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Brown kid with Arab name arrested for bringing home-made clock to school

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Re: So none of you lot wouldve been remotely concerned?

yes , well , i love electronics and wires too. The only table in my house, and my cars dashboard are testament to this. But if a young impressionable , dare i say it, muslim , student comes into school waving an electronic timing device around , for no reason, i would be concerned.

Maybe a cursury glance at it would alleviate those concerns but this story is lacking in 2 elements:

1) a picture of said gizmo

2) wether or not he'd been asked to bring it in as homework or it was completely off his own back.

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

so none of you lot wouldve been remotely concerned?

Cybercrim who fleeced students faces scramble to repay stolen cash

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blimey its like the daily mail in here!

not that i dont agree......

CODING PEEP SHOW offers chance to hire devs as they program

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stupid idea. boring to watch . rushed code .

deadline arrived before you start

I'd give it a try though - better than what im doing now

Confession: I was a teenage computer virus writer

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i did same at college with dos novell login. got disciplinay cert im very proud of

Pro tip: Servers belong in dry server rooms, not wet cloakrooms

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no backups for 3 years?

A testament to the staff that they can go for a week without accidentally deleting , overwriting or otherwise breaking their documents. Unlike most places ive worked.

Dutch efforts to decapitate Pirate Bay could end up before ECJ

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forget ther legalise - thje clue is in their name

It's 2015 and miscreants are still trying to dupe you with fake BSoDs

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Re: IF you experience one of these BSODS

A friend of mine was caught by one of those "modem redialler" scams years ago. presented with a huge bill from BT he refused to pay it , saying they shouldnt give criminals premium phone lines and then assist them picking up their loot.

BT agreed and backed down.

Pirate Party leads Icelandic voting intentions poll

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20 yr patents

@mines a guiness

really? is that true?

"I can invent a cure for cancer and get a maximum of 20 years"

so i can start copying and cashing in on any non musical inventions over 20 years old?

Game, set and DEATHMATCH: Drone TERROR ORDEAL at US Open tennis tournament

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Re: Tennis, a sport for folks with some balls

its not a threat ,but its about as polite as Dom Joly in a snooker audience

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Re: Oh for Christ' sake

it dosent matter how un dangerous it is, its a disruption by a technology obsessed dick

Mad Max: High-octane dystopian desert demolition derby

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Re: Console noobs?

the problem with consoles - no mouse.

complete showstopper

makes any fps (or 3rdps) unplayable

You tried to hide your extramarital affair … by putting it on the web?

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Re: The Dating Game

suitor#1: suitorette, ever done it in a really uncomfortable place?

suitorette: like the back of a volkswagon?

Pioneer slaps 80s LASERS on cars for driverless push

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frickin Lasers?

missed a trick there , the reg usually so good on the quirky article titles too

OH DEAR, WHSmith: Sensitive customer data spaffed to world+dog

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Re: sorry whats happening?

ah thanks Vince . That tweet tweet did hint at that happening , but I thought " thats a bizzarre and unfortunate bug . too bizzare! how could that even happen?"

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

Re: At least I don't think WHSmith is the ICO...

Two wizards were walking down the street, then one of them turned into a shop

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

sorry whats happening?

i dont get it.

"its magazine subscription service began emailing everyone on the mailing list."

what? so ?

there was a bit of a clue by one of the tweets suggesting that whatever you type into the site is forwarded to all the mail list. was that it?

can someone explain?

i need a dunce icon....

ICO probes NHS clinic's data blunder that exposed HIV+ status of 800 patients

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" did not use the “BCC” field to protect those patients' identities, and instead listed all of them in the "To" field."

haha!! classic This used to happen regularly in the old days when Businesses were making there way onto the net with the aim of turning it into a shopping mall. Not seen it for a feew years . ah nostalgia....

Scrapheap challenge: How Amazon and Google are dumbing down the gogglebox

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Re: It's shit

seems the difference is buffering. with a torrent i know the whole thing is safely downloded and ready to go. These Big providers seem to think once a download / stream has started youre ok. or that people wont wait between choosing and watching. which is what torreters do...

i think the essence of the problem is the word "stream"

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you lot need to get out . go play outside.

Google robo-car suffers brain freeze after seeing hipster cyclist

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Re: Crushed nut algorithm

well , thanks for the replies folks. I see now that on the road a fixie is a bloody stupid and dangerous idea . no wonder the google car was surprised. All to save the weight of a little ratchet mechanism on the back hub! (20grams?)

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Re: Crushed nut algorithm

so they really are fixed? wasnt clear in the article. What on earth is the point of a fixie?

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

" have no freewheel so when the pedals are moving, the wheels are moving"

no freewheel? whats the point of that?

and did you mean "when wheels are moving, pedals are moving?

and how is any of the above relevent to the technique of not putting your feet down?

Legal eagles accuse Labour of data law breach over party purge

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

ambulance chaser

Cisco's RAT-catchers spot sysadmin-targeted phish

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auto-it is hardly the subtlest method of automation!

AshMad search outfit Trustify to El Reg: 'Trust us, we're the good guys'

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Re: I wonder how one decides to set up a scam like this

part of me thinks anyone dumb enough to pay to be removed from the internet deserves to learn the lesson

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

staggering that someone running a scam like that will contact el reg claiming legitimacy

Even 'super hackers' leave entries in logs, so prepare to drown in data

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Re: Teeth grating

have an upvote for effoirt!

Skills crisis? Not for long: More and more UK kids gain STEM quals

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i got your skills right here

Over here!

I got skillz!

20 years worth general I.T

and only 25k would get me into your .co


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The CIA World Factbook

The CIA World Factbook ??

there must be a comedy goldmine in the title alone.....

reminds me of that gif of a world map entitled "world according to America"

CAUGHT: Lenovo crams unremovable crapware into Windows laptops – by hiding it in the BIOS

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Re: Of course you know...

ooh some unexplained links to click on! lemme at em!

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

ah , gotcha.

maybe someway of removing / disabling that Wxxx acryonm thingy them

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

If you encrypt the drive then surely the bios cant fuck with it before system boot?

Sex app Tinder in public meltdown – because a journo dared suggest it was, well, a sex app

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"We create connections that otherwise never would have been made. 8 billion of them to date, in fact."

8 billion ? that kinds reaffims its a casual sex site , there arnt enough people for that amout to be "dating"

Intel gobbles up chipmaker Altera in $16.7 BILLION splurge

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heres the pulse.....

Heres your finger - far from the pulse jammed up your ass :)

Today Google renames itself to Alphabet , and the top story on el Reg is about a pc in a small box

(edit) ok , i see they coverd it at 9.30 pm last night... if i knew how to delete a sarky comment id do it...

Hack a garage and the car inside with a child's toy and a few chips

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"DEF CON attendees could almost certainly fix the errors, but petty criminals would have a much tougher time of it, he said."

So thats this security experts security measure?

Yahoo! parties! like! it's! 1999! with! retro! billboard! revival!

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Re: maybe they should make products that work

I didnt know they still did a search engine! Which was their problem back in the day, they , and all other search providers wanted to be "portals" and filled their fron page with so much shit no one could find the search box. Then came google , with their design...

Copyright troll wants to ban 'copyright troll' from its copyright troll lawsuit

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Re: Well they're at it

surely the ambulance chasers have already had this discussion? , should go with same ruling

That's not an Ofcom email about your radio licence – it's a TROJAN

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

hard target?

"hard to find a worse cohort to attack than the naturally tech-savvy UK radio amateur community"

They might be tech savvy in a logical thinking, soldering iron weilding type of way , but , and dont all start thorwing stones and downvotes right away , i suspect may not be too up to date on I.T.


I mean , has the thrill of talking to people 10,000 miles away not worn thin a bit with the whole world becoming connected ? Personally i try to avoid the flood of information hitting my pc from all over the world?

Have they not heard of skype? voice and picture anywhere in the world , for free.

Yes i appreciate HAMs do it without relying on 1000s of routers and cables , and will be laughing when the apocalypse comes , but until then......

Windows 10 wipes your child safety settings if you upgrade from 7 or 8

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whith the amout of enabled devices swamping the counrty these dasys i dont think you can stop a 13yr old finding porn , no matter how tech savvy you are. After all we all found it when it was on paper and therefore much more controllable

AIDS? Ebola? Nah – ELECTRO SMOG is our 'biggest problem', says Noel Edmonds

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is he selling these things? where can i get one?

John McAfee cuffed by Tennessee cops, faces drug-driving, gun rap

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Re: I quite enjoy the occasional McAfee story

me 3

he proved his mettle , founded a succesful company in a difficult field, and now he's sold up and resting on his pile of cash. I dont mind him running round the internet and shooting his mouth( and guns) off!

he deserves it

'Cilla Black introduced me to my wife on Blind Date': Channel man's heartwarming story

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Re: comon peeps

i agree, although perhaps i'd have used the adjective "sad" rather than "nice"

Lottery chief resigns as winning combo numbers appear on screen BEFORE being drawn

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Re: Derren Brown

yeah , the problem with that trick / illusion /whatever is that it inherently proves itself to be a trick because :

a) as you say the "copyright bullshit excuse"

b) he didnt buy and claim ticket

Its akin to a magician saying 'what card have you got? 3 of clubs? yes, thast the one i was thinking of.'

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Re: Killing the goose that lays the golden egg?

Indeed , ive always meant to get into the gambling business. As Mr. Burns put it (re casinos) " The perfect business, people come in , empty their pockets and leave"

Lottery is the most efficient way of relieving idiots of cash.

Casino a close second..

but bookie - where the odds change constantly - that looks like hard work!

Bloke cuffed for blowing low-flying camera drone to bits with shotgun

Joey M0usepad Silver badge


"Actually the fact that he makes the point of brand identifying the gun and its calibre, rather than just referring to 'my handgun' or 'my pistol' kind of confirms he's a dick, in my eyes"


Hurrah! Windfarms produce whopping one per cent of EU energy

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

I will get many red flags for all these comments , as for a bunch of intelligent people Reg readers seem to have the wool over their eyes just as much as the masses on this issue.

i suppose it could be me ( and Heinberg) that are nuts....

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

Re: Why's this a story?

they dont need promo , look at the stats , partucarly fossil fuel , use , discovery and reserves. Our only chance is to build many nuclear stations immediately.

Or perferct cold fusion or some other sci fi pipe dream

Joey M0usepad Silver badge

oh dont get me started .. peak oil ... population exponentially rising , immininet collapse.

I recommend "The Partys over - War and the Fate of Industrial Societies " by Richard Heinberg.

A scary read


Joey M0usepad Silver badge


I assume thats just electricity needs , still burning loads of petrol , diesel , gas and heating oil , Same creative accounting as described in the article.

Impressive though