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Laptops to blame for Qantas jet plunge?

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I think you will find from the blackbox that the cause of the sudden drop was the hostess playing with the pilots joystick in the cockpit.....

Paris - Because she knows how to handle a joystick.....

Dick Smith pr0n mobe heads for eBay

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She is looking for cas$h

This is a beat-up from some bimbo who wants cas$h from Woolworths (the owners of Dick Smith electronics in Australia)

9 out of 10 Aussies would have thought this was a bonus - this biatch is just going for her 5 mins of fame....

I would love to know the identity of the shop girl - I might go and buy a HD video camera off her....

Paris - because she knows what it's like to have images such as these shared globally.....

Rockstar confirms GTA IV PC edition

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"Great, now the years biggest disappointment of the year on console can be a big disappointment on PC too!"

How did they kill a franchise - most of the guys I know think this is the best game ever - period - on any console.

Curious as to what's so bad about it.

Paris - because she can grab my joystick anytime she likes....

Lovefilm 1, BitTorrent/iTunes/retail 0

Jobs Halo

Just another way of doing it....

In Oz a lot of people subsribe to similar services and simply burn the discs the night they arrive and send them back in the mail the next day - maximising the monthly throughput

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

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I would love to drill Paris hard....

I am a big Paris fan

But back on topic. Why not throw them all into an active volcano - costs nothing and I think the lava will do all that needs to be done.....

Grand Theft Auto 4 queue man stabbed in head

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Give it to the kid

If the kid can play the game, and wants it, give it to him.

He's only young once, and having played it will give him a lot of cred with his mates.

If he's 12+ he will already have seen more porn and violence than you think.....

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I am disappointed this stabbed bloke only went to get a knife - if he'd returned with a samurai sword, an ice pick or a chainsaw then that would be worthy of respect......

A head for an eye.

Paris because she knows a lot about head.

Nvidia powers up GeForce 9800 GTX, nForce 790i


Old news

The 9800Gtx has been available in retail stores in Australia for a week.

It's about $375 in a cheap shop - thats a lot less than 200 UK pounds. Performance is better than the 8800GTX, but not a lot better. It's 512mb memory is blamed for it not being quicker in some games.

Word is that the replacement to the 9800GTX, due by Xmas, is a LOT quicker.

Four 1TB hard drives on test


Seagate = Shitegate

Well I can only agree with Steve Roper about Seagate drives.

I've had 10 replaced in the last 5 years. All different sizes. They don't seem to cope too well with BitTorrent and other P2P programs.

I have had 2 Maxtors and 2 Samsungs in the same period - all still work, but the Samsungs are VERY slow.

I am in the market for 4 x 750gb drives and I will be going WD or Samsung only.

Nvidia to unveil GeForce 9600 this week?

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Poor value for money

This card is a piece of shi%

It underperforms an 8800GT by a considerable margin, yet is only $11 AUD less!!

What a waste of time....

Pioneer Project Kuro 'Extreme Contrast' first look


I assume these are plasmas not LCDs?

Kuro is plasma right?

So does that mean its fine for a dark room, but where you have natural light an LCD is still better overall?

Plunging player prices to reveal Blu-ray vs HD DVD winner?


Sony and Blu Ray for mine in Oz

A couple of pertinent facts from the other side of the world:

* Australian broadband speeds are SHITE and not likely to improve in the next 5 years - so we won't be downloading high def movies

* Add to that our ISPS are all upping their prices and placing limits like 10 to 20 gig per month on downloads AND uploads combined

* Sony is running a promo where you get a free PS3 with any Sony full HD purchased

* All the major video rental stores in Australia are either exclusively blu ray or stock about 3:1 Blu to HD DvD

Blu Ray is kicking HD DVD's ass so bad in Australia it is not funny - we are only small, but the battle is over here....

Manhunt, mods and maddened mothers



What I love is buying these banned games before they are removed from the shelves, then selling them on EBAY for twice what I paid!!!

Keep it up Rockstar - I love your games!!

Intel cuts desktop prices by up to 50%


Where is the price chart?

It would help if you would include a table showing each CPU, the old price and the new price.....


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