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Aussies: Eat roos, save the planet


Animal rights destroy planet...

@AC "Can't wait for it to be easily available."

It was easily available until viva got involved. Bunch of hippies that they are! kinda backfired on them though, now they're saying "support our crazy take on animal rights and help destroy the planet!"


Caribbean firm circumvents BD+ copy protection


Pirates of the caribbean

Just had to say it. I can't believe they weren't mentioned in the article.

Dutch tax office deletes 730,000 tax returns


schtop schtop

These backups are not ready yet...

Man stumps record £375k for number plate

Thumb Up

A hell of a lot of people not understanding...

People buy these type of plates as an investment.

It's like buying a piece of art, Picassos don't sell for millions purely because of artistic quality, they sell because in a few years time they will sell for more. Same with an 80 year old bottle of wine, or shares in google, or half a ton of gold bullion, or another house...

Once you've got as much cash as this guy you want to spread the risk, especially with an impending recession when the stock markets and property are likely to lose more value than art & trinkets. A number plate is just as worthy as any other investment even if it is worth more than my house and car put together.

Public says no to ID cards, No2ID says 'starve the beast!'



"How many people were against the Poll Tax, and marched against it, but when it comes to actually standing up in court and being counted people loose thier nerve."

Well, foiled by your own argument there, we don't actually have poll tax because of the public discontent. Similarly what happened to fuel prices about 5 years ago when everyone protested about the taxation?

Group action does work in many cases, if it doesn't work immediately Gordon will lose his job and any issue that offers that kind of threat will be soon abandoned.

UK firm 'recalls' 575 knee implants


whipping out

"A spokeswoman admitted that whipping the implants out might cause "more distress and worry" than leaving them be"

- sounds like a knee jerk reaction to me...

Hitachi 'collision avoidance' bot does a Ballmer at press do



"it operates on two wheels (a trick neither you nor I could manage)"

still got the stabilisers on your bike eh?

Docklands train runs off without operator


Never needed them before...

When i first got to london about 9 years ago most of the docklands trains had no 'service agents' aboard. Seemed like a step backwards when they suddenly started putting people back on them.

Something to do with passengers being scared of them and of course with no-one checking tickets, no-one ever bought them.

California teen offers GPS challenge to speeding rap


GPS uses doppler shift rather than positioning

As most gps units do not rely on position to calculate speed the accuracy (even discounting dodgy weather conditions etc) is usually +/- 0.5mph

A quick search for 'gps speedometer doppler' will explain.

Suit blows £105k in London bar


well he could've saved a few quid...

six-litre methuselah of Cristal (£30,000),

two three-litre jeroboams of the same (£9,600)

Even assuming that's £9,600 per bottle that's a hell of a premium! Then again what's the od £10-20k here or there?


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