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Stupid nasa

Canadian geeks to turn off the tech


@ David Wiernicki

I wish i could, have to have my mobe by me all the time for work, curse it.

Welsh student exposed to nude webcam operators


Saftey of the children on the internet?

If i remember correctly that was the job of the parents, and not our problem. If you are required to be 18, then you are no longer a child and it doesnt apply......

Smut blocking? We're more bothered about Bebo

Gates Horns

@pete james

who cares? its not the users machines, they are the companies, and i for one think they should stick to using their home machines or their precious cell phones. anyone here that uses one get blocked from accessing the entire internet for a week. its made clear by the boss that nobody is to use them.

they can go someplace else if they want to waste company time, because we found that, if they can get to it, they waste way more than their break times looking at them.

Craigslist and eBay: Terrorist arms bazaars of DEATH



Terrorists already have countermeasures to gas masks, body armor and night vision goggles, and hell blackhawks too. they call it the rpg-7 and it works quite well at defeating all of the above. oh and it costs less than any of the above also.

Aussie laser-pointer dazzle attacks on airliners: Bad


who cares?

who cares about the pilots? i think we all know by now that planes pretty much, takeoff, navigate, fly, land and taxi themselves these days by computer, the pilot only being a safety device. just tell them to keep their heads down or something. now its a shame that Australia doesn't have a patriot act like we yanks do, or they could just have some misguided air marshall with a sniper rifle abuse it and take out the laser-wielding problem child.

mines the one with the remnants of the constitution in the pocket...

US allows visual inspections of nipple rings


This is wonderful

so where does personall privacy come into play? I dont see how the TSA really has a right to demand these sorts of things anyway.....

Send your loved one's ashes to the Moon for $10k


Whats this?

we want to dump shit on the moon so it is cluttered as hell when we get there again?*

sounds like a wise idea. who decided they had a right to do that?

*some people would say that the us never got there in the first place.

MPAA copyright punch up knocks out TorrentSpy



there was so much good "LEGALLY FREE" content on there, its a real shame there isnt a site with just legally free gpl style content, like open sauce apps, etc.

Disney doesn't want AOL either



dont worry i think there is a large enough stockpile of them that you will have enough for decades to come.

US and EU haul China into WTO over news noose


so tell me again why it is illegal

to not trade with other countries? if china wants to cut off trade with the rest of the world, who are we to tell them they cant? hell they would be better off without our disgraceful american crap anyway. at this point i would rather buy a chinese made product than an american one, because the american one cost 5x the cost and is still crap. at least in china you get what you pay for.

Apple optimistic it will sell 10 million iPhones by year's end

Paris Hilton

so what you are saying is...

that they expect the irish to spend money on that when they could buy 100 quality pints and a less fem phone for the same price? i think not!

Paris cause she sucks less than the iphone

US gov now says Eye-o-Sauron™ border masts are crap


better idea.

why dont we just save all the money spent, and randomly mortar the entire border constantly. i mean if we use cheep chinese made mortars and shells, the 65 +20 million could keep it secure what, 10 years?

Public don't want internet filters, MS tells MPs

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Maybe instead of filters, parents should take responsibility and actually parent their F$^#@ng kids. i am so tired of speed limits being reduced, getting carded for video games, glue and movies, and having to deal with stupid "parental controls" built into everything. parents should be spending their time watching over their kids, parenting is an 18 year commitment. i wish people would think of that before they breed.

paris cause like it or not her parents actually took care of her. somehow...

Bush orders US Navy to shoot down rogue spy sat

Black Helicopters


what i think is going to happen is that they are going to launch a missile at the "malfunctioning" sat then it will shoot the missile down and they will have a successful test!

Submarine cable cut torpedoes Middle East access

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@Anonymous Coward

Racism not so much, but constant disgust with the companies over there, if you received calls every day from random indian companies asking you to buy software and outsource your schools curriculum writing over there you would be pissed too. And no, have you ever even been there? most common people in the agriculture and textiles business do not have internet access and thus it doesn't affect them at all. sure the cities do and they are increduibly crowded, but the otherhalf of the population live in outer low technology settlements and dont have much of anything, especially space.

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Serves 'em right

we shouldn't be bloody outsourcing in the first place, and we cant read indian, or at least most of us can't so who really cares?

anyway, maybe i wont have to hear calls from idiots in india asking me if i want to outsource my it department there for awhile. it would be nice if someone dropped their anchors in the vicinity of wherever nigeria gets its internet from too.

hell take china and russia with them too.

Florida cops issue shock 'Butthash' warning

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i think this has something to do with the old form of alcohol that african tribes used to make out of spit and urine in a gourd buried underground for a month. i forget what it was called but it was obviously something along the lines of this.

MySpace erases 29,000 sex offenders



why dont they delete all the 18< year olds who are obviously too dumb to practice internet safety? they obviously dont deserve the internet....


That makes sense...

so they have to delete sex offenders that might be stalking children from a site where people under 18 arent allowed to sign up for.... that makes loads of sense. maybe they should just delete the little prostitots that keep signing up and posting half naked pictures of their 14 year-old bodies for everyone to have to see. i think they are the bigger problem.

Miss America calls for mandatory internet safety classes



what was a 13 year old doing in a bloody chatroom anyhow? where were miss america's parents? if they were beeter parents they wouldnt have let her in a chatroom and we wouldnt be forced to listen to her stupid ranting now, which all-in-all is a good tradeoff in my book.