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No Santa, no Irish boozers and no regrets: life in Qatar


The Irish bar is open again!

I believe it opened again last Monday. I looked around the place before it opened and it looks pretty decent, it's only Irish in name and in Guinness. It'll be nice to have a change from the normal haunts for a bit

I love Doha and I would recommend people do try it. It's not nearly as relaxed as Dubai but they are not far behind Abu Dhabi. It's just alcohol that's annoying at the moment, as they allow booze in hotels (and there are a hell of a lot of hotels so it's not hard to get) but when the new Emir came to power he stopped booze on hotel beaches (only restaurants, so you can't walk out off the decking with a beer or have pool bars any more) and in restaurants on the main expat island called The Pearl.

But it's a really chilled place and if you avoid July and August the heat is dry and bearable.currently it's absolutely perfect - not looking forward to flying to the UK tonight as I don't own a jumper here!


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