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Eighteen year old server trumped by functional 486 fleet!

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Crusty old computer

My father-in-law still uses on a daily basis his no-name 486, with a "Turbo" button for that boost to 90 Mhz. I honestly don't know why you'd decide to slow it down to 80 Mhz by not using the "Turbo" button...

He runs Win 3.11 for Workgroups (don't ask), plays scrabble and solitaire on it daily and has never had it connected to the internet. All of the parts are original except for an optical PS/2 mouse (now about 10 years old) and it's on its third monitor.

My son, a teenager with far too many devices, thinks it is from the ark and loves it - especially Creative Writer and Fine Artist which are still engaging and fun programs.

Father in law is 85 this year, I think that the crusty old box will outlive the man but they are both pretty stubborn!

Uber pulls up to the bumper, plonks Jeep hackers into driving seat

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Sounds like Johnnycab

And that really annoyed Arnie.


Safe for work unless your corporate policy excludes a bit of anti-robot violence.

Azure's already a AU$50 million business in Australia

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Should you not, however, be Anonymous Cowherd?

Ubiquiti stung US$46.7 million in e-mail spoofing fraud

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Maybe that's why he 'resigned'


Nutanix digs itself into a hole ... and refuses to drop the shovel

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Published testing

Everyone's testing methodology is flawed, because it's always just a proxy for what you will experience with your workloads in your environment. The best you can hope for is that the testing will give you an indication of who you should and should not consider POC-ing. I would never buy storage based on a vendor's promised performance, or even a reviewer's most objective assessment.

The value of such reviews is in what the results tell you about the vendors rather than the actual performance of the products. For example, discrepancies between the sales guff and the actual, realisable capabilities of a product (e.g. Vendor: yeah we have dedupe... Reviewer: Good luck with that) help you understand the level of trust you can put in vendor claims.

High school students' record-setting pulsar STUMPS BOFFINS

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I like this phrase

"Precise estimates". I may use that in my next business case...

The content business wants Netflix out of Australia

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Sony/Netflix contract

The wording of that contract, as shown in your article, suggests to me that HTTPS would suffice as an encrypted connection. An HTTPS connection is not a VPN. Therefore, secure transmission of content can occur even if VPNs were banned.

I don't support the banning of VPNs - but the real issue is that content owners have made the mess themselves. By splitting up broadcast and online rights to different parties, poor suckers in Aus/NZ that want to consume the content have to either subscribe to multiple, costly services or resort to VPNs to get a reasonable service.

Lastly - if someone is using Netflix overseas guess what - they're still paying for the content so unless we're being screwed (which we are) I don't see why Big Content would be upset anyway.

Sir Terry remembered: Dickens' fire, Tolkien's imagination, and the wit of Wodehouse

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And I'm not ashamed to say that I may have shed a tear for Terry when I read the news.

Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, then borks EVERYTHING

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Hated smart meters likely to be 'a costly failure' – MPs

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Re: eh?

Another delightful thing for you to note is that mechanical electricity meters slow down over time. It is very likely that your very old meter is now recording about 10% less than you're actually using. Of course, when your new smart meter is installed it won't suffer that discrepancy...

UK spaceport, phase two: Now where do we PUT the bleeding thing?

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It reminds me of this


The Britnik space station...

Complicit Kiwis sniffed Pacific comms says Snowden

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Re: You should read the mainstream news articles

and the righteous Right bury their heads in the sand and believe it when Daddy says it's OK, not to worry.

Oh for some informed debate on this.

3 spectastic Lumias for price of 1 rival flagship: Microsoft sells biz on cheapie experience

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Re: wait, what?


Tony Abbott says food importers deserve help denied to telcos

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Glaring error of logic

<<If there's a modest increase in regulatory costs in one area, it's got to be more than compensated by a reduction in regulatory costs in another area.>>


An increase in regulatory costs in one area needs to be balanced by a benefit of equal or greater value. So, for example, the additional costs of regulating berry importers might have the benefit of fewer people in hospital with Hep. A. Regulation should always be looked at from a system perspective, not a point perspective. Abbott's quote above serves to try and make people look just at the cost side of the ledger, and the only reason he'd want to do so is to appease & please interested parties (read: industry/rich mates)

The problem in the case of telco metadata would seem that there is no substantial benefit to anyone except the government and MPAA etc for mandating metadata regulation. If the payback was a country safe from terrorists then maybe you could make an argument.

NetApp: Don’t know about the hybrid cloud? Then you’re a dummy

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Re: The cloud...

...or you've run the numbers and it didn't (yet) stack up for you, which is our situation. My CEO is very good at understanding 'cheaper', 'more expensive', 'risk' and 'business impact/business enablement'. And one day, the numbers, risk, etc will stack up for us and I'll either be 'this is how we'll do it' or 'give me my coat'. And I can tell you I won't be reaching for my coat too quickly.

The most foolish thing you can do is to say 'no, that's not for me' and try to close the door, because the world changes and someday it might just be the exact right thing to do.

The virtualisation analogy is spot on.

It's a Mega blast: PayPal drops Dotcom's Mega

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Abuse of market power?

In most civilised* countries, the supplier of goods and services can choose who to deal / not deal with, unless they are in a position of market power. Given that there are limited payment processing options, there could be an argument that this amounts to collusion to use the market power of PayPal, Visa and Mastercard to effectively try and put MEGA out of business. One more reason to hate Paypal I suppose.

*yes, I know it's the USA we're talking about...

Hipsters ahoy! Top Ten BOARD games for festive family fun

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Re: Can anyone recommend a starter gamer for 9yr old?

Cranium is great, and Cadoo - both very interactive and a lot of fun for kids and adults. Highly recommended!