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Innocent Spaniards roasted by experimental napalm mead


Actually, letting four or five habaneros steep in a bottle of tequila for a few months makes for a wonderful tipple. A fast flush of heat that disappears quite quickly. Yum!

New Mexico mulls sale of first US commercial spaceport (and LOHAN launchpad)


Spaceport for Sale

NM does have a messy government. The main issue is the "old boys network" that has run the state for generations (not all boys though). Gov. Richardson was one of the worst offenders. The spaceport was paid for by just two counties in the state as Richardson said "the only two counties to benefit". Yet, these same two counties had to contribute to the train that they built that only runs from Santa Fe to Belen since it "benefitted all of New Mexico". The NM house has been run by democrats for 60 years until this past election. It is too early to tell what will be the result, but it truly cannot be as bad as before since at least another old boys network is now in competition. It is funny that Anonymous mentioned Spain's bureaucratic nightmare. Most northern New Mexicans consider themselves Spanish, so as to differentiate from all of the Mexicans that inhabit the rest of the state (hmmm,, wonder what their origin was?).

American bacon cured with AR-15 assault rifle


Re: Tripe!

Yes, the local chorizo is essential for both breakfast and dinners! Though I wouldn't mind having regular access to Spanish chorizo!



Next time Lester visits, I will have to introduce him to what the locals call chorizo, quite a bit different than Espana. Then he will really have something to talk about. For those that consider tripe to be... well, tripe, I highly recommend Pasole. Same delicious red chile (note the "e") sauce base, but with real pork (well neck, usually) and hominy. For some reason, mention an offal-based dish, and the Brit will run with it! If menudo is entered into the pub-nosh, better get a proper *New Mexican* recipe. Getting the correct dried red chiles for the sauce (they must be Barkers!) is essential. In Mexico, the chiles are much too mild to make a good Pasole (I presume the same is true for menudo). The remaining components are slightly more flexible.

-Tom in Las Cruces