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French cops take down mobile phone hacking ring

mokum von Amsterdam

UNLOCK a phone, not a SIM

The wording in the article made me read it a couple of times before I understood what was being sold.

The sentence "access any SIM card" should be changed to something like: "SIM unlock your phone" since that is what was being sold. The whole "access to a sim card even foreign ones" sounds nice and alarmist, but is simply wrong.

HTC Wildfire Android smartphone

mokum von Amsterdam
Jobs Halo

It's cheap and a nice entry level droid

As a long time iPhone user I wanted to mess about with a droid before I'd be hooked to the iPhone4. This cheapish entry level device made that possible [230 euro, carrier unlocked].

Nice hardware, very decent interface, but boy do I miss the App store!

The droid market is poor, with more then 80% of my fav apps not available, apps crashing, intimidating questions:

With every app you install you have to agree to give access to network, system, and other weird stuff you did not even know was in the phone like you should be aware as to the potential 'dangers' that accepting that would be...

Plenty of applications are available only when paying [micro payments like 1 or 2 euro]:

want sshd? pay!

want a half decent virtual keyboard? pay!

terminal? pay!

Oh and IPv6 is still not fully working for mobile operators either [only on the Nokia N52 or N900 are today]

As it is with the whole Win vs Mac debate, the one is cheap to buy, the other cheap to run.

My verdict: A nice device for your nephew who likes tinkering [and pr0n ofc] and got more time then cash, the rest of the family who needs to get things done just stick to the carefully cultivated app environment Apple offers.

AT&T iPad 'hacker' arrested for 'drugs possession'

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Always funny...

...when 37331 haxors are confronted with RL bad boys. Goatse will pull a "Mert Ortac" soon.

CIOs pooh-pooh the iPhone

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The reg....

... does it again: blatant iPhone bashing based on absolutely fukc all...

I do not mind: I love reading biased stuff for breakfast, but the one thing that makes the Reg worthwhile zapping through the opinions based on hear say is the humor. That what makes your crap stand out. This article lacks it, big time.

Biting hands and what not is good, but make it at least funny when not useful.


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