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Symantec hit by massive goodwill impairment


symantec suck balls

they do. they really do.

personally i would never go near a Symantec product - but they were here when i joined this place. backup exec (pile of steaming turd) and the terrible Endpoint Protection. it took them MONTHS to get endpoint working on SBS2003!

i agree with Roger, the sooner they die the better! norton ghost was the only decent product ive ever seen them make!

Mozilla mauls Microsoft on IE, Windows 7 bundle

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ffs not this again....

its funny this one...

safari is ok to be bundled with apple

firefox is bundled with every linux disto i have seen

wtf are MS users supposed to do. install the OS then try to download FF/opera with no browser?

i wouldnt mind but FF is getting increasingly shite over the years... problems with addon makers etc etc.

does ford get in shit for having ford stereos in their cars? im sure blaupunkt would prefer theirs in there?

if anyone wants to use a secondary browser they can - its easy to do. i could imagine if MS made FF run slowly or not install. i mean apple are much more restrictive with their apps.

Phorm boss blogs from a dark, dark place



"We are committed to protecting the privacy of UK consumers and will ensure any new technology of this sort is applied in an appropriate and transparent manner, in full accordance with the law and with proper regulation from the appropriate authority."

from the gov! that defines irony surely!? they are so concerned with our privacy they are about to PAY my ISP to spy on me, and are being taken to court by the EU over PHORM.

if it wasnt so worrying it might be amusing!

Darling banks on offshoring to save UK plc


this is an easy one to solve.....

1) stop the big brother spy database of us all - £60Bn savings

2) enable police to police - i.e. not sit in wait in lay-byes trying to catch us doing +5mph over the limit

3) stop this disgrace where mps get a 2nd home paid for by us - massive saving

there we go - saved you more cash and nobody will lose out - apart from the friends and rellies that might be involved in big bro' database!

Blu-ray to boom despite downturn



@ "blu-ray - what's the point

By jonnyscavenger Posted Monday 20th April 2009 14:44 GMT

If I watched my second favourite film on blu-ray and a 10k telly, it still isn't as good as my favourite film on DVD on my laptop." - wow, wtf are your first and second film? and how the hell can you watch a movie on a 14" screen in stereo? ergh.

@"Now I have a PS3 and a 50" HD I want to buy everything on BluRay. Problem is, you just can't seem to get anything but Batman Begins. The Bluray section in my local Asda is smaller than a hobbit with growth deficiancy. yet the DVD section covers three massive walls (not counting the display stands)." - buy online. you can also get imports as long as they are region free (fifth element is a good example - £10!)

@"Only and ONLY if the players come below £100 and the filsm drop to £20 will this happen, note its 12 million AS well as any PS3's sold, not including PS3's." - ive never paid more than £15 for a BR disk and ive got quite a few, many of them being new release titles. yes, you do need a nice HD TV (not crappy 720i/p, that isnt proper HD!) to enjoy them, but for anyone who is even remotely into movies a big screen and surround sound is a must anyway.

people also forget the superior sound quality on BR also.

at least we dont have the usual 'i see not difference between DVD and BR' nonsense this time lol.

French adhesive workers stick it to Brit boss



@"and anyway they all deserve to have all assets strippped from them and be put up in 5star FR/HMG accomodation for the next 30 years(it would probably be the best thing all round, as it would be the safest place for any of them)" - Oh please STFU. Go spend a day inside a HMP and if you arent crying or shitting youself after 24 hours i would be amazed. If a prison is 5* then a bloody Holiday Inn is 1000*. PLEASE stop reading the daily heil or whatever bullshit rag you get your ideas from.

@"http://intellectualglobalwarming.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/nomorenails.jpg" - LMAO :)

@"Have to admire the French" - Arghh, i admit it. I agree! At least they have some balls. We need to start being a bit more revolutionary over here i think, before the UK turns into one big Guantanimo Bay!

Brown pledges to make Britain's drivers greener



OK, so if we all switch over to EVs how will the already crumbling power grid cope?

It can fail when everyone wants a cuppa at half time during big football games, imagine how bad it will be at 5:30pm when everyone plugs in their cars to charge overnight?

surely EV is useless tech.... dont they understand where electricity comes from???

Lets get hydrogen fuel cell cars going!

Plus, all this is just for big cities! Meaning, yet again, those of us in small towns are subsidising Londoners/Mancs/Brummies even more!

Secret European project to battle online jihad



Before long the UK gov will have more to fear from the pissed off public than any Jihadist. I mean the IRA were 10x more efficient, they aren't stupid enough to want to blow themselves up all the time! Terrorist masterminds my hairy ass.

The constant erosion of civil liberties, ignoring all reports they have commissioned etc. Argghhhh... V for Vendetta time yet? Is it 1984???

@"Also mandate that said products must have embossed provocative images of naked women on them, preferably shown beating their male spouses - hang on maybe female spouses would work better" - sod it, can't we have this one anyway :)

Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet



@"And as for ecstacy well considering the increased heart rate, blood pressure and effects on the brain I fail to see how that has no dangers either."

- so, lets ban all sports and sex too then?

@"All dealers and users shouldnt go to prison but be sent off to some remote island 40 miles off shore away from the rest of us. Job done..."

- erm, no. i smoke weed, and plenty of it. yet i can hold down a decent job and pay bucket loads of tax. why dont you fuck off to your little island and leave us normal people behind. and dont forget to take the daily heil with with you.... we are all sick of you telling us what to do!

BT cuts phone charges for prisoners


@ andy gibson

remember that the prison has a hefty markup on anything it sells. things are often much more expensive in there than outside at places like tesco!

but i agree - £3 sounds like a lot to me! you couldnt even buy gel when i was there! so no way of tarting up my hair for a visit from the mrs!


i take it...

Charles Manning - i take it you have never gone over the speed limit? or been maybe slightly over the alcohol limit in the morning? as these are crimes. crime doesnt mean all loss of rights and treated like an animal. being incarcerated is bad enough. and also, please stop reading the express, mail et al. they make your brain turn into mush.

we have bankers in this country to have basically embezzled billions from us all, yet they arent classed as crims. and i wont even go into jacqui Smith... (ooerr, why would anyone want to do that!)

criminal = political name.

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@"are there any downsdies to prison? " - erm, yes....

average weekly wage when i was there:£2/week.

i had the best job on the wing when in liverpool. this was a job from 5am to 11pm, 7 days a week. and for that i was given the pricely sum of £9! just because SOME prisons allow tvs etc doesnt mean all do. in liverpool i had 1 visit a month of 60 mins (or 2 30 min ones, but seeing as my family lived 300 miles away that isnt very useful is it?

phone cards are £2 each (well, they were). that £2 basically bought me a 5 minute conversation with my mrs.

and not all cons are in for really dodgy crimes. i got 18 months for having some pills on me. yet a few years later drs actually fully acknowledge that E was, my a magnitude, much better for you than alcohol.

now, stop reading the frikkin daily mail. all you hear there is sensationalist guff. many prisons still dont even have electricity in their cells, are routinely stolen from by prison staff and spend upto 23 hours a day in their cells.

@"who thinks it's ridiculous that prisoners get a 'spending allowance' each week?! They're in there for a reason FFS! It's getting more and more like a holiday camp -- I'm just waiting for the next T Cook brochure -- Summer 09 'Credit Crunch' breaks. AI and spending money included, guarantee that lounger will be available..." - see above that they arent all real criminals. also, how do you expect that they can call home etc? how do you think the prison community would work if they had no money to buy tobacco (ciggies are too expensive)

prisoners get a pittance for weekly allowance - and some actually work for outsourcing companies. being paid many times under the minimum wage. now, dangerous (i.e. rapists and murderers) get income support whilst in secure mental units. the yorkshire ripper managed to save up close to 50 grand in his account over the years!

Most undergraduates 'show fear when asked to do maths'


OK, OK, i concede...

@ Matt Bryant - You lucky git! i had all male maths teachers after the first year, and she was an absolute beast! I could smell her B.O. from the back row!

@ Steve - Fair point. But does the exclusion of a capital letter REALLY make reading that much worse? I truly apologise for being slightly dyslexic and very lazy. I will attempt to make an effort at El Reg in the future, in regards to capitalisation :) i Must admit i hate TXT SPK too, surely it is more complicated to write in TXT SPK on modern predictive text phones? But, 'half baked oaf', come on, surely I'm not that bad, am I? haha.

I will also try not to make jokes about mathematicians in the future. It's funny that i make a comment like that yet in the PS3 discussion so many people are saying much worse about game players yet we all seem to take it with a pinch of salt.


fair point...


So much of school level maths is directly relevant to the real world. The following, non-exhaustive list, consists of things that I have seen many people seriously struggle with. Calculating the number of tiles to tile the bathroom. Adjusting a recipe for 6 people to feed 4. Understanding that stopping your car is 4 times as hard at twice the speed. How about figuring out how much a loan is costing, splitting the cost between capital and interest, or figuring out what implication putting a Christmas bonus onto the mortgage has. How about gambling odds, maybe getting better at poker, etc.


Yes, these things are useful and i easily can do all of them. Maybe if maths was taught in a more lifelike, applied style more people would find it interesting. I found physics a much more enjoyable subject, maybe due to its more applied style? As i said before i was taking the piss about the virgin thing, maths obviously negates a sense of humour sometimes?

Anyway, i will leave you to your discussion now. Apologies to anyone who didn't get the joke on the first post! Oh, by the way, i have bothered with grammar for this one, just in case some of you can't still read a sentence without capitals.


had enough now...

@ {

"Please can you let me know which buildings you were involved in the construction of so that I can avoid entering them as they are most likely to fall on my head. Newton was a clever bloke who came up with some interesting maths about how things might fall down !

PS I was taught in the 70s/80s which did include times tables, maybe you were too bored and didn't notice, numpty. You didn't pay attention in English either as you have no clue as to what a capital letter is. Here are a few for you



ok, i WAS being nice (albeit a bit piss taking - thats me im affraid)...

1) architects dont design for tollerances, that is what a civil engineer does, you condecending prick. architects DESIGN the building, then pass it on to a structural/civil engineer to make sure the thing works. Architect = design, concept, aesthetics, ergonomics and ideas. Engineer = make it work (and sometimes design). i also said that i have quals in structural engineering too, i just dont enjoy the subject.

2) i said before i dont care if i start a sentence with a capital. does it matter? are you so dumb that you need to see a capital before you know its a new sentence? how do you cope in the modern world now that capitals arent used all the time? i guess text messages are just like hebrew to you?

typical anon response too - pussy, if you call me a moron at least stand up for yourself and not hide behind an anon post.

so, you are telling me that i was taught times tables at school? funny. i didnt see you there? maybe you were hiding in a cupboard. my school was actually very liberal, they didnt cater much for curriculums etc. maybe a reason i found maths dull at school?

of course the way things were taught helps a lot. by the 3rd year at school i was straight 'A's for maths as we had a great teacher, he enthused us all. he lasted a year then it was back into text-book learning. i.e. copy this out of a text book and answer the questions. for me, that isnt teaching! and maybe that is why so many peopel find maths dull?! make something interesting and people will want to learn. i mean ffs johnny ball was amazing when i was younger, why couldnt school be more like that?



@ {

" after all maths has no room for interpretation - its always a right/wrong answer."

i.e hard, ooh run away......

how do you survive in IT?


you also missed my point, i like working in flexible environments. where there is no correct answer - its how you get there. i specialise in leftfield thinking. if i just wanted to regurgitate memorised formulas i would never have started smoking pot so much.

also, i work for myself freelance 1 day and work as an IT developer 4 days a week. i am also lucky enough not to work with any IT people. i work in construction company ( i have a construction background also and was almost an architect before i realised 7 years to get qualified would have meant working hard - and im too lazy for that) so they are easy to get on with.

dont get me wrong, i have worked in IT departments but they arent the place i want to spend my time. nice people but little in common to be honest. i dont live for IT or anything work related.

oh shit, i bet ive stirred it up again!

oh well :)


haha... chill out people!

lmao... i was only trying to take the piss :)

im just talking from the perspective of the maths professionals i have known. all complete social rejects - and all the men still lived at home! this includes my old school maths teacher... and he was in his 50s! many of you may well have masters in maths... well done.

yes i went into IT... mainly when there was a massive shortfall quite a few years ago. i didnt do any IT at school!

as a developer i use maths to a certain extent, working out dimensions etc on the fly and the obvious calcs needed to develop accountancy apps for our company. i just dont understand why so much emphasis is put on maths at school. i was actually quite good at it until it relied on my memory (always been bad).

for me kids should learn politics, social science (not the useless general studies etc) and things that help them in later life at school. most kids just arent prepared at all for adult life, and i dont think calculus etc will help them 1 bit. of course maths has been so dumbed down now i guess most of the complex areas have been dropped over the years anyway.

@ "Let me guess - you got bored of getting the wrong answer."

- nope.. i just got bored of learning pointless things. and i can use English perfectly well thanks, i just abbreviate as im at work and dont want to spend time thinking of the best way to get my thoughts down. i apologise if i dont use a capital letter at the start of my sentences, or add apostrophes. if im writing a paper etc i might actually re-read what i write and turn it into nice prose for you, but to be honest a) i dont care [see i didnt use a ' then! i just dont care [i did it again!]] b) who am i trying to impress? i have better things to do and im actually writing this at the same time as taking a phone call!

if you want me to go through your old posts and rip the english to bits i am more than capable. now, lets take the comments as i meant them, jokingly and mocking my old school/college/uni teachers. there is no need to have hissy fits. also, to the people doing maths degrees etc (i dont include engineering here - i come from a family of engineers) are you SERIOUSLY telling me that at Uni all your classmates were fanny magnets? honestly?



maybe they just find maths BORING and uninteresting. after all maths has no room for interpretation - its always a right/wrong answer.

also, maths degree = single for life, probably a virgin all your life and still live with your mum... much like all my maths teachers from school :)

to me maths is taught to an unnecessarily high standard anyway. how many people have actually used simultaneous equations by elminination since leaving school?

i am also qualified in both computing and construction. so i had to do computing related maths and construction/engineering related maths.... never used any of them since. i want all those wasted hours/days etc back!

what i would like to know is my times tables, but since i was educated in the 1970s / early 80s we never were taught them... and my brain is too useless to try to learn them now!

PS3 players prefer gaming to bonking



as someone said, sex only becomes such a big thing when you arent getting any. if you are getting plenty then its not an issue.

the question is also slightly weighted:

a quick 10 minute session on a ps3 or a shag? shag wins.

all nighter ps3 session with beers and doobies and mates, or a quick shag? ps3 session wins.

quick shag with your mrs and a couple of her mates? shag(s) win

quick shag with a new stunner (i.e. someone you havent knocked boots with before) or gaming session - stunner wins.

maybe as im older i dont see the young single aspect of video gaming. me and all my mates with PS3 are all with girlfriends/wives. its my experience that the xbox seems to be the console of choice for the younger/single guys. that might be as we all come from ps1 backgrounds. remember, the playstation made consoles cool. my mrs loves the ps3, depending on the games.

i would also guess that the single saddos would be more likely to go for the nooky option. i know when i was 15 games didnt stand a chance against the promise of a bit of nooky. its more likely those of us in long relationships dont see sex as something that special any more? also, im sooo lazy :)

@"I still prefer sex over my PS3." - noooo! the shiney black shows up all the splurge marks ;) use a bed/sofa/carseat like the rest of us!

@ Graham Gordon - lmao!

Police union leader calls for 'killer games' sales ban


hmmmm 1930s?

i guess hitler and their other historical nutters must have played video games then?

in fact, since the emergence of computers the germans have been much more relaxed...

if i were rockstar etc i would looking at a slander libel case now

Microsoft claims IE8 is 'a leap forward in web standards'


in fairness....

firefox only gets 71 % - fails on all the colours, doesnt animate smoothly

opera fails also, with 85% (but looks crap)

i wont even bother with safari lol

DARPA orders hypersonic Nazi Doodlebug engine



we bagsied the vulcan in this country years ago!

i dont know... they steel the name football, loads of our city names and now our legendary avro vulcan too... bloody yanks!

Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-ray Disc player



ahh brilliant, casino royale, the worst BR disk i have seen! wtf was the point in that? might as well stick on aliens 3 (even more grainy)

do us a favour, and review a decent looking movie. ironman etc are flawless...

@"The £350 price tag is about right for the machine’s spec and performance level." - erm, so you say a PS3 is expensive, yet this is ok. apart from maybe slightly better visual quality and slightly better audio (i dont know anyone with a TRUEHD amp anyway, im certainly holding off after buying a really nice amp last year)

Advertising watchdog okays 'gaming equals early grave' ad


i admit

personally i think it looks bad.

i cant imagine if the role was reversed and it was just a pic of someone eating an easily seen choccy bar label that said choccy bar company would be too happy.

and everyone who sees an advert is of sound mind. kids and people with learning difficulties take things at face value.

we all know video games keep the brain active, much more than most alternatives!

BT rebuts database security breach claims



"BT has developed rigorous, world-leading protection against unauthorised computer access in order to protect customer details and commercial interests" -- unless we are selling your info to Phorm!

3D TV by Christmas, hints Sky

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hmmmmm luddites Part II

@"I still use an old telly, but plugged into a Windows Media Center (which may well soon become a Mtyh box...) and the 7.1 surround sound system it drives. OK, 7.1 is over-kill and it's just a crappy CreativeLabs system...but wow. What a difference.

I would go far as to say that the sound is more important than the picture. So when will I get 5.1 surround broadcast over the air, huh? That's what I want, not more lines on the screen."

nah - 7.1 is good if the room can handle it. i have a long narrow lounge so my surrounds are behind me and to the side and my 2 surround rears (the 6.1 and 7.1 elements) are at the back of the room. they add a nice depth. not to mention if you have a good amp it will do 7.1 stereo for music... which sounds amazing! (2 walls of stereo, with the center speaker taking the majority of the vocals etc). and as you say, 'wow, what a difference' that is because you are listening to 3d sound.... not just sound coming from 'over there'. the sound is around you. and no, those TVs that claim to give surround sound from a set of stereo speakers dont sound anywhere near as good as the proper thing.... trust me (ok, i havent tried the bose £3,000 ones but my TV has top end speakers built in and sounds nowhere near as good as the separates and speakers)

i would say if you can afford it get rid of that creative laps kit and get some proper speakers and a decent amp. i went with a 5.1 (little sony AV system) first but slowly upgraded to 7.1 yamaha amp and mordaunt short speakers... the difference is as good again from stereo to the sony 5.1 setup. also you find that amps and separates dont make the bloody hum of a PC! and btw - BBC HD channel does 5.1 when it can - so things like blue planet etc are (i think) in 5.1. some stuff definately is (heroes for example) and there was even cat stevens live on at xmas - in 5.1 - it sounded awesome! i just wish i'd waited another year to get the dolbyTRUEHD amps... uncompressed sound... lovely. although im more than happy with my current setup.

remember that 7.1 isnt really used on many films - there are some 6.1 (blade 2 for example) but not many that i have found. i would rather go for a decent amp as mine does lots of config with a mic and it adjusts the reverb etc for your particular room... very impessive!


wtf???? luddites!

@"The current Sky HD stb won't be able to display 3D as they are limited by their use of early version of HDMI -- so you'll need a new stb too.

Although the entire HDMI spec needs an update to properly handle 3D-HD, HDMI 1.3 could be heath-robinsoned into first-generation stereoscopic material ... maybe ... but the HDMI format really needs to support 120Hz rates for 3D-HD and that is a long way off.

" ----- ?? you seem to have not understood. all they do is show stereoscopic images. also, on the gadget show they demoed sky HD 3d on a normal sky box (allegidly) so why do you think this is needed?

and to the rest of you? wtf??!?!?! 3d tv is great (i remember being blown away years ago at universal studios... and that was with the silly green/red glasses) - the new glasses look like see through fake glasses.

i think films and sports will be amazing in 3d. but then again this website is full of people who cream over the new linux distro but cant see the difference between SD and HD tv so i guess linux wrecks your eyes??? :)

@"Who's going to want to sit down in front of the telly and have to don a pair of sexy specs just to watch Eastenders 3D?" ----- erm, many people DO wear glasses already. i guess i would just need to put some film over my TV glasses? or maybe an overlay of some kind... like the asians seem to do on glasses to make them sunglasses.

also, the gadget show said sky have no plans to broadcast commercially. so i wonder who is talking rubbish here? sky already do broadcast in 3d but privately, they showed some working in the studio.

they also showed an interesting nvidia usb device that tweaks your pc monitor to show 3d! all you need is the clear glasses. and they said it looked pretty good too. and was only £140, but did rely on cpecific games apparently... but there was over 140 to choose from they said.

i must admit though, after buying a massive good quality TV last xmas im not considering shelling out for a new tv for quite some time, but i do find the prospect of 3d movies and footy an interesting new direction.

@"We're still watching a 10 year old 14" CRT Bush TV with the audio running through a modest but decent enough Cambridge amp to a pair of modest but decent enough JVC speakers.

Admittedly 14" is on the small side and I've not got the /greatest/ audio setup, but the overall viewing experience is infinitely more enjoyable than watching an oversized supermarket special "HD" TV pixellating the picture as soon as anything moves on-screen, whilst the brag-tastic and shiny piece of chav-tech squeezes out a tinny approximation of the intended sound through the built in speakers." ----- oh come on.... you are just jelous and bitter... 14" wtf??? i couldnt even cope with a monitor that small.... and not all of us watch on cheap big TVs... you get what you pay for i think sums it up well! my tv only pixelates REALLY poor broadcasts (like some european football from the arse-end of nowhere), which you can easily see on a small tv too.

@"Am I the only one on the planet who cannot see what's so great about HD? I have seen Sky's HD offerungs played out on a relative's 50" monstrosity and quite frankly for the amount it cost set up, I was severely disappointed!" ----- probably another one of those 'HD ready' 720i shitty tvs... on a decent TV programs like blue planet and BR disks are amazing (dont watch casino royale BR its terrible! check out iron-man or the new batman films for some seriously good HD action)! seriously, go and find someone who has it all setup right with a nice AV amp and you can see/hear the difference! nature programs look amazing!

and btw "All hype to get separate fools and their money, just like HD TV broadcasts!" if you are going to insult the people who are pushing technology please do it in a manner than makes sense. if it was all down to people like you we would all still be watching a 10" tv in mono... but i guess stereo doesnt make any difference to you either does it?

im shocked by some of the luddites on a tech website to be honest.

Multi-sense VR helmet in development



"A device will be placed in the user’s mouth to stimulate a texture sensation, while "tactile devices" will help generate touch. Sight is - clearly - the easy bit."

yeah right, VR LOOKS so damn real doesnt it? video WILL be the hardest to do in REALTIME to fool us imho. remember cinema sfx (which almost look real now, its hard to see the joins in films like ironman in BR) take months to do...

Vatican vetos 'dot god' domain



.boston? you mean the little inbred town in south lincolnshire?

who gets to choose which town get the name? i mean a lot of US towns are named after european towns and cities aren't they???

Adobe expects disappointing Q1 sales

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as said before...

why is the english version double the price of the US version. i enquired and was told it was for my language pack?!!?! but all the menus are in Americanese so wtf are they on about?

also bugs dont get fixed... i still cant FTP files larger than 5Mb with Dreamweaver! yet a free FTP client works fine!

i wont be upgrading for a while! im on CS3 here... we bought the £1600 master suite and its been rarely used apart from photoshop (which does rock to be honest) and DW... but DW is now mainly used for php app development, which is not brilliant, as very few features are catered for.

US cops called to McDonalds menu cock-up



to be fair as said if you order something, they advertise but cannot provide you are entitled to a cash refund.

who cares about the bloody IT angle? jesus. some of you lot are such geeks. dont we all just come here to toss off some work time?

Gigabyte unveils touch-sensitive, twistable netbooks



all the touchscreens like this ive seen before have been useless... the screen is like looking through a dirty window

Telenor shuns IFPI's 'block Pirate Bay' demands



that explains why i cant access piratebay from virgin now.

all i wanted was last weeks heroes, after the beeb told us it was starting THIS week. and by that time iplayer was 1 week out and i could get it any more!

Beta-blocker 'erases' unpleasant memories



"those who'd taken propranolol were simply less afraid than those who hadn't." less affraid doesnt equate to not affraid at all. and since there was obviously SOME fear from something it simply doesnt work! and giving people betablockers just makes them numb anyway.

thats like saying 'wow, heroine can stop people getting stressed out'

Jacqui Smith ecstatically ignores more scientific advice



"@ Dick Emery

They could give taking illegal drug users the death sentence. It would not stop people taking drugs.

The laws are as dumb as those that abuse drugs."

i take it you dont drink or smoke then... since they are responsible for more death and societal breakdown than all the class As and Bs put together.

@"p.s. it is my understanding Leah Betts died from hyperhydration, and this continues to be you're average punters argument against the 'dangers' of ecstasy" - nope the daft bitch took a shitload of paracetamol too... since around that time it was supposed to 'help your e on'. i remember being at cream in liverpool, talking to some daft scouse lad who had necked loads of paracetamol to help him up.. i mean wtf?

and locking someone up in jail for taking a tablet... how retarded! 'so, what your doing is everso slightly dangerous. to save you and society im going to put you somewhere very dangerous'

can you tell i did plenty of time for e dealing about 10 years ago... bitter? god damn right i am... when the landlord down the road is doing a damn site more damage than we ever did! oh, and for the record... all of us who took pills are absolutely fine 10 years later... i also worked out that i have done hundereds of E pills. around the 1000+ mark. now, if i had been horseriding to that extend the probability would be that i would have been dead 3 times over now.

@"Personally, and from a purely chemical point-of-view, I don't know why E is in a different to speed and methamphetamines. Whichever they are in it should at least be the same as they are all in the same family and all have similar neurological effects upon people." - they are in the same family for sure... in fact all E does is release seratonin from your own head... not like the lovely affect of poisoning yourself with alcohol. i prefer to get my rocks off on my own chemicals than by feeling fuzzy over me poisoning myself

@"If only they'd all just dab a bit of MDMA and chill out, etc." well said sarah, maybe we can all dress up as guy fawkes and pspike the house of commons. imagine that. people telling the truth! people working side by side for each other not their own causes. fuck it, lets spike the bastards, we might get more sense out of them (and watching them gurn away might be amusing too!)



ok, so alcohol - massively bad for you, responsible for most violent crime and rape... is perfectly legal. most space cadets will admit that the nights that get most out of control are the ones where people just drink booze...

cannabis - never physically harmed anyone... only people with a susceptability to mental episodes are in any danger.... upgraded to be more dangerous than ketamine!?!?

ecstacy - kills 1/2 the amount of people a year that BEES do.... still bad mmmkay... dont more people drop dead on the loo than are killed by E? also take into account the amount of idiots taking drugs. why do people mix alcohol and E? hmmm uppers and downers will get me where i want to be... thats like drinking redbull and necking a sleeping tablet... i wonder why some people have heart problems from it? the fact that E is about 10x weaker than they used to be too.... simply not worth bothering... they havent been worth taking for almost 10 years now!

check out the darwin awards.... it seems anything can be dangerous... should we all stay inside and wrap ourselves in cotton wool?

no wonder all the younger generations think the goverment are lying deceiptful gits! they disregard medical evidence in favour of draconian laws.

Joker must retire, insist Heath Ledger fans


big jack...

was class... but compared to heath in this batman there is no contest. mainly due to time burton's vision being nowhere near as dark as heath's. burton is fantasy, chris nolan has taken batman downa much darker route.

on a side note, the first new batman was better than this one anyway... its just heath's performance was amazing.

did anyone really feel intimidated by jack's rendition of the joker? also the tim burton films apparently made up their own story of the joker's background, this version is supposed to be more what they originally intended for the joker.

You did what? The trials of supporting remote users


ive seen loads but...

the one that springs to mind was when a guy was trying to get onto the token ring network. he was using a pcmcia token ring nic on his laptop. after ages on the phone we couldnt figure out why it wasnt working, so he came up to us.

it turned out he tad taken the cat5 end of the cable and inserted it into his ethernet port. trying to make some kind of aerial?!?!?! and these guys always get paid much more than you did... luckily moved quickly away from IT support to development

BBC seen to yield over website snooping



@ "Its high time that web sites were obliged by law to serve up all pages using just plain HTML, no scripts and no flash."

great idea. also lets sack all us web designers and just go back to the days of geeks designing (not designers)

ffs you all want to go back to the dark ages? no JS? so all websites will be crap now then? go back to the days where all websites look like they were designed by a 5-year old?

stop all streaming movies too as they come from flash video now.

plenty of us dont abuse JS/flash when designing. you are basically asking us all to stop using ajax and go back to clicking submit to do anything on a page.

their should be a law that stops ANY data baing sent to ANYONE witout an implicit ok from the user. ANY sites found to be flaunting this should have their domain names taken from them and have a serious fine.

the fact that a few idiots are doing things they shouldnt isnt a good enough reason to kill the internet.

You're barcoded: The sneaky under-25 route to compulsory ID



as someone approaching 34 i love buying ciggies from the Co-Op, i always get Id'd :) luckily i always have my photo driving license in my wallet!

Man robs convenience store with Klingon sword



@ "Meh, bloody Trekkies should wake up and smell the non-holo coffee (along with those who put 'Jedi' down as their religion)"

some of us athiests did it to wind up the C of E.

i mean come on, jediism is more of a religion that scientology ever will be and hass more relevance than christianity or islam or any of the horrible religions. buddhism is about the only decent one

UK.gov funds web video product placement venture


@ By Bassey

"I'm still getting a video that shows me how to do the upgrade and I'm still not paying for it." - erm? £1.5M from OUR Pockets going to fund this. WHY????



i have an idea - lets get the government to pay for a scheme that will, in no way what-so-ever, help society. in fact this kind of shit will detract from society (anyone else sick of seeing adverts everywhere?)

wtf are they playing at?

Asus' angular laptop-of-the-future designs spied


@ twelvebore

"future retro" is the phrase you want - its in 'common' usage already :)

i think they look sweet compared to most laptops these days. also the raised keyboard is a cool idea! i hate flat keyboards!

Navy SEALs look to grapple with Brazilian


what about Capoeira


some of the best fighting you will ever see from that art. its amazing to watch :)

Israel hacks Arab TV station


@ ac

and the same for hamas too then i guess? remember hamass has been behind many murders too.

i just find that that part of the world really sums up religion. lots of pig-headed idiots fighting over which imaginary deity is the best.

of course there is more to it than that but you get the point. i do find it amusing tho all this shit about the arabs being so badly treated by everyone yet it was the arab nations that first invaded europe, took slaves and generally behaved very badly. interesting that they forget about all that eh?

Late bets on new Who hit Paddy Power's pocket


anyone else think this is a stupid idea?

dr who cant be younger than me - im 33. the dr is supposed to oooze knowledge and people buy into it. who the hell is going to buy into an alien looking 26 year old freak?

i dont buy it at all.... to me they have killed dr who :(

Sony Rolly dancing MP3 player


i saw one of these on tv recently

that gadget programme the DAVE channel has.

goldie (d&b bloke) had one and he loves it. it did look pretty cool to be honest.

i think im too much of an audio purist to use one but they do look like fun

DfT spends £81m to save £57m


hmmmm anyone else sick of this kind of thing?

this should now be considered a criminal matter. ffs im sick of our tax money etc being thrown away. so it costs them £81m to save ~£50m. i wonder if anyone involved has any connections to the big blue? why wasnt it specced properly. how the fuck can a system cost £81m??

Apologies after teacher's 'Linux holding back kids' claim


hmmmm - devils advocate?

@"Maybe wheb she tried to run Linux, she had a base install that made you actually use your brain to find the libraries and shell scripts to make the think work. I guess all she wanted was to get right to the Backstreet Boys MP3..." this statement just proves why linux will never take off. too many people claim its user friendly and easy to use but we all know its nowhere near as intuitive as windows is.

also, all the different flavours of linux are a big turn off for many people. all the different installers, having to go through much more bollocks installing apps then with windows, and of course the fact it usually looks terrible (ubuntu etc... cant you at least find a decent designer to do the UIs? yes, you can install different GUIs but its not exactly user friendly is it?)

until linux becomes more friendly, more intuitive, more commonly used it will never be accepted.

now, maybe students doing IT studies at gcse level should be expected to do some linux work, to help them in the workplace, but for standard joe public using ms office whats the point? how many receptionists will ever use linux?

@"and remember to buy antivirus software , and firewalls because security costs extra." psssst... windows can have free s/w too you know... maybe even more windows s/w is free than linux?

@"Strictly speaking, any common idiot can abuse Windoze (e.g. sending HTML emails, sending unencrypted plaintext confidential emails, not installing any AV), but IMHO the fact you have to have a modicum of sense to use alternatives can only be a good thing." - wow, really selling it there? windows can be used by anyone but only the intelligent can use linux? yeah, elitist OS is just what everyone wants... i can hear them now: 'please make it more consusing and less easy to understand'

as said before, until linux becomes as easy to use as windows its not got a hells chance