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A modest proposal: dump the NBN mess on Telstra


Re: Get over it!

I am using a small company in Adelaide but I believe they are in Melbourne as well. The company's name is UntiWireless (https://unitiwireless.com). It is a newish company and despite some hiccups they go out of their way to solve issues quickly. They also have a faster 40Mbps services as well, but the tower I connect to doesn't support that yet. I am fortunate that I am only about a kilometre from the tower and it works well. I understand the range can be up to 12km's but I do not know what performance drop off there is if any to that distance. My service costs $95.00 per month including $5 extra for a fixed IP address and a 600GB up/down load limit.

Not sure what you are saying with the "bullshit" numbers either the $42 billion is accurate or it isn't, I don't think any can gauge how much an individual connection will cost accurately, or foresee other issue like asbestos or any other conduit/pit issues. A lot of commentators seem to think that FTTP would have got cheaper as it ramped up, perhaps the actual cable might, but the massive labour content to get fibre into the homes would more than likely have gone up over the many years of the project.

As far as mess is concerned, it would have been a mess regardless who is in government, expecting a start up to do the biggest infrastructure project in Australian history was a fools folly to begin with.


Get over it!

I am over the purists bitching about the NBN alleged mess! Up front I will say I am on fixed wireless at 25 Mbps, having upgraded from a 2 Mbps xDSL connection. I have since disconnected from the copper network. In H1 2018 when I get my NBN capability I will evaluate what I need then. In all probability it will be FTTDp as NBNCo are apparently trialling it now.

If the FTTP had gone ahead as planned by the ALP it would be at least 2030 before it would be completed. NBNCo V1 was in complete disarray. If the purists want fibre will then, let them pay for it themselves. yes fibre is the best approach, but everyone is screaming for government money, think NBN, NDIS, Education, Health etc. Where are all these magical billions going to come from? Australia already has an annual $40 billion deficit? I am also over people comparing Australia to NZ and other physically small countries like Singapore or some small European countries who have rolled out fibre. As a tax payer I do not want to fund a fibre connection to every premise especially when there isn't a generally defined need, yes some people may use more bandwidth and they can pay for the upgrade. I am sorry Netflix and other streaming products don't qualify!

The latest NBN status reports states there are near enough to 2 million premises read for service, yet there are less than 1 million active connections. That clearly says that not all premise occupiers require the speed that FTTN provides, let alone FTTP. Obviously at some point they will all be forced to move over.

Sure, let's build the NBN with technology that's not proven at scale


How can FTTDP be proven at scale? This is a question that doesn't need answering. The distribution point is at the end of a fibre cable connection that connects to a piece of copper coming from a premise. Maybe it could connect a few premises if they have a common distribution point close to each other such as a group of town houses.

Waleed Aly's NBN intervention is profoundly unhelpful


If Australians are so keen on getting on the FTTP bandwagon, how come there is less than 50% take up on RFS premises? Bearing in mind that most of these RFS premises are FTTP ready. I suspect premise occupiers are making a value call. Also, people who are comparing a 6 year old guesstimate costing for FTTP against current projections for MTM are not comparing apples with apples. It's time to move on folks, Labor has said they won't change from MTM now, so this discussion is now irrelevant. If you want FTTP then pay for it yourself, the MTM build allows for this scenario. The Australian tax payer doesn't need to pay for your Netflix or You Tube high speed connection.

The last post: Building your own mail server, part 2


My mail server

I have been running my mail server for years using the ClearOS version of linux, it has worked very well with ClearOS security managing all the nasties coming in from the net. I get very little spam.

One observation though, I ran without a fixed IP address for years using dynamic DNS. It worked well except for one exception. The exception was occasionally email sent from my domain would bounce because some virus checkers check the IP and if it thinks it isn't a fixed IP address The email will be rejected. This was particularly annoying for me as my accountant was one of those affected.

Turnbull says no need to future-proof NBN


Re: Would you Future-proof a PC?

5-10 years, well its been 8 and still waiting to even get on the NBN map so its going to be at least 9.5 yeasr from NBN's start before I get on the NBN map. I favoured a mixed technology solution - it would speed up rollout to improve my 2Mbps xDSL performance but there you go. It seems no government organisation can run a major infrastructure project efficiently, at least not since the Snowy Mountain Hydro project, but that was run by a Kiwi in the top job - LOL.

Netflix fail proves copper NBN leaves Australia utterly 4Ked


Pay for it yourself

Why should I subsidise premises (through taxes) that may not need or use any bandwidth greater than 5-6 Mbps. If you want the performance so bad, pay for it yourself. If you don't want to pay for your performance, well neither do I want to pay for your FTTP!

SURPRISE: Oz gov gives itself room to NEVER finish the NBN


Re: Yeah there is.

Wondering where you got the 80 year old copper stat from, considering that fibre will be run to the nodes and copper will only be from the node to the premise - unless you are on HFC, which is much younger than 80 years. What percentage of Australian suburbs/houses were built before 1934?