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Munich may dump Linux for Windows


Apple's -n- Orange's

Is it valid to compare roll-their-own LiMux OS with, say, the tried and true benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Seems a bit like heralding MS Windows but then installing ReactOS.

Another death in Apple's 'Mordor' – its Foxconn Chinese assembly plant


Apples to Oranges

How many US citizens choose to end their lives "at the office"?

Might they do so in order to make a statement?

Microsoft to Linux users: Explain yourself


Re: Just use Linux and be done with it!

"And this is where Linux still falls down, flat on its face. ... And for those people who do want 'free' AND who want simple to install, easy and intuitive to use and only costs pennies, there's always Android."

Which is, of course... Linux.

Microsoft explains Windows as a SERVICE – but one version remains a distant dream


Win10 Supported Lifetime == Device Warranty Period?

Microsoft will keep Windows 10 current for the "supported" lifetime of a device? As with just the ONE-YEAR warranty of a typical new PC?

Reg man confesses: I took my wife out to choose a laptop for Xmas. NOOOO

IT Angle

Silent Night

420Penguin said, "If you want to make your partner happy, don't worry about the technology, just try to be a bit less condescending."

Methinks that's the sagest piece of advice so far, to anyone who writes of their mate, "Arguments about iTunes, Word and not being able to store many files locally failed to dissuade her from the fact that this [the orange Chromebook] was it."

The so-called IT-savvy husband in this story had, evidently, failed to have a pre-spree discussion with his wife -- and subsequently felt as though he did the right thing "in all good conscience" by making the ultimate choice while excluding her.

This is as much a story about an expert spouse's failure to communicate/educate as it is about the other's seeming contentment without computer expertise.

YEAR of the PENGUIN: A Linux mobile in 2015?



Linux is an OS kernel -- not what the end user interacts with -- so Android should be included in an OS dialogue.

Smartphones and tablets are now quad-core, 64-bit computers, and you can easily hook up some Android devices to a full-size monitor, keyboard, HDDs, etc -- and run productivity (e.g. office) software -- so where/how do you draw the line at what is labelled a "desktop" experience?

Norks: FBI's Sony Pictures' hacking allegations are 'groundless slander'

Black Helicopters

United States of Denial

"We cannot have a society in which some dictators someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States."

Yet Obama's society grants foreign terrorists a proxy of dictatorship over basic rights to dignity at US airports, where citizens are processed like criminals: ordered to strip, or to be scanned to the flesh.