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Margaret Hodge's book outlines 'mind boggling' UK public sector waste


Re: Sheep shall safely graze

"while the civil service are blind to costs, and have outsourced so much they have no clue on the true cost of anything. "

Yeah, they're lies, they are...

Brexit will happen. The EU GDPR will happen. You can't avoid either


Re: Civil War

"If it wasn't binding it wouldn't be a democracy. "

You apparently don't know what "democracy" means or how it works, Martin...


Re: Civil War

"What an incendiary and disgusting comment to make."

No less true, for all that.

"people did not have to have the fear of God put into them to scare them to vote a certain way"



Re: Civil War

"you are Daily Mail reading Racists!"

Knuckle-dragging Daily Mail reading Racists, to be completely accurate...


Re: Civil War

"Or possibly very well educated people who <emfound reasons other than "blimmin' forinnners"</em> to vote exit."

Of which there are NONE.


UK tops European charts ... for carder fraud


To Darren Pauli

Keep your bullshit anti EU agenda to your fucking self.

HMRC's IR35 tweaks have 90% of UK's IT contractors up in arms


Re: Ermmm ... quite.

"Do you seriously feel it reasonable that a permie should see about the same take-home as a contract worker, in exchange for a considerably higher risk-burden and simply non-existent benefits?"

Hell, yes.

Nobody FORCED you to become a contractor, and we all know why you did...

MPs reiterate risks of mega £10bn Aspire contract overhaul


" these contracts are drawn up by public sector policy wonks"

Nope, completely and utterly wrong there.

"Clueless doesn't even begin to describe some of the bods that worked there..."

Less cluelessness since you left, I imagine...

Prominent Brit law firm instructed to block Brexit Article 50 trigger


"Quite honestly I don't see why so many reg commentators are pro remain?"


Not being a bigot.


Re: Oh come on

"And oh how the remainers cling to the idea that beleavers only voted because they believed the lies of the leave side"

No, we reckon that most Beleavers are xenophobic bigots who are happy to fuck the UK and its best interests over in order to exercise their bigotry by disentangling from the EU..


Re: Reg readership

"52% of the British citizenship wish to leave the EU"

Nope. 52% OF THOSE WHO VOTED isn't - by any definition - the same as "52% of the British citizenship".


Re: Reg readership

"When the BBC website occasionally let people comment strong leave sentiment was generally up-voted 4-1."

Because upvoting posts that advocate bigotry and xenophobia is about the intellectual limit for most Brexiteers.


Re: Well...

" I don't think Leave voters are generally more racist than Remain voters"

Oh, I think there's a lot of empirical evidence to suggest they are...


" "Perhaps the late Lord Attlee was right, when he said that the referendum was a device of dictators and demagogues.""

Crikey - Lord Attlee knew Farage was coming, even then...


Re: Vote Again and get it right this time

"and get the sheeple to vote remain."

That would be the intelligent sheeple, not the knuckle-dragging, bigoted retard sheeple that voted to leave?


Re: And the house of lords?

"Like around 75% of the population I live in a safe seat so right from the off my vote is basically worthless."

Are you SERIOUSLY saying that an MP having a large majority is somehow a failure of democracy?

Fecking hell...


Re: "No, No, No. Let me resign..."

"Out of interest what is the complaint against this?"

So you don't understand the word "hypocrisy" as well as the word "honesty".

Is it words beginning with "H" in general?


Re: "No, No, No. Let me resign..."

"Who cares MEPs have no real power"

So how are they a "problem", then?



Re: "No, No, No. Let me resign..."

"a useful number of whom joined so that they could support Corbyn, rather than having any affinity with the Labour party as such."

Care to cite a source for that?


Re: "No, No, No. Let me resign..."

"That might be your interpretation but his honesty"

Oh, DO fuck off - you clearly don't know what the word "honesty" means if you think Farage has EVER got within a country mile of it.

Seriously? Are you THAT gullible? Or did you just like his brand of "civilised" bigotry?


Re: "No, No, No. Let me resign..."

"Truly a loss to the public. He was a good representative for the majority of the country who wanted out and he did all he set out to achieve"

He was/is a hypocritical self-serving twat who only EVER represented his own xenophobic fucking bigotry.


Re: "No, No, No. Let me resign..."

"Well he kept to his word"

That's a first, isn't it?


Re: From another angle...

"Parliament IS the supreme and ultimate court in the land."

Just... NO. Parliament can do NOTHING which is explicitly unlawful, and it's the courts that decide on lawfulness.


Re: Bollocks

"No because Parliament is sovereign to the action either way"

Nope. Parliamentary sovereignty DOES NOT substitute for lawfulness - that is, Parliament can do nothing that isn't in accordance with the applicable law.


Re: What a horrible waste of time and money

"1/3 of the voting population is still higher than less than 1/3 of the voting population."

And still 2/3 less than EVERYONE voting, in case you didn't notice...


Re: What a horrible waste of time and money

It was a LEAVE campaigner that started the petition to try and make the result binding only with a SIGNIFICANT majority, from a SIGNIFICANT turnout.


Re: What a horrible waste of time and money

"referenda has the same force and effect as general election"

Yeah, you made that up...


Re: Result not significant

"We didn't have a bloody 2/3 majority vote to get into the draconian shitpile attempted superstate"

Fucking braindead soundbite bullshit with about as much truth to it as anything written on the Brexit Battle Bus...


Re: This "Parliament" you speak of

"Since we're talking about ignoring the democratic will of the people"

We're doing nothing of the sort - democracy - in the UK - is electing MPs and empowering them to make decisions on behalf of the electorate.

This referendum is no more constitutionally binding or democratic than the opinion polls run by Ipsos Mori and the like.

This is how the EU's supreme court is stripping EU citizens of copyright protections


Re: I don't fully understand...

Nope - the links WILL NOT give an unuthorised person access to PRIVATE images on Flickr. They'll just be served a "you are not authorised to view..." message..


Re: "A decision to put hyperlinks beyond the reach of copyright"

"If you have a private telephone numbers (and you are someone many would like to know the number of), and someone publish it without your consent, how would you feel?"

Breach of DPA, NOT copyright.

HR botches redundancy so chap scores year-long paid holiday


Re: Private sector

"Isn't that the normal state of affairs in the public sector?"

A lot of retards believe that...


Many retards believe that.

Brexit campaign group fined £50k for sending half a million spam texts


It DOES NOT "weaken" the democratic process, it simply changes it somewhat.

Your wilful dumbing-down and misrepresentation is typical Brexit Simpleton-Speak.


Political junk mail OK when it's pro-EU and from gov.UK

No, political junk mail is "OK" WHEN IT'S LAWFUL.

Perhaps the authors of this piece should focus more on the legalities and less on their anti EU bias? I don't need that any more than I need pro-Brexit texts.

BT to splash £550m integrating EE. Firm shrugs: Cheap!


Re: Sod the pensioners

"Nobody round here gives a flying F."

Really? I didn't get that memo.


"whatever the popular view of Civil Service pensions they're not that great in comparison to BT's."

What? So I'm NOT getting the "overly-generous" "gold-plated" pension that fuckwit Daily Mail readers are always banging on about?

Ex-HP boss Carly Fiorina sacked one week into new job


"President Trump has quite a ring to it, doesn't it?"

Only in the sense of "ringPIECE".

ICO fines NHS trust £185K for publicly airing personnel files


Re: Then how fucking much will the

"Then how fucking much will the fine be for selling patient data to Google. Of all companies who not to trust with sensitive data its Google."

Don't know much about the DPA, do you?

Google "Section 33".

Google AI gains access to 1.2m confidential NHS patient records


"and been given the nod by the ICO before it happened."

Very unlikely that ICO will have had ANY say on this: the ICO actively discourages requests for it to rubber-stamp (in particular) iffy projects, in case - if/when said project crashes and burns - the ICO's "approval" is cited in defence.

The ICO is FAR more likely to say "you're the data controller - it's for you to assess the risks against the benefits..."


"This is different because this is specifically about medical research. The cornerstone of the ethics of medical research "

The word RESEARCH is key here.

Section 33 of the DPA refers.

Despite all the (typically) ill-advised, indignant, uninformed caterwauling on here, what's happening is almost certainly legitimised by s.33 DPA...

Whitehall waste: Cash splashed on consultants and temps up 90% in half decade


Re: Bamboozled by the IT Suppliers

" they tend to buy large software suites from the "usual" vendors and then spend more money employing the "usual" consultancies trying to get the things integrated and working."

Nope, they're MADE to do things this way by UK Gov, because - as we're supposed to believe, despite there never having been a single shred of evidence to support this ideology - buying a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) package and then (supposedly) lightly tweaking it, will ALWAYS be better, and cheaper than anything the Public Sector can deliver, simply BECAUSE the COTS software has come from the Private side.

Way back in the early '90s I was one of the poor bastards given the job of beating EDS' "Florida" system into something that would work for the UK Child Support Agency (CSA).

(Florida wasn't COTS per se but the principle's the same).

And we know how well that went...


Re: Viz Top Tip:

"Seriously? Why plan for something that has never happened"

Spoken like a man without the first fucking clue what he's talking about...

Embattled 123-reg flings six months' free hosting at angry customers


CLEARLY - given that this is the first such catastrophic fuck-up in 123-Reg's history that I'm aware of (and I've been a customer for about ten years) - they've been getting things right so far.

I don't believe FOR A SECOND that if they were really routinely recklessly fucking about in the live environment that a similar SNAFU wouldn't have happened years ago.


I've hosted (and continue to host) half a dozen sites with them for the thick end of ten years.

So far, I've had one day's downtime across the lot of 'em.

That's why I'M staying put.

Clear enough?

You lot really don't do "sense of perspective", do you?

Google's 'fair use' mass slurping of books can continue – US Supremes snub writers' pleas

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Re: Why not let Google be your publisher

"Guessing the courts have ruled this to be totally unenforceable"

The courts don't have to "rule" - it is SELF-EVIDENTLY unenforceable given the fair use argument.

Flying Spaghetti Monster is not God, rules mortal judge


Re: I wonder ...

" what this judge would have to say about Scientology."

You get the prize for being the 100th person to ask about fecking Scientology.


Re: And the Subject of religion angers the 'liberated intelligentia' again ...

"It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the 'anti-religion' lot spring into life."

We have the time - we don't waste it on blindly worshipping imaginary Supreme Beings as if we were uneducated medieval serfs, up to our knees in pigshit with only "heaven" to look forward to...


Re: A question of belief

"That is grossly exaggerated by many I've encountered. "

Back that up.



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