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If you live in a network lab, you'll get gigabit NBN over HFC soon


MyRepublic said it would supply 1Gbps connections to a limited number of new customers - the number was not specified - in Wollongong for $129.99 per month on a 12-month term.

nbn™ needs copper to build FTTN: another 15,000 km of it


Lol Mathew there is you fanboy status again.

"So you think the outcome of Labor's plan being 85% on 25Mbps or slower on a 1Gbps capable network is a great achievement?"

Considering that labor was looking at 50% on 12Mbps. I would say yes labor 65% on 25Mbps or higher is a great achievement,

"Labor's plan was for 10% to be on 250Mbps by now, yet you cannot buy that plan retail."

I will come back to this one to show you answered a why your lol.

"Labor's plan was for 40% to be on 100Mbps or faster by now."

Wrong there where expecting 25% to be on 100Mbpsby now. But your fanboy support MTM expects 30% on 100Mbps by 2020. Which half the network will have trouble achieving.

"The reason that only 33% are 12Mbps is because Telstra don't offer 12Mbps. I suggest that if Telstra offered 12Mbps that a significant percentage of their customers would switch from 25Mbps to 12Mbps."

Lol your excuse is that Telstra doesn't offer it lol. Can I use that excuse for the no one on 250Mbps to.

But then your trying to compare a rollout that got stopped in 2013 it's now 2017 and MTM has been rolling out 3 times longer than labor plan with very little to show for it. But then you would have fallen for the $29B everyone to get 25Mbps last year too lol.

"Therefore it is reasonable to argue that hose who desire faster speeds but do not care about their neighbour's speeds should expect to pay. The ironic part of this is it is the fibre fanbois who appear not to have the means to pay and will therefore suffer the consequences of their selfishness."

This was a great laugh. Btw the nbn was originally plan to make a return. Having people in the higher speeds paying for the neighbors slower speeds. But you have failed in you method. But then you expect your neighbor to pay for you FOD as a tax return. So please try again with you own selfishness.


lol Mathew the evidence is that of the 1 and a half years of labor rollout vs the 4 years of the coalition rollout your constantly bitch and moan about labor 1% Gbps target by 2026 but then ignore from those same figures of 50% on 12Mbps. How many on 12Mbps btw.

Your fanboy support of the MTM which has a target of 1% on 1Gbps by 2020 but most of the network is o lay design for 25Mbps. Oh no 85% on 25Mbps and 12Mbps. What about NZ have 85% on 100Mbps lol. Or how about 65% on 25Mbps or above lol.

Ahh so you expect the taxpayer to now pay for your FOD but not fttp lol. Since FOD is so costly compared to the promise it would be under $5k. How is MTM upgrade going to be paid for less than the cost of doing it right the first time.


Yet Mathew your fan boy support of fttn has 1% on 1Gbps by 2020 when most of the nexteork is only design for 25Mbps


Yet Mathew 85% are choosing 100Mbps in NZ

Sure, we could replace FTNN, says nbn™, if you let the unwired wait even longer for broadband


Re: And here we go again.

Well that min is for only 1 sec on a day and it's still 25Mbps even if your paying for 59 or 100Mbps.

Cvc congestion hasn't hit the node congestion yet but as Cvc is 1Mbps and node is 5-10Mbps fttp is 80Mbp. From reports hfc congestion is going to be 1Mbps with 600 - 900 on one cable

Competition and wholesale costs, not lack of fibre, crimp broadband in Australia


Re: FTTN could be faster than FTTP


Mathew claim fttn is faster than fttp and no data to match it up. So trump

Like lol.

Considering fttn has 62% on 25Mbps and only 9% on 100Mps you really think it's faster. Consider the speed claim Use fttb which is completely different to fttn lol.

Lol Mathew what about your Fanboy Mtm corporate plan of wanting 30% on 100Mbps by 2020 when labor plan was only 20%? That's very conservative isn't it. The fact is you fanboy model can't even deliver that's connection.

So let's help you if you have 1 apple selling for a dollar and only sell one. But the next day you from the price to 50c and sell 2. You are generating the same revenue are you not. The Cvc price was always going to come down as demand went up. Thus making the same revenue or more revenue. Now unfortunately the nbn isn't dropping it fast enough as the Cvc is only 1Mbps between all isp. Because if they did you want show how slow you fanboy copper really is


Re: FTTN could be faster than FTTP

What facts here is your excuse as to why 50% are not on 12/1. There must be some reason Telstra not offering 12/1 it's been abiable since the start of the nbn.

Wrong labor plan was to have 50% on 12/1 but there are more people on higher plans would you say that's a Success.

Lol Mathew speed tries creating a digital device that's a classic. But your model is the poor subsided the riches connection. Instead of the ones paying for the faster connection sudsising the slower connection. Labor didn't design a network for the privileged few. The coalition your Fabius have plus as creating a digialtal decide. There is an aritcle on aren't if a customer on fttn 1km from the node he would have pay for a faster service if he could get it but can't. Now YOU expect him to pay up to 100K for FOD when it would have costed nbn a fraction of that and would have made it back from the customer on the faster service. That's what you failed to understand stand.

Or how about the current take up.

With fttp it cost the same to nbn doesn't matter what speed the customer has. Now if nbn doesn't make a profit on the 12:1 cost of $24. But makes a $3 profit on the 25Mbps that's a $2.4 profit. But the ones on 100Mbps currently $14 profits. With current users that's a $2.8m profit. Do the 100Mbps is makeing nbn more money than the 83% you keep complaining about.

That was labor model. The ones that wanted TO PAY for faster speeds paid for the rest. Not with your fanboy MGM service they miss out on unable to deliver faster speeds to the ones the WANT TO PAY for it.

Yes but your are only looking through fanboy eyes and think that is where the problem is lol. So trump like.


Re: close, but no cigar

Lol Mathew well consider more than 50% are choosing speeds faster that the max speeds of afsk2+ but unfortunately it doesn't fit your fanboy status so you ignore it lol.

4Mbps was our internet was our internet from Akamai before the nbn started. The 11Mbps you claim is for lab grade equations of the copper say you are this far away this is the speed you "should " be getting with out even testing the copper lol.

So you won't answer how much it is going to cost to upgrade the network. Now that trump like.


Re: FTTN could be faster than FTTP

Mathew I have told you before we're those figures are but you just fail at asking them again. But they are for the accc report it's easy just google it. It also shows that that the Cvc between all isp is just 1Mbps

No you point is you use oranges to apples it's a failed argue you keep on stating. Is the cost and time frame to upgrade again for fttn and hfc worth it. As building for speeds now and not in for when it's complete is a joke.

And again the 1Gbps lol here is your excuse again no isp is selling 1Gnps what's your next excuse?

If you believe in only 25Mbps when other countries has already delivered 1Gbps and soon to be 40Gnps connection. Your then happy for us to teside in the backwater of the Fifita economy.

Are we maximising the innovation potential of the nation by delivering tech other countries have done up to a decade ago and are already looking at upgrading there networks again? You you got want you want we will be devaded behind the rest of the world.


Re: close, but no cigar

Lol Mathew no you don't. Your excuse is Telstra is offering the device is the result of why 50% of user are not on 12/1. You then complain why we don't have 1% when we use your "reasonable evidence based in facts". Because no isp are current offer 1Gbps. So try again with your "facts"

1. More revenue. But apparently that is bad according to you.

2.64% on 25Mbps and higher is a go out come. Considering the country has been stuck on 4Mbps

3. How much is the cost of upgrading the hfc and fttn to deliver 1Gbps 10 years after it's required?

No you don't point out. Right there in the middle of you rant "facts" 2030 there is your fanboy stats right there lol.

Again there you go again here us you excuse right back out you no isp are offering 1Gbps. So where is you new excuse for the 6"60% onn12/1?


Re: close, but no cigar

Lol Mathew

"Definitely hyperbole, but considering that NBNCo have offerred 1Gbps connections wholesale since Dec 2013 and not a single RSP is offering a plan faster than 100Mbps you would have to admit real money where my mouth is demand must be close to non-existant, especially when you realise the first company to offer faster plan will achieve significant advantage by attracting the early adopters."

You complain believe about how wrong you 50% on 12Mbps. Because Telstra isn't selling 12Mbos lol. Then you have the hide of the 1% on 1Gbps when we use your own argument if no isp is selling it. Now can you give me a new excuse for the 50% on 12Mbps so I can use it on thv1% gir 1Gnpd please


Re: FTTN could be faster than FTTP

Mathew is that 83% on 25Mps of leds higher than what labor was wxodvting

Lol Mathew you know it's 14% on fttp currently paying for 100Mbps while it was only 7% on fttn paying for 100Mbps. IF fttn is so good as you claim we should be expecting the same %


Re: FTTN could be faster than FTTP

So you claim of a good technical solution is to build a network that delivers snywhere from 5Mbps to 100Mbps where everyone pays the same price.

Lol Mathew you know Telstra 1Gbps claim is for 1 user on 1 tower. At 10 user it's 100Mbps each.add 40 users it's 25Mbps funny that's.

But Mathew you kee harping on about 83% on 25Mbps or less which is still more than what labor was aiming for isn't it. So really the take up figures are better than what labor predicted. But are now worst than what coalition has predicted


Re: FTTN could be faster than FTTP

Lol Mathew.

At least you have changed your furphy of fttn being faster than fttp lol. Even when. It's only a little.

If you remived speeds on both fttn and ftp which would be faster?

Now instead of trying to show a false statement to suit your claim and compare apples with apples lol but you won't do that proves you wrong everytime.

Btw how's the 50% going to be on 12Mbps for labor plan. Please use speed take up figures from nbn co media release when answering. You used go on about that one until it was shown to you it's a LOT less than they planed for.

nbn™ aces the easiest construction target it will have for two years


Re: Inevitable outcome of Labor's speed tiers decision

Mathew can you explain why ftp users are at $87 per user while fttn at $64 per user

NBN is essential, says Essential poll, but not Turnbull's NBN


Re: Why, why, why?

"yet Labor predicted that 50% would be on 12Mbps. Reality has proven worse with over 80% choosing to connect at 25Mbps or slower."

Wow Mathew what reality do you live in when 50% on 25Mbps is worst than 50% on 12Mbps. Or are you showing your Turnbull fanboy status again.

Again Mathew you are the clueless one. Eg claiming fttn is faster than fttp now as claiming 59% on 25Mbps is worst that 50% on 12Mbps

Source: nbn™'s fibre-to-the-kerb will be VDSL at 100/40Mbps


Re: Hypocrites

Here is the hypocrite when we have your fanboy model claiming to be able to deliver 1Gbps speeds with out even being able to deliver it.

nbn™ dumps Optus HFC, will use fibre to the kerb for ≈700k sites


Re: 80%+ on 25Mbps or slower != high speed

So when Turnbull claim his AVC price for fttn as $16. But how can there be higher demand when it can't deliver it the 50% of the population as doesn't mater what speed you purchase NBN is now only required to deliver 25Mbps for 1 sec.

But labor plan was avc and cvc prices to reduce as demand increase. But thank to Turnbull that your such a fan of there won't be a demand because it can't provide it.

Lol reducing cvc price I didn't know will increase the cost wow what topsie Turvey world you live in.

Now we have a fttn for 50% of the country where 50% of them will be lucky is they see higher than 50Mbps.

Lol you claim many people which was estimated at around 200,000 stream Netflix from the us at the time yet you scoff at the 100,000 labor was expecting to be on 1Gbps

NBN delivers boring, solid result for 2015/2016


Re: 82% at 25Mbps or slower

Lol mathew42 there your fanboy status of the MTM right there when you claim 33% on 12mbps is worst than 50% on 12Mbps. Which means labor FTTP is making more money than they where expecting lol. Much like your other claim of fttn is faster than FTTP lol.

And you your MTM has had 3 years to do something about the 1Gbps. But then again it can offer 1Gbps on fttn now can it lol. Or the fact only 7% on fttn are either 1. Choosing 100Mbps or 2. Can get 100Mbps which either way blows up your claim fttn can doe 84Mbps with no speed teirs lol.


Re: 82% at 25Mbps or slower

how many labor was expecting on 12/1 waMathew42 was it 50% just need you to refresh my memory please.

So if it is 50% on 12/1 and only 32% on it atm

but then your fanboy MTM service is only expecting 29% not 32% and 3

0% and not 14% on 100Mbps btw there could even deliver 30% on 100Mbps even if they where trying

Labor's new comms spokesperson Michelle Rowland gets off to a bad start


Re: Connect the dots yourself, author

Lol Mathew42

And when we currently have 66% are picking the only speed requirement NBN needs to deliver or higher which fttn won't easily handle which the average 5mbps or each user on a node and with 5 dropouts a day is perfectly fine. HFC may or may not as again they only require to deliver 25Mbps.

But then how much more is it now going to cost to upgrade the trash to meet furture demands. As labor expected 50% on 12/1 by 2026 which ATM is more like 50% on 25/5.

But then we can look at Mathews comment down the track and see who short sighted he is.

Aust Federal Police keep lid on docs that triggered NBN raids


Nah it wouldn't put lives at rusk but jobs

Quigley: FTTP wasn't a failed project


Re: Secretive Nonsense

Lol less than 10% would have had the lawn dug up

A modest proposal: dump the NBN mess on Telstra


Re: Get over it!

Well under labor the remediation of pits, ducts and asbestos was the cost of Telstra the only cost to the NBN was any delay like the 6 months issue Telstra had. Now under coalition the pits, ducts and asbestos is now the cost of NBN so it could cost nothing for NBN to access the coppor and HFC.

Yes it has been shown around the world to have been. We had project fox that the new board tried to deny ever exisitef. NZ expected to get there cost down to $2900 this year $700 more than FTTN is now. In the USA gotten down to just $600. The best thing that Australia has is the lead in are pipes. Unlike the uk where the comment of digging up front yards have come from.

But your forgetting history that the private sector didn't want to upgrade the network with the tender that labor was doing for FTTN. That same FTTN the coalition called fraudband but is now rolling it out.


Re: Get over it!

"If the FTTP had gone ahead as planned by the ALP it would be at least 2030 before it would be completed."

Where is you claim Turnbull's was 2024 4 years behind his mess.

"Where are all these magical billions going to come from?"

Considering the original NBN was an investment to be paid back so no cost to the taxpayer. The current problem with the MTM is they don't know how they will get the extra $27B in funding to complete the mess. Or worst still this mess is only $8B cheaper than what Turnbull on review said he could have done FTTP for.

"Australia already has an annual $40 billion deficit?"

It was $13B when the Coslition started.

"I am also over people comparing Australia to NZ and other physically small countries like Singapore or some small European countries who have rolled out fibre."

Considering those countries are our competition for our innovation and ideas boom but already offer 1Gbps while we are building a network required to deliver on 25Mbps.

"As a tax payer I do not want to fund a fibre connection to every premise especially when there isn't a generally defined need,"

You know now you are paying for people that will get those speeds on HFC and FTTP you could be part of the unlucky that can't get any better than the speed you have now. But then ha ring to pay the price of a small car or more for the same speeds others get for free.

"yes some people may use more bandwidth and they can pay for the upgrade."

You realise that they are paying more for that upgrade.

"The latest NBN status reports states there are near enough to 2 million premises read for service, yet there are less than 1 million active connections."

You know that half or 750,000 of FTTP RFS is connected while only about 50K connected onFTTN 300k RFS


Re: Speed tiers killed FTTP

Well Mathew only 7% on FTTN are choosing 100Mbps would that be becuase they are unable to receive such a speed. Kind of puts a dint in your claim FTTN average speed would be 78Mbps

Government tips last dollars into NBN


Re: Greed and Corruption

It took less than that to remove a lot of premises off the 3 year rollout plan.

Labor plan if town was too small for fixed line you would get wireless or live just out of town you would get wireless. Further than that it's sat. With FTTP unlike FTTN it's not constrant where the copper or power is. Plus it's not affect by distance like FTTN is.

Coslition plan is if it cost too much to connect FTTN you get wireless or sat even when you already have ADSL connected.


Re: Greed and Corruption

Sorry that's the coalition plan like leaving the west cost of TAS to just sat.

Sure, let's build the NBN with technology that's not proven at scale


Re: So El Reg now wants FTTP?

How can you believe g.fast and its successors offer sufficient service medium for the medium term. When the copper it too long for it too work. Which requires a rebuild to work.

NBN shenanigans: someone wants broadband speeds hidden


Re: Oh not your 1% entitlement bullshit

So 1Gbps devices for only 20% of the network.

So with only 7% of FTTN customer connecting to 100Mbps and 85% on 25Mbps or less. It that due to it can't deliver speeds claimed. We should have stuck to adsl2 since it delivers 1Mbps less than what most people are choosing now. What a waste $56B for an increase of 1Mbps. FTTN is an even bigger failure than FTTP going by your logic.

Sorry why should my taxes help you claim FOD. People should be paying for it shouldn't they.

Well something has changed since 100Mbps 15.7% on FTTP and only 7% on FTTN.


Re: Oh not your 1% entitlement bullshit

"I'm not claiming that copper is faster than fibre, except when you have a Labor government in power."

With 85% on FTTN selecting 25Mvos or less and only 7% on 100Mbps. Is lower figures than FTTP. Lol wrong it's not faster.

"What evidence do you have for that 1Gbps is not available? Skywest are purchasing 250/100Mbps and throttling it to 100/100Mbps"


I didn't know 250/100 was 1Gbps speeds lol.

"Plenty of others are spending time on that. My concern is with the seemingly rational people who are easily distracted by bright shiney fibre in the same way that 2 year olds are distracted by a lollipop."

What BS you claimed 79Mbps average for FTTN when most of that was FTTB. That fact you keep quoting labor figures which when they have beefing rolling out the network for 3 years. Yet the figure you keep quoting the current MTM have even worst figures but you are fine with it.

Again I will ask you what is better value an up to 25Mbps network which requires substantial cost to upgrade when the demand gets more for $56B. Or as you claiming a 1Gbps network for only $64B.

Also why do some have to move or pay FOD for better speeds. HFC getting upgrade to 3.1 that can deliver above the 100Mbps. But people on FTTN has to pay even more that get that same service. The fact you want to keep low incomes on sub standard service.


Re: Oh not your 1% entitlement bullshit

"I find it almost ludicrous that if speed tiers were removed on FTTN, that a minimum of 79% of customers would see a speed increase over FTTP and for some that would be as large as 7 times faster."

Lol no speed teirs on FTTP and it would be at least 10 times faster than what FTTN could ever get to. Or are you trying to claim copper is faster than fibre.

But only 7% on FTTN are on 100Mbps compared to 15.7% on FTTP. By 2020 MTM was to have 22% on 100Mbps on FTTN. What a failed this mess is.

"In the real world since 1Gbps plans were first offered by NBNCo in December 2013, not a single RSP has offered a speed faster than 100Mbps for sale. Considering that there is a massive advantage for the first person to offer 1Gbps plans."

NBN is not selling 1Gbps anymore.

"When you provide evidence that the NBN will provide the truly fast >100Mbps services that enable effective video conferencing and other services to people who are mobility challenged and financially challenged then I'll stop quoting 79% at 25Mbps. In the meantime I'll quote Quigley to explain the difference between spin and reality:".

Lol then why are you not quoting the current spin with the MTM expecting 30% on 100Mbps by 2020 1% on 1Gbps (which they are no selling anymore) by 2020. 71% on FTTN are on 25Mbps.


Re: Statistics

Only 7% on FTTN have connected to 100Mbps wtf

Australia's broadband policy is a flimsy, cynical House of Cards


Re: 79% connected at 25Mbps or less

Lol MTM expects 30% on 100Mbps by 2020when only 16% are chiseling it now. they must be wrong too to spend $56B on something so few need.

Are there is the lie again that can't but a connection faster than 100Mbps.. Yet in 2016 NBN not longer offers 1Gbps services.

Lol coalition crippled the NBN with MTM. Using your standard of no speed teirs FTTP would be 10-100 times faster than FTTN. Lol claiming FTTN is faster when it's only required to deliver no guarantee speed not even the min 25Mbps. So now we can expect services even slower than ADSL 2+ for some. Much like the 1% of FTTN in the uk getting the speed they pay for lol.

It not unreadable for a network to fit further demands instead of just requiring to deliver speeds people are picking now which still won't be complete for another 4 years. So if the NBN MTM hits 30% on 100Mbps in 2020 means labors FTTP was right would it.

Australian Bureau of Statistics stops counting 24Mbps broadband services


What the MTM current predicts figures Mathew you don't want to talk about them as there even higher than labors figures.

Yes nbnco did release 1Gbps services in 2013. But in 2016 no longer offer that why?

But it good you repeating your lie again of no rsp offering higher than 100Mbps services.

Waleed Aly's NBN intervention is profoundly unhelpful


Re: A Misunderstanding....

So ADSL is fine or even dialup

nbn says Telstra's copper in better shape than expected


Re: No demand for 1Gbps services


Does Mathews example works for FTTN where you max speed depends on distance and quality of your copper where you may only able to getting less that 25Mbps vs someone else in the street getting as Mathew likesto claim 83Mbps. He then expects the people getting less than 25Mbps to help pay for the connection of the ones getting 83Mbps. As he like to state above they may only use 100Gb while getting less the 25Mbps are using more. But on top of that they want faster speeds have to pay even more again than done that gets that service for free.


Re: No demand for 1Gbps services

If a person's requirement is for occasional high speed connection, they they may not require a quota higher than 100GB.

That might be so but to use it as your point is laughable.

Have you understood nothing. Grandma is not fine because she lacks access the eHealth services that the NBN was supposed to bring.

Wrong again FTTP can have up to 4 connection the health dept may make another connection for that purpose.

What I find buzzard are that trying to prove a point first you claim people are picking speed teirs now and then claiming what expected take up figures in 10 years time to try and prove your point. Then claiming people on 12/1 will be using more data than 100Mbps. Yes you will get some exception to the rule but it not every case like you want to claim.

How that failed FTTN claim of 83Mbps btw have you found an Isp the delivers a min 25Mbps yet.


Re: No demand for 1Gbps services

"Find the article on the Register this month where I quoted Morrow in the Senate Estimates committee."

Morrow touted that the average speed on FttN connections sits at 83Mbps down and 36Mbps up. However, in the morning, NBN said that those numbers also included fibre-to-the-basement (FttB) users. Sorry Mathew you fail try again.


"Yet another FTTP fanboi myth"

Is that the best you can come up with when its in NBN documents. What's even better is if you get 5 dropout a day your connection is fine too lol.

But let's look at the docu

FTTN 100Mbps pir of 25Mbps for 1 sec in a day

FTTP 100mbps pir of 100Mbpd for 1 sec in a fay

But here is a challenge for if its a fanboy myth give just one isp that gives a min 25Mbps or just to make it easier for you a min 12Mbps. Must not be that hard if it's a fan boy myth.

And yet you have still fail to explain why HFC getting a free upgrade to 3.1. You claim they should be paying for it but how come they are not.

Lol you assume people buying 100Mbps is going to use 100gb when there are currently ADSL plans higher than that. Yes a grandma on 12Mbps and 100gb is perfectly fine but you expect someone of100Mbps to purchase the same quota is quite amusing and complete bizarre just to try and prove your point.


Re: No demand for 1Gbps services

No what you are saying is people who get a poor Quilty broadband should pay for a better service while paying for those that already do. So people should pay $10k plus for the same connection others get for free.

First you claim FTTN is at average which is wrong. We don't know what average FTTN does as NBN won't release it seperate to FTTB. Then are you expecting FTTN speed to drop due to. Speeds it's unable to deliver or take up choice.

"25Mbps is the minimum speed for FTTN"

Lol 25Mbps is not the min, it's the min up to speed. NBN is only required to supply a 25Mbps for 1 sec in a day doesn't matter if your paying for 25Mbps or 100Mbps as long as you can get that 25Mbps for 1 sec your connection is fine. Or better can you give me one place any where in the world that offers a min connection speed than isn't FTTP. Your statement shows you have know idea about the techno holy you are talking about.

"expected to come through people downloading more, not purchasing faster speeds. "

So there is no reason for speeds at all 56K is enough by your standards or even our current up to 24Mbps ADSL fits that.

"I don't really trust either of those figures, as government projects rarely come in on budget. Labor's history of the cost overruns and delays on FTTP provide ample evidence to expect that costs would continue to rise."

That may be so but a $4B increase for FTTP with a target for 2021 in 3 years vs a $27B increase and target increase from 2016 to 2020 in just 2 years which is the better option.

"WRONG! What causes performance problems during peak time? 5 100Mbps users on a 100GB quota or 100 12Mbps users on unlimited? Yep, the 12Mbps users flooding the network, because the 100Mbps users are limited by there quota."

Lol first you don't know if they will change there habits on a 12Mbps unlimited plan. But the biggest laugh is claiming 100Gb for the 100Mbps that the biggest joke ever. Let's flip it becuase we know people who pay for 100Mbps are planing to use it would be looking at the biggest cap they can fine.

What would happen to your model then lol.


Re: No demand for 1Gbps services

"When for $8B more you could have a network which has the potential to deliver 1Gbps."

Again you kissed the point but happy to speed $8B less on the second rate option.

"potential overseas companies would be looking at piloting technology"

With out national average of just 6Mbps up from 4Mbps before the NBN started why would any come here. Only Netflix turned up recently because our upto 24Mbps which according to your logic is fine as it is. Is so bad then didn't want to come.

"Removing speed tiers worked perfectly well for Internode in the ADSL -> ADSL2+"

So again your fine paying for 1Mbps on an upto 24Mbps which from your statement becuase 79% is chiseling those speeds is perfectly fine and no need to upgrade.

"Speed tiers are also not found on 4G."

As from you statement you don't know how it works so no point explaining it to you.

"FTTN is perfectly justifiable because it meets the requirements of at least the 79% choosing 25Mbps or slower and more."

But our current ADSL delivering up to 24Mbps meets that requirement so why spend $56B for a 1Mbps increase.

"You might like to believe that is the case, but the trend on connections at 100Mbps is downwards"

Didn't know it was 2020. But then the current MTM are expecting similar figures as well.

"Curiously the average speed on FTTN is 83Mbps,"

You know that 83Mbps includes FTTB as of a leak docu they only had 30K connect on FTTN since mid February. Then also contradicts you 79% claim only want 25Mbps or less.

"a complete disaster for the country"

No what was the privatisation of Telstra was as a document from 1992 had a plan for Australia to get FTTP by 2010. Telstra failed tender shown it willingness to hold Australia back. As well going from a $44B FTTP build being complete by 2021 to now a MTM $56B build complete by 2020.

"Fanbois of FTTP who wanted their fast connections, failed to realise that most people (>79%) aren't prepared to pay for a fast connection, therefore it is perfectly reasonable that they expect you to pay for the build of fibre to your house if you want a 1Gbps connection."

Again failed statement as the one paying for the faster connections are paying more then the 79% that don't.

But you no teir claim does exaltly that what you claim.


Re: No demand for 1Gbps services

Lol Mathew

It's not peak average it's the average that FTTP can achieve. So if we remove speed teirs everyone would currently get 100Mbps not the 34Mbps you are trying to claim against a none teir FTTN.

If the removed speed teirs from fun not all customer speeds would in crease. NBN is only required to deliver an Iup to 25Mbps connection for 1 sec a day even if your paying for 100Mbps. Here is a change Turnbull claimed we would have a min 25Mbps not upto can you just give one company in the would that gives a min25Mbps.accessories

Current people on FTTN are getting hitting peak time congestion for most isp not providing enough cv cvc and are getting as low as 2Mbps. The hard limit so far is the node has 2Gbps back haul and with an average of 192 ushered none gives an average peak time of just 10Mbps.

Lol you totally missed the point about your electricity analogy. If the electric company follows the same setup as FTTN. You would have some customers ONLY be receiving a 2 light bulb and microwave with of power ONLY. If they require extra power to run a TV they have to pay the FOD of $10k plus while others don't have to pay any extra. So the only way to increase there usage is to pay extra to upgrade there connection. What your claiming about removing speed teirs only would work for FTTP because like the electrical power grid everyone receiving the same connection.

But then what is the point of building a $56B network which is only require to deliver an up to 25Mbps. When for $8B more you could have a network which has the potential to deliver 1Gbps. Far enough people a chiding lower speeds now. But when that demand increases which according speed requirements double every 2 years people will be requiring around 50-100Mbps by 2020. And the current network can't even deliver that to everyone. With out paying a lot more than the $8B it would have been to do it the first time.


Re: No demand for 1Gbps services

Mathew can't you cut the BS

FTTP current average is 100Mbps or even 1Gbps if they wish to upgrade the ends points.

FTTN current has the same average speed teirs average is only 34Mbps. Which average top peak speeds on FTTN is 83Mbps. 20% less than FTTP but costing the same price.

But has a hard limit of about 10Mbps once the mode is full.

The fact that is there are 65% picking 25mbps or higher which is 20% more than what they are expecting

And there you go about speed teirs again. So if we remove speed teirs off FTTN. And used you electrical analogy from delimiter. You want people that only get 2 lights builds and a microwave of power to pay the same price as people who get to run every thing in there house.

Only fibre can do no speed teirs as it gives the same service like the current electrical grid does.

nbn tries to shift the conversation to future copper upgrades


Re: Chicken & Egg Problem

Yes I saw your example. How about real time monitoring of those that need it. What would that require. What would the next communication app require in 5 years time.

"First it is a minimum of 25Mbps on FTTN and for most connections significantly faster."

Lol I didn't know the new min standard is to supply a 25Mbps for 1 sec in a day. During the 18Mth transition period that requirement is only 12Mbps for 1 sec a day. Looks almost like our current ADSL up to 24Mbps service doesn't it. Worst part is if your paying for 100Mbps and you still hit that 25Mbps for 1 sec in a day your connection is fine.

"Second the $8B is tax payer funds, whereas fibre on demand is your own hard cash"

First labor cap investment was $30B the current cap investment is now $29B. Rest of the fund coming from the private sector. So we are only saving $1B not going FTTP from taxpayer investment.

Second it's a loan not a budget item. So what your saying is the hospitals just now make a return for the government to pay back any money the govenment pays them.

Third if we use the SR $64B price tag which only $8B more than the mess we have now. To upgrade FTTN later if we use current rollout figures it's $16B. If we use the FOD price of $10K + it's $45B more.

"Actually it does matter because just about all the benefits touted by Labor as reasons for building the NBN were real-time, not volume of data downloaded. Video conferencing is a prime example of this."

First you claim in another conversation that speed doesn't matter now it does which is it.


Re: Chicken & Egg Problem

"Currently a small number 16%"

So if the % stays that would be around 1.6m users not really that is it.

"My position is the fast speeds should be available to everyone and if not then people should be expected to pay for their fast internet."

But fast isn't available to everyone. Why should some have to pay while others don't? HFC getting a free upgrade to 3.1 but users are not paying for that upgrade.

"The cost of internet services (like other utilities) should be primarily based on usage, not connection fees.".

Only works if you are supplying the same level of service to everyone. You get a water supply that you can only fill a cup of water an hour while you neighbor could run a washing mechine if they decided but only require to fill a cup of water which can be done in 15min instead of the hour for you. so your paying the same price with a different level of service. If you want to run a washing you have a very costly upgrade for that choice while your neighbor doesn't.

Lol is solid as one but it's still a plan higher than 100Mbps. But FTTN and HFC being unable to provide that same level of service.

"Your focus is on speed, whereas it should be on data. Both people are paying to access the same amount of data."

Hang on 78% using 25Mbps or less. So what you are claiming is we should go back to 56k because speed doesn't matter that way they can download as much data they want no need to $56B for an upto 25Mbps (1Mbps faster than ADSL2) when only $8B more for a 100Mbps service. Doesn't matter that it might take them a week which could be done in acouple of minutes.


Re: Chicken & Egg Problem

"GPON2.5 will support ~78Mbps with 32 users. If so much data was being downloaded, then NBNCo would be rolling in cash and the upgrade to GPON10 would be trivial to justify to the bean counters. "

But then it's also higher than that as only 26 get connected with 8 spare for other poodle upgrades.

Confusing speeds with data. The fact is someone would get what they want 4x faster than the current design of only up to 25Mbps.

"Continuing the car analogy"

So coalition is building for $56B a freeway that it's only required to do 25Km/hr to 100km/hr Some will be able to go faster but not some or most without have to pay costly upgrades ( one quote for 300m FOD was upto 10k almost 3 times the FTTP cost). According to the SR for $64B for s freeway that supports 100km/hr if people require to drive at that speed no need to pay for costly upgrades as everyone has a choice if they want to drive at that speed or not.

Skymesh is offering a 100/100 on FTTP which is really a 250/100 connection. Can HFC or FTTN do 25/25.

"I'm suggesting that AVC prices should be cut to a single speed tier and CVC prices should fall slightly slower than predicted in the NBNCo Corporate Plan."

So what you say s to adopt the current ADSL priceing where people getting 1Mbps paying the same as people getting 15Mbps.

Optus cable can't connect 500,000: NBN CEO Bill Morrow


Re: 83 Mbps average download speeds on FTTN?

Lol Mathew the average speed currently on FTTP is 1Gbps as there is no limit on the speed it can deliver.

As that same speed teir applies for FTTN lol

NBN rollout behind target, claims yet another leaked report


Re: So how is the FTTN roll out then El Reg?

Yes to get those speeds it's over 100m of copper. So now we need more work getting fiber closer again to increase the speed of the copper agian just to deliver fibre to the fence.

A granny and a marriage celebrant show Turnbull's 4ked the NBN


So Mathew

Do you believe a $56B upto 25Mbps is better value than a $64B upto 1Gbps.

Now I have already shown you that the ones on those higher theirs are paying for the network.

Your excuse is remove the Speed Teirs. So you want people who get less than 25Mbps to pay the same as someone who can get 100Mbps. So instead of the people paying for the faster speeds paying for the network you want people who can't get any faster speeds to pay for the ones than can.


Your excuse is there is FOD so not only are they paying the same for a slower speed but then have to pay even more to get the same level of service. So not only by Mathew model the people on the lower speeds are paying for the ones that can get the faster speeds but then they have to pay even more to get those faster speeds.

The best yet is you claim if they remove the speed Teirs would on FTTN would be faster but have you forgotten that the current node design only allows 5Mbps to each customer on a node if they are all using it at the same time.



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