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BOFH: Lift laughs

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The IT Crowd

After finally seeing all of the IT Crowd, I'm wondering why Simon hasn't sued them all at the BBC?

PC scuppers NYE fireworks in Seattle

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Black Helicopters

not the only seattle computer cr*pping out

They also have a tunnel, that was closed for almost 2 weeks for a "computer problem" is M$ is EVERYWHERE? hahaha

Microsoft warns on Home Server bug

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And they want to be my data center OS????

I've always said, you shouldn't run more than 2 things by Microsoft at the same time . . . and the OS counts as ONE!

BOFH: Balancing the budget...

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working for a gubment office . . .

All I can say is "NO COMMENT"


I love my job!

Zep fans warned off touted tickets

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simulcast the *&(^da*n thing

So, it's raising money for, well, whatever, [can't scroll up at the moment]. I'd pay some decent cash to even see it simulcast at a theatre in my area.

that would give them, uh BILLIONS to fund whatever.

Commuters shouting into their mobiles? Just jam 'em

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Thumb Up

i've got 2 words for all y'all . . . .

BUS UNCLE: LOL now that's some quality fun:


911 phone phreakers face jail

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re: Where's the Why?

Don't be silly. the only why needed: because they can.

In my youth, we tried several crazy stunts . . . designed to do nothing but 'can we do it'

- Blue Argon laser: will it blow up a gas can? you betcha

- Fake rope across a residential street, how many cars can we stop? LOL way too many.

- Can you make a mushroom cloud from bangsite? oh yeah!

ahh the endless fun . . . . but of course messing with the cops was LAST on our list . . .for obvious reasons.

Sorry detective Chuck Major. LOL

Rackspace flattened by Texas trucker

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@Sean M

You couldn't be any righter, Sean! It is all Rackspace's issue. 100% reliability? . . .impossible. An ad such as that should be a RED FLAG to anyone looking for hosting. The company LIED! couldn't they have said something like 5 9's and then in small print stated: over a thousand years . . . At least that would leave a lot of room for getting that ONE 9 back up to 5 :-) . . . you know, someday.

IT managers caught in employees' illicit networks

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not so grey matter

"More worrying for the BOFH is that 36 per cent of employees believe they have the right to install any application they like on their desktop computer, regardless of IT department approval."

Here, they call it "intellectual freedom".

Brute force attack yields keys to Google's kingdom

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hahah @james . . . .

yeah that must be it. if we can't see it then it must not be true.

Windows XP repair disk kills automatic updates

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RE: Computers with backdoors!

the above noted post: Computers with backdoors! is ABSOLUTELY all that really matters here. can we ALL look at the big picture please?

Led Zeppelin reunion opens with Communication Breakdown

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even if they just stood on stage . . . .and smoked a fat 1 . . .

. . . . . i'd want to be there.

I really wish people would distinguish zep with other bands, as they should. there was no other band like them or since them. bah the stones [geriatic geezers] BFD the who [can we have just ONE MORE FAREWELL TOUR?] crikey!

Zep was true to their word, way back when, they couldn't continue without all of them. i remember Pearl Jam saying if 1 more fan dies at 1 of their concerts, they'll stop performing live . . . .yeah well, that didn't seem to work out now did it?

now where do i sell my left nut, to get a ticket?

Warez land man 30 months in prison

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@ @ Fraser

"small membered"

man, that's a low blow.

MS lawyers take out AutoPatcher

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time to remind all . . . .

. . . .the M$ campus is like NO OTHER COMPANY in the world. They have blinders on and only a few of them up there realize that companies MAY need to do things differently. haha MAY. You would think after dominating the market they would finally finally listen to their customers, but that's never gonna happen. it's quite sad, but will never change up there.

Eduard Coli, above hit the nail on the head. Prepare for more ASSimilation. i.e. grab your toes and spell RUN.

Breakfast with bin Laden

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i found al-Qaeda . . .

. . .in my pants, and had to change them. MAN they're EVERYwhere

Thank You Mr President /tossing cookies

Zune DRM stripped

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THERE's a surprise: DRM stripped.

ah jeez, if only the zip zip ZUNE was more popular, this would've happened a while back. But, being that M$ h/w as usual is a POS, it took all this time . . . . I wonder what kind of marketing ploy this is from M$? HAHA marketing ploy.

A glitch in the Matrix, or a hungry exploit?

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Live Free or . . . .

Maybe someone saw the plot of the new die hard movie. Where's John McClain or Jack Bauer when you need 'em?


Hacking WoW and the pursuit of knowledge

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Oh plz, get a clue . . . .

Everygame that is played online can and will be hacked. Anyone that goes into a game NOT knowing that is probably luckier than the 1's that know. they're oblivious . . . you know until some one "hacks" their player to death. isn't that what life is about, in our capitalistic society? RL or cyber.

If you don't know the people you're playing with online then you're just asking for it.

It's a big reason i haven't played video games online anymore.

Windows recovery loophole lets hackers in

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you mean have to click FIVE TIMES to get root?

well there you go, M$ couldn't have seen that coming, too much work for them.

BMW helps nail 105mph V-sign biker

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To all the whinging about the persons driving habits . . .

. . . think Darwin Theory.

I, personally, use the Basic Speed Law: go as fast as the weather and traffic allows. 50-120 mph, whatever. Then let evolution take a swipe at ya.

so far so good. I wonder if any police in the state of WAh read this? hmmmmm

MySpace users snowed in by new blizzard of spam

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What women want . . .

. . . . and guys too: LESS SPAM!

hey wait minute, is this SPAM?

Hotmail is dead! Long live Hotmail!

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RE: It's all bunged up

>>> I just do not understand how they do it, I'm sure they must have a bright bunch of guys working for them, they much surely test the speed of their cumbersome clients... Surely??????

sorry Matt, you've no idea how it works up at M$: if you're having a problem with a computer on their campus, their only "fix" is to reimage the box. now HOW MANY companies do you know that take care of their computer issues that way?

and another thing: every box at M$ is a top of the line, faster than crap box; they have no idea what REAL PEOPLE with REAL COMPUTERS do with their products.

sorry to burst that bubble :-)

can anyone up there prove me wrong? no i don't think so.

Yahoo! puts! IM! online!

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can we all stop the whining? sheesh, when i logged into yahoo im today i got a big splash screen trumpeting the new BETA version of the web chat.

THAT's ALL! myOmy doesn't any 1 have anything better to do than to ACT like a bunch of computer geeks and taunt the news? Prepare to see it everywhere, if you work in an it environment. i'm HAPPY there was a story on it. not all of us spend every waking minute trying to dis something.

will we ever grow up? i know i won't :-)

have a flamey day!

Bug brace menaces Adobe Photoshop

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1001 0100 010 1001 000100 01010

. . . your mother!


MS cursor patch fix pushes into Patch Tuesday litter

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you can patch this next . . . .

ho-hum. M$ at their exceptionally finest. Oh wait, howabout the service pack release for office 2K that they put up on their site for several days, before noticing they put the unencrypted code up? i'll never forget the high-quality keystone coppery of it all.

whoopsie daisy !

it's what makes it so much fun to rush right out and download that code . . . .in it you may find the holy grail. yes i mean the actual holy grail. . . . . sweet.

'Hobbit' islanders given species claim boost

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well isn't it obvious . . .