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Motorola Mobility loses another patent suit to über-troll Intellectual Ventures


Re: This is why microsoft are scumbags

You're an idiot. The article clearly says this guy used to work for Microsoft. If you have nothing sensible to say, keep your trap shut.

Top Euro court ends mega ebook VAT slash in France, Luxembourg


Re: VAT Fraud!

@ Mine's a Guinness

Nope, that's why electricity and gas for domestic use are charged at a reduced rate of VAT of 5%...

Who won all-flash sales sash, sucked up all the cash? – IDC report


Re: Cost per RAW GB is a useless measuring stick in the AFA space!!!

Given that most of his time appears to be spent commenting on el reg stories (and boy he's just an expert on everything isn't he...), it's a little generous to say he "works" at all isn't it?