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Stack Overflow survey: Microsoft IDEs dominate, GCP and Azure battle behind AWS


Good article, thanks!

IBM, Red Hat face copyright, antitrust lawsuit from SCO Group successor Xinuos


Yeah, of course. It is April 1.


Yeah, of course, it is April 1.

Customers defecting to Oracle? Not according to our research, says SAP chief number cruncher


Ah, the Oxford comma

the four core end-to-end business processes of HR, ERP, supply chain and spend management and CRM

So what's in the four:

-- HR

-- ERP

-- supply chain and spend management

-- CRM


-- HR

-- ERP

-- supply chain

-- spend management and CRM?

Google reveals new schedule for 'phasing out support for Chrome Apps across all operating systems'


Re: So, Google is pulling a Microsoft ?

The Google Graveyard, though still incomplete, is more comprehensive: https://killedbygoogle.com/

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz


How about JBoss vs. WebFear?

Is Microsoft about to git-merge with GitHub? Rumors suggest: Yes


Good news for Atlassian, BitBucket

Might be a wake up call as well to Google to revive Google Code.

A todger, a 2.5kg dumbbell, the fire brigade... and the inevitable angle grinder


deja vu

In an incident in Budapest some four decades ago a diamond tipped dental drill was employed to remove a stainless steel ball bearing.

Australia to tax ALL international online purchases


No more excuse

Who will the grand old guard of brick & mortar retail enterprise moguls blame now for their declining fortunes?

Woz moves to Oz


Apple trees gone

Tasmania is no longer the Apple Island – used to be before the UK joined the EU. Since then Britons, if they wish to keep their doctors away, are forced to purchase European sourced (overpriced and inferior quality) fruit. Apple graveyards are still abundant in Tassie, a very sad picture indeed.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Why mimic mobe screen on desktop?

Please reduce picture sizes - adults and chapter book readers do not need this dumb down screen space waster.

Please restore print article, it was one of the most useful feature.