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Just take a look at the carnage on Notepad++'s GitHub: 'Free Uyghur' release sparks spam tsunami by pro-Chinese


Re: More Respect

"Does look from the download page as if he might have capitulated, as the latest release just seems to have a number?"

It's in the "News" section of the site.

Hello, tech support? Yes, I've run out of desk... Yes, DESK... space


Re: Ah c'mon

4 year olds are much better at learning new things than older people.

I remember introducing my parents to computers some 20+ years ago. The keyboard wasn't a problem (they both had used typewriters before), but understanding the concept of the mouse took some time...

More ad-versarial tech: Mozilla to pop limited ad blocker into Firefox


Re: They lost me with Quantum

@DougS: Vivaldi

Full shift to electric vans would melt Royal Mail's London hub, MPs told


Meanwhile in Germany...

Deutsche Post is building their own electric vehicles, becoming the largest electric light utility vehicle manufacturer in Europe. http://www.dpdhl.com/en/media_relations/specials/e-mobility.html

Free science journal library gains notoriety, lands injunctions


Re: Copyright theft

At least in science and engineering in the UK, research funded by the research councils and most charities has to be made available freely. This is also a requirement for the publication to be eligible for the next REF ("Research Excellent Framework" - the beauty contest of the academics which defines how much public money they get).

Usually the researcher is free to self-publish a pre-final version, usually the one after peer-review, but before the copyright gets handed over to the publishers and they typeset the manuscript. Good universities have their own repositories where these are published and made available, and/or you go with arxiv or pubmed central.

Heard of Brexit? The UK vows to join Europe’s Patent Titanic


Re: So if there are 38 members of EPO . .

EPO (38 countries, including Albania, Serbia, Turkey) != UPC (25 countries, according to their website)

Apple seeks patent for paper bag - you read that right, a paper bag


Re: Grammar police alert

If I remember correctly from my EAFL lessons, "for a few months" should go with "has been using...".


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